Hamas supporters blockaded roads across the country this week. Dunleavy has a bill for that.


On Monday, pro-Palestinian protesters shut down roads and bridges across America. Passengers, pilots, and crew trying to get to the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport had to walk a great distance. The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco was blocked. In Oakland, protesters chained themselves to traffic barrels on I-880, and others spread banners across the highway, blocking both north and southbound traffic.

The protest event, coordinated by a secretive pop-up group called A15action, was repeated in Miami, Chicago, New York, San Antonio, and other major cities. The leaders of the group have encrypted email addresses and are not revealing their identities. For all anyone knows, the coordinators of these blockades could be Russian, Chinese, or Iranian actors.

Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy saw this happening around the country weeks ago with similar road-blocking protests that were had climate change as a topic and has drafted House Bill 386 that makes such traffic-interfering actions illegal without a permit. At least two of these sudden road takeovers have happened in Anchorage recently.

Passengers walk to the terminal at Sea-Tac International Airport after Hamas supporters blocked the access to the airport.

Leftists say he’s trying to limit free speech. But Alaska is just one of just eight states that has no specific law on the books requiring a permit for taking over streets, bridges, highways, or runways.

“This legislation ensures that our public spaces remain safe and accessible for all Alaskans,” said Dunleavy, when he released House Bill 386 in February. “It is important to distinguish between peaceful expression of rights and actions that pose risks to public safety and emergency response efforts.”

The bill’s Senate version is SB 255.

Attorney General Treg Taylor was grilled by the Senate Judiciary Committee, dominated by far-leftists led by Chairman Sen. Matt Claman, about free speech violations and the fairness of the proposed penalties, which could include a class C felony in certain circumstances. The Alaska Senate is a Democat-run body, with a handful of Republican enablers.

Claman, a trial lawyer, made the argument that higher penalties do not deter people from committing crimes. His example was that states with the death penalty have higher murder rates.

Mississippi, Louisiana, New Mexico, Alabama, and Illinois have the highest murder rates in the nation. They are among the 27 states that have capital punishment, (Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming.)

The state director for Planned Parenthood testified against the bill, saying it would criminalize homelessness and could be “weaponized by government.”

The bill says, in part, “A person may not place an object on the surface of a public use airport that because of its nature or location might cause injury or damage to an aircraft or person riding in the aircraft.”

It also addresses liability of those who obstruct roads, airports, and other infrastructure, especially if it impedes the passage of firefighters, emergency responders, or life-saving personnel, or if it causes substantial harm to others, such as the death or injury of a person who cannot get to a hospital because of the blockade.

The House Judiciary Committee will take public testimony on HB 386 on Wednesday at 1 p.m.

Information about the committee hearing is at this link.

Watch the public testimony on Gavel Alaska at this link.


  1. But the death penalty does cure repeat offenders. They want anarchy, write the law that running over non-permitted protesters is not a crime. They want mob rule, give them majority rule.

  2. In Tampa the idiots were arrested.

    There is no need for a bill. Just have police/troopers do their damn jobs.

    They can use bulldozers or snow removal machines.

    • Seems the only logical thing to do is for the motorist to follow the iconic phrase: “Are you guys ready? Let’s roll” and mount a counter pain and suffering protest against the road blockers. Maybe the po po will stand back and let the people negotiate a quick effective resolution.

    • They need to protest in the winter when it’s dark and the roads are icy.
      Let’s see how bad they want to protest.

    • In the past, obstruction of highways was a crime. Now it is classified as a violation, which means law enforcement may only issue a citation (similar to receiving a speeding ticket). Former Gov Walker pushed for this change. The current presiding judges in the state have set the bail schedule and are the sole reason for our current revolving door criminal situation. Cops have been hamstrung from the bench by non elected judges who cannot be held accountable.

  3. “……..Claman, a trial lawyer, made the argument that higher penalties do not deter people from committing crimes……….”
    Put these criminals into a concentration camp out in the boonies, and the only potential victims of their continued crimes are their peers. When their lawyers visit them, keep them there, too. Dick the Butcher had it correct.

    • I favor dump them naked in Gates of the Arctic. None of the evils of the modern world. Just them as nature made them.

