Five days into Pride Month and who’s playing? NPS


For the past few years, Alaska Airlines took the lead in Pride Month antics, with videos, special fights to San Francisco, and extensive features on LGBTQAI+ workforce. This year, the airline has dialed it back a bit, keeping its pride videos off of X/Twitter and instead putting them on Instagram, where the crowd is decidedly more liberal and where Meta exerts its authority. Other airlines have also mellowed out on the Pride capers.

To note how much more liberal the Instagram crowd is, the drag queen post above by the Kenai Fjords division of the National Park Service received over 5,700 of “likes” in just one day, while a Kenai Fjords NPS post honoring Military Appreciation Month received only 183 “likes” in five days.

Pride Month, as designated by executive proclamation by the president, most urban mayors and Democrat-run states, fathers parades and social media celebrations by the FBI, the NSA, and every other alphabet agency of the federal government, including the National Park Service, whose Instagram account for Kenai Fjords National Park took the lead in Alaska.

Among those not acknowledging the sexual celebration month, so far, are at least teams of the National Football League, including Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals, Tennessee Titans, Kansas City Chiefs, Denver Broncos, Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons and even the Seattle Seahawks have balked at putting the rainbow on everything, sticking to a re-post from Lumen Field, the team’s home arena.

Bud Light has chosen to focus its social media on a “fight night” theme on Instagram and X this month, whistling past the graveyard it dug for itself during the Dylan Mulvaney marketing fiasco of 2023. It launched Pride Month with a push for Ultimate Fighting Championship bouts, altogether the opposite of Mulvaney’s prepubescent girly come-on campaign from last year.

Dustin Poirier – The Diamond UFC fighter – promoting Bud Light during Pride Month.


  1. Just sad. How about white pride month,
    Redneck month, American patriot month, people that have never accepted a government handout month, people that work in the private sector month,
    Beefeaters month, ect you get the idea

  2. That moment when they feel it in their pocketbook, the reality check about small the population of the buying public really gives a care about someone’s proclivities. People that buy things are starting to get a little tired of all the “in your face” demands from the fringe. I will pay more to not have to deal with the BS.

    • In their world, torching an American flag is free speech, peaceful protest. Doing the same thing to one of theirs or leaving rubber tire marks on a BLM / LGBTQWTF street mural is a hate crime. We have achieved Animal House status where some are more equal than others. Cheers –

  3. The Green Bay Packers have bent over on this.l: The Green Bay Packers recognized Pride Month on Tuesday by posting a graphic to X that reads, “Football is for everyone.” As of Tuesday, 23 NFL teams have posted a message recognizing Pride Month.

    • Vince Lombardi coached several players who were gay, he didn’t care, as long as you could play football. His brother was gay, which led him to have a more open mind and open heart.

      But hey, there’s money to be made in internet clicks, and hating your neighbor seems to be a big seller these days, so pile on….

      • I don’t give a crap about anyone’s sexual identity. No one should be “proud” of what they do with their junk- it’s a private matter. So let them be deviant all they want, but do not expect me to celebrate it! And if it’s pushed down my throat- which is exactly what they do for not just a whole month, but all the year- it will result in a my personal boycott.

      • As long as you don’t throw it in my face or my child’s face, I truly don’t care what you do in your bedroom.

      • Wilson,
        I don’t see anything natural, normal or romantic about one man’s penis in another man’s anus. But hey that’s just me…
        Let us just ignore these silly events and stop already with giving them the attention they need to further their cause.

  4. No perverse patriarchal tyranny on display in that first picture, Kenai Fjords…

    Nope. Nothing to see here…

    Smile, Sweetheart, the man completely dominates.

    And we’re all ok with celebrating a whorish mockery of the feminine coupled with perverse male dominance?

    I’m sure the men who stormed the beaches at Normandy 84 years ago would be glad to know we’ve come this far.

    Heartbreaking. It’s time for women to stand up to these men, instead of allowing themselves to be used as props for their sick fantasy. I hope the girl in that picture re-examines her participation in the photo shoot, and sees that she’s done little more than objectify and degrade women.

  5. Well at least Mr. Pattie Gonia’s outfit is less garish than last year’s ad for North Face (I am sure we all recall those snazzy rainbow colored leg warmers!) Still not practical attire for outdoorsy activities.
    I feel sorry for the Park Ranger lady. I bet she was “voluntold”. It is sad that the NPS thinks discriminating against women is okay.
    The word salad post must have come directly from the VP’s office…..

  6. The National Park Service is an employment haven for lesbians, homosexuals, and trannies.
    They get recruited at gay events on campus and sexual deviates always feel far more comfortable being around their own kind.

  7. Divide and conquer. Tribalism in all forms will destroy us and is already having a staggering impact.

    Come up to me and proclaim your tribal affiliation – in whatever form – ?? Well, just say you might want to step back at least four feet. This nonsense has to stop. It will stop with me.

  8. “Pride” is the first of the seven cardinal (deadly) sins; the fifth is lust. Everyone innately understands these facts which are written upon our hearts by Yahweh Himself. It is no coincidence many people are deceived into actually having “pride” in their perverse lust. In fact, they now want their primary identity to be the lust itself. The father of all lies continues to promote this reprehensible ideology across our nation. Many others, including presidents Obama and Biden, have chosen to align themselves with this evil agenda. Our nation will bear the consequences.

  9. I just got home after several days camping in Denali NP and am happy to report that I did not see a single ‘pride’ flag or ‘pride’ display anywhere in the park.

    After the flapping flag flap, maybe they decided to lay low for a while.

  10. Hetero pride! Ensuring the survival of the human race since Adam and Eve. To all other sexual deviants…you’re welcome.


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