Hours after leaving as chief of Anchorage Police, former chief appears in APD uniform endorsing Walker, an ethics violation


Former Anchorage Police Chief Ken McCoy, who was with the Anchorage Police Department for 27 years, ended his service on Monday to take a position with Providence Alaska Medical Center as the Chief Equity Officer.

Hours after he legally retired, he appeared in an ad supporting former Gov. Bill Walker and Heidi Dryas, who are running as a duo for governor and lieutenant governor.

He was wearing his APD uniform in the ad.

It’s unclear if Anchorage’s Code of Ethics anticipated former police officer using a uniform he is no longer entitled to wear in a campaign ad.

But Walker and Drygas saw no problem with the ad, and gushed about it on social media:

The Anchorage Code of Ethics Summary states that use of municipal property for partisan purposes is not allowed by public officials. Read the Ethics Code Official Summary here.

“Appearance of impropriety: Where provisions of this chapter differ from the common law principle that an appearance of impropriety alone is sufficient to establish a conflict of interest or an ethical violation, the provisions of this chapter supersede the common law,” the code says.

The code says municipal resources may not be used for campaign purpose and that this applies to employees, board members, elected officials, and public servants.

There may be no consequence for McCoy, who has become a political animal since leaving his post as Anchorage’s top police officer.

While chief, McCoy attended in uniform a “get out the vote” event for Anchorage mayor that was tailored for failed candidate Forrest Dunbar.

McCoy announced his retirement in November, with his final date originally announced as Feb. 1, but evidently moved to Jan. 31. Many are speculating he intends to run for mayor in the future.


  1. One unethical public figure (McCoy wearing his uniform when he shouldn’t) supporting another one and the dividend thief! No no!

  2. Find the connection between Providence and Walker, you’ll have your smoking gun. No pun intended.

    Walker paid for this endorsement, in one way or another.

      • McCoy is a fraud draped in a Blue Uniform.
        In this era of anti cop what was McCoy thinking. To use the Blue Uniform to promote a unpopular political candidate is beyond the pale, especially after you are retired. McCoy’s thought less actions will hurt the image of the rank and file APD officers.
        Now that you got yours in the bank. McCoy you will be remembered not as a Cop that worked his way to Chief, but as a back door sucker puncher to your former officers.

    • Minority advancement based on ratios and proportions creates:

      1) 2nd and 3rd class product;
      2) defensiveness among minorites;
      3) hostility;
      4) resentment;
      5) weak competition;
      6) further entitlement.

      • There is a curious dichotomy to your posts. I agree with much of what you say wholeheartedly yet, there’s a certain freshness and depth of perspective to your written voice.

    • Actually it is, however…unless he’s representing himself to take action as a law enforcement officer, he’s not violating the law. Not much different than when any politician allows an old photo of his or herself to circulate.

      • Did you read the meme? It’s an add depicting a public safety officer endorsing a politician’s view on public safety. This isn’t an old photo… it’s a purposefully crafted misrepresentation.
        Were the photo as random as you suggest it would’ve shown him
        – counciling APD K9 handlers on how not to mop the floor w/ your new malinois partner… or
        – suggesting to former officer Cornelius Pettus that he not holler “get ya some” while administering a beat down to a semi-retarded homeless filmmaker that enjoyed harassing officers…
        – or maybe a pic of him counciling illegal immigrant and ex officer Rafael Espinoza on how to not tell anyone you’re an illegal immigrant w/ an assumed name…
        – or maybe in the middle of a doling out a little fatherly advice to former officer Anthony Rollins on how not to rape the women in his district. Stuff like that.
        No RABBL, you are incorrect.

  3. Two bits says McCoy is already aligned with Dunbar and Constant to run for Mayor.

    Now until the next MOA election McCoy will be hiding out at the hospital in some highly overpaid newly created position. Probably toss the race card around as needed.

    • Jim:
      He never was qualified. He was run up the ladder because of the color is his skin. And we already know the true content of his character. What a shameful dishonest cop. The stench is on his badge.

  4. The ethics issue is a non-starter, as much as I want to smear Walker all over any media who will publish – the bigger, scarier, issue is Drygas promising in her posting “we will only see results when we have the FINANCIAL STABILITY to invest in every community, every year.” Folks, that’s a promise to steal ALL of the PFD and whatever of the corpus of the Permanent Fund the courts will let them get their hands on – and then whine that it isn’t enough, because they still can’t/won’t have the “results” they want and then will force an income tax on us. The crime issue is much bigger than money – give the police the tools/laws they need and the courts to agree to LOCK’EM UP! And it’s also a spiritual issue – we no longer teach that stealing and rape are wrong, or that respect for the law is important for a civil society. Give Walker another term and he will complete the destruction of Alaska.

  5. A disgrace to the uniform. I say this as the widow of an honorable APD officer who retired too many years ago to count.

  6. Walker is a dishonorable person. He promised to build the access road to Juneau and then reneged on his promise by cancelling the project and thereby wasting millions of dollars and thousands of manhours invested to that date. He cannot be trusted to live by his promises. He is unworthy of your vote

    • Absolutely. Or head of Alaska Police Standards Council.

      He’s just a politico-cop, not a real law enforcement officer.

      Never trust a cop without scars or premature aging, just shows he’s no cop, just an ambitious coward.

