Gabrielle LeDoux trial date delayed — again


At the request of former Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux, a trial-setting hearing for her election fraud trial has been delayed another month.

The indictment came down in March of 2020 for LeDoux and her two alleged accomplices, who are accused of trying to get people in a different district to cast absentee ballots for her, as she ran for reelection in 2018.

After numerous delays requested by the LeDoux legal team, the trial date was supposed to be set on Monday. But it has been delayed again until Feb. 5, just as it has been delayed eight other times since November, and numerous times before that.

The people that are the key witnesses who were registered at a single trailer are getting older and older. Critics call LeDoux’s delay tactics the “vulture defense,” expecting that some of the witnesses to die, as did Charlie Chang, one of the key witnesses who died early on in the legal process.

It’s unclear why, after all this time, LeDoux has not gotten a plea deal. She has felony and misdemeanor charges against her.


  1. Why is she allowed to do this?
    What is the advantage to her to delay the case? Besides the obvious, is there likely to be less evidence or will it likely be dropped?

  2. All of the witnesses must be deposed under oath – immediately. This still won’t fulfill her right to cross-examine, but might force her to plea deal. There is a point at which the court must say “No” to any more delays. Where is the prosecutor? Why isn’t the State protesting more delays?

  3. And like many things, there is the inevitable, “that’s old news, why is it important now?”
    Laptop? Old news. Jan 6 prisoners? That was so long ago. Let’s move on. Hillary protesting HER election for four years? That was long ago, and besides, it’s just Republicans who cry fraud and deny the results.”
    Gabrielle? “That was like three years ago. We have more important things….”
    If not for MRAK, we’d be lulled into possibly assuming this was settled and not give it further thought.

  4. Scott somehow our court system that guarantees a speedy trial is shall we say inadequate, inconsistent, ineffective, and it generally screwed up. It would be curious to know how many innocent people are locked away. And how many criminals have been set free.

  5. Somehow, it is ok for the wheels of justice to NOT grant presidential candidate Trump a delay in order to conduct an effective campaign, but it WILL grant delay after delay for a two bit, grifting politician accused of violating one of our sacred, bedrock beliefs in a fair and honest election process. Go figure!

    • Groundhog Day delay tactics for Ledoux. Trump is the fish the Left will not have at their fish fry!

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