Dunleavy bill is aimed at those who would glue their hands to runways and roads in protest

Seattle protesters shut down Interstate 5 in this video screenshot from KING5 news.

On Fireweed Lane in Anchorage this week, a group of anti-Israel protesters took over the street and blocked traffic, repeating a pattern seen in cities across the country these days. Seattle has endured multiple protest takeovers of freeways over environment and the war in Gaza, causing nightmares for drivers who can’t get to their destinations.

Climate activists have blocked runways by gluing their hands to the runways. A few years ago, kayakers protested Shell by blocking a the St. John’s River, so an icebreaker could not leave. It is happening increasingly in Alaska, as radical environmental activists learn from earth other.

On Wednesday, Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy introduced legislation that addresses the trend of protesters obstructing access to public places, and puts penalties on organizations that organize the protesters or conspire with them.

The legislation seeks to enhance public safety by imposing penalties for obstructing highways, navigable waterways, airport runways, and other public places specifically in situations where there is a significant risk of physical harm or interference with emergency response efforts.

HB 386 [SB 255] addresses civil liability of persons and organizations that conspire with or encourage anyone who engages in public obstruction. 

“This legislation ensures that our public spaces remain safe and accessible for all Alaskans,” Dunleavy said. “It is important to distinguish between peaceful expression of rights and actions that pose risks to public safety and emergency response efforts.”

Key provisions of the bill include:

  • – Increased penalties for obstructing highways and navigable waterways.
  • – Criminal liability for obstructing airport runways.
  • – Establishment of a new crime of obstruction in public places
  • – Creation of a new civil cause of action for individuals obstructed in public places, with provisions for damages in addition to compensatory and other damages.
  • – Extension of liability to persons and organizations that conspire with or encourage obstruction in public places.


  1. Just pour a circle of bacon grease on the ground around them. That’ll introduce them to the wonders of nature in Alaska.

  2. Not the right approach.
    Instead of making it illegal to block traffic, make it legal to run the jackasses who do so over.
    I have zero doubt in my mind that this ridiculousness will stop immediately as soon as it gets even remotely dangerous.

    • Yep, nothing else will work in these idiots’ minds. I won’t sat what I will do if confronted by them while on my way to a critical doctor appointment (the only reason I go to Anchorage nowadays), but I hope I don’t have to make that choice.

    • Oh I doubt that! Most of those unthinking individuals who are protesting against Isreal don’t have a clue as to what dangerous is and don’t care.

      • When the UK police stopped giving extinction rebellion any leeway, and started arresting them, suddenly their leadership said they had done enough with that type of protest, and were changing tactics.
        While there are plenty of idiots out there that will still think destroying art, or preventing people from getting to work is a good way to get their message across, without support from their fellow idiots (facebook, I am looking your way…) they will not have the guts to do it alone.

  3. My gosh! When did that happen? I’m glad I wasn’t around when Fireweed had a blockade by protestors. Did it happen during Day hours? Thank God I have a life and I was at work. But also I don’t go in Downtown, West, and Midtown’s direction hardly anymore. I am glad too I wasn’t around when BLM protestors were marching down Northern Lights obstructing traffic flow.
    These guys are lawless. Lawlessness only brings on more lawlessness like Anchorage Planned Parenthood is endorsing drivers to run over pro life protestors by not removing the sign out in front.

  4. OK, official poll here. Show of hands.
    Has anyone ever had their mind changed by a protest of this sort?
    Even if it did not change your mind, did it make you more likely to get more information about the topic? Or less likely?
    In fact, has anyone ever changed their mind on an issue because of any protest? Anyone?

  5. Republicans better have a single gubernatorial candidate majority can back after Dunleavy (R) leaves office.
    Someone with common sense and that Republicans both Moderates, conservatives, far right, and Christians can back along with Moderate and Conservative and Liberal Christian Democrats can get behind. Republicans don’t want a full sure Democrat govenor. That won’t help us at all.

  6. I do not like or support this move by RINO Dunleavy at all!

    While I have nothing but disdain for those who have most publicly been engaging in this sort of protest recently, such a anti-dissent law could — and WILL — be used against those who may legitimately protest against growing governmental tyranny, particularly in the also-growing weakening of effective electoral efforts against those in power, as our voting processes are increasingly compromised and corrupted for the benefit of those very same power-mongers.

