Free Beacon analysis: What in the actual F— is wrong with these people?



You can’t make this up. Earlier this month, some dough-faced dork named Sam Bankman-Fried—an MIT grad and son of Stanford law professors—vaporized the GDP of a small country after successfully conning the entire world of so-called educated elites.

All of them. The freaks in Silicon Valley, the freaks on Wall Street, the freaks in Hollywood, and the freaks in Washington. Even (or especially) the journalists who are supposed to be holding everyone accountable. The smartest, most enlightened professional experts and self-appointed moral referees.

Bill Clinton. Tony Blair. The Democratic Party. Larry David. Tom Brady. Fortune magazine. Andrew Ross Sorkin. CNBC. The bald guy from Shark Tank. BlackRock, the $10 trillion investment firm where former Obama aides go to get rich and serve as “Global Head of Sustainable Investing.”

They all vouched for Bankrupt-Fraud and his blockchain stonk machine. Like they vouched for Elizabeth Holmes and her magic blood box. Like they vouched for Michael Avenatti and his bullshit litigation racket. The Lincoln ProjectOZY MediaStacey Abrams.

These are people who demand to be taken seriously. You know the type. You’ve probably heard them ranting about gullible rubes being duped by “misinformation,” or denouncing half the country as irredeemably stupid, unserious, and uncultured.

Shockingly enough, most normal Americans are starting to suspect our elite overlords are full of shit, and the elite overlords are freaking out. This lack of fealty to their expertise is not merely misguided, we are told. It’s an existential crisis imperiling American democracy.

This raises an interesting question: What in the actual f— is wrong with these people?

Bankman-Fried was the next J.P. Morgan. They actually said that. Of course they did. They adored his dorm-room bong-rip attire and corresponding philosophy—”effective altruism”—through which their capitalist sins can be absolved by attending charity galas and buying hideous art at silent auctions. Better yet, they can start a charitable foundation to avoid paying the tax rates they are constantly trying to raise on everyone else. Giving money to Democrats is also encouraged.

Time and time again, the unwashed masses of non-experts have watched the elite overlords get scammed by charismatic frauds, or team up to incinerate multiple Powerball jackpots—or in one case the entire global economy—only to shrug it off as a “whoopsie” and repeat.

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  1. Tom Brady is a hard core Republican, Ponzi schemes have been around for centuries, starting with Tulips in 17th Century Holland and more recently flipping houses an real estate. You can still buy Tulips and houses. Cyrpto currency is here to stay, just shaking out the poorly financed companies.

  2. That is hilarious! And it really exposes how stupid the aforementioned groups are. Absolute idiots. And their hypocrisy is calling us conservatives stupid. We are just careful and don’t trust somebody because they fit a mold.
    But we are supposed to trust Fauci and Biden and Pelosi and Schumer and the other democrat idiots in power. Democrats love COVID because it allowed them to enact ridiculously tyrannical policies that ran over the constitution and allowed them to ignore individual rights. As Clay Travis would say, “their brains are broken.”
    An absolutely astoundingly great article that goes right to the core of the problem. Democrats are not logical.

  3. What is wrong with these people?
    The problem is radical leftist extremism, which is not only a (terminal) mental illness, but apparently a contagious one as well.
    Future historians will write reams of volumes regarding the sheer insanity of our era.

  4. Of necessity (space) Andrew Stiles has omitted listing Solyndra, Enron, Bernie Madoff, Hunter Biden (and his corrupt family), and all of the corporate directors who are enriching and empowering the despots of China.

    The title question has been asked many, many times. The simple answer is, evil. The human race is depraved, and many of the world’s most ambitious ‘leaders’ in business and politics are power-hungry sociopaths.

    “Put not your trust in princes, in a son of man, in whom there is no salvation.” Resolved: fear and follow God, and keep my powder dry.

