Dunleavy is fifth most popular governor in America


According to the latest Morning Consult poll, Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy is the fifth most popular governor. Morning Consult is known for these polls. Over the summer, the poll showed Dunleavy was 10 from the top. Since then, Dunleavy’s popularity has doubled.

Now, Alaska’s governor is even more popular than South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem.

Gov. Phil Scott of Vermont enjoys the greatest popularity among all 40 governors, and like Scott, seven of the top 10 governors are Republicans. Scott is the nation’s most popular governor for the fourth quarter in a row.

Gov. Mark Gordon of Wyoming, another Republican, has the second spot, followed by Chris Sununu of New Hampshire and Democrat Josh Green of Hawaii.

Dunleavy has a 63% approval rating, with a 25% disapproval rating and 12% who don’t know or won’t say. This is a big change from when he has a 42% approval rating in 2020, after unrelenting attacks by Democrats, including a savage recall campaign against him, which ultimately failed to get enough signatures to make it to the ballot.

The polls are conducted state by state, with only Alaska likely voters answering the approval-disapproval questions about Dunleavy.


    • I think majority of MRAk readers did count them in voting toward Dunleavy’s re-election though. Actions speak louder than words cause he did take the 51+ percent of the vote without a runoff.
      It’s okay to disagree, when elections are faced this is the day to put aside opinions and stay together like a herd especially now while the state must use

      • Excellent …. Thank You Jen
        We can tear each other up, but need to stick together come November.
        (don’t let the hippies & their immigrant buddies win)

  1. This “poll” must have a sizable sampling error. There is no way Dunleavy is well liked among most Alaskans. He’s the guy running us into bankruptcy. His corporate welfare for Big Oil is the single biggest expenditure in state spending- and its costing us dearly. Every Alaska family of four has now lost $40,000 due to dividends not following the statutory formula. And that is because we are paying $8 dollars per barrel in corporate welfare.

    Dunleavy is also the nitwit who wants to turn hundreds of miles of Alaska highways into industrial ore hauling roads. The damage to the highways and bridges by Kinross will be over a billion dollars- more corporate welfare.

    Our education achievement testing for kids places Alaska near the bottom of the 50 states.

    The reality is Dunleavy is a terrible governor.

      • Steve, Alaskans own the oil- so says our constitution. The welfare we pay to have billions of dollars of oil taken from us is a shameful disgrace. One wonders how many legislators were bribed. Again.

        • M …. Your way of thinking went over big in Venezuela, an oil rich nation.
          Now their desperately poor citizens WALK to the US to keep from starving to death.

        • You must not have known, but Alaskans in general don’t do jack in relation to producing value from that oil. The original proponents of the PFD in the first place were mostly socialist/communist sympathizers, that ideology being the foundation of “I am entitled to the profit made from someone else’s work!”.

        • Yep, it’s our oil and we sell the right to explore our lands, for a tidy profit.

          Yep, it’s our oil and we tax the abilty to develop our lands for the oil that was found by selling the right to explore our lands, for a tidy profit.

          Yep, it’s our oil and we tax the abilty to pump the oil that was already taxed in development of our lands for the oil that was found by selling the right to explore our lands, for a tidy profit.

          Yep, it’s our oil and we tax the abilty to transport the already taxed oil that was pumped that was already taxed in development of our lands for the oil that was found by selling the right to explore our lands, for a tidy profit.

          Yep, it’s our oil and we tax the abilty to process that already taxed the transported oil that was already taxed oil that was pumped that was already taxed in development of our lands for the oil that was found by selling the right to explore our lands, for a tidy profit.

          Yep, it’s our oil and we tax the abilty to transport again after having been taxed to process that was already taxed on the transported oil that was already taxed oil that was pumped that was already taxed in development of our lands for the oil that was found by selling the right to explore our lands, for a tidy profit.

          Yep, it’s our oil and we tax the abilty to sell after having been taxed on transport again after having been taxed to process that was already taxed on the transported oil that was already taxed oil that was pumped that was already taxed in development of our lands for the oil that was found by selling the right to explore our lands, for a tidy profit.

          And that’s just for gasoline! I could keep going for all the other various petroleum based products but I think like I said earlier Big oil subsidizes big government, not the other way around sums it up pretty well.

          • Steve, you don’t understand the system. We don’t sell a right- we lease it. Big Oil only has a leasehold interest.

            And here’s a bit of history for you. The US Government purchased Alaska from Russia. Of that land, the US Government provided over 105 million acres at statehood so Alaskans- a tiny population in a massive state- could make money and not become the Alaska Welfare Colony. Of that land given to Alaskans at statehood is Prudhoe Bay- the largest oil field in North America. That oil belong to you, and me- us. I want to sell it for maximum value, as VIII of our constitution requires. Sad that you don’t respect our constitution- and support welfare- corporate welfare.