      If they can make it to civilization, they are welcome to try to act like adults in a civil society.

      • On your first statement, MAKE SURE it’s in OUR “DEAD OF WINTER” or they’ll choose the beautiful summer to make their stand. If you notice, ONLY in the summer months do these types of people are screaming at Alaskans; they seem to forget OUR winter months.

  4. A cow catcher plow like on the front of early locomotives would be cheap AND effective. With the right speed they’d clear the sidewalk too. Don’t want to throw trash there and block it also.

  5. There are no doubt a few commenators who post here regularly in support of terrorists that would be more than happy to restrict your rights as long as their vision of moral equivalency is allowed. These are the same people who cheer and support Iran launching missles and bombs at Israel, while claiming Israel has no right to defend itself from those who would wipe Israel and all Jews from the face of the earth.

    • Steve, why don’t you be the change that you wish to see, and display your TRUE loyalties for once and for all, and go fight for Israel on the front lines. What is stopping you?

      • Jeff,

        It really says something when you trot out a well known centuries old antisemitic slur to somehow show you aren’t antisemitic…

        Maybe you actually believe you aren’t antisemitic, which is even more worrisome in many ways.

        • Steve, the mobius-strip of illogic, arrogance and irrationality that runs through your head must be pure Hell to live with. It is certainly sheer Hell to be subjected to as an outsider.

          And it is an undeniable fact that you have consistently displayed undying loyalty to Israel and not the USA. Some would say that makes you a traitor. It certainly does NOT make you any sort of American patriot — just the opposite, in fact.

          • Jeff,

            I always enjoy your posts when you know you are completely wrong but can’t admit it.

            Nowhere in anything I’ve ever written here or elsewhere would cause any rational person to question my loyalty to the United States of America. You on the other hand, oh boy, you have spent an untold number of posts ranting and raving about your dislike for this country, this countries ideals, and the people in it. After you favorite postings that include name calling and disparaging anyone who you disagree with about anything, America bashing has to be a close second, followed by disparaging remarks about conservatives (which is an odd juxtaposition because you’ve admitted you’re not conservative, while also pretending you are) and any right leaning folk who you disagree with which includes numerous Republicans who are decidedly more on the right side of the political spectrum than yourself and your newly declared libertarian viewpoint…which is also hilarious given that you clearly do not understand anything about the libertarian viewpoint.

            I have a deal for you Jeff, to ease your suffering. Stop responding to my posts, stop bring my name up in conversation that do not involve me, and stop posting the antisemitic nonsense you keep posting…and that will be the end of it. But you and I both know that you won’t do any of that.

            • Steve, just shut up already. Justice and honesty demand response to such arrogance and such lies as you routinely espouse here, particularly your lies that defend and support the utter lawlessness, criminality and sociopathy of the ruling power establishment that you are so obviously beholden to.

              You are clearly just another arrogant PMC Jew with a giant chip on your shoulder and a primary loyalty to your own ethnicity, rather than to your country of birth or residence. And your intolerant and hysterical attempts to defend the indefensible, such as the one-sided and parasitical relationship between the government of Israel and that of the USA, are clear for all to see and read here, and I am glad for allowing you to metaphorically gather up enough rope to hang yourself with in this forum.

              In all my years of commenting online in various forums, I honestly do not think I have encountered a more maliciously disingenuous and dishonest person as you. You, Steve-O, are the very definition of a sociopath.

              • Jeff,

                What’s a PMC Jew, is that anything like when you were calling Jews “tiny hats”, or any of the other derogatory antisemitic slurs you’ve used in the past here? Besides the point, as we’ve previously discussed I’m not Jewish.

                November 12, 2023 At 6:10 pm
                Just admit it already: you are a Jew.
                A Jew with a victim/persecution complex, to be exact.

                November 12, 2023 At 6:58 pm
                I’m not a Jew, would that be a problem if I were? I mean obviously it would be for you and a few others here. I happen to find antisemitism repulsive and so I call it out whenever I see it and boy is it strong in you. But please keep saying what you’ve been saying and just being yourself, you are a shining example for children to follow. And I certainly think now is the time to shine the light on the likes of you!

