GOP surprise: Five make Wednesday’s debate stage in Miami, sponsored by Republican Jewish Coalition


The Republican National Committee announced that five Republican candidates met the qualifications to be on the debate stage on Wednesday in Miami. They are:

  • Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis
  • Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley
  • Entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy
  • Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie
  • South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott

This third debate, to be moderated by Lester Holt and Kristen Welker of NBC, and Salem Radio Network’s Hugh Hewitt, starts at 4 pm Alaska Standard Time.

To meet the criteria for being included this time, candidates were required by the RNC to exceed a 70,000 unique donor threshold, with at least 200 from 20 different states or territories, and ratcheted up its polling criteria.

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum participated in the first two debates, but did not qualify for the third.

Former Vice President Mike Pence recently dropped from contention, and former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson was included in the first debate stage, but failed to meet the RNC’s tests for the second and third. The other candidates for the Republicans have quietly slipped away; Larry Elder endorsed Donald Trump.

Former President Trump is not planning to attend the debate and is, at this point, the dominant leader among Republican presidential hopefuls in all polling.

The Republican National Committee ignored that, however, and focused on the candidates who are attending:

“We are looking forward to our third debate in Miami, a welcome opportunity for our candidates to showcase our winning conservative agenda to the American people. We are especially honored to be the first political party to partner with a Jewish organization for a debate in our partnership with the Republican Jewish Coalition, and our candidates will reaffirm the Republican Party’s unwavering support of Israel and the Jewish community on the stage Wednesday night,” said RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.

The debate, with partnership from the Republican Jewish Coalition and Rumble will air at 4 p.m. in Alaska on NBC News and will be livestreamed on Rumble.                                       



  1. Ramaswamy got rich off pharmaceuticals lending the fleecing of Americans who needed medicine to live,
    For all I’m concerned, he can go back to india.

    • On the conservative side of things, let’s try and keep our facts straight and not confirm the accusation of racism the Left claims we all are. Ramaswamy was BORN in America to first-generation immigrants. He spent millions to get five drugs that save lives approved by our slow bureaucratic FDA, had nothing to do with Covid drugs, which were ALL paid for by the govt (you!). He became an attorney and wrote three books.
      So he made a lot of money, and you’re mad? A leftist would be proud. You can hate Ramaswamy. But don’t hate him because he is Indian or rich. That is from someone else’s playbook.

      • His uncle said he was born in India.
        He has the most to gain financialy and more than the others that are running.
        Niki Haley has moved past him, Christie will do the same.
        You need to look up the definition of racist..

      • He kicked a– last night, finally someone who called the virtue signaling prestitutes out! Bravo good show Vivek.

      • CR; Thats because he’s a pacifist. The Russian front pushes its way to your front door and you would surrender and if middle eastern Islam allies Palestine, eradicating Israel from the river to the sea, your new book may well be the koran 😉 Your not a republican.

      • MA; My little ankle biter has arrived. Unlike you I do not worship candidates just because they have an R in front of their name.
        In tonights debate, you’re gonna see Niki Haley tear into Ramaswamy and end his ill founded ambitions.
        He is part of the pharmaceutical crises ripping off millions of elderly Americans, so I just don’t like him. I would vote for Tim Scott, but the big dog is Trump and has my vote.
        You of all people who criticizes Christie and Pence, you could easily be a left winger and you are the one who lacks knowledge, merit and only use this site for your self centered fun and games…….get lost 😉

        • The only person you fool is yourself. Not a hard job.

          I’ve never criticized Pence. In fact I’m one of the few here who defended him for doing his Constitutional duty and standing up to pressure from Trump. It seems reading comprehension is among your many manifold problems.

          You can’t even get that right.

          Regarding “get lost”?

          -liberal rebuttal #1
          -maturity level of a 6th grader. Or am I being generous?
          -a wish your heart can make, but you in reality have no way to enforce.

  2. If Christie is determined to block Trump, then he, Scott, and VR should pull out and let the opposition coalesce behind DeSantis or Hailey.

  3. Nikki Haley said she believed that global warming was real and that is was caused by man. That is enough for me. She is on the wrong side of that issue.

    • We have to have somebody looking after God’s green earth 😉 You know Trump stopped foreign owned pebble.

      You just watch, Niki Haley will win tonights debate, mop the floor with VR.
      She would be a good choice coming off the bench in case Trump is too anchored down with legal problems.

  4. In other news, Iowa Gov Kim Reynolds just endorsed DeSantis and is throwing her political machine behind him (much was already backing him) and will campaign with him. She is very popular with the base (the ones that actually vote in the caucus).
    Iowa is where polls go to die. All other polls change overnight after the Iowa caucuses. At this point, DeSantis is likely to win Iowa.

    • As of today, unlikely. Trump has a big statical lead, and likely a more motivated caucus base.

      But we’ll know soon enough.

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