Jamie Allard: Do we have what it takes to become the next Greatest Generation?

Jamie Allard at age 22, as a member of the U.S. Army.


Dec. 7, 1941, a date that will live in infamy, the United States of America was thrust into World War II following the attack at Pearl Harbor.

Read President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Address to Congress and Declaration of War at this National Archives link.

Our young men answered the call to arms with a resounding and courageous “hooah!” An astounding 16.1 million Americans defended not only our nation but all the world from the evils of a totalitarian dictatorship.

The future hung in the balance while genocidal ideologies ravaged the globe. History witnessed humble Americans bravely sacrificing themselves not just in service to our country but in service to humanity itself. The Greatest Generation saved the world!

Each day we are losing the last of our precious World War II veterans. Only 119,550 remain living today. Most are now centenarians. Ask them and they would say they aren’t heroes. The heroes died. They are just the lucky ones. But it is the survivors, with their harrowing stories of great loss, who compel us to remember the high cost of war and the sanctity of laying one’s life down for a friend.

My grandparents were the Greatest Generation, born between 1919-1927. My grandfather fought in World War II. I am proud of the legacy they left me. I wonder if they would recognize America as she is today. Would our young men and women flock to defend our nation from such a threat as they faced? Is patriotism dead? Do we have something worth fighting for? Or would they weep to see what we have become? Are we proud of the legacy we are leaving for our grandchildren?

Back then, 18-year-old boys stormed the beaches of Normandy to stop the slaughter of innocent babies at the hands of the Nazis. Today, they whine about pronouns on TikTok.

We must reclaim our values that built this nation. Someday, the world will once again face a great evil, and it’s up to us to prepare our children to answer the call.

The Greatest Generation taught us the importance of self-sacrifice, responsibility, integrity, and work ethic. Born on the heels of the first world war, they suffered through the Great Depression, persevered through extreme hardships, defeated an evil superpower, and built a better future for their children.

We must honor them and hold their love close to our hearts. We must share all the history of their lives and service with our children, our grandchildren, and future generations. We honor their desire to do the right thing, and to willingly give their lives for a righteous cause. In remembrance and sharing their stories, we affirm those values in our culture, and commit ourselves to preserving them.

On Dec. 7, we remember the fragility of peace and the price of war. “Thank you” seems woefully small. We will remember the courage and bravery with which they fought, the sacrifices they made, and the values on which they built a stronger nation. Our children will know the stories of how the Greatest Generation saved us all.

Rep. Jamie Allard serves in the Alaska Legislature on behalf of the Alaskans of Eagle River, House District 23.


  1. Jamie, I fixed your opening sentence for you:

    Dec. 7, 1941, a date that will live in infamy, the United States of America was thrust into World War II following Japan’s sneak attack at Pearl Harbor.

    Thank you for this remembrance. I recall a time when Dec 7 was always a day that the media recognized with tributes to the fallen. Sadly, this doesn’t happen any more.

    • I guess you never heard or read the story of the circumstances which led Joe Vogler to move to Alaska. Basically, there were Americans who knew it was going to happen and were punished for expressing sentiments which went against the prevailing narrative. Not unlike COVID and J6 today.

  2. Even though America today looks badly divided between ideologies, we shouldn’t underestimate a people unifying after a peoples experienced a shared grief. The grief will have to be big. You know that Hamas they thought Isreal was too divided and they were surprised how swiftly Isreal reacted after October 7th. Hamas planned for penetrating deeper into Isreal attacking other sites however they couldn’t do it because of Isreal’s quick and swift response toward its border and drove them back into Gaza and they didn’t stop. Shared Intense grief it wakes people up to their reality despite the differences that divides us.

  3. Offer up Super Bowl tickets to turn in your firearms and Americans will freely oblige. America patriotism is truly dead. This world is already once again facing great evil and as we can see most of us just don’t bother to care about it anymore. We complain on social media as I am doing now and think because we vote orange man in 2024 America would be saved thus the world would be much better. We’re lying to ourselves and being lied to yet we can’t get enough of it. We rather have the show than face reality. We would never be a great generation or nation again.

    • Your apathy appalls me! Thus, the crux of the problem. We all need to show up and fight for the things our soldiers fought and died for. It’s too easy to sit back and lament about what is wrong instead of actually engaging to make a difference. That is the difference between the “ greatest generation” and the current one. Thank you, Jamie, for your service and your article remembering “the day that lives in infamy”! 🇺🇸

      • As a people we allowed the politicians to do lock downs, mask mandates and strongly coerced vaccinations that was the final nail in the coffin.

      • Pragmatism, not apathy. Unfortunately.

        The point where we fight back will arise after we all hit rock bottom. The fighters will be the ones who survive the crash.

  4. Jamie,
    I honor your family’s service.

    Many of my relatives died serving our country.

    Would they recognize america now ?

    Yes. As freedom still resonates.

    The issue is our nation now faces its greatest threat since American inception.

    The deep state and lobbying by special interests and globalist deception .
    The corruption of our political system. The weaponization of our government and non elected officials against our very citizens.
    These domestic and foreign enemies are creating an insurrection against our country by misleading our minds. Trying to destroy the strength of the family unit with cultural destruction.

    Trying to nullify The citizens direct representation.
    Klaus scwabs manifesto has written they consider us nothing but a calculation of human capital within each country.
    They would enslave us through a system of corporate governance.
    Klaus schwab has called for abolishing nation states and direct representation . Installing hand picked entitled facist dictators to rule the world through stakeholder capitalism.

    Trump embodies this fight for our existence and children’s future.

    Will you fight as hard as he ?
    Will you stand by us when our back is against the wall?

    The liberty based political decisions you make are as important as storming the beach in normandy .

