LeDoux election fraud trial setting conference on Monday


Former Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux was indicted in 2020 for activities related to election fraud in 2018. She’s benefited from numerous delays, and more may be in her future. But on Monday, Jan. 8, her lawyers will be in the courtroom of Judge Kevin Saxby, setting the dates for the trial — once again.

LeDoux, of Anchorage, was supposed to go to trial in November, but won a delay. She is accused, along with her former chief of staff and the chief of staff’s adult son, of encouraging people who didn’t live in the district to vote for her in the 2018 election. Other charges relating to fraud in the 2014 election had been dismissed by the judge.

LeDoux, who represented the JBER-Muldoon district, was caught by the Division of Elections, which noted irregularities in some of the absentee ballots that came in.

The hearing is set for 2:30 pm in the Nesbett Courthouse.


  1. Very nice picture. I like her very much. She is the nicest, most responsive to all constituents that ever endured Juneau. She had run -ins with demo bullies and now must be maltreated legally speaking as an example of what happens if you go up against the fat, union goons and goonettes.

    • We are entitled to our own opinions, but not our own facts.
      When I asked her why she changed her longtime party affiliation from Democrat to Republican, she said to me, “I wanted to get elected”. She didn’t mention anything about Dem bullies. She did not like my question.
      After she was elected in the district where I live, I found her to be largely unresponsive and only showed up to events only when there were cameras with film she could use in future advertisements.
      That she went after the votes of the large Hmong community in east Anchorage came as no surprise to me.
      Don’t get me started on Lisa Vaught …

      • She is more responsive to all constituents than most. And the Dems did bully her which wasn’t for philosophical differences but personal girlish animus which served no one. I saw it on tv. It is also fueling your response to me now and I will not shut up.

  2. Too bad LeDoux did not a partisanally-sympathetic municipal clerk on her side — then her voting fraud would never have seen the light of day, or public notice.

  3. Fraud is fraud, no matter what party you belong to. She should have to serve time for breaking the law.

    • Paula, only if it can be shown others served time for similar violations. Futhermore, prosecution of political crimes should be held in the world court at the Hague, Netherlands. All American judges are nothing more than politicians. Have you ever heard the term “liberal judge?” Or, “conservative judge?” Those are political terms.

  4. Paula: You are so correct. Further, I clearly recall LeDoux claiming she wanted a speedy trial so she could ‘clear her name’ and now that the trial date states to get close she is changing her tune.

  5. This is fraud from mail in/drop box ballots.
    Extended voting time + mail in ballots + drop boxes = crooked elections
    We all know it ….. the Dems know it & keep pushing it to destroy our laws & community structure.
    Drive by Cuddy Park or take a stroll downtown to see the results of mail-in voting.

  6. Trial of this case goes against the narrative that our election system is perfect and needs no further safeguards. Charges would never have been allowed in recent years, despite party affiliations. A couple more years and of delays and it will go away.Laws not enforced are not laws. Perfect. Thanks for reaching out.

  7. An elected judge dismissed other charges relating to fraud in the 2014 election.
    Got to think about that one.
    Maybe Jon Faulkner has a point about judicial prejudice against grand juries.

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