Biden kicks off campaign comparing Trump to Hitler



At a community college in suburban Philadelphia, President Joe Biden kicked off his reelection campaign by decrying Donald Trump as a threat to American democracy.

“Trump talks about the blood of America being poisoned, echoing the same exact language used in Nazi Germany,” Biden said of his White House predecessor. “He proudly posts on social media the words that best describe his 2024 campaign: ‘Revenge. Power. Dictatorship.’”

The choice, Biden says, is clear.

“There’s no confusion about who Trump is or what he intends to do,” he said. “Trump is trying to steal history the same way he tried to steal the election.”

The president cast himself as the guardian of democracy, standing against Trump – or any other Republican nominee.

“The defense, protection, and preservation of American democracy will remain, as it has been, the central cause of my presidency,” Biden said. “These MAGA voices who know the truth about Trump … have abandoned truth and abandoned democracy. They made their choice. Now the rest of us – Democrats, independents, mainstream Republicans – have to make ours.”

Speaking a few miles from Valley Forge where he toured earlier in the day, Biden called upon the memory of Americans fighting against a powerful empire for “the sacred cause” of democracy, “the spirit of the troops” led by Gen. George Washington for “the soul of the nation struggling to be born.”

“With one heart and one mind, with fortitude and with patience, they would overcome every difficulty,” he said. 

Biden contrasted American history to Jan. 6, 2021, a day “that we nearly lost America” as “insurrectionists came to stop the peaceful transfer of power.”

“As America was attacked from within … the entire nation watched in horror, the whole world watched in disbelief – and Trump did nothing,” Biden said. “It was among the worst derelictions of duty by a president in American history.”

He decried political violence as a threat to America. The American system is one, he said, where leaders don’t hold on to power relentlessly; they serve, then willingly return power to the people.

“You do your duty,” Biden said. “You serve your country – and our country is a country worthy of service.”

The president questioned Trump’s dedication to the country.

“Donald Trump’s campaign is about him. Not America, not you,” Biden said. “Donald Trump’s campaign is obsessed with the past, not the future. He’s willing to sacrifice our democracy, put himself in power. Our campaign is different – it’s about America, it’s about you.”

America, Biden said, is where people speak of possibilities, not carnage, where Americans aren’t weighed down by grievances and don’t walk around as victims.

“We’re not perfect, but at our best we face head-on the good, the bad, the truth of who we are … That’s what great nations do, and we’re the greatest nation on the face of the earth,” Biden said. “We take charge of our destiny.”

Biden’s speech focused on the danger that awaits if Trump returns to the White House, and Pennsylvania Democrats in attendance made the case for what Biden can do for the commonwealth.

“I get the fact that Pennsylvanians are worried about rising costs, they’re worried about good schools, they’re worried about public safety – they shouldn’t also have to be worried about their democracy,” first-term Democratic Gov. Josh Shapiro said. “Donald Trump presents a clear and present danger to our democracy.”

Just as voters of both parties “came together to reject extremism,” he said, the same needs to happen in 2024.

“(Trump) brought real chaos to this country and we should not allow that to come back,” Shapiro said.

The governor said Biden’s first term has already made the lives of Pennslyvanians better.

“The president has a strong record to sell in terms of what he’s done for the commonwealth of Pennsylvania,” he said. “Whether it is helping us rebuild I-95 in just 12 days, whether it’s the investments he’s making to literally connect everyone to high-speed, affordable internet in our rural communities over the course of the next five years, whether it is the historic investments he’s made in clean energy right here.”

U.S. Sen. John Fetterman told The Center Square that the election will be tough, but Biden will win again in Pennsylvania.

“It’s good versus evil, it’s just democracy – our democracy is on the line and that’s been very clear,” he said. “Whoever wins Pennsylvania is going to be the next president.”

Fetterman said a Biden win gives Pennsylvania an advantage.

“His whole career in the Senate, he’s been our third senator,” Fetterman said. “He knows Pennsylvania better than anybody … I’ll show up with him anytime.”

Democrats from across the state showed up for Biden’s appearance, as well as a dozen pro-Trump protesters and about two dozen pro-Palestinian protesters demanding a ceasefire for the war between Israel and Hamas.

“The people need to understand Trump’s character … democracy truly is on the ballot,” said Rep. Ryan Bizarro, D-Erie. “We’ve got to support candidates who are pro-democracy and truly patriotic, and that’s Joe Biden.”


