Hats off to Mr. Simmons



It is not often we can add a hero to our pantheon of heroes who, with humor and grace, have tweaked the noses of bureaucrats busily plying their brand of idiocy.

A city code enforcer sent Jay Simmons a letter. It said his temporary 4×8 “Bronson for Mayor” sign on his house was too big and needed to come down. The sign, the city guy said, could be no larger than 6 square feet.

Simmons, a retired police cop, cut the sign in half, trimmed here and there and rehung it. It complies with the code enforcer’s order – which apparently was wrong to begin with.

Temporary political signs, it turns out, are exempt from local sign regulations. You can read the whole story here.

Our hats are off the Mr. Simmons.

Read more at the Anchorage Daily Planet


  1. Most of these Muni union guys are corrupt and rely on the protection of the union to hide behind. Check every word they say when they require something from you. Make them quote“chapter and verse of whatever regulation and they’re trying to enforce on you.

  2. If liberals devoted a little more time to their own children like they do to their democrat party goals maybe their children wouldn’t be wearing such a sour face. you ever look at the families around Anchorage particularly the liberal parent families? Take a trip, walk regularly through dominantly liberal neighborhoods, you will see how the children’s faces look.

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