Muni tells homeowner he must remove Bronson sign from his house. What does he do?


A municipal code enforcer sent a letter to Jay Simmons, telling him that his standard 4×8 Bronson for Mayor sign was too big and needed to come down from his house.

The letter, dated April 9, was signed by Bradley Larson, land use enforcement officer. It didn’t arrive for several days. It was postmarked April 14.

“I have driven by your property and verified there is a temporary sign on the property. Two temporary signs are permitted on a residential lot but each can be no larger than six square feet. The sign on your property appears to be about 4 feet by 8 feet; larger than 6 square feet. Please reduce the size of the sign,” the letter said.

Larson said he would follow up in 10 days “If I do not hear from anybody.”

“I think he sat on this thing for a minute, given who I’m supporting here (Bronson),” Simmons said.

He won’t need to.

Homeowner Jay Simmons, a retired police officer, decided he could comply with the requirements. He cut the sign in half and rehung the sign. He also said he feels the code enforcer is going after him because of who the sign is for: It supports Dave Bronson for mayor of Anchorage.

The Bronson sign is now in compliance after Jay Simmons was told to remove his sign.

“It’s not as nice as the original sign was. This is who we support. I’m not taking the sign down, I’m not going to kneel to the Muni. We support Bronson … This is what it is,” he said.

According to the municipality, temporary political signs are exempt from local sign regulations.


  1. The MOA inspector is a member of the public employees Union. He has an implicit bias. This should be reported to his union and a complaint filed.

    Can you say “conflict of interest”?

  2. To who it may concern,
    I have just viewed a testimony from the April 13, 2021 meeting of the Anchorage, AK assembly. It left me extremely concerned. The lady testifying informed the assembly that a contact of hers within the Anchorage government had informed her that the municipality has been contacting residents who have not been immunized with the Covid-19 vaccine and asking them if they would like to schedule an appointment to receive one. She asked the municipal employee how they knew who to call and she said that they got a list from the H&HS department. The lady testifying said that this is a HIPAA violation, which I agree it is. This is a federal violation. What are you going to do about it? Also, we have to have 70% of the people vacinated in the city of Anchorage, before the emergency order (wearing a mask) by the mayor is lifted. They keep moving the golf post.

  3. What these bolshevik bureaucrats are really mad about is that red, white, and blue flag flying next to his sign, and the countless patriots who have shed their blood and given their lives to defend it, our great country and our precious liberties!

  4. Code enforcer hired by Felix no doubt. He hired under the radar and look what we have Gestapo enforcing rules that pertain to private property.

  5. This is what defines the difference between a Conservative Man and a liberal Man. I love it!
    A conservative man learned how to use the God given brain given to him, while a liberal man runs with his heart and emotions.

  6. Plus keep looking over your shoulder. One are more of your neighbors are crying and telling on you.
    Just like Cuomo of New York, he wanted people to tell on there neighbors.
    There having to much fun with guests over. Stop the madness

  7. This selective code enforcer must not have driven downtown and seen the multiple Dunbar signs on properties that seem to be the same size as this outlaw sign. The laws only apply to certain subjects, ie – conservatives. The left just flaunts their blatant disrespect for the laws and know someone will cover for them. We are definitely in Banana Republic.

  8. Someone should ask Larson why the political sign wasn’t exempt. If it was he should be forced to reimburse the homeowner.

  9. They did the same thing down here at an RV resort I was staying at called Blueberry Hill RV resort in Bushnell Florida. They made me take my Trump flag down. They have the right to do that since I was on private property. The little troll across the way from me who had his Democrat stickers on the back of his car peeled them all off and then turned me in because he found that my trump flag was offensive to him.

    So I took them down and asked the management if I needed to take down my flag that says blue lives matter because I didn’t want to piss off any cop killers out there, and also since I’m originally from the Kansas Missouri area, which makes me a lifelong Kansas City Chiefs supporter. I asked them if I needed to take down my Kansas City Chiefs flag because I wouldn’t want to piss off any Buccaneers or Dolphins or Jaguar fans. They said I could keep up the Chiefs flag and the support of the police flag.

    Apparently they are spotty in their feelings for the first amendment.

  10. Memo to property owner: You kneeled to the Muni when you complied. How bout next time get some courage and tell the Muni Gestapo to “COME AND TAKE IT”!

  11. Bradley Larson, Land Use Enforcement Officer, measuring signs and doing God’s will. Thank goodness MOA has these tireless bureaucrats working around the clock. I knew a guy who built a commercial building a few years back and had to redo some of the landscaping because the tree trunks were of insufficient diameter, and I wondered if MOA paid some bozo to measure the tree trunks. Probably..

    Seriously though, this stinks of partisan code enforcement & I wonder how many other political yard signs have been cited in the past.

  12. In reply to Lynette Watson,
    “They” keep moving the goalposts because their intent is not to make the people of the MOA safer and healthier, but to subjugate you.
    They are consumed with a lust for power over you, and accordingly, want to mandate every detail of your life.
    These are people who abhor the idea of you having liberty and freedom, and being allowed to make your own decisions on how to live your life.
    They view themselves as your overlords, and believe that you must comply with their capricious, anti science, and idiotic mandates and emergency orders.

  13. Oh this made my day!
    Instead of getting into a protracted battle with this code enforcer, over whether or not this temporary sign is legal or not, you Sir beat him “with his own batard” Bravo!!

  14. A 32 foot square sign cut in half is 18 square feet, still 3 times greater in area than the 6 square feet in the ordinance. Apparently retired police officers are not interested in obeying laws and like Bronson, teriible at math.

