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Wednesday, May 12, 2021
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Glen Biegel: Five Covid promises Dave Bronson must make to be mayor of Anchorage

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Let’s think about the coalition who seek new leadership and an end to the Anchorage mayor’s and Assembly’s dictatorial powers.

You might think it is a strong coalition and constitutes a great majority.  If you think this, you would be wrong.  

The anti-emergency-power, anti-executive-order coalition is made up of: 

  1. Those who no longer believe the continued shutdowns are necessary to effectively combat Covid. In other words: The continued price is too much to pay for the return.
  2. Those who never believed shutdowns were wise or necessary to combat Covid for the small part of the population who are at risk for the disease. In other words: Other than briefly, the price (in liberty and economics) was always too high to pay.

These folks think and believe differently about government power, about this pandemic, and each have a dramatically different hope about Dave Bronson’s approach to Covid.  Candidate and Anchorage Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar knows these groups are distrustful of each other, and could break apart when skilled pressure is applied. Dave Bronson able to make the following assurances.

5 essential promises regarding Covid:

We will never run out of beds or ICU spaces

Do you remember why emergency powers were needed by the mayor and the Assembly?  It was because we would run out of ventilators and intensive care beds. 

One of the least known facts about Anchorage’s response is that we never did run out of either, and were never in danger of running out of beds. 

We can, and did, dedicate facilities for overflow beds and ICU space as needed. 

There is no reason to “flatten the curve’.”  Remember that “flatten the curve” wasn’t meant to reduce the number of people who got sick, just make sure there were beds for anyone who needed one.  

Promise 1:  Under a Bronson mayorship, we will smartly use emergency expansion facilities and spaces in Anchorage to make sure we never run out of hospital beds.  The pandemic is over, and so are the municipal executive orders.

Life in Anchorage will return to “normal

For most folks, the risk of Covid is known. The risk you carry is determined almost exclusively by co-morbidities (extreme obesity, diabetes, heart disease). 

Keeping someone at low risk (let’s call “high risk’” being above the danger from a bad flu season) from working or living normally does not protect you if you are in a high-risk group.  One-third of all excess Covid deaths were from economic and societal harm from our response, according to the CDC

Economically harming the country by forcing folks into poverty from job loss, or depression from loneliness, makes things worse. 

If you are at high risk, then protecting yourself by getting a vaccine, staying at home and away from crowds, or only visiting careful businesses is your best approach to avoiding getting Covid, and everyone else should live as normally as they can.

Promise 2: Under a Bronson mayorship, the response to Covid that individual people and businesses take will not be mandated through executive orders.

‘Normal’ will still help protect those at high risk

Americans should take their Covid response seriously because there are some who are very vulnerable to it.  ‘Normal’ life needs to take into consideration that some may want special consideration and protection.

Promise 3: Returning to ‘normal’ will not prevent you from personally taking a more cautious approach to Covid.

Businesses and individuals will largely decide their response to Covid

Government can act if risks are extremely high, and if the options for mitigation of a threat like Covid are unknown.  The need for caution comes from our understanding that a pandemic is a threat to society as a whole. In a pandemic every person can expect to see wildly elevated effects of the disease. We now know, and have known for a long time about Covid.

There are some outlying cases, but Covid is a minute threat to large parts of the population. We should also recognize that Covid is exceedingly dangerous to some. If you have an at-risk person in your family, or the customers you serve are at risk for Covid, then extraordinary measures are certainly called for and encouraged.  But that approach should be based on the actual risks related to Covid, and not fear.  Schools should open, folks at low risk should resume ‘normal’ life.

Promise 4: Businesses and families will determine their response to Covid, not the Anchorage Assembly or the Mayor.  

If a true Pandemic situation returns, extraordinary measures can never be completely off the table

The goal of a Bronson mayorship will be to distribute accurate information, giving each person the ability to make the right decision for themselves and for their customers.  While the pandemic here in Anchorage is now over (by all definitions of “pandemic”), we can never say that more dangerous strains can’t create risk for new populations or entirely new risk profiles. 

If there is a great enough systemic risk, and weighing that risk against the massive damage to our economy and liberty from severe measures is justified, then the municipality will act.  Just know that any actions taken in a Bronson administration will consider: 

  1. Your responsibility to make your own decisions about how you want to live your own life
  2. The terrible negative effects of harming local businesses from shutdowns
  3. The one-third of all excess Covid deaths that were caused by the lockdowns
  4. The understanding that, even in the face of pandemics, liberty must be supported and given to future generations.  

