Americans for Prosperity Alaska promotes Alaskan to government affairs role


Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s largest grassroots advocacy group has put Strategic Director Quincy Azimi-Tabrizi in charge of the government affairs folder for the Alaska chapter. In her new capacity, Quincy will work with lawmakers and AFP-Alaska grassroots activists to further AFP policy priorities in Juneau.

Azimi-Tabrizi has led a group of grassroots activists to the Alaska capital city this week to talk to lawmakers about education.

Americans for Prosperity Alaska grassroots volunteers visited Gov. Mike Dunleavy and legislators this week in Juneau.

An Anchorage native, Azimi-Tabrizi has vast legislative experience at the federal and state levels, having worked for several elected officials, including Gov. Mike Dunleavy. She joined Americans for Prosperity in 2022.

While attending Brigham Young University, Azimi-Tabrizi was part of the team that pushed for passage of a lower income tax and comprehensive school choice in the state legislature.

AFP-Alaska State Director Bethany Marcum said, “With her continued work on Alaska state legislative issues, AFP-Alaska is lucky to have Quincy at the helm of our government affairs work. Alaska faces a critical junction in our legislature on important policies like stopping disastrous defined benefits plans.”

Azimi-Tabrizi said, “I’m thrilled to be a part of the work advancing AFP’s limited government mission in Alaska as the chapter’s strategic director. Our track record in this state is one that I’m proud of, and it demonstrates the impact of leading with consistent, principled, conservative policy. We have an incredible team, and Alaska is well positioned to lead the country in addressing our greatest challenges and unlocking more freedom and opportunity for every individual and future generations.”


  1. Another “baby” bureaucrat trained by the bureaucrats before her
    Just as Anchorage is dying, Americans For Prosperity is dying. It needed, and still needs a director Electrifying as Ms Bernadette Wilson re-charged a bureaucratic team.

  2. Just bringing on younger person doesn’t mean they have their own electricity to bring into a group because of their youth. Ms. Bernadette Wilson is one of those leaders like Bronson’s first campaign manager, they bring their own electricity energy not dependent on others.

    Americans for Prosperity here it had so much potential after Bernadette hiring. It dumping her, it was a huge let down.

  3. Teach them to let competition in Alaska’s oil and gas industry. The future is bright for a state that is fair and responsible. Having oil and gas monopolies control Alaska has no future.

  4. I’m sorry this child has not near enough life experiences doing the job she is hired for. Nothing wrong with being young. But you do not implant people that clearly don’t understand what needs to be done. She just isn’t old enough, and I’m suspecting, as many young people are, she can be easily swayed.
    That isn’t good. Where are all the adults??

  5. Who the hell names a girl “Quincy” ?? Also, I don’t believe I’ve ever met anyone with a hyphenated last name who wasn’t a liberal. I hope that she is breaking that stereotype. Bernadette will be a very tough act to follow.

  6. So excited to see Quincy bring her tenacity and dedication to Alaska. We need more people like her working in politics.

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