          • M,
            You’re absolutely correct, they are leases. Guess what it’s called when the oil companies bid on the leases, it’s called a lease sale. Do you know why it’s called a lease sale? It’s because they sell the lease to the highest bidder. If you think you can provide a better value to the state and maximize the return you are free to bid on a lease sale.

            The feds still owe the state of Alaska close to 30 million acres of the land granted at statehood.

    • I must strongly disagree with your misrepresentations and blaming. Mike is a very good Governor with his hands tied by the legislature and the courts.

      • No, you could not be more wrong. he puts out an idea, the Legislator makes 1 move against it and Dunleavy goes back to hole with hisbtail between his legs.

        He doesnt FIGHT for anything and does not use his options or bully pulpit… He is extremely weak and feckless. A “good times governor” in a really bad times. He has NO excuse.

        • I think you just summed up the situation with Governor Dunleavy in a nutshell, HSTY. It is sad to say, but he stands small, not tall. And his refusal to fire the rabid Covidian control freak Zink, or to even challenge her regarding all the Covidian nonsense and infringements on fundamental freedoms, had me disgusted with him. And then his pushing of the (non-)vaccine, in the face of all the evidence that it is both UNsafe and INeffective, was the final straw for me with Dunleavy.

          If he is going to consistently wet his pants at the first sign of any pushback from pro-establishment, anti-freedom forces, what good is he?

    • VERY $IMPLE . . .

      the bigger the Permanent Fun welfare check (#1 in the country)
      the lower the taxes for freeloaders (#1 in the country)
      the higher the rating.

      The only reason we’re not number 1, instead of number 5, is because Dun’s policies are wrong for Alaska. Our smaller population brought the curve down. Math won’t lie to you. But something-for-nothing politicians like $lush Fun Dun will.

      • PFD welfare check? Go get a brain exam, dumbo. You don’t know anything about Alaska history, the law, politics or economics. All you show is that you were brain “washed” by some Marxists. Go by an ADN and STFU.

      • It is not welfare. It is a business contract where we the People gave the state mineral rights and in return we get a dividens off of the profit, this is why what they did was illegal.

        They took a contract between two parties and broke it and owe all if us a lot of money. You add a crooked judiciary and it gets protected…Walker should be in prison for financial crimes and every legiator who opposes the correct formula should also be charged.

        Perhaps a citizens group to fund a lawsuit to appeal the State Supreme Court?

        They know we are busy trying to live life and we can only do so much. But a stronger executive in the Governor’s chair would help.

  2. He took campaign money from foreigners for his support of the now defunct pebble mine which was a traitorous thing to do potentially setting the stage of numerous law suits even though Pedro Bay native corporation, Army Corp. of Engineers and the EPA denied the permits, Governor Dunleavy did not understand open pit mining and the toxic poison that ball milled ore would produce.
    In June the courts found in favor of investors proving Northern Dynasty (Pebble) is a fraudulent foreign business with a 6.4 million loss that went un-appealed.

    A very small dividend check this year because the Governor was unwilling to use his veto pen to stop pet projects and bring back the legislature to repair the dividend checks to the full amount of 3,800.00 and knowing that the legislature did not have the votes to override.

  3. He may be the likely one who could give Sen Murkowski a break him carrying that level of popularity. When she comes up for re-election Dunleavy will had finished his second term. He be ready for a new project.

    • I’m not surprised by the poll results. Mike is a good guy. My thoughts too on future aspirations, if he’s willing to leave AK for DC, even if it’s to be as one of our U.S. Senators. He might just want a break to enjoy his retirement. I think he is and has been an excellent Governor, as good as anyone can be and remain even-handed. Doing so, he pisses off both the far right and the far left. That’s steering a pretty steady course through a political minefield.

      • How has he been “excellent”,? What policies did he have to fightt through that required actual executive level authority and powers? ZERO

        His silence is deafening, his support for nothing is very revealing.

        Where is the capital right now?

        Where are his actions to fight where he could against the now totally leftist city assembly in Anchorage?

        Where is our PFD?

        Where is his defense of great legislators being sued?

        Why was Zink not fired?

        Where are the lawsuits against the feds and the crooked state judiciary?

        Where is his action on behalf of the unlawful use of the fed to persecute political opponents?

        Where are his actions on the invasions our country by fighting age aliens?

        He picks easy issues, while not fighting for anything.

        He is a weak, good times governor…like Carter was as president.

        Sure he is great when times are good and smiles is all it takes…we are currently in need of executives who take that roll seriously as can get the right people around them and think strategically and fight like a dog.

