Gross campaign tells insiders, media: Don’t call this race yet


A memo to media from the campaign of Alan Gross for Senate:

To: Interested Parties
From: David Keith, Campaign Manager, Dr. Al Gross for Senate
Subject: Status of AK-SEN race: Outstanding Ballots
Date: 11/5/2020 10 A.M. AKST

The dynamics of the Alaska Senate race at this hour remain in a state of flux. As expected by everyone who has been watching the turnout here in the state, Sullivan is benefitting from an early lead, but with approximately 44.6 percent of the ballots not yet counted, his lead can—and we believe will—be overcome once every vote has been counted in the state.

Based on the numbers, we are urging everyone—in-state press as well as folks in the lower 48—to avoid hasty predictions or to make calls based on projections. Before anyone declares a winner, we owe it to Alaska’s voters to have their voices heard and ensure that every vote is counted. Here is what we know at this hour:

Why this race is so different than in the past:

The lopsided fundraising in this race—with Dr. Al Gross raising $19 million to Dan Sullivan’s $9 million—made this race competitive until the end. Public polling leading up to Election Day proves this:

  • Independent Alaska polling showed Dr. Al Gross leading Dan Sullivan 47-46.
  • Patinkin Research Strategies polling showed Dr. Al Gross leading Dan Sullivan 47-46.

Simply put: Too much of the vote that was cast remains uncounted to call the 2020 U.S. Senate race in Alaska.

Approximated as of 10 am AKST 11/5/2020

Total number of votes counted: 190,872

  • Election Day: 154,604
    • Early vote before Oct. 30: 36,268

What remains uncounted: 153,423

  • Mail-in ballots: 116,730 (and growing)
    • Early vote between Oct. 30 – Nov. 3: 16,963
    • Questioned Ballots (Estimation): 20,000

Estimated percentage of vote that remains uncounted: 44.6%

A question mark on this race should remain until at least Nov. 10 when at least 153,000 votes—44.6% percent of the votes cast—begin being counted and every Alaskan’s voice heard.


  1. Really? You think that Gross’s outspending Sullivan 2:1 = victory for Gross? Dude, Alaskans aren’t stupid. Your media attacks on Sullivan only charged-up Sullivan supporters and undecided voters to reject the gas-bag doctor from CA. I recommend you get Gross to write you an opioid prescription ASAP. Then, you too can end up in the dead voter’s graveyard before the next election.

  2. This is really full of himself. NEWS flash Gross you are not going to win. We don’t care for your type of polices. Go live in California.

      • Not just in politics, Toots. Academically, professionally, and….in relationships too. By a five to one ratio. Actually, I treat mostly Democrats for a variety of psychopathic conditions…….and charge them accordingly.

  3. Does the Gross campaign feel that counting every legal ballot cast across this great nation should be counted, or only those that serve his political whims; should the media be declaring states for one presidential candidate over the other before all legal votes are counted? I’m sure they stand strong with President Trump and his demanding of the same.

  4. Waiting until the 10th to count these ballots seems absurd. What is the Division of Elections doing between now and then?

  5. If Gross wins, Alaska’s voting situation has been seriously compromised. He’s a liberal Californian. He may have been born here, but – much like the islamic jihadists – he was turned to the dark side. Just my opinion.

  6. He wants to count all ballots, one might think he left out the word “legal”. Al’s going to try and steal it.

    • Our ‘courts’ ? They are just as liberal. On the ballot, I voted “no retention” to ALL of those judges. Alaskan judiciary is so far compromised, by the liberals who moved up here from WA / OR / CA – that we are in serious trouble, unless they move ‘back home’. But I don’t see that happening. (just my opinion)

  7. We better hope division of elections does a thorough vetting of these ballots. Dr. Gross knows something we don’t. 10s of thousands of phoney mail in ballots were filled out by his people. He is expecting these ballots to take him to a win. Same thing being done in other states to assure a Biden win. Gross ain’t just blowing smoke.

  8. This is getting ridiculous when much larger states completed counting on election night. What does the California bear doctor know that we don’t?

  9. If absentee ballots break hard for Gross like they have in other states, then this could get tight. We’re going to count the ballots and see.

  10. I wonder if he has assembled the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization like Joe Biden? Inquiring minds want to know.

  11. I’m pretty sure Gross is going to lose, and I’m bummed because I supported candidates that didn’t support Trump. A the same time, I have to hand it to Sullivan — he and his wife ran ads in Juneau thanking Juneau for their vote. I may disagree with his policies but I can’t argue with his graciousness. That was a good move that could go a long way to bridging the gaps between us. And it’s only fair that I admit that here, in the same forum where I have previously bashed him.

        • This is not a dating site. If you want a hook-up, go to a Lefty site and find your kind. It’s as effortless as going through a revolving door. And keep turning.

  12. It’s amazing to see how many Americans don’t understand how the simple process of voting works, even in their own states. The level of willful ignorance is astounding and dangerous to democracy as a whole. But I suspect many of you simply do not care because your preferred candidate lost and you were already dead set on crying fraud without anything to substantiate it, as the courts are seeing time and time again.

    Anyway, I’m curious to see if this actually pans out or not given that the national media doesn’t seem to be latching onto it. The race will likely narrow by a lot given the nature of mail-in ballots, but it’s still a big gap to overcome. At the very least, not calling the race yet would seem like the prudent move given the uncertainty and expected tightening.

    • Elections work by stacking up unreal numbers of ballots wherever you see fit and preventing observation of the validation of those ballots. Right.


      Maybe you could explain how the man that didn’t campaign and has the personality of a potato got more votes than 0bama in 5 key metropolitan areas and managed to collect enough votes to beggar any previous politician in U.S. history?


      You ate either utterly credulous or a total still. That is all.

  13. Gross is a liberal ASSWIPE counting on voter fraud just like all the other pink pussy hat sky screaming idiots. Go back to California to the cesspool you crawled out of!!!

  14. Has anyone considered that the race may not be over because we are using the same Dominion Voting Systems that are known to be defective to tally our votes. Dominion Voting has direct ties to the Clinton Foundation. Seriously…do some digging if you’re curious, before it all gets deleted, of course. Maybe Gross KNOWS he is going to win because the machine will make it so.

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