Ryan Sheldon: Alaska belongs to the unified



Some of you may already know me, and I figured I’d reintroduce myself. I’m Ryan Sheldon of Talkeetna and I’m excited about 2024. 

Having recently been elected as chairman in Alaska’s District 30 Republican Party (spanning from Point Mackensie to Anderson and Healy), I am optimistic about the things that all Alaskans can be doing to be productive in this highly contested 2024 election season and beyond.

As you know, politics can be contentious struggles pitting brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor, and Alaskan against Alaskan.

Whereas we all may disagree from time to time, perhaps we can take a different approach, a strong approach, an approach which embodies the very principles which Alaska was founded, and that Alaskans carried on through the many generations with which I share personal history. The approach: Unity. 

When one says “Alaska belongs to the unified,” this is not a cute quip to be batted around with inaction. Rather, it something to be focused on. Unifying our state should be priority #1 and of the utmost importance if we plan on continuing prosperity in our great state. It is no secret that because of the contention of recent years, Alaskans have seen little success in building bridges among neighbors, friends, family members, etc. 

Unifying ourselves does not mean agreeing on every item, nuance, or thing. But rather it is a choice, similar to the fact that love itself is a choice. For when we choose to love, we see fruit born from our actions. And when we want to bear fruit in our communities we must make the choice to unite ourselves.

For example, the chairs of the Republican-drawn Region 2, which encompasses Districts 25-30, have decided to have an incredible open line of communication with one another across all districts within the region in hopes of furthering the efforts of our communities engagements. Certainly, each chair may have alternative views on differing subjects, but it is our choice to see past these differences and communicate with one another to usher in a better Alaska, deeply engaged in our respective communities.

As we approach the 2024 Alaska Republican Convention, I encourage my fellow party members to take a deep breath and assess what we are about to embark upon as Alaskans looking to improve our State’s posture and serve our fellow neighbors via the Republican Party. After all, elected officials of any rank and kind are indeed servants of those with no voice who have entrusted us all — delegates, chair, or governor — to speak on their behalf, and fight for their general welfare. 

As I take my own deep breath and pause I see two landscapes. One which looks much like our beautiful, pristine Alaska territory, harmoniously existing. The other, a landscape similar to that described by J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Mordor” from Lord of the Rings, inspired by Tolkein’s time in the First World War. 

The former, beautiful landscape is the scene of a peaceful display of power and debate among the four giants that stand before us, hoping to win the chair’s seat and lead our party and state forward toward a better and purposeful future.

It is my hope that the ARP convention be a place of encouragement to all 40 districts across our vast territory. Alaskans will be traveling hundreds if not thousands of miles to join fellow delegates in Anchorage for a time of reflection and leadership as we pave the way for success in our party and servitude to all Alaskans. 

The latter scene — Tolkien’s Mordor — is a product of choosing to be hostile toward fellow Republicans and Alaskans, purposefully not communicating with those that are equally ept and deserving of each other’s respect. This scene of demeaning and damning imagery is of itself a choice. A choice to be brash and inhospitable.

A choice to refuse the help of others, solely searching for personal gain, forgetting the basis of servitude to those that elected us to our seats? I pray and am of hope this does not become a reality. When egos strain and tensions roar, may we be the people (and body of elected persons) that are discerning enough, to say no to such things.

Fellow Alaskans, may we be the guiding light for our current generations and generations to come. May we rise to the occasion that brings forth fruit, making the active choice to unite together as a party that will be a force to be reckoned with and understanding we have many things that in fact unite us; putting aside the things that drive rifts between us Alaskans.

I am hopeful and optimistic to be writing to you all today, that we may prepare ourselves to elect a chairman or chairwoman of the ARP that embodies ALL of Alaska from Utqiagvik to Kodiak, from Metlakatla to Unalaska. By doing so we will elect the future.

Ryan Sheldon is District 30 chairman of the Alaska Republican Party. He was born and raised in Alaska and is proud to be a 4th generation Alaskan. He enjoys investing his time in the community and betterment of Alaska. Ryan lives in Talkeetna, loves Alaska, and believes the state can be a viable option for young Alaskans to thrive while carrying on his family’s legacy from the well-known Alaska town. You can typically find Ryan leading fellow Alaskans in song. 


  1. Nice sentiments kid, but how about more facts less feels. The Republicans have done nothing but gracefully loose and scoot left for more decades than you’ve been alive, most of them would be considered card carrying reds by previous generations. They disavowed trump for being “far right” u till they realized that was a loosing platform.
    The Republican Party of AK is captured by the likes of whoever supported confused creatures like Kelly Tshibaka and other perfectly like warm rhinos.
    You’ve got your work cut out for you, we would see better gains if we all ran as democrats and co opted their party just for shits and giggles, they surely have done the same to us.

