Alaska Airlines briefly grounds all planes to address weight-and-balance software issue


Alaska Airlines requested a “FAA ground stop” for Alaska and Horizon flights on Wednesday after a software upgrade caused problems with its weight and balance system, Must Read Alaska has learned.

“We’re working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience” the airline says.

At issue is a system that calculates weight and balance. The issue has since been resolved. after the ground stop, which was issued at 6:30 a.m. Alaska time and lasted for about an hour.


  1. Quit letting passengers board their flights with extra bags of Burger King and McDonalds prior to their flights. Unweighted check-in. Extra pounds of flesh sneaking on.

    • Then stop gouging us for food, luggage, and damn near everything else.

      This is a self inflicted wound.

      • I recently flew round-trip to a Lower 48 destination, all four legs with Delta, and the contrast with the typical chaos, confusion and surliness of Alaska (Seattle) Airlines could not have been more apparent. All four flights were actually pleasant!

  2. I flew home last night from Portland to anchorage on a teeny tiny jet rather than the larger 737. I have to assume that ak air is also taking their 737s out of service on a rotational basis, as I’ve never flown that far on the smaller jets. I was relieved to see them responding to the problem!

    Tho I did mention the air plane accidents to the stewardess on Saturday morning (3 am) on my flight to portland. I asked the stewardess, “Who’s flying this death trap?” She tried to have me removed from the flight!!! “Ma’am don’t you know that makes me so uncomfortable?!?” I responded, “I’d offer you an apology, by my airplanes don’t fall apart mid air. It’s called a joke.” She picked up the phone and ask the pilot to remove me from the flight. I assume he said “no.” Because nothing happened after that. Snowflake!!

  3. What actually happened here was that the Bitter Blue-Haired Lesbians for Radical Leftism, Alaska Chapter #124, all boarded the same plane for their semi-annual convention in San Francisco, and their combined weight threw the airline’s weight-balance program into a complete tizzy.

  4. That’s total BS we flew Alaska Airlines yesterday “Wednesday” and were delayed out of anchorage to SeaTac by two hours. They blamed their caterer crew for being late and blamed gate issues. Causing us to arrive late to our final destination by six hours. Never once did Alaska Airlines say that it was software issues. And offered no other explanation

  5. Alaska air has gone down hill and their service is poor at best.
    Been flying with them for 45 years but now I fly with better carriers.

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