  15. Muni code for Signs has been renumbered to 21.12 since May 2020, and no longer includes the reference to exemption for temporary political signs.

  16. Screw em, I have purchased magnetic signs for my vehicles Bronson for Mayor. Muni has become a weapon of the left, which is taxation without representation for those of us that are conservative.

  17. Hey, muni-inspector, its about time you removed the huge ***illegal*** Biden-Harris sign on public property that is by the fire station on Eagle River Road.

  18. In my experience, Jack Frost’s code enforcement office is populated by lazy, do-nothing individuals who draw full Muni pay and benefits. They were repeatedly called to our street over valid complaints but Rich Fern did nothing more than a drive by when the problem was in a back yard. He would not get out of the Muni vehicle. And regarding a long-term, not roadworthy, permanently-parked, very old Toyota, all Cora Weaver would do is to suggest that it was a “hobby car” and maybe it would be “fixed up” someday. Now that this office is attacking somebody over a temporary political sign favoring Dave Bronson … I am shocked. It also shows me who these Muni employees favor in the upcoming mayoral election.

  19. “According to the municipality, temporary political signs are exempt from local sign regulations.”

    If Forrest can have his 4×8 political signs up all over Anchorage, then this gentleman can have a Bronson sign up. Because BOTH are exempt, or NEITHER is exempt.

    I wonder who on Forrest’s campaign dropped a dime on the retired cop? If he is elected, you can expect more of these dirty tricks. I’d rather have an Assembly and Mayor that operate in the broad, unblinking light of day.

  20. I’m not surprised by the imitation factor. Now days in Bethel you have to wear the Red Star or Hammer and Sickle just to ride the City’s Bus.

    No covid passport, no ride.

  21. Very creative! Do not be too hard on the code compliance officer though as he is just the proverbial ‘messenger’ and is bound, also by code as well as job classification, to enforce all, albeit ridiculous, muni codes. He could even have been responding to a complaint from an anti Bronson neighbor.. Still, it seems Mr Simmons has adequately solved the problem!!! Anchorage desperately needs Bronson for mayor.

  22. So my parents have neighbors that have trashed their place with cars and garbage every where. The Muni does nothing about it, but a sign too big garners attention? Wake up Anchorage, we are under attack. Government is supposed to work for the people not rule over them like dictators.

  23. It is sad how upset people are at the poor schmuck following up on the complaint obviously made by the guy’s neighbor. It’s the passive aggressive neighbor who is offended by the sign that is using the city code enforcement to harass him over the Bronson sign that should be this man’s concern. These hall monitor type jerks using city resources to make their neighbors do what they want, including the self appointed citizen mask police are the folks deserving of your anger.

  24. Ha ha Brad Larson had to send a letter in the mail because I’d bet a pretty dollar he’s too scared to knock on that bruiser’s door.

  25. I hope Dave Bronson changes “Code Enforcement”. They are ending businesses and making Anchorage a place for small businesses to die. My family has spent millions here and now our end goal is to sell all assets and leave Alaska. Anchorage is a small town at the end of a cul de sac held hostage by a bunch of tattling, rumor mongering, control freaks. If you read our “ordinances” it is illegal for a man or woman to build a bookshelf that is taller than 5 foot 8 inches without being a licensed contractor. This is tyranny. There are so many laws in place everyone in Anchorage is a law breaker for some reason and all the liberal side has to do is decide on which one they want to pin a person with. Stalin’s head of secret police Lavrentiy Beria said – “You show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.” I hope Dave Bronson makes Anchorage a place that fosters businesses and invites success instead of punishing it. We are taking our large multi-generational family our money and assets to a different state after 30 years here. And yes we have dealt with Brad Larson. He does not care about small businesses. We had a business for 20 years and they shut us down and told us we could get back in the muni’s good graces and MAYBE be allowed to continue our business if we came down to their offices and complied with any number of switching reasonings they were giving us regarding our long standing and operating commercial property. They put 6 people out of jobs all of who were making a good living as owners. One anonymous call that said we were doing “Too much sales”. What is “Too much sales”?!!! Bradley Larson and his supervisor laughed at us when they were at our location telling us to shut down. We’re not going to play their game. We’re outta here! I’ll pay millions in taxes somewhere else. And yes, we as a family business have paid over a million in property taxes) At least other places want businesses. If I’m paying my taxes and completely on time and current (never been behind once) then they should leave people alone to live and pursue happiness. If Dave Bronson’s goal is to transform this place to a haven for hard working small businesses and uses city resources to encourage hard working small business people to invest in Anchorage then he’s got my entire family’s vote. Otherwise it’s just socialist backwards town for the homeless and is on track to become a Detroit no matter how much money you throw at it.

  26. This just goes to show the depravity showing his ugly head in front of everyone all the while knowing that nobody will do much to stop him, why? Because we’ve become willingly ignorant to such practices. Lets allow this little bit of abuse slip by because it doesn’t garnish enough reason in our sorry lives to make a change. Of course he knows what he can do and get by with. We’ve become complacent. Want someone to be angry at and blame? Take a look in the mirror, or better yet have one with you while you’re pointing fingers at one another calling each other “sinners”… Isn’t that what we do? Either unity scares us or we are just too fond of fighting and blaming one another. Yes, lets just give in and say “it’s gonna be that way anyway like it’s always been!”.

  27. To everyone criticizing Mr. Simmons math . . . His math skills are fine and he apparently uses a box cutter with skill as well. If you look at the picture closely, he has carefully cut the sign into pieces none of which is larger than 6 ft.² and attached each separately to his porch.

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