    • Nat, you used the term “card-carrying reds.” Did you see that trick the leftists pulled? “In politics, a red flag is predominantly a symbol of left-wing politics, including socialism, communism, Marxism, labour movement, and anarchism. The originally empty or plain red flag has been associated with left-wing politics since the French Revolution (1789–1799).”–Wiki. Just recently, the mainstream media switched the color red to indicate Republican-leaning states and counties while blue now represents Democrat (communist) areas. There is a purpose to this smoke and mirrors.

  2. If unifying, you mean compromising. I disagree, Republicans like the ones from Kodiak have been helping, and compromising our state into a bad place. We need strong representation, and real Republicans. Alaska is under attack from the current regime in Washington DC and many of our “Republicans” are helping the democrats.

    • Yes, Andrew, on point!

      What I think so many people, of all political persuasions, fail to grasp is that the growing political divide is not entirely or even mainly between “left wing” and “right wing”, or liberal (i.e., Marxist) vs. conservative, but between those who are defenders and part of the corrupt and failing establishment, and those who are anti-establishment. I am proud to consider myself in the latter camp, as I always have been. It sickens me to see so many Democrats (essentially all of them) AND Republicans (mostly RINOs) who are completely part of, beholden to, and hysterically defensive of the utterly rotten status-quo establishment.

      I say, burn it to the ground!

      • I’m not quite ready to burn it to the ground, but have no issue with gathering the supplies to do so.

        We vary only in degree here.

        My main concern is the same as dumping Johnson from the Speakers chair. There needs to be a plan for what comes next. Otherwise we risk the rise of the Murkowski party or some such abomination.

          • People that have been to prison display low emotional intelligence and use name calling to satisfy their frustrations. There are several that do that on this web site.

            • Awww, baby is butt hurt. Still waiting to find out if you were ever going romantic with a moose.

              People with your level of “maturity” often hurt animals to take out their frustrations.

            • Again, since you are so much above us, why are you here?

              What deep seated insecurity drives you to traffic with us troglodytes?

              And since you made enough of an ass out of yourself to amuse me, I’ll actually give you stupid question an answer.

              No, despite your hopes and wishes I’ve never been to jail. Never been In trouble with law enforcement for anything more than a moving violation.

              You are a sad, pathetic little man.

          • Jeff, I had so much more I could say, but stopped when I remembered the rule about wrestling with pigs.

            Plus if I fully let go it would never clear the censors.

            You have similar thoughts?

            • Yes, TMA, it can be difficult sometimes to know when to finally give up trying to honestly and intelligently respond to the idiotic, the cowardly, the dishonest and the just plain stupid. It is particularly bad (but sadly far from uncommon) when all those traits are found rolled together into a single individual.

  3. I still say Rep Pruitt would have made an excellent chair for state GOP party. His work performance in the House being able to collect, train, and hold House republicans together is admirable. Most of who worked with him are there still holding strong even after their leader was squeezed out by Snyder. That’s who AK GOP need a candidate as Pruitt.

    • I miss Pruitt. Remember when he took grinning selfies when the whackos were trying to riot in Wasilla? Hilarious! He’d make a great governor.

  4. Sorry, Ryan, but this sounds like you are advocating for the surrender of all principled small-government Republicans to the Democrat-allying, business-as-usual RINOs who currently control the state GOP today. If that is your program, then prepare for it to fail, as it should.

    With ‘friends’ like the current state RINO sellouts, who needs enemies? Better to be directly stabbed in the chest than dishonestly stabbed in the back.

  5. Extreme radical right wingers have hijacked the Republican Party, a departure from Reaganism politics, or so they think 😉

    • 3rd Degeneration, your politically-oriented comments are so consistently naive, ignorant and clueless that I have begun looking forward to them just for shits and giggles. Your repeated stalwart defenses of the woefully unprincipled, pro-globalist and corrupt Princess Lisa are just one case in point.

      • You lost your credibility for life when Steve-O destroyed you on the Israel, Iran conflict.

        Here, we give our opinions backed by evidence when possible. Not one person has ever changed their mind or who they vote for on an issue because someone else has a different line of thinking 😉

        • The mere fact that your moniker states an accident of nature with which you didn’t participate, achieve anything, or even address an issue, speaks volumes of arrogance and your sense of entitlement.

          3rd generation this or that? WHO CARES?

          I’m guessing that if there was a 4th generation produced they’ve long since sought shelter elsewhere.

    • 3rd Degeneration, you point is precisely opposite of the facts. Phony RINOs have hijacked the Republican Party, a departer from Reaganism politics…. as they drift toward communist ideology while believing they are kidding us with their fake identity.