Promise 5: A Bronson administration reaction to future threats from Covid will carefully weight the negative effects of shutdowns on economics, life and liberty.  If they are ever used, they are truly a limited, short-term and last resort.

Glen Biegel is a conservative activist and talk show host.

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Latest comments

  • And following through on such may take him to the governor’s mansion. Might I also add a non ‘COVID’ agenda: make voting real again, verified and in person on a regular election day. End the progressive manipulative garbage.

  • And so i expect under Dave Bronson all those things will become normal again in the City of Anchorage….

  • This sounds a lot like letting each person decide how to respond to Covid however they like, which resulted in many unnecessary deaths and many more hospitalizations that are being touted as some kind of expression of “freedom.” It sounds like the kind of freedom I can live without, like not having traffic laws.

  • Glen,

    You got it exactly right. That is why we need Dave Bronson as our next mayor. Don’t anybody ever think that Forrest Dunbar will enact these five guidelines. There are only two choices on May 11th: Continued government controlling our lives (Forrest Dunbar), or freeing ourselves to the sunshine of liberty and personal responsibility (Dave Bronson). My vote is for Bronson and a better Anchorage.

    To my Robbins and Evans friends – Do not stay home for this run-off. Your vote is critical to stopping the socialist expansion in Anchorage. VOTE BRONSON!


  • “If a true Pandemic situation returns, extraordinary measures can never be completely off the table.”

    Nope, nope, nope, nope! He says that, he loses my vote 100%

    Try: “The constitution is the highest law of the land; no mayor, governor, or president can sweep it aside for political convenience.”

  • North49.

    So you would vote for Dunbar, or stay home and allow the Dunbar voters to choose our next mayor? Come on man, even if you are not an enthusiastic Bronson supporter, one of the two will become mayor. Lets at least make sure it isn’t Dunbar. Vote and Vote Bronson to stop the crazy socialist take-over of Anchorage.

  • So who will you vote for? Mr. Bronson appears to be your only hope for sanity.

  • Too funny. we all know that activist are experts in virus/pandemic issues. Do you even have to have a high school degree to qualify as a activists? I guess not because we have a conservative servicing in the US House who only just got her GED. We know that you become a expert on infectious disease when you watch enough you tube video or listen to Tucker Carlson a bunch. It was pretty much what info Trump was using to ignore the pandemic.

  • Excellent review and analysis.

  • GREG R., everyone is so safe cowering in fear in their basements. I choose to live and take my chances with a .2% death rate of elderly sick people, for whom I will take precautions when I visit. What ever happened to ‘two weeks to flatten the curve’? Just another progressive lie to frighten and manipulate people. I’d rather die while I’m living than live when I’m dead.

  • HARBORGUY, ooohhhhbhh, the ‘pandemic! Like ‘climate emergency’, if something doesn’t turn into big enough disaster just scream louder. And scream more. And get every TV show to scream. Or use some intelligence. I might point that some of the greatest minds ever to exist never finished college, many not even your precious high school. Real education begins when the classroom ends (especially in public schools-indoctrination-today). The ‘two weeks to flatten the curve’ ended a year ago and I gave it a chance. Your and my number of days to live are fixed, I intend to live mine while you wither away. And I don’t waste precious moments watching television.

  • All the leftists were telling us it was racist to close things down when Trump was shutting down travel fro
    China saving lives. Tucker and Bannon were calling this serious in January. It took the left 2 more months to even admit the travel restrictions from China were a good thing.

    The left cares nothing about saving life- this is why they are pro abortion and euthanasia. They care about power. If millions had to die for them to retain or regain it? So be it. They have a history. 120 million murdered last century, mostly their own people. Never forget, the left loves walls—but they build them to keep people in.

  • Greg R., while I can understand your emotional response as someone who recently lost a family member to communicable disease, your words imply that you believe external control of all kinds of personal behavior should know no bounds if it saves a life. To follow your logic: close all liquor stores, confiscate all motor vehicles. And no bath tubs. Better yet – close all abortion clinics.

  • Greg
    Yes Freedom
    Did you read the article
    If your at risk are feeling unsafe stay at home
    Let the rest of us, live are live free with out all this government BS
    If your Afraid to drive don’t drive, stay home.

  • AK, only people with very little education criticize folks that have a education. We know you do not get a dam about other people from you many posts and you have very little if any regards for the 550000 Americans that have died from the virus and more dying every day. It is always about you or how this virus has inconvenienced your life.. I can say that many many people do not give a dam about you either.

