Biden to allow one American tribe to compete under its own flag at the Olympics in 2028


President Joe Biden told Native tribes at a summit on Wednesday that he is going to allow Iroquois tribal members, also known as the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, to compete under their tribal flag, rather than the American flag, in the 2028 Olympics games in the lacrosse competition.

LaCrosse is a type of stickball played by various American Indian tribes, and sometimes credited specifically to Iroquois. The International Olympic Committee must approve the tribes’ application but with the president’s endorsement, it is all but certain that the request will be granted. It will be the first time the sport will be featured in the Olympics.

The U.S. taxpayers will pay for the tribes competing under their own flag.

Biden said he would sign also an executive order to allow tribes more access to taxpayer money and will be given permission to spend that money without a lot of oversight.

At the 11th White House Tribal Nations Summit Washington, D.C., the president said federal agencies would be mandated to purchase more from Native-owned businesses.

“Folks, separately, we’re also streamlining [strengthening] the Buy Indian Act, so federal agencies get more goals and services — goods and services from Native-owned businesses. Native-owned businesses.”

This year, for example, the Indian Affairs Bureau awarded 75 percent of its budget to Native-owned enterprises, up from about half that in 2021, he said.

“Together, these steps are going to help grow tribal economies and reduce the hoops they have to jump through to get the funding they deserve. It’s all a part of my vision for a new era of respect. Respect for you as leaders, respect for Tribal sovereignty, respect for the Nations’ fundamental right to build a future and own — on your own terms, not anyone else’s terms, not anyone else’s terms,” Biden said.

“It’s hard work to heal the wrongs of the past and change the course and move forward. But the actions we’re taking today are key steps into that new era of Tribal sovereignty and self-determination — a new era, grounded in dignity and respect, that recognizes your fundamental right to govern and grow on your own terms,” he said.

The president’s complete remarks are at this link.


  1. And before people get upset, the Iroquois have had their own team and competed in every lacrosse world championship since 1990. This isn’t new and it’s not special treatment.

    • Briben is undercutting the sovereignty of the USA and you think it is great? And, you wonder why I call you a leftist? This is not about recognizing the tribe, it is about undercutting the USA and further dividing the nation.
      If the Iroquois want to compete in the Olympics as a separate nation, they can certainly apply to the Olympics to do so. Same with any other tribe.
      But, if they want to have US taxpayer dollars for it, and they want to march in with the US team at the opening ceremonies, they better damned well be representing the USA, not their little slice of it.

      • It’s not worth it. You’ll have an easier time teaching pigs to sing.

        And be more rewarded for the effort.

        • Do you want me to call the whaaaaaaaaambulance?
          Separate…. why?
          Over the last century, the attitude toward native Americans has changed significantly, and the only reason why natives are not fully integrated into American society is because they choose to remain separate. Instead of joining modern society, natives instead choose to fight against it.
          Bummer, dude, you guys lost. You can either continue to whine about it, or you can integrate. One choice will allow you to prosper.

        • Hey Greg. What’s the definition of a racist? Not your interpretation, but the actual Websters dictionary definition. I’ll wait.

        • Wait a second here…
          You are of native American descent?
          And, you support laws that will have the Federal Government monitoring your vehicle’s speed and location?
          And, you support restrictive gun control laws?
          DAMN! Instead of spending your time here trolling on MRAK, you should be suing your school district for the damage their lousy education has done to you. History, apparently is not your strong point.

    • you need to seek medical attention, you are delusional!
      hurry now, ask mom to drive you to the hospital!

      • We should.
        I cannot imagine why we continue to provide funding to other countries, recognized by the UN or not, that do not want to play well with us.

  2. I wonder if the Iroquois tribal members will pay reparations to the descendants of the Huron nation?

    Oh, wait…

    • It’s telling the resident Indian apologist didn’t respond.

      Almost like it’s a point he’d like to ignore.

      • Sorry Greg, can’t have it both ways. You assert that each tribe is their own nation and therefore any war between them for land, people or whatever is the same as France and England going at each other. So you should be prepared to give it all back too. I suggest that the nations settle between each other before demanding Manhattan back.
        (It would of course be the original size of the island and not all the improvements. If Mayor Adams continues to run it down, they may be happy you take it off their hands)

      • Manhattan was purchased at a very fair price from the tribe in control of it at the time. In fact, there is some very supportable evidence they believe the Dutch were stupid for trading valuable items the they wanted for access to land they did not need.
        Just because the Europeans developed that land into some of the priciest real estate in the world has no bearing whatsoever on the value of that trade. If one were to sell a broken down car and the buyer turns it onto a multimillion dollar sculpture, the original seller has no claim to that fortune.

  3. The Iroquois always compete in this sport as their own Nation.
    As they invented this sport (that is played internationally) they are ‘grandfathered’ in so to speak.
    Good for them, living positively.

  4. Grandpa Bloodstains is the living epitome of new math.

    The man who ran as a “uniter” has divided the nation worse than any president since Lincoln.

    There are days I’m genuinely amazed we’re not in the middle of a civil war.

  5. If we’re gonna do this, then any athletes from former Confederate states should be allowed to march and compete under the official flag of the Confederacy.

  6. Joe will do absolutely anything, absolutely anything, that anyone tells him will get him just one more vote.

    That someone(s) must have a total absence of humanity, taking advantage of a doddering old man. Probably how it feels to take the slow kid’s milk money during elementary school.

  7. Perhaps Hawaii should enter surfing under its own flag. While we’re at it, California enter any number of sports under its own flag.

  8. ““Folks, separately, we’re also streamlining [strengthening] the Buy Indian Act, so federal agencies get more goals and services — goods and services from Native-owned businesses. Native-owned businesses.””

    Does that include Native Alaskans selling oil from Alaska?

  9. Great move smokin Joe…Did you just find Hunters crack pipe and figure out how to smoke parmesan cheese from the carpet.
    Go ahead and drive that wedge deep and wide in your efforts to buy votes.
    Someone has to fan the flames when the sparks fly.

  10. “More access to taxpayer money.” They’ll be just like the Biden crime family and the Clinton Foundation.

  11. If they are going to symbolically renounce their American citizenship to compete under the flag of another nation, let’s make it official: they are no longer Americans, entitled to any of the benefits of being a part of this country.

  12. What really astounds me is the hubris of this president. The man rules by fiat.
    Can’t get legislation through congress? Find a loop hole and write an executive order! Give tribes the right to act as independent nations, while heaping US tax dollars on them, student loans forgiven, school lunches only for school allowing porno books and pronouns, cancel oil and gas leases at will…. oh yeah there is an executive order for that too…..
    Didn’t we hear the last many years, how the previous office holder was a threat to democracy and a dictator???
    You know I am really tired of the current occupant of the oval, ignoring our checks and balances and doing as he (or more likely his handlers) pleases.

  13. Iroquois. The enslavers of other tribes, the cannibals of the North American continent, the plunderers of the North East. Tied other warriors they captured to stakes, burned and scalped them. Where do you think the settlers learned about scalping? Way to go Biden, you idiotic ass. If the Iroquois are independent nations, they can come up with their own money and the US government can quit paying them.

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