  6. I’m all for unifying as long as we unify around an agreed upon platform & basic belief’s which are why most of us are active in the R party. But unification for unification’s sake? That doesn’t work. Why even be in the party if that’s the goal.

    Your letter is very nice but short on specifics. Things like issues. Unifying to oppose RCV, a PFD defined by statute as already exists in state law, school choice, smaller government whenever possible, expecting our elected & supported R candidates not to caucus with & give more power to liberals, expecting school funding to be linked with expectation of results, getting the NEA out of creating education policy, pushing our legislators to begin the process to amend the constitution to make it easier to fund school choice? The list goes on.

    I’d rather be unified but not at the expense of why we sign on with the party in the first place.

  7. Our party , sucks. We got Ukraine Dan and communist Lisa and Mary and all the three do is spend, spend and more spend. Let’s not forget Lisa and Mary voting with mentally challenged joe take away more gun right and spent more money for illegals and don’t forget all 3 of these loser HATE TRUMP.
    Vote Mary this time and Ukraine Dan in 2026 and the communist LISA in 2028 or maybe we will be luck and she will retire with her shitty father.

  8. I am not holding my breath as all politicians lie just to get elected.
    Your actions will reflect your promises.

  9. I quit reading about 3 paragraphs in. I wish the kid well, but it’s all a version of a song and dance I’ve heard way too many times before.

    Try this: instead of rah rah speeches, go out and accomplish something. Something that doesn’t involve near or total capitulation to the left.

  10. Well, Ryan is young enough that if we can pull him away from Kevin McCabe and get him under a different mentor, he might be a good unifying person for people who are trying to make changes in this state. Ryan is upbeat and has potential, but not if he is being groomed by people such as the McCabes. We don’t want another Nick Begich III or a Tony Knowles from years back with a big, toothy smile.

    • Ginny you seem to have no idea what you are talking about. McCabe is a great rep for us in Big Lake, one of the most conservative areas of whole state. NB3 is the most conservative dude we could elect to office in Alaska.

      Ryan don’t rely to much on ChatGPT. Your to smart for that.

    • I thought it was a pretty good piece and a plea from a youngster for unity in the republican party which has been fractured for a long time. But what does McCabe have to do with it? I think i have seen them talking together once at a womans party at the golf course. I know both Begich and Knowles. Nick Begich is a die hard republican conservative and Phoney Knowles was a Democrat.

  11. This guy looks and sounds like the rest of the fake Republicans in the Alaskan liberal meca of Juneau..The teachers union paid fake conservatives like Bjorkman and the Rino’s that are holding seats as reps claiming to be conservative. These people need to be ousted from the party completely, not made friends with.

    What in the name of God is going on with Alaska GOP.? How are these fake Republicans even allowed to run? The whole Alaskan GOP needs a good shaking up and washing out.

    The single comprise made is to the left, you don’t see Dems compromise to the right!! I’ll give the libs credit, at least they hold their ground. Conservatives in the AK leg need to grow a pair and fight. There are a few good ones that do fight but most bend over for the Dems and some are liberal Dems faking being conservative to hand more power to the left.

    Wake up Alaskans, soon or you’ll wake up in Seattle or Portland.

    • As a proud Juneauite. The Peoples Republic of Anchorage is way further left than us.

      We’re just a small fishing village full of the insane leftists the Anchorage bowl keeps sending us.

      • Well, I don’t live in either so I see the trash that resides in both. Not saying everyone is trash but those two places are where most of the trash in Alaska lives.

        Also? Out of all that was said, that’s your response? Thanks for your worthy contribution.

  12. Great sentiments, Ryan and I wish you well. Sadly, we really are so divided and it seems that too many just choose to be angry and unwilling to budge on anything. One grows weary of it all. I do hope you can be the one that can somehow close the gap and bring some unity for the betterment of us all. Thank you for putting yourself out there. The road is long and the load is heavy. May you find strength and encouragement along the way.

    • It looks like Ryan has himself one fan. A mealy mouth liberal from the sounds of it. Listen gurl, I’m not ‘closing the gap’ and ‘unifying’ with anyone who thinks my White conservative blue collar family, who are barely keeping their noses above water financially, are evil, dangerous and in need of punishment. That goes for liberals and neocons like Ryan here. A whole alot of people are just like me and can see the solution you want for us. We’re not going to make it easy for you.

      • Hah! Point in case. So you know, I’m not a “mealy mouth liberal”. I’m in fact a conservative. Life long Republican. Your rant here is exactly what I’m talking about. Not only am I willing to listen to anyone that puts themselves out here – I’m actually very interested in what they have to say. I’m interested in solutions. I don’t think you have to be an arse and a bully to get things accomplished. Ryan sounds like a diplomatic person to me. I’m willing to listen.