  • HARBORGUY, I want people uplifted. I want everyone to have opportunity to reach their potential in life (equal opportunity is different than equal outcomes, the lowest possible common denominator). I want people to have liberty to make many choices, and also to face the consequences of those choices. 550,000 people died WITH COVID, but how many of those were like the motorcyclist in his twenties in Florida who ran into a car, but the medical examiner, Dr. Pino, said that he “could actually argue that it could have been the COVID-19 that caused him to crash” (the victim was removed from the list after outcry by the public), or gunshot victims in Colorado classified by ME Dr. Bock as COVID if they tested positive on autopsy? COVID is certainly a dangerous disease to specific groups of people, who must be protected, but that is no reason to be in perpetual extreme panic and to destroy the economy because of it. Babies can’t eat steak, but we shouldn’t ban it out of extreme caution. I don’t like steak, but I don’t care if you eat it. Those are the differences between hand wringing progressives and normal people. Thankfully a different breed than progressives stormed Normandy, Saipan and Iwo Jima. And FYI, I spent a good amount of my life and treasure working with and for the less fortunate, and it pleases me very much to follow the third world kids (well not kids any more) who I paid for higher education to bring them out of poverty.

  • Covid is nothing.

    All your buddies that have gotten it that haven’t also had a litany of comorbidities made it through fine. Why is that? It’s because Covid is nothing.

    All of you Nervous Nellies that thrive on anxiety and all of you in the industry that benefit from calling any death a Covid death are promoting fear. Were that not the case the Valley would be dead, there would be no bums, and our most recent 74 year old morbidly obese president would be dead.

    Start your life already.

    You have been duped. All of us have. Now if you’re one for whom logic and reason are esoteric concepts as apparently is the writer, just shut up and no one will spot your inadequacy.

  • Greg R
    Why are trying to force the free to live in fear like you? What are we to be afraid of? Sorry for your loss but you don’t have the right to criticize those of us who don’t cower at flu virus…..young healthy Americans are free to live as we see fit, not how you want it.

  • Very heart warming. You managed to not say a word of sympathy for the Americans and their family that have suffered from virus. You try to minimize the deaths as just accidents a typical Qanon gas light. I guess you paying $20.00 a month to some kid in Honduras makes it alright.

  • Harborguy,

    Some of us understand that people die every day and nothing will change that. Most of the people that died were obese and had other issues. If you are going to advocate for ridiculous means that do not work, then you should go full retard and ban everything. First, stop using the internet because people get bullied and kill themselves. Next, remove all cars because people might choose to break the law, take away all guns because we cannot trust people to make decisions for themselves. Almost none of the people that died from covid were going to survive for much longer, as they would have died from some other cause a few months or a year later. I get that people who have educations can fall victim to the Dunning Kruger effect, but you take the cake ( I have an education, but do not assume I know everything). If you think that this solution is optimal, you have not bothered to do research. Masks were shown to only slow down spread and not prevent disease. They only slow spread by 1% for every 15% that wear them all the time. Goldman Sacs did a study on it, but it was buried. Next, lockdowns have never worked. This is not a air transmittable disease. It has to be spread by droplet, so unless you spit when you talk or are coughing most of the preventative measures are pointless. Further, the more people stay inside the weaker their immune systems get. This is one reason why a disease like covid destroys nursing homes. They are full of people that have health problems and are in a very clean environment, so their immune system weakens and they get sick easier. If you are worried about someone, have them stay home and do their shopping. Try being a neighbor instead of virtue signaling online about how much you care about others. I doubt you work in a field that would be considered sacrificial or charitable, so drop the holier than thou act and grow up.

  • Harbor Guy, I have empathy for you, my Mother, God bless her suffered from mental illness too. Both you and she touted Education as a credential in any debate. For example, despite what the topic or how flawed the logic, if offered up by some Jack-Ass with credentials, she automatically would take their opinion as her own. She was an educated person too, earning a Master’s degree in her field. In my experience, I have found that some of the smartest people I’ve met had little education beyond High School. I understand that this means nothing to you, and I get why. It is sad however that the corporate media and the Leftist Party prey upon folks like you.