  5. Thanks Suzanne, it’s good to be reminded that we imbecile investors are not alone!

    Sometimes you have to gamble though, like the time Fred the financial advisor told me to give him 20 grand, “half in a mutual fund and half in this stock “Microsoft”…” I was getting 7- 3/4% return at the Bank my real estate stuff was looking good, why risk $ in something as silly as SOFTWARE! Especially since Fred couldn’t explain what software was. Oh well.

  6. Follow the money. It did not disappear by accident. It was Theft and done on purpose. All of us serfs are being indoctrinated into the new world order. We go broke and get hearted like sheep and the rich own everything.

  7. Its commonly understood that two parties are needed to effectuate a con: the con-artist and his mark. The role of the con-artist is rather obvious. However, the role of the mark, not so much. In order for a successful con to occur, the mark must have certain identifiable traits: naivety, emotional, not too analytical, socially engaging, lazy (wanting easy money) and above all, greedy. Yes, a mark must be strong with greed. The greed must be strong enough to overpower tendencies to circumspection or caution. I have personally be conned several times; looking back, I was always a victim of my own greed. Never forget, greed is a vice…. a deadly sin. We are all guilty; its only a question of to what degree.

  8. Simple. They are corrupt well to do grifters. With the possible exception of Tom Brady they were well to do liberals.

    Corrupt people do corrupt things

  9. Crypto is the current boon for unabashed and unregulated capitalism–and surprise, surprise, some scum bags are out ripping folks off. From Sam B-F to the cadre of celebrity endorsers who are preying on you to invest in their next get rich scheme. Even Donald Trump and his acolytes are ready to sell you on the wonderful world of get rich crypto (i.e., how to get grifted). The only problem with this article is the narrow, politically biased focus–and it would be nice to see MRAK call out the dangers and vagaries of crypto gambling for its readers.

  10. Yep. So the people who believe in government oversight to the ninth degree, who believe the federal government should have control of every detail of your life fell for a scam that worked because there was no government oversight. Crypto currency that was backed by, you guessed it, cryto currency. Backed by it’s own crypto currency.

  11. So they are driven by greed, have a bloated sense of self-importance, and are missing more than a few rivets: these aside, they are fine specimens of 21st century cannibals! It would be nice if they were the only ones on the loose, but the whole world is crawling with them!

  12. Its human nature, its
    corrupted in Sin since adam and eve. All alone We act out in our own knowledge following our heart. Sin thats what’s wrong. Maybe the way life ended for charles schwab, arthur cutten, richard whitney, albert paul, and jesse livermore and leon frazer and ivar kreuger; it’ll be todays elites fate too. All had money, power, fame, prestige, intelligence, and education.
    But no faith. To them the bible is foolishness and why should they believe jesus died for them so they can be saved. But! They
    all made their decisions. So! Carry on with your lives and be content, be grateful and be
    thankful, be helpful and live happy in full confidence your best still is, yet, to come! Its in the makings for believers made possible by jesus the
    world’s savior.

  13. These people fell for it because they, or their staff, just want it to be true, these money making or pie-in-the-sky, phony, liberal talking points. Either way, these things that are just too perfect, actually ARE just too perfect to be real. Nobody believes that B.S. but some SO want it to be true.

  14. Written by a bot, surely… proving once again artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.
    Mortal enemies freely hand over a blueprint to their destruction and all this one does is complain.
    Poor guy’s school fight song was probably “Dueling Banjos”.

  15. Systemic greed.
    Institutional Federal Protectionism

    You can bet both parties are dreaming up new RULES right now to prevent unsanctioned ponzi schemes akin to Social Security, to protect their private political party investment donors.

    Murkowski probably has a bill already written by her lobbyists. Reckon she shared it with Congresswoman Peltola.

  16. So his donations to Republicans are kept dark by Republican.

    Why don’t Republicans want us to know who donates to Republicans?

    • It’s already been reported that FTX donated to Murkowski’s campaign. Also, you can surly use use Google like the rest of us to find the information you desire.

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