  13. The republican part is DEAD all that is left of it is politically homeless consertives which is the majority of Alaska this did not happen over night it has taken decades of compromises and capitulation to get here representatives who go along to get along who sell their vote for their own political needs it has converted this once great land into a socialist utopia where representatives steal from you at every turn and lie to your face with a smile all in the name of compromise ONLY THE PEOPLE CAN FIX THIS NOW IT’S UP TO US PERIOD

  14. It’s really too bad there is not a thumbs up and down symbol by each comment so we might all chime in without necessarily commenting.

  15. Its high time this website requires commenters to use their true names. I’m guessing the cowards, being about 70%, would fade away immediately. The commentary would be more tempered and reasonable.

    • I’m with you, Wayne. That’s why I use my own name. Because I OWN every thing I write. Have I embarrassed myself a few times or felt like I had to back up and retract from my positions sometimes? Definitely yes. But I’m totally open to others knowing who I am. I enjoy your comments.

      • Gretchen, I largely agree with you but I am incapable of ever agreeing with that contrary old Irishman named Coogan!

    • I totally disagree because we don’t live in a country that has free speech or respects free speech we live in a country now where you can be fired from your job for having an opinion online if we respected Free Speech then I think you would be correct there are also more reasons than just being a coward to not use your full name when making a comment that some disagree with I do wish people would use their name cuz it would help move the conversation but I don’t think it should be required this is a free country

      • Freedom of speech, as guaranteed by the 1st Amendment deals with government restricting the rights of people and has nothing to do with a private entity dealing with another. While you are certainly free to express your opinions online or in any other context, you are not free from the ramifications of expressing your opinions online or in any other context.

  16. There you have it, Mr. Sheldon. What is there to today’s politics, empty as it is, that you think good and wonderful things can be accomplished through the unprincipled, party apparatchiks. Look at their handiwork–the failed education system, the border–if it can called that–the election systems, the empty rhetoric and gaslighting…on and on. Many of your “interlocutors” here have tired of the hypocrisy that pervades our political system. It doesn’t take much of a genius to realize that the system can neither honestly sustain itself nor be supported by those who have worked and fought to build and protect these United States–and why would they–to be used and abused and laughed at for being losers and suckers? The democratic and republican parties are nothing but milking machines. Look at them, Mr. Sheldon, and tell me that you really believe that they won’t come to a shameful end!

  17. Unfortunately, the two sides of political thinking have now evolved into two more-or-less separate spheres of morality and are no longer reconcilable. Neither side can even agree on the most basic natural fundamentals like when human life starts, how many genders there are, and how much freedom of agency an individual should have. People on either side aren’t interested in bending a knee to the other side’s agenda. We’re tired of RINOs and of people who make compromises with the left, God knows they don’t compromise for us. The growing of government which then tries to leech its way into every facet of ours lives needs to be stopped at every avenue with prejudice, not allowed to continue and expand by our “representatives” that are being friendly with the other side. No amount of being Lisa Murkowski’s singing play-thing and/or dining with Kamala Harris is going to fix this.

  18. Please God let this self promoting, self congratulatory, preening end soon.

    After Mike Shower and Jamie Allard, none of them are worth used toilet paper 80% of the time.

  19. While your enthusiasm is noted and appreciated, and also appreciated is your taking the time to pen that, it appears to be free of facts or positions, and long on “feels”.

    Tell us how you’re going to get TAPS from running at 25% capacity, to 100%.
    Tell us how you’re going to get your fellow legislators to cut spending while increasing services, and increasing people’s freedoms.
    Tell us how y’all are going to end grifting boondoggles like Lyman Hoffman’s getting a bill passed to get hardwired internet to western Alaska communities, at TEN TIMES the cost of simply hooking up Elon’s StarLink.
    Stop penning enthusiastic touchy feely screeds to us as if we’re children around a campfire, and give us some facts and actual plans……

  20. Ryan, thank you for this post. It does shed a light on this country’s need to find some sort of commonality. If only to save itself from self destruction. Most everyday people have more in common than they believe. There are though, many who are most likely to be too far gone and want nothing more than to watch these United States burn to the ground. I Pray we that love America can hold on steadfast and protect each other from this terrible evil.God Bless🇺🇸

  21. Ryan made his point perfectly, especially when you read all the negative comments. Why does a positive and upbeat attitude bring out the naysayers? My goodness, I hope the prior posters won’t be at the ARP State Convention and I sure as hell hope they’re not voting delegates.

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