    Of course the young people would rise to defend their homeland against a visable threat like hitler or stalin.
    Life is no longer that simple.

    the globalists and deep state are waging a campaign modeled after chinas ancient philosophy of destroying the enemy quietly from within. Far more dangerous. Subterfuge through disinformation ,deception and division.

    What will you do ,Jamie Allard,to save the ideals of liberty?

    Americans – rise up and vote for candidates who champion liberty!!
    Rise and go to the polls !
    Wash away the deep state and its insurrectionist propaganda and policies!
    Fight now to save our children from a future of subjugation!
    Rise as one and win !
    Repeal the patriot act !
    Fight back now!

    • Greg

      The young would adapt fast always have . They would fight for their home.

      Its our own fault for allowing politicians to ship manufacturing overseas to maximize corporate profits. Myopic generation we were .

      Its our own fault for not teaching our children how to do farm , construction and manufacturing type work. How To enjoy suffering and living without resources.

      Its the old who would struggle to get the gears of manufacturing moving that won world war 2 .
      They stepped away from their moral responsibility of raising ethical fully educated capable children. They just let everything go to sh— so they could enjoy a gaurenteed life of leisure.

      I don’t see you stepping away from the key board, donating your copious life investments to a war effort and going back to work and running a manufacturing company- but who knows.

      The question is could your age bracket step up and build the infrastructure needed for a war effort and forgo the luxury of today?

      You aren’t doing squat to fix our nation are you?. Just riding on the coat tails of the efforts of our founding fathers.
      Mr “ are you broke “ im not “ I don’t know anyone whos broke”

      Screw everyone else i got mine type logic.
      Doesn’t sound like some one who will sacrifice when push comes to shove does it?

      Prove me wrong and help rebuild this nation.
      Before there is a question if we could win again. We all have some life left . Let’s make certain it’s better for those who follow.

  5. Great story Jamie. Brings back a lot of stories told by my family members who survived the masses that didnt make it home.
    I often think these same thoughts of how the battle would be fought in todays world without the support given by nearly every single person in America who stepped up to the plate in some way shape or form. Even my mother and her sister went to work at a military supply company in Pasedena where they both met soldiers and eventually married when they returned from death defying missions abroad.
    Sadly I just dont see any of that type of support happening in todays confused and deeply divided nation.

    God help us if the battle rages in America with the number of illegals that have recently stormed the border.
    Who would they be fighting for? Or would they be the enemy?
    It makes me cringe to even think about it.

    • “God help us if the battle rages in America with the number of illegals that have recently stormed the border. Who would they be fighting for?”…
      From classic movies we’ve seen, “Red Dawn” illustrates that when invaded and occupied, many will be caught, converted, or “disappeared”. It proposes groups of Freedom-Fighters will form to save us from the communists, but it did not consider 10’s of millions of invading military age foreign nationals being let into our country! “Dr. Zhivago” (a movie classic) shows that many will secure their own temporary safety by complicit “Bolshevist-style” behavior against family, friend, and country.
      At least 12-20 thousand “invaders” crossed our southern border yesterday alone! Dick Durbin wants to put them in our military and police forces. The Global Compact on Immigration has brought them to our country, with the blessings of the U.S. Government and Congress. How many plane-loads of them arrive in Alaska every month? Talk to the young folks, make them put their phones down and see the demise of our American Freedom, Liberty, and Prosperity they are suffering from. PUT ON THE ARMOR OF GOD, let the Truth Reign Free, and let the chips fall where they will to honor the Greatest Generation Now!

  6. Nope. I won’t say never but will say that in our lifetime, including those born today will definitely not see a generation of patriotic people that were the Greatest Generation. Each generation after, including mine has gone out of their way to disregard honor, sacrifice, patriotism and duty in favor of the Easy Button. This attitude was ramped up during and after the “Vietnam Conflict” because that was the first conflict where there wasn’t a clear objective, as all conflicts/wars since.

  7. Thank you for your service, Jamie. I pray that our country would come together BEFORE it is endrenched in that last ditch position. Those of us who are prepared for that eventual ending, independent, and Alaskan will rise up. Some of us are elderly, but can teach those who want to learn. The enemy is already with us (scary but true) and we all will have to make the decision at some point. I would be proud to lock arms with you and do the next right thing. May The Lord Bless and Keep You.

  8. A thing makes more of itself.

    Yes. Be jealous for each other’s liberty. Love your nation and fellow man as is our duty.

  9. My father fought for our country in WW2. When I asked him why he was so serious about voting, he told me that it would be disrespectful to the fallen to ignore our duty. Told me that the Germans were not a bad people, but they were guilty of being complacent by allowing Hitler to become their leader. We have the government we allow. If we choose to not vote, and responsibly, by researching the candidates and measures, soon we will loose the right to the power-hungry. That media and advertising has become so powerful in the success of the vote, it furthers the point. That so many wish to forget the lessons of that generation is obvious. My father would have been 100 this year, and I will never forget him. And when I vote, I honor his sacrifices that he referred to as duty.

    • A Swedish friend of mine who recently passed at 89 lived in Alaska since the early 60’s. He told me not long ago that listening to Trump reminded him of hearing Hitler on the radio as a boy in Sweden. Let that sink in.

  10. Well said! Wake up America! It can happen again. Honor their sacrifices and vote at all levels of government!!

  11. Short answer to Ms. Allard: No. None. Not a chance. We are an unserious nation and an unserious people that have elected dishonorable fools as President the last two times out. Could probably go back further.

  12. I have 2 daughters who are Generation Z. I believe they are our hope and our next greatest generation. I will be praying for them to carry the torch of my grandparents their great grandparents. I will continue to fight and I hope we can all be the the storytellers to guide our Generation Z to standup and fight for us!

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