                November 18, 2023 At 6:02 am
                Why would anyone who is NOT a self-aggrieved Jew respond as you have to the many comments here.

                November 18, 2023 At 10:34 am
                Because Jeff, people who have a conscience and who’ve heard the horrors that were committed by the terrorists Hamas on Jews in Israel on October 7th don’t make antisemitic jokes about it as you are now admitting to making. People with any shred of moral fiber don’t standby while others callously comment on every single article about Jews about how they aren’t antisemitic while actively posting antisemitic statements over and over. You could have simply said you disagree with the US spending money in Israel and leave it at that, but you didn’t because you couldn’t help but kick people while they are down…that’s just who you are Jeff.

                Jeff in all your years of commenting online I’m guessing people simply stop responding to you and your nonsense as you very quickly grow tiresome repeating the same nonsense and name calling over and over, the difference is that I am a tad more stubborn than most. If you don’t like it the offer above still stands, as it has each and every time I’ve offered it to you.

            • Steve-o
              Your lack of self awareness is glaring.
              You are the one who keeps baiting people to bring up your name .

              In your first comment of this thread-

              You were begging people to attack you personally after calling them terrorist supporters- lying about people/ commenters supporting iran .

              You are such a liar you start the bs all the time. Then shift the blame on others.
              You are really struggling with reality dude.

              Jefferson would quit bringing up your name if you quit lying about people and calling them names.
              You create a loop of self destruction and dishonor for your self.

              • Thank you, American, for noticing and for responding to the egregious and hostile dishonesty, and specious self-aggrieved victimization complex, of the poster in question. It is ironic, but telling, that he cannot see the glaring similarities in both personality and tactics between himself and the worst of the ‘woke’ radical leftist extremists.

              • “American”,

                Please do try and follow along, when I said “stop bring my name up in conversation that do not involve me” that has to do with Jeff repeatedly bringing me up on articles that I haven’t posted a comment on. He has done this numerous times, and to think that I’ve somehow baited him into commenting about me on an article I haven’t even read is absurd.

        • Steve –
          You don’t know what anti-Semitic even means . You throw the word around as a catch all .
          I think think it would be a great idea if you joined the IDF and got blood on your hands so you realize the extremes of the ideas that you push . When you take the life of children and women and watch the souls depart you may change you’re feelings regarding the correct method to resolve this conflict. You do struggle admitting your mistakes so its possible you are irredeemable.
          Yep we all know hamas was bad but two wrongs do not make a right and its not right to bomb home’s hospitals and women and children regardless of ethnicity, race or religion.

          • “American”,

            I suppose you too haven’t noticed how it’s only those who are making antisemitic remarks who are getting called out for making antisemitic remarks…strange it’s only a very small group who lack the ability to see that. It’s also amazing that same small group is drawn to comment on what I write and lack the ability to simply not comment, like moths to a flame.

            • Steve, I have never seen one poster here make a (so-called) “antisemitic” (meaning “anti-jewish”, as Arabs are semites, also) remark.

              What I HAVE seen are a number of different posters, including myself, make rationally critical comments regarding the unhealthy, one-sided and parasitical relationship between the governments of the USA and Israel, which in your typical disingenuous and dishonest way you have attacked as being “antisemitic”. But have you noticed how NOBODY here has agreed with you in those assessments and opinions, nor has supported you in your wild and malicious claims? Now why might that be?

              I will now return you to your regularly scheduled Hasbara trolling.

              • Jeff,

                Once again you are saying demonstrably false things that are very, very easily proven to be incorrect. You’ll have to show me any comment that I made regarding any legitimate criticism towards US funds going to Israel being antisemitic, because that never happen. I have only ever pointed out the antisemitic comments by you and a few others who insist on making antisemitic comments and then claiming they aren’t. You seem to think that you can sneak an antisemitic comment in and then claim it’s not antisemitic because you attempted to make a critical comment about funding or something else, but that’s just not how it works. Once you unleash antisemitism your entire comment is shot and worthless, it’s like saying “I’m not racist, but…”, you lose all credibility. If you want to criticize US funding to Israel, then do so, just don’t make antisemitic remarks while doing so or accept that your comment is being presented as antisemitic. There are many comments you’ve made that don’t include antisemitic nonsense, guess what Jeff I didn’t point out that they were antisemitic because they weren’t antisemitic. It’s honestly not a difficult concept to figure out, others here offer legitimate criticism without sprinkling antisemitic nonsense frequently and guess what…like I’ve said before, their comments aren’t being called out for being antisemitic, because they aren’t antisemitic.

