Nick Begich wins fifth mayoral endorsement, this time from Cordova


Congressional candidate Nick Begich has won the fifth endorsement from an Alaska mayor. Cordova Mayor Clay Koplin has signed on with the Republican Begich who is taking on Congressman Don Young.

Begich has already received endorsements from Kenai Borough Mayor Charlie Pierce, North Pole Mayor Michael Welch, Wasilla Mayor Glenda Ledford, and Mark Jensen of Petersburg.

He also has the endorsements of Mat-Su Assemblyman Jesse Sumner, Mat-Su School Board member-elect Jubilee Underwood, and Alaska Outdoor Council and hunting enthusiast Carl Nelson, gunsmith and Valley political activist L.D. Howard, drone company founder Amber McDonald, and Republican activist Misty Steed, and former congressional candidate John Nelson. More recently, Waynette Coleman of Ninilchik, Richard Derkevorkian, assemblyman in Kenai, Cindy Glassmaker of Kenai, Taylor James of Wasilla, Jake Almeida of Palmer, Vonnie Pierce of Sterling, Former Sen. Pete Kelly of Fairbanks, Amber McDonald of Anchorage, Marcus Sanders of Anchorage, Ric Davidge of Anchorage, Pamela Melin of Palmer, Bill Elam of Kenai Assembly, Julie Gillette of Fairbanks, Kathy Toms of Homer, Dee McKee of Wasilla, former Rep. Lynn Gattis of Wasilla, Sen. Roger Holland of Anchorage, Janet Johnson of Palmer, Rep. Kevin McCabe of Big Lake, Rob Yundt of Mat-Su Assembly, Sen. Mike Shower, Sen. Shelley Hughes, and dozens of other well-known civic leaders around the state.

Begich, who announced his candidacy in late October, is taking on the Dean of the House, Alaska’s sole congressional representative, who has been in office since 1973. In the open primary system, they will be on the ballot with all others registered for that race, as there is no longer a Republican primary. Begich was Congressman Young’s co-chair for his 2020 campaign, but now has Young’s campaign manager, Truman Reed, working for him as his campaign manager as the young generation of Republicans try to retire the old warrior, Congressman Young.


    • Hello Jim, I’ve been here since before Statehood and as of yet have not met you either, I guess Alaska is a pretty big place. I’m looking forward to meeting you down the trail someday. Oh, for what it’s worth I am supporting Nick, along with most of my longstanding friends and family.

    • Very good. It is good to hear of people.

      Clay runs the local electrical utility in Cordova. I’ve known him for 30 years or so. As an EE he’s an analytical guy but endorsements are for those inclined not to think for themselves. At the end of the day this Begich family is still relying on the short lived political career of a long deceased relative and it’s proven to be less than adequate most of the time. They also have an unusual chameleon like way of shifting political affiliation

      • Trouser Bark, I’ve talked to this Young Nick and many of my esteemed friends have spent many hours grilling him. He reminds me of his Gramps, not at all like his Uncles, thank Goodness. The kid is well centered and has a bucket full of brains. We need new energy and smarts in Congress. You might want to quiz him before you pre judge him for his last name. Thanks Trouser!

  1. One would hope Young would do the right thing and see the handwriting on the wall. Don, you’ve served All of Alaska for nearly 50 years. Do the right thing for Alaska, bow out of the race and endorse Nick Begich.

  2. General mechanical H&k sheet metal there are so many successful business owners in Alaska who made something from nothing and help many Alaskans along the way. Give them the political format to run things. Our oath breakers suck.

  3. Don Young is 89 years old. We need to replace him especially with what has come to light about his RINO ways. I am still skeptical of Begich quickly becoming just another RINO. All these endorsements seem to show that he is supported by a bunch of other fence-riding politicians that play the political game to garner enthusiasm for their campaigns and then the follow along with democrat ideals that are really leading us down the road to communism. The political theater never ends. Keep us occupied with a supposed two party system and the play-fighting and the big money donations for true believers, but our federal government is clearly trying to completely convert us to communism. China-Joe Biden being the primary example among all the other leftwing morons out there.

  4. Is it a good thing to seek endorsement from Bush and/or Native leaders?
    They supported Deb Halaand in droves for Interior, because she is indigenous. First thing she did in office was shut down exploration in NPR-A. Bye bye jobs, bye bye income, bye bye financial independence.
    I believe that’s called shooting your own foot off.

  5. I’ve never heard of any of these people. I’ll be impressed when he has endorsements from at least 4 people I recognize.

    • “Alex Jones Was Right” – did you know Alex Jones actually went on Joe Rogan and praised Nick Begich’s father saying he should have him as a guest? Do a little homework and you may be surprised what you learn.

  6. Why is Bronson reluctant to endorse Begich? Don Young comes to our church every 2 years (ABT), sits in the very front row only to be seen of course. The dude is almost as bad as Murkowski and Sullivan.

  7. In that case I would encourage you to start getting better informed before you vote any more. Many of these folks are regularly in the news and are shaping legislation that affects us all. An uninformed electorate is a huge part of the reason this country is in the shape it is. Just sayin.

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