  1. EVERYTHING that the radical left accuses their opponents of, is that which they themselves are guilty of.

    The psychological projection here is absolutely textbook.

  2. Who has tried to abandon the guaranteed republic form of government? Who never has said the word REPUBLIC? Who spoke at Jamestown?

  3. Funny how the left’s strongholds are eaten alive with anti semitism.

    But I suppose you gotta use what you know.

  4. You disrespect our Founding Father by hijacking his name as your nom de plume. Please use your actual name as do I.

    • You really need to decide on your personality. You’ve been everything but an alien from Mars.

      Now you’re channeling “Frank”. Prove who you are, “Hans”. Post your Drivers License and lead by example.

      If you knew anything you’d know how stupid your claims are.

      Truly, go home son. Adults are talking.

    • Hans (and I presume that you are referring to me), your arrogant demands mean less than zero to me.

      YOU disrespect the concept of privacy —- a concept which is alien to radical leftist extremists such as yourself — by demanding that I sacrifice my privacy in order to facilitate your avoidance of directly addressing the substance of my comments, rather than shallowly and meaninglessly attacking my person.

      Moreover, you display your utter ignorance of the history of the Founding Fathers, who did in fact quite often engage in public yet anonymous discussion and argument, for the same good reasons that we do so here.

      You degenerate euros really have very little grasp of the concept of liberty.

      • Moreover, people like “Hans” and “Frank” want us to make easier targets of ourselves.

        And yet, somehow, never utter a negative word about the mask wearing terrorists at home and abroad.

        • It is interesting that when you put the names of those two trolls together like that, “Hans Frank”, you get the notoriously evil Nazi governor of occupied Poland during World War II.

  5. Just remember, when you read all the speeches and quotes, “Democracy” is the name of a printing press in the basement at Treasury (it’s solar powered).

  6. Democrats are on the slower side. One needs patience when around them.Understanding for Democrats uses time and many corrections until they understand.

  7. Perhaps, but a man who is on trial, and obstructs justice every which way his attorneys can dream up, and now begs the Supreme Court for an off ramp isn’t exactly a choir boy nor a martyr. You can’t say “I’m innocent, prove me wrong”, and then do everything in your power to keep that from happening. You don’t get to do that. Then when the chips are down, claim immunity. That’s an admission of guilt right there. Yeah, maybe not Hitler like although there are some resemblances if you open your eyes. You know I’m right Jeff.

    • You have a strange definition of obstruction. What you are seeing is a man proving his innocence and decrying it as obstruction. Even your dear DeSantis is floating kicking Brandon off of the 2024 ballot.

    • Interesting theory…someone has immunity granted under the law but if he tries to enforce that legal right we hold that up as proof of guilt.

    • “You can’t say “I’m innocent, prove me wrong”, and then do everything in your power to keep that from happening. You don’t get to do that.” Actually that’s exactly how our system works, it’s called due process and is an integral part of justice.

      • After the U.S. Supreme court’s decision to not hear Dunleavy’s support of foreign owned pebble on 1/8/24, have you seen the light?
        I like to go off topic once in awhile. Happy new year.

    • Greg. Like falsely Impeached Twice, by ILLEGAL HELP from the FBI and COURTS.Called every hateful name by the Media for 8 years FALSELY.

    • How does a Defendant actually defending themselves against charges constitute “obstructing justice?”
      Last time I checked, the criminal and civil code in the US, both Federal and State, allow the defendant to… defend themselves. And, that includes doing things like claiming he has Presidential Immunity, when there is a very good possibility the defendant does in fact have immunity. Raising that to the SCOTUS is not obstructing justice.
      And, immunity is an admission of nothing. It is no different than claiming the 5th Amendment when on the stand. A defendant has a right to remain silent, even under oath, and that silence is an admission of nothing. There is no legitimate judge in the US that would instruct a jury to consider silence as an admission of guilt.
      If President Trump does in fact have immunity against the charges filed against him, he damned well better use that immunity and save the taxpayers millions of dollars due to an unnecessary trial.

  8. 1. Pretend democracy means democrats get to be in charge..
    2. Pronounce it ‘demohhhhcracy’..
    3. Chant it every time your left foot hits the ground.