        Weak mean make for hard times…his weak, feckless GOP industrial complex kind need weeded out…true Republicans don’t want swamprats anymore…this includes Sullivan and obviously Murkowski.

        We need to get our judiciary cleaned up through reforms in selection processes.

  4. After the horrific way that Josh Green (ranked 4th) handled the Lahaina Maui fire disaster, I find it difficult to put ANY credibility in this survey…….

  5. It never ceases to amaze me that the number of people criticize the Governor for just about everything. You people aren’t in his shoes to make decisions that he has to do on a daily basis. I bet if you were, this state would look like a third world country or worse, California.

    • Didn’t you get the memo? The governor should be an all powerful super legislator that doesn’t let the law, the legislature, or his constitutional limits get in the way of fixing stuff.

      I’m amazed that those who claim to be “conservatives” can’t resist the impulse to blame the governor or their legislator for every problem in the world.

      True Conservatives know government is the absolute last resort They understand that often the best government policy is none…even when it seems like such a great idea. Sadly, there aren’t many True Conservatives anymore. Just two sides jockeying for control of illegitimate power.

    • He is weak and feckless… he picks easy wins and runs from the rest. If he is a good governor, let’s just vote in an ostrich next time… they have their head out of the hole more than weak Dunleavy.

  6. Obviously the people who conducted this survey did not contact me or anybody I know. Dunleavy is not a good governor and he has done very little for Alaska or Alaskans. I think he paid big money for these survey results.

    • Yes …. do nothing = good
      Busy body government = bad
      Remember when he lifted restrictions to allow the use 4 wheeler’s on State roads (not highways)

      You know what I like about Big Mike?
      He hardly makes the news … very low key.

  7. This will disappoint David Ignell and Dermott Cole immensely. Dunleavy is a disaster master, forged in the fire of managing recoveries in the natural disasters that are common place in Alaska. Now if he could just get the legislature to do anything positive for Alaskans.

  8. I call BS too, given that the governor of HI placed and DeSantis and Abbott from TX didn’t make it.

    Anybody inside the state isn’t hog wild for Dunleavy and anybody outside the state voting for him in this poll did so because of…Alaska. Alaska is thought to be awesome, no matter what. Dunleavy, not do much.

    • Each state was polled independently for their own governor.
      People didn’t get to vote for governors in other states.
      Pay attention.

  9. What a bunch of cry babies. I like Mike. Mike is our best bet to beat Murkowski.
    The perpetual complainers cannot accept that normal people like Mike. Hence they demonize others with nutty rationalizations to justify their own negative views. You fools need to wake up, this is the problem with Republicans, internal self destruction. Nobody will ever fit into the perfect box.

    • Exactly …. thank you Joe.
      These “never happy” rednecks are handing our state to liberals.
      Are they all waiting for Ron Paul to move here & run for office?

  10. Dunleavy didn’t challenge our broken election system and therefore “won” re-election…..these polls are about as broken as our election system and that says a lot.

  11. What about Dunleavy’s executive order making it a misdemeanor for people to get together during COVID?

    Another tyrant. DeSantis and Florida were one of maybe two states that didn’t shred the U.S Constitution. Unless I’m wrong and he did too.

    Reckless endangerment for two consenting adults to get together?

    It’s all on .gov website, and seems broad enough to arbitrarily punish.

    ‘They’re not a visitor, they’re a plumber’

    5. All individuals shall cease participation in public or private gatherings that include non-household members, regardless of the number of people involved. This includes, but is not limited to, weddings, faith gatherings, graduations, and funeral events.

    • What is this BS?
      I went to church during Covid, churches were not shut down, and I went to a funeral also.
      People were “distanced” by the Funeral home & at church (our pastors wanted it that way)

      Did you go out during Covid? How do you not know this?
      Graduations were cancelled, but that’s the GOVERNMENT (school districts)
      Please don’t use propaganda against Republicans … you are HANDING the system to liberals (who stick together)

    • From where I stand, he is only tall in physical stature, The measure of a person is how they face struggle and resistance. He has shown his total lack of ability to be an executive.

  12. The state vital statistics is virtually non-productive. They do nothing at all. They withhold service completely. They don’t answer phones. They don’t do anything. At all. Whose job is it to make them work? Fire them all. What a savings.

  13. This is a bit funny to read and I’m surprised, especially in comparing his governance with previous likable Governors Gruening, Egan, Hammond, Hickel, and Knowles. I was away during Governor Sheffield, and Cowper, so I cannot gauge his popularity. But what is funny, is that I would find it difficult to reliably assess the range of popularity of all governors of all different States by either 1. one person, or 2. individually different residents of each State, because there are so very many factors involved. Popularity contests are essentially a crap shoot no matter what someone would be comparing.


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