                The rest of your comment is just as demonstrably false, laughably so. You want an echo chamber, and this isn’t it I’m sorry to disappoint you time and time again. The offer I’ve made to you still stands Jeff, it’s your decision to make, yours and your alone.

  6. This is an excellent example of why I’ve been done with Dunleavy since Wasilla.

    This bill as more virtue signaling from the Cowardly Lion. Puff up, talk big, then hide somewhere.

    There is no need for a bill, the laws are there already. Enforce them.

    Pass a stupid bill, it just gets ignored along with how many other existing laws/statutes?

    If you must have a bill, have one that says affected motorists can beat the hell out of these idiots with impunity.
    That’s a bill worth passing.

  7. Transportation of any kind for the public cannot be blocked or otherwise stopped. Its a federal law that stands. Just as a person can be arrested and taken to federal court, so can a person be arrested and taken to federal court over blocking highways, roads and bridges, airports. The judicial group is confusing free speech in the transportation blocking. The governors bill should pass and the governor should call on the DOJ in Alaska to assist with the crimes of road, bridge, airport blockage. The governor should use the laws as they are already set in place and motion. Do any of you remember the firing of the air traffic controllers by Reagan? They could not use the issue of free speech when using their unions and trying to stop transportation for the public. It is the same with all transportation the feds put money into for the sake of the public welfare and is punishable by law. Federal Law!!! Just let the DOJ and the Marshalls do their work in the State of Alaska. That is one of many reasons they are here in our state.

    • DK, why is a “new law” even needed if it is already against the law to block traffic? What is truly needed is actual law enforcement. That and a normal level of courage to take action.

  8. Claman, who spent years as a perpetual candidate running for anything and everything has entrenched himself. He has always been bad news. He needs to be remembered next election cycle and voted out.

  9. BIG MIKE …
    I’m not sure if we ‘really’ need a Law for this?
    Just say the words … “Release The Hounds!”

  10. These “protesters” should not be tolerated at all. Those in the front of traffic should get out of their vehicles, take many pics of these people, and post them on social media. The police van should roll up, they should be arrested, loaded up and taken to lockup, and should be held as long as legally possible. If they have vehicles there, they should be towed and impounded. If these things are not done immediately and regularly, these useless people will see that they can get away with disrupting the lives of others.

    • M John, you are absolutely right. The problem is weak law enforcement and possibly weak laws as well. There must be swift and harsh consequences to these crimes. If we fail respect each other as fellow Americans our republic will descend into anarchy.

  11. Nevermind emergency vehicles and danger to aircraft. Those are obvious perils. What about law-abiding citizens exercising their simple right to travel on public roads? Roads they paid for as taxpayers? The 1st Amendment gives us the right to “peaceably assemble…” It does not give us the right to interfere with the freedom of others to travel in the public right-of-way. In fact, our culture has established a body of laws to ensure orderly access to, and use of, public roads and facilities. The problem is not the criminals. Rather, it is the weak and feckless law-enforcement and judiciary servants. They are failing to do their jobs of arresting and prosecuting the criminals posing as so-called demonstrators. Weakness and fear is metastasizing throughout our republic. We must recapture the bold spirit of our founding fathers.

  12. The question is. Do we need A new law so that the prosecutors will actually press the charges??

  13. Blocking our rights to travel freely can hardly be called a peaceful protest. And the argument that higher penalties for unlawful behavior is not effective, there are many countries that could be used for an example of how very effective it is. Take Saudi Arabia for example. Not that I agree with this extreme, but it is a deterrent. Certainly, there will always be cities prone to violence despite the punishment, as it also depends upon the enforcement ability of such places.

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