Blue team: Former ADN reporter makes her mark for Daily Beast


Riley Rogerson, who left her reporting job for the Anchorage Daily News last month to join the leftist Daily Beast, has finally showed her true colors, and they are Democrat blue. Rogerson now covers Congress at the Daily Beast, something she did for the ADN, paid for by the left-leaning Report for America nonprofit. Report for America is a project of Google News Lab and The GroundTruth Project, both organizations known for leftist bias.

In a story for the Beast on Nov. 3, Rogerson accused House Speaker Mike Johnson of politicizing the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

“Speaker Mike Johnson’s First Act: Turning Israel Aid Into a Partisan Fight,” Rogerson’s headline reads, and the story is no less biased.

Mainstream media organizations like the Anchorage Daily News purport to maintain neutrality, but it’s common knowledge that leftist control the press in America, even in an era that has seen the rapid rise of conservative media such as Must Read Alaska.

“As Democrats struggle to find their message on the conflict in the Gaza Strip, Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) had the opportunity to kick off his unlikely reign atop the House GOP by uniting Republicans and putting Democrats in a tough spot on aid to Israel,” Rogerson wrote.

“Instead, Johnson took the opportunity to do something else: spark a partisan fight that is deepening divisions in the Capitol and all but ensuring aid for Israel will be delayed,” she wrote. That is one way of putting it.

Rogerson was placing blame on Republicans for shifting money from the Internal Revenue Service, which received $14.1 billion from appropriations, $1.8 billion — a full 15% — above the 2023 enacted budget.

“A bill providing $14.3 billion in aid for Israel—’paid for’ with matching cuts to the Internal Revenue Service—narrowly passed on the House floor Tuesday evening, 226 to 196, with 12 Democrats supporting the measure and two Republicans opposed,” she wrote.

In fact, all but 12 Democrats voted against aid to Israel, which has just experienced its 9-11 moment, with an October 7 Hamas’s attack that killed nearly 1,400 and inured another 3,300.

President Joe Biden has said he would veto the plan if it got past the Senate, which it will not likely do, since the Senate is controlled by Democrats.

“In short, while the new speaker may have won a temporary win with a round of headlines about the House GOP passing Israel aid over Democratic objections, Congress is no closer to actually finding a resolution to the standoff,” Rogerson wrote. In other words, it’s not even worth trying to reduce spending in another area to send aid to another country.

The story is behind a paywall at the Daily Beast, for paying subscribers only.

A poll earlier this year shows that half of Americans believe national news organizations intentionally mislead, misinform, or try to persuade the public to adopt a particular point of view through their reporting.

The survey, by Gallup and the Knight Foundation, shows that people don’t just lack trust in media, they think the media is actually and actively trying to deceive them.

When asked if they agreed with the statement that national news organizations do not intend to mislead, 50% said they disagreed. Only 25% agreed with the idea that mainstream news organizations don’t mislead on purpose.


  1. Good for Riley. She’s an excellent reporter. Sounds like someone is a bit jealous.

    The Fox News red team in conjunction with Trump’s Madness Always Goes Awry has been documented by the most news publications to lie the most.

    • She is a shill for the ruling regime. A minor functionary in the propaganda machine.

      The ethic used to be for “the job of the newspaper is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable”. Now it comforts and protects the powerful and has no care or regard for the powerless. This is who you cheer on.

      • Well said once again, Micah!

        Indeed, virtually all of those in the establishment media today are little more than servile conformists and propaganda mouthpieces for the ruling class. They are essentially just a herd of less colorful Baghdad Bobs.

        • Presupposition much? I did not make any comment about the 2020 election. But I expect delusion over reality with your type. I take rest in the fact that one can escape reality, but one can not escape the consequences of reality. Have fun with that.

    • I believe there was a mis-spelling in your post… maybe you meant to say “She’s an excellent repeater”, as all she does is regurgitate the left’s talking points into the left leaning echo chamber… that’s why the ADN can’t even give away their rag of a newspaper any longer as it doesn’t qualify for “news” on any level. I gave up on it years ago and no self respecting bird would do their buisness on it and it would only make the fish wrapped in it smell that much more fishy… so it really has no productive use.

    • It’s Alaska news of where and what local leaders are doing up to. If you were a regular reader of Mrak, then you know this is just informing what one another (conservative and Republican leaders) and what others (leftists/liberal Democrats) are doing. As nothing to do with insecurity nor jealously.

  2. ADN is not even worthy of being used to wrap Alaskans glorious salmon in. More of its paid indoctrinators should leve, but they’d likely be replaced with other hard lefties straight out of their 4 year school of indoctrination.

  3. Long ago I bought the ADN every day even knowing it was a leftwing rag, simply because it was the largest newspaper in the state.
    It kept creeping ever more to the Left, and for a while I continued buying it only for the comics and the crossword puzzles, which I enjoyed challenging myself to how quickly I could finish them.

    But they became so extreme in the Leftwing politics and extreme left slanted writing, and their obvious hatred for Alaska’s traditional values, obviously believing that Alaska should be nothing more than a national park…….that I gave up my morning routine of the comics and crosswords, and have refused to give that Communist rag one cent of my money, for several years now.
    I can’t even read it online, because of course, they hide behind a subscription paywall.

    So this news that one of the ADN’s propagandists has ended up at the Daily Beast packs exactly zero surprise. It seems entirely fitting….

    • Ryan Binkley doesn’t need profits from ADN sales or advertising. He’s a mult-millionaire courtesy of his smart grandparents. And a whole lot of personal luck by birth. Why is he even interested in left-wing politics, unless he plans on running for office himself? That would be a HUGE mistake for him.

    • I remember right after the Anchorage Times closed down in 1993, I read ADN for a short while.
      What can I say – there just weren’t many local alternatives back then.

      Their coverage of the first Republican Congress in almost 50 years (under Newt Gingrich) was so slanted and unhinged I could never take them seriously. Realized if you constantly have to waste time figuring out how their ‘journalists’ were lying to you – the newspaper was probably not worth the 25 cents paid for it.
      Except for the ‘Voice of the Times’ section that they finally managed to purge during the SkidMark Administration, it was mostly excreta.

      Over the years, I’ve saved a lot of quarters!

      Its interesting to compare a modern ‘paper’ to an old ADN newspaper from the 80’s.
      Never high prose, its now written at a primary school grade level – while the amount of content is probably 10% of what it used to be.

      Its heartening to know they likely will be gone soon. “Learn to code”, hacks.

  4. I never heard of her either nor the Daily Beast. For conservative and Republican leaders both established and upcoming, they keeping up who is who, what they do, what they believe, who do they support, who is connected to them, makes this kind of MRAK news flashes important for that crowd to know or begin to follow. If they want to make Alaska conservative and more Republican the upcoming leadership need to know who to trust and who not to trust. Who to work with and who not to work with by following the associations of leaders within their own group and leaders of another group.

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