Oliver Anthony, singer-songwriting sensation, will appear in person at Alaska State Fair in 2024


Alaska fans of singer-songwriter Oliver Anthony will have a reason to applaud next summer, as the country music sensation best known for “Rich Men North of Richmond,” is set to perform at the Alaska State Fair on Sept. 1, 2024.

The performance offers an opportunity to experience the gritty working class music of Anthony and to be part of his journey from being an unknown artist to a nationally known star in weeks.

In August 2023, he released his overnight hit “Rich Men North of Richmond” independently, and it debuted at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, making Anthony the first artist to debut atop the chart without having any songs on any charts previously.

The video of Anthony performing “Rich Men North of Richmond” was uploaded to YouTube on Aug. 8 and immediately went viral. Some have described it as an indictment of politicians, welfare abusers, and other issues, all coming from the perspective of a working-class man who pays the taxes to support a country going insane. Leftists describe Anthony as promoting white supremacy and racism, according to the World Socialist website.

But Anthony says he is right down the middle politically: “I sit pretty dead center down the aisle on politics and always have. I see the right trying to characterize me as one of their own, and I see the left trying to discredit me, I guess in retaliation. That shit’s got to stop,” he said in Variety.

Born and raised in the Piedmont area, rolling foothills and river valleys between the Coastal Plain and the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Anthony as of August lived with his wife and two children in a $750 camper on property that he intends to raise livestock on. He dropped out of high school in 2010 and later earned a general educational diploma and worked at a paper mill in North Carolina. Anthony fractured his skull in a work accident in 2013, which caused him to be unable to work for several months.

Tickets for this performance are bound to go fast. They can be purchased at the Alaska State Fair website.


  1. Just like the extreme religious right wingers thought the Republican Party was their own. They were wrong 😉

    • Your characterization is phony. Religious observers span the entire political spectrum, and “extreme ___ right wingers” means anyone to the right of your extreme leftism. Let’s keep some perspective…
      Yes, the Republican Party is to the Right – because we ARE right – of the escalating extreme socialist/communist drift the demo’rats have taken these last 70 years.
      I used to think we actually had a choice… that was a long time ago. If you love America and Alaska, the choice now is within the Republican Party – the others want to destroy it.

      • Rich, can you provide some examples of “ the escalating extreme socialist/communist drift“? I’m not sure what you mean.

    • “Sigh”!
      You clearly did not get the message here. The entire hyperbole and labeling is a tool to dismiss people of different opinions. Once dismissed they have no voice to work together toward a solution. While we are all to accept and respect your opinion as the measure for all, you denigrate other’s unique choices that work best for their life.
      You do not like religion. That is you choice and your life, but your derogatory labeling instead of respecting others who do, is a definite “you” problem.

    • 3rd – Extreme religious right wingers have pretty much destroyed the Republican Party already & liberal neo-cons have pretty much destroyed the Democrat Party leaving Americans with the rotten Uniparty!

  2. Very interesting man! He learned things the hard way. So far, he’s been starting out every concert reading a Bible passage (some VERY powerful!) — and some of his songs are WONDERFUL! But some openly exalt sex, getting drunk and high, and he has lots of vulgar language.

    COUNTRY MUSIC in general has been a REVERSE-CHRISTIAN DECEPTION leading many Americans astray — mixing some pro-family and Godly truths with Satan’s lies that get people addicted to lust, hate, revenge, war (reverse-Christian mass murdering others in Jesus’ name | ie. Toby Keith ‘The Angry American’ — “stick a boot up their a##, it’s the American way … God bless America”), drunkenness, unforgiveness, debauchery, adultery — refusal to admit when we’ve been wrong (including post-9/11 warmongering), refusing to reconcile with people we’ve hurt, SO WE CAN BE TRULY FREE — now and eternally!

    PAUL ALWAYS PRACTICED having a clear conscience before God and men, which I don’t hear one pastor in Anchorage being able to say is true of himself, nor are they even preaching Paul’s “no condemnation” statement, this true Christian way of living, where we can be ONE with each other in Christ “THAT THE WORLD WILL KNOW! – Jesus’ prayer in John 17:

    “..I ALWAYS take pains to have a CLEAR CONSCIENCE toward both God and MAN.” – Acts 24:16

  3. Well, not sure about the other posts about Christian stuff. But, I’ll be there, drinkin & smokin and might even dance a bit. You know, like “celebrate the harvest” the ol’ Pagan/holler way. Very good insightful lyrics, now if we can only get Jelly Roll….

  4. LOL I wonder if Brandon will be sending any more of his gender confused cabinet members to Alaska to campaign for him at the fair? (otherwise known as the “gag a maggot”tour) Thanks Willy
    Shall we invite them with complimentary upfront VIP tickets to hear Anthony’s message?
    We could extend an invite out to the Tug for the party after for some good laughs on Bikers night.

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