  7. If his belief truly was that safety was a fundamental right…then he would have already investigated the Walker and Alice & David Rubenstein (The Carlyle Group), Ghislaine Maxwell, and Lisa Murkowski connection, I’m pretty sure from there he might be able to muster out where the Peoples PFD money went. Perhaps he could even delve into the Corrupt Bastards Club and who amongst them is still active in Alaska government.
    Is he BS’ing us or himself?

  8. Investigate him fully. A strong letter with proofs and documentation to his new employer, apprising them of his unethical conduct so they can fully investigate him too…..and maybe even reconsider his hiring based on his dishonesty. This is not a trustworthy cop.

  9. Ken Mccoy, from an outsider looking in, looks like a “great” cop. All the right schools, all the right assignments, etc.

    To another LEO (law enforcement officer) he looks like a politico-cop. He’s that guy who went up the ladder by offending no one and not risking his neck or career by spending time where he could make mistakes or get hurt…virtually no patrol time.

    The sad thing is, he could have become a good cop at one time. Instead he got confused and blurred the line; instead of making the mission his career, he made his career the mission.

    To the common citizen…when you see a “top” cop that is trim and fit and doesn’t show road-wear, has all the “right” credentials, he is a politician with a badge.

    So….if Walker gets back in, look for a payout for him…DPS commish, APSC chief, or something else with a good paycheck and little to no work.

  10. Did MOA buy Chief McCoys uniform? If not, the uniform is not a Municipal resource and no laws were broken.

    • The uniform clearly represents the MUNI in an official capacity and wearing it implies that the endorsement is more than his personal opinion. That IS against the ethics rules no matter how you slice it. If he had chosen to appear in the ad in carhartt’s, it would have made it clear that he does not speak for the muni.

  11. Oh? For crying out loud! Try not to desecrate anything on the way out — first thing you learn as a Christmas temp.

    • Oh grow up! This has nothing to do with race. This is about his poor choices of wearing a uniform, to make it appear as if he speaks for the Muni and the APD, while endorsing the guy, who stole our PFD.

    • Do you watch the assembly? Beans Cafe stealing millions! A FOIA request to the Assembly last summer. Just delivered, out of 600 some odd pages 590 were 100% redacted?
      Please at least pay attention, it’s important to all of us!

  12. Some “leader”. What kind of message does it send to the good officers that struggled under your guidance to simply Do The Right Thing, each and every day you put on the uniform together?
    27 years. Your legacy. Down the toilet. Because you willingly broke ethics laws.
    You have some apologizing to do to the good people of the APD.

  13. Walker was so despised by the Troopers that even after he paid off AST with huge raises we still wouldn’t endorse him. We laughed at that scumbag all the way to the bank.

    To give an idea of cronyism…Walker brought in his anti-AST Valdez police chief as Deputy Commissioner of DPS to run the show for.him and to spy. Nobody trusted that a-hole either.

  14. This was clearly long in the planning. Mr. McCoy did not fall out of bed on his first day of retirement and had the mood strike him to put his uniform back on to show up in this ad. This is clearly a concerted effort. For me it has Scott Kendall’s fingerprints all over it and as an added bonus the ADN got to beat up on Bronson. Clearly our former chief of police thinks he is above the rules, just like the people he endorsed.
    We should all remember the people Mr. McCoy associates with, when he decides to run for mayor or any other political office.

  15. Not lost on me. The Walker endorsement is an ethics violation.
    Walker is a truly disgusting human. If/when Alaska votes him back in (prop 2), Alaska deserves everything it’s gonna get.

  16. I wouldn’t be surprised if RCV delivers a Walker win. It’s not like they need any other justification other than “RCV is magic.”

  17. Isn’t Providence Hospital a Catholic Hospital? Something about separation of religion and polictics? between that?
    Endorsements! by way! of new employee would seem odd!
    Just asking?

  18. Do you believe the former Chief suddenly lost his mind? Do you REALLY believe he didn’t vet this with an attorney before he made this endorsement? If you do, then:

    “You got NUTHIN!”
    — Robert DeNiro as Al Capone to Kevin Costner as Eliot Ness from “The Untouchables”

    • Why not, Sophie?
      It’s not as if radical leftists, in their all-consuming lust for power, don’t lose their minds as a matter of course.
      In fact, I would argue that losing their minds is what makes them what they are, and is what defines them.

    • Ironically Sophie, you hit the nail on the head…McCoy, Walker, Drygas and Kendall all erroneously think that they are “Untouchable”. Especially if the lawyer, who advised McCoy in your scenario is Scott Kendall or Bill “I twist the law until I like it” Walker. The expectation one has of their government officials, is that they will follow the very rules they are tasked to enforce.

  19. Here we go with Walker, Drygas, Scott Kendall and crew. If I remember right, I read about all the crime that was up until Dunleavy got in and started to back the troopers and police and bring it back down. Now Alaskans want to put Walker back in so he can foul up Alaska again? And don’t forget – the Alaska constitution says no governor can serve more than two terms consecutively. If Walker gets in again, he can then set up to serve yet another term. Oh God! Please not that. We already know how crooked he is by what Scott Kendall did to Dunleavy to sabotage his term, with we know the permission of Walker. Can’t Alaska get rid of this guy? Please! Alaskans, don’t let this happen!

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