    Just think of the potential pro-establishment effects of such an anti-dissent law in Europe today, for example, with the multi-nation, and VERY effective, farmers’ protests against the EU, UN and WEF insidious campaigns against farmers and farming. This law could and would be used to squash such justified public protests.

    No, Governor Dunleavy should rethink, and reject, this proposal.
    That is, he SHOULD do so, if he were actually not just another puppet of the deep state and globalist power structure.

    • You say some of the oddest crap. Dunleavy is a deep state puppet globalist what? Do you watch the night skies for aliens, too?

      Protesters serve no purpose and if anyone glues their hand to the street they deserve to have a well intentioned citizen scrape that hand from the pavement w/ an ice chipper. What kind of dolt thinks there should be no penalty for gumming up city streets?

      • And you, Trouser, say some of the most egregiously pro-establishment, anti-free-thinking crap. But keep licking those boots! Maybe your masters will throw you a bone for your servile support of them.

        • All I know is that if someone I love was stopped going to the hospital due to someone who stopped traffic. And my loved one died or was hurt, well, there would be repercussions. That is all I’ll say on that.

    • ” who may legitimately protest against growing governmental tyranny, “? Just don’t do it by blocking fellow citizens from getting to their destination. I am 100% in support of this but would be happy if they added a law that it’s OK to run them over if where you are going is really important. Like the hospital or Betty’s 3rd birthday party or home for a nap.

    • I saw a video of French farmers protesting dumping by the semi Truck loads of land dirt in the middle of the roads blockading it. Another film showed a farmer using tractor that shoots what looked like manure and land waste over a government fence. I’m talking about dirt and manure by the TONS

      I was like now that’s a protest. Leave it to the Farmers to show a protest

    • Jefferson ,
      My hat is off to you!
      Great Job !
      You are intelligent and look into the future to protect Americans and their rights!!!

      Its sad the other commenters here are not as wise and pure thinkers like you!!!

      Freedom, democracy, republic can be a bit messy and troublesome at times but the end results are good.
      Jefferson you speak with wisdom.
      May god help you explain to these robot reactionary commentators the error of their ways and opinions.

      I disagree with protests that block traffic but dunleavys misguided bill is dangerous to all citizens of Alaska and America!!!

      It can be used against honorable people.

      Re think this bill immediately!!

    • “Anti-dissent?” The failure of the left to think and speak with dispassionate precision is a huge part of their messaging problem with normal people. This bill would not enable anyone to “punish dissent” nor “prevent protests”.

      It simply promotes public safety by keeping pedestrians and other impromptu speed bumps out of the road, keeping them from creating a danger to themselves and others. They can continue to protest in exactly the same places and same ways they lawfully and safely could before this particular childish, attention-seeking fad arose.

    • I have to agree with the bones of what Jefferson is saying also. Just like taking Trump to court. NOW, other presidents can be taken to court also. We need to leave that door open for protest so that if the people who are fighting for humanity need to push back, we can legally and lawfully.

    • If he would actually do his job, this show pony of a bill would be unnecessary.

      If there toads won’t obey existing laws, why on earth will they obey this one.

    • Your right Avenger. What if this legislation is designed to be used against the growing population of Alaskans and Americans that are growing closer everyday to taking to the streets to reject the destruction of our Nation and State by the cucks that have been installed to RULE us? Be careful of Wolves in Sheeps Clothing !

  7. “Hey Look! Someone glued themselves to the road. I am sure they have a well thought out and rational basis for their actions, and I am very interested in hearing what they have to say about the issue.”
    Said no one ever.

  8. Stationary terrorist who’s glued themselves to the ground??
    That’s the perfect time to practice a Rope A Dope routine!

    • I was thinking more about pouring used motor oil all over them.
      Perhaps relieving myself on them. What are they going to do? Unglue themselves?

  9. Give them all the glue they need. Heck, offer to concrete themselves in. Just tell us where you are going to attach yourselves. We will bring beer and barbecue. Invite friends along. Offer them free food and drinks.

    How long would they last before nature takes its course.
    How long do you think it would be before they would be begging for somebody to free them.

    At best it would be hilarious.
    At worst, it would be funny

    Can you say “Pay per view”. Donate profits to a Jewish relief Organization.

    • Now this is the best comment that I have read yet! I think that for everyone who has time, this should be done with those idiots glue themselves to the road. Take away their pee bottles, offer them lots of liquid and some food while everyone sets up lawnchairs all around them and cheers them on! Lol Have some people down the road to redirect traffic away from the area.