  • HARBORGUY, if MRAK triggers you that much, you need to spend more time reading superhero comic books. The world is a harsh place and life is hard. We cannot mitigate every risk and sometimes bad things happen. But that is no reason to cower helplessly in tears and fear. A person has but one life to live-LIVE IT!
    Very briefly, look up the Parable of the Talents in Matthew or Luke. A master puts his servants in charge of his goods while he is away on a trip. Upon his return, the master assesses the stewardship of his servants. He evaluates them according to how faithful each was in making wise investments of his goods to obtain a profit. It is clear that the master sought some profit from the servants’ oversight. A gain indicated faithfulness on the part of the servants. The master rewards his servants according to how each has handled his stewardship. He judges two servants as having been “faithful” and gives them a positive reward. To the single “unfaithful” servant, who played it safe, a negative compensation is given.
    You are given one life, make the most of it for the time that you have. Just think, one day all of these people living healthy, taking every precaution and sacrificing the fun things, will be lying in the hospital dying of nothing.

  • Harbordude, you continually rant about uneducated conservatives. It’s obvious that you really don’t know any, because most conservative thought is quite logical. For instance; two sexes or 20? Conservatives win!

    Plus, I wonder how much education you’ve had? Twice in your paragraph you incorrectly used “a” when you should have inserted “an.” But I’m not going to judge you for that. Some of the most highly educated people I’ve run across are absolute morons when it comes to everyday common sense matters. Take Jimmy Carter, for example. One of his advisors told this story; whenever a decision was needed regarding a complex matter, every advisor in the room knew the right answer. Carter always chose the wrong one.

  • Quit talking to Harborguy-he just like the rest of us here come to use MRAK as his microphone hahaha Everytime I come, I see some people are trying to correct harborguy, you hadn’t learned about us people on blogs and social media. We online users don’t care to hear about your opinion, just as long as you hear our own. hahaha

    He more likely doesn’t even return back once he posts a comment, so you are writing to the electromagnetic field, if he does, then! well then he got way too much time! hahaha

  • Be Best conservative Anchorage residents take over their district city councils, then it gives good reason for Harborguy cry in his pillow
    Some of the more better opinions expressed under these blog forums are pretty good, and I ask where are YOU! why you not on your neighborhood district council!!!?

  • Harborguy:
    You write and sound like an uneducated person. Your sentence structure and grammer is from the backwoods and you sound skalliwaggish. Are you the best that the Lefty wackos can put forward? You are a sadsack!

  • Harbordude, you continually rant about how uneducated conservatives are. That’s weird because conservative thought is quite logical. For instance…are there two sexes or 20? Every conservative knows the correct answer…do you?

    I wonder about your education too. In one of your rants you incorrectly used an “a” when you should have used “an.” Twice. Plus some punctuation errors.

    Some of the most educated people have no wisdom. Take Jimmy Carter, for instance. An ex advisor for Carter told this story; whenever a difficult decision was needed regarding a complex political issue, every advisor in the room knew the right answer. Jimmy Carter always chose the wrong one.

  • Harbor Guy! Bwahahaha! The man who thinks his education gives him a right to control how others live! The man who screams he is educated, yet screams for everyone to take an experimental mRNA shot! The man holding a fallacy of logic which believes a degree gives a person intelligence; like a driver license gives a person a good driving record! Oh please. You are 100% illogical, with debate tactics that equivocate to a child. Maybe you should ask for your money back from the institution that gave you a degree; after all, every point you make is laughable, illogical, and lacking in any intelligence. You are good at repeating what you were told, and probably very good at memorization of what your indoctrination center’s professor told you to say and think. So I am sure you got good grades from your liberal educated masters. You are what those in the science industry call “indoctrinated” not educated. Maybe you should brush up on your critical thinking skills and read a book! Because for someone who claims to be so educated, you sure do sound foolishly arrogant and undereducated to science and facts. But that is the majority of leftists these days, degree holding narcissists that believe they are superior and entitled over every else, as they troll the internet conservative sights. Just another technocratic narcissist, virtue signaling his fallacy riddled agenda of nonsense, to perpetuate a system of tyrannical global hypocrisy on everyone else. I see right through you, and your comments are always good for a laugh with my morning coffee. You don’t impress anyone, nor do you even sound remotely superiorly educated. You must have a liberal arts degree in humanities, gender studies, communications, or wait… worse yet, sociology. BWAHAHAHAHA. Sorry I couldn’t help it. You are just too easy! Maybe you should start looking at the plank in your eye before pointing out the splinters in the eyes of others. Here is some truth for you; your education does not make you better or worse than anyone else. You are not special or superior in any way, you are not above anyone else in this world just because you chose to get a overpriced degree. So get off your high horse already and discover some humility and brush up on critical thinking skills. Or continue to be a self righteous tool, the choice is free for you to make, and yours alone. That’s the beauty of real freedom, it gives you a choice. You should try it out sometime. 🙂

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