Rep. LeDoux election fraud trial delayed again — to January, 2024


Who says politicians get special treatment? Former state Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux, a Republican from Anchorage, was scheduled to stand trial next week for election misconduct during the 2018 primary and general elections. But after years of delays, her attorneys have talked the court into delaying her trial until after Jan. 1.

The trial was to begin Nov. 27, and there were about a week and a half set aside for it. Now, all of the hearings have been vacated by the judge. The next date in court is Jan. 8. That’s when the new trial date will be set.

LeDoux is accused of committing voter misconduct and unlawful interference in elections in a case that goes back to at least 2018. Other charges relating to fraud in the 2014 election had been dismissed by the judge.

LeDoux, an Anchorage Republican who represented the JBER-Muldoon district, faces charges relating to her 2018 House race. Also charged are Lisa Vaught Simpson, LeDoux’s now-former chief of staff in the Legislature, and Simpson’s adult son Caden Vaught.

LeDoux’s legal troubles began with an investigation started in 2018 after the Division of Elections identified irregularities in some of the absentee ballot applications and absentee ballots returned for the primary election. The three are accused of getting people who didn’t live in the district to vote in the district.

LeDoux may have also falsified ballots by voting for people who were no longer in the district. In one instance, 17 ballots were cast from one household.

LeDoux and the others are accused of “knowingly solicited or encouraged, directly or indirectly, a registered voter who is no longer qualified to vote.” The allegations are class C felonies, which carry up to five years in prison.

But while the court hearing was set for next week, It appears a new witness has been found for the now-75-year-old defendant.


  1. One day we will get a report that says a deal was struck, LeDoux will get something less than a slap on the wrist and the matter will only be discussed by a few with long memories. LeDoux won’t be held to account for her many crimes and this will result in future grifters knowing they can get away with the same illegal activities.

    • Haha. Oh my. Look up AST Dispatches (through and read some. Then put defendants’ names into Courtview.

      Delays and deals galore for nearly everyone about everything.

      Politics has nothing to do with it. It’s just business as usual.

        • Wow.

          Is it even possible to disagree with your views AND be Republican?

          The problem Trumpers have (my apologies if I assume wrong) with the mainstream is that they flip out the term “Rino” for every Republican who isn’t lockstep with Donald Trump’s views.

          Let you in on some healthy knowledge. It’s perfectly possible to be a real conservative and detest Donald Trump; it’s even possible there are a few old fashioned southern-style Democrats far more conservative in lifestyle, beliefs, and ethics than 99% of MAGA-ites.

          Donald Trump and his strategists should be well aware that we didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 or 2020…we voted against his opponents while holding our noses.

          Giving up on the demagogery and knee-jerk accusations would do MAGA wonders…and orange man needs to stop screaming “disloyal!” at people.

          Just remember, real conservatives aren’t a lock vote for Trump in 2024, we’re free agents and real Americans…we make up our own minds.

        • Repeal, my comment above, and others in this forum regarding Republican-in-name-only (RINOs), has and have NOTHING to do with Donald Trump. NOTHING! I am not a great fan of the man myself.

          My ire is directed towards those nominally Republican figures, such as Princess Lisa, who are NOT in any way conservative, and who routinely vote and scheme with the Democrats and radical leftists in Congress (and in our state legislature). The word “Uniparty” does not exist for no reason.

  2. If Team LeDoux succeeds in delaying the trial beyond statute-of-limitations [Title 12, Code of Criminal Procedure §12.10.020 (b)], what’s likely to happen?
    Could this be the path to a graceful out for everyone, conditional perhaps on LeDoux staying mum about colleagues doing the very same thing?

  3. Just keep dragging it out so she is in limbo can’t run for office and the lawyers keep sucking her bank account down.

  4. Is there a statute of limitations? Is that what they’re doing, kickin’ the can down the road? 5 years? Ok folks, nothin’ to see here. Move along.

    • The statute of limitations clock stops ticking the moment charges are filed.

      Delays are normal. If deals aren’t made upon arraignment, delays occur in nearly every case. Yes, quite often for many months and sometimes for YEARS.

  5. Early on in the investigation it was stated that her fingerprints were found on forged ballots. Now we never hear mention of that. Are things being covered up? The whole situation is a disgrace that the state should be trying to resolve as quickly as possible with the harshest penalties possible.

  6. Just shows how little the State cares about election integrity! The delays in prosecuting Le Doux are disgraceful.

  7. Irony of all ironies… Just the other day Ms. LeDoux posted a question on NextDoor regarding obtaining Paxlovid without having a positive Wuhan test result. Why? She intends to travel “out of country” soon and would like to have it just in case of an illness. At 75, I can understand that but, at 75, I also think that a trial and subsequent jail term might be equally life threatening.

  8. Maybe she asked about Paxlovid to make people think that it is a safe med to take. I don’t believe that it really is safe. It really may have the same ingredients that the jabs have to make sure that everyone gets boosted or gets their shot. People are better off keeping their immunity levels up with good food and supplements and taking ivermectin before traveling and when back home.

  9. My faith in the medical industry is at an all time low. If you were a Dr pushing an untested vaccine particularly on young children you have a special place in hell waiting for you. The Covid scam has wreaked hell on our economy and the problems still linger.

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