  10. There’s an easier way. Just enforce existing laws.
    Failing that, allow the affected motorists to beat the protesters senseless. Correction: beat sense into them.

    • The MA “There’s an easier way. Just enforce existing laws.” Oh that would be great but Dunleavy doesn’t have that in him. His disregard for his Oath Article III Section 16 , is selective enforcement of what laws he wishes to EXECUTE! If our Public officials had BONDS as is required by Statute & Dunleavy enforced them that are on the Books WE THE People could get recourse for that selective or lack thereof of the LAWS! MA does that make sense ,yes your right! I agree!

  11. He should introduce a bill that doubles our PFD’s for running over said protesters. Had it up here with these idiots. Go live abroad and experience real life experiences that terrorists groups like Hamas inflict of people.

  12. “Anti-Israel” protestors? Don’t you mean people who are against the genocide in Gaza, Suze?

    Anyway, I do agree that protesting by shutting down roadways is a bridge too far. Have your say. Hold your opinions. But don’t be a pain in the keister for everyone else

    • No Dee suze means people that aided terrorists that murder women and children. If you aid in evil it will come back to you 1000 times worse. Which is precisely what you are doing supporting an evil terror organization. You may re think your stance. If you are capable of thinking.

    • There’s no genocide in Gaza. They’re not some singular ethnic group or race. They’re warmongers who hate Jews and anyone else who doesn’t bow down to their violent ways.

    • Problem is, there is no genocide going on. Israel stopped it dead in its tracks.

      However, there may have been a genocide on your brain cells.

      • All of you knuckle draggers might want to actually read the icj decision.
        Yes: Palestinian people are a distinct ethnic group
        Yes: Israel has mercilessly murdered tens of thousands of innocent men, women, and children through blockades and bombing campaigns. This response to Hamas’ attack is way out of proportion.
        Israel routinely antagonizes, invades, and makes war upon its neighbors and always has since its inception in 1948.
        Israel instituted a blockade and imprisoned Palestinians in Gaza in 2016. They have also bombed civilian populations sheltering in declared “safe zones” throughout the recent conflict. All of which is easily verified historical fact. You don’t have to hate Jews to despise Israel. The two are mutually exclusive, which is why many Jews in Europe and the US oppose Israel’s bombardment of Palestine today. It’s a pathetic Ad hominem attack to say Alaskans opposing the genocide in Gaza are sponsoring or supporting Terrorists.


        • The ICJ?
          Seriously? A UN court?
          Since when has the UN been anything EXCEPT a mouthpiece for muslims and globalists?
          Nope. I am not accepting their opinion as proof of anything other than how useless the UN as a whole is.
          Remember, the UN is the organization that puts Iran on the woman’s rights committee.

    • What genocide in Gaza?
      Is this genocide in the room with you now?
      Seriously, if Israel really wanted to kill everyone in Gaza, they would be dead by now.
      On the other hand, ham ass, and pretty much all muslims, are more then willing to call for the extermination of all Jews, and has been doing so for longer than Israel has existed. But, that is not genocide in your opinion?
      Do you even know what “From the river to the sea…” means?

  13. No need to over-think this. Protestors glued to the roadway? Back off and wait. After they pee their pants a time or two, they will find a way to remove themselves from the road. See how simple that was? And it doesn’t spend one public dollar! Problem solved.

  14. I think the governor needs to add another provision to his bill. A “hold harmless” clause for bystanders, motorist etc., to allow them to drag these people off the road, without the fear of being sued for assault, in the spirit of the Good Samaritan law.

    BTW what’s happening on Fireweed that it was chosen for this nonsense? I suppose trying this on Northern Lights, Dimond or Seward Hwy, would have had a swift and immediate response not only from law enforcement, but motorists in large numbers. What does holding up random motorists accomplish anyway, other than making them angry at you and less receptive to your cause? Especially since you are demonstrating your unwillingness to debate and your action make it clear that force is the only way to want you impose your will.
    I think these are really not protests at all, but an opportunity for little anarchists to create chaos and exert power on others. Pathetic!

  15. They get away with this because society allows them to get away with it.

    Notice how it rarely happens in red states.

  16. I highly recommend that the traffic-blocking types be given a 3-foot snorkel, and be encased in Dippity-Do until they gain some sense. OK, not practical, but it would be fun.

  17. If Anchorage citizens could see their way to gatger together, they could make this quit happening ANYWHERE in Anchorage, but I digress. Your leftist liberal assembly, achool board,etc. would never allow you to do that!

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