Paper chase: Chris Tuck is first in the door to file for mayor


Chris Tuck, a candidate for Anchorage mayor, was first in the door on Friday morning at the Anchorage Election Office, for the first day for candidate filing of official paperwork.

Three already-declared mayoral candidates and one new one made it official on Friday, signing their municipal paperwork and getting the notary stamp on it to be on the April 2 ballot.

They are Chris Tuck, Darin Colbry, Bill Popp, and Nicholas Danger.

Declared candidate Suzanne LaFrance did not file her paperwork on the first day of the filing period — she had been in Juneau for a fundraiser for her campaign the night before. Dustin Darden, Jenny DiGrappa and Mayor Dave Bronson were also not at the Election Office on opening day for filing. Candidates for the spring election have until Jan. 26 to register with the Anchorage Election Office.

On Thursday, the Election Office pulled random letters of the alphabet to determine the order that names will appear on the ballot. If all current declared mayoral candidates complete their paperwork at the city, and if no other candidate files, the order will be:

  • Bill Popp
  • Chris Tuck
  • Darin Colbry
  • Nicholas Danger
  • Dustin Darden
  • Jenny DiGrappa
  • Suzanne LaFrance
  • Dave Bronson

Neither of the already- declared candidates (Mark Littlefield and Cody Anderson) for Assembly Seat A District 2 filed with the municipality on Friday.

Filing for school board seats on Friday were:

  • School Board – Seat E: Pat Higgins, incumbent, and Kay Schuster
  • School Board – Seat F: Dora Wilson, incumbent
  • School Board – Seat G: Carl Jacobs, incumbent

There are many road service board seats on the ballot. So far, candidates filed for just two of them:

  • Bear Valley LRSA – Seat C – William Ennis
  • Valli Vue Estates LRSA – Seat D – Diane Sallee



  1. Bronson will get my vote in April-2024. I would’ve really liked to see some real azz-kickers and mission oriented individuals such as … John Wells, Logan West, James Reece, Dewey Andreas, Kyle Swanson, John Corey, Mitch Rapp, Mike Walton, Court Gentry, Evan Smoak, Joe DiMarco, Jack Ryan, Pike Logan, Jen Cahill, Kolt Raynor, and Scott Harvath.

      • Ha-Ha!!! … Those are main characters from famous fictional Authors: Alex Berenson, Matt Betley, Jack Carr, Tom Clancy, Ben Coes, Jack Caughlin, Nelson DeMille, Vince Flynn, Mark Greaney, Greg Hurwitz, Mike Lawson, Brad Taylor, and Brad Thor.

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