  9. What a moron!
    1. The USA is not a democracy, it’s a constitutional republic.
    2. Comparisons to Hitler are idiotic. He needs to read some history and read Mein Kampf.
    All of this idiotic rhetoric will backfire on him. Does the democratic partic actually think this is a good campaign strategy? Good grief!

  10. Grandpa Bloodstains says the choice is clear. Truly.

    A flawed man who loves the country or a corrupt, senile, pervert for sale to the highest bidder.

    If I must engage in this particular binary choice, voting however reluctantly for Trump.

  11. Dementia Hitler gives a speech at Valley Forge. Washington is spinning nicely. Only response is ridicule, but should be delayed a bit to allow dems to build their entire 2024 presidential campaign around it. Makes it much easier for them to pivot away once Kamala and Dementia Hitler are replaced on the ballot later this summer. Cheers –

  12. I have a question for Mr. Biden. How could Trump perpetrate an “insurrection” against his own government? He was already in power and already controlled the military.

      • What final days? After Jan 6th?
        If so, meaningless.
        If before then, the Joint Chiefs were in dereliction of duty, were in direct insubordination against a superior officer, and should have all been dishonorably discharged.
        Even after Jan 6th, the President of the United States is the Commander in Chief, and all lawful orders must be obeyed.

  13. It’s an interesting campaign idea, the mixture of Brandolini’s Law and Godwin’s Law. Typical Democrat gaslighting just with a new wrapper.

  14. Donald Trump didn’t lower your taxes. He didn’t get your roads fixed or your bridges built. He didn’t get you healthcare coverage, lower the price of your prescriptions, decrease the deficit, end the opioid crisis, or revive the coal industry. He didn’t make “Covid disappear,” didn’t make Mexico “pay for the wall,” he didn’t “put America First” and he sure as hell didn’t “drain the swamp.”

    So when you say he “fought for you,” you mean he validated your hate. Because he didn’t do a damn thing for you other than that. He hates who you hate. And sadly, that’s all you think you need.

    • “Hans”, please provide an address so we can send you crayons, diapers, and a stiffed puppy dog. Oh, and a pacifier.

      You are a sad, little boy who is in so far over your head here you’ll never see the sky.

    • Trump most certainly lowered your taxes. The Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2018 reduced tax rates across the board. Nice try…
      Several infrastructure funding bills were signed into law under Trump, which makes your claim about roads bogus.
      Mexico did in fact pay for the wall in a way. Trump threatened to withhold aid to Mexico if they did not control the influx of illegals into the US on their side of the border. The President of Mexico mobilized their military, and the Stay in Mexico policy went into effect. Net savings were much more than the wall construction cost.
      Why should Trump have gotten us healthcare coverage? That was done under Obama, doing so again under Trump is just stupid.
      Frankly, from your comment, it is shockingly clear that you know little to nothing about Trump’s Presidency.

  15. It’s interesting. If “Democracy” is on the ballot, why is Grandpa Bloodstains trying so hard to disenfranchise the voters of NH?

    • It’s very telling that Democrats across the country are trying to limit democracy by removing people from ballots, all while claiming to be the protectors of democracy. Fact is Democrats do not believe in democracy, they believe they should be the only choice to rule over the unwashed masses.

      • Sadly, far too many will happily give them that rule.

        Freedom means responsibility. Responsibility is hard.

  16. Doesn’t everybody feel more free and good now?
    Economy booming
    Crime on the decline
    Peace on every corner of earth
    More affordable housing
    More jobs
    Free college
    Hahahahahaha mmmm hahahaha
    Good job 81 million

  17. I think a good hammer fight is in order. This publication is full of evil left wing communist commenters as of lately. I highly doubt we will make it to the election before a big rumble breaks out nationwide. The mainstream media is doubling down on the (insurrection) to draw attention off from 179 perverts that were involved with Epstein. You remember the old saying in lonesome dove telling jake spoon you rode with them you can hang with them. Some real fun is ahead of us.

  18. I watched a video clip of an old soldier who served our nation in WW2 nearly died 100 times over and it makes me sick to think of the disrespect from left hand lunatics that are attempting to destroy our nation.

  19. Joe Biden is a traitor to the United States of America. He’s a criminal, a pervert, a child abuser, pjagerist, pathological liar, cheater, and Marxist.
    He should be tried for treason and given the ultimate penalty at dawn.

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