Alaska Airlines had nothing to say about Independence Day? Nothing at all?


After a month of busy social media stories and videos about LGBTQ Pride Month and Juneteenth, Alaska Airlines evidently had nothing to say about the Fourth of July. Or Independence Day, if you will. Or just call it the birthday of the United States of America.

The company that serves Alaska and 115 destinations with nearly 1,200 daily flights in the United States, Mexico, Canada and Costa Rica, was stone cold silent on America’s 246th birthday. Nothing on the company blog, Twitter feed, Facebook feed, or Club 49. Oh, and nothing on the employees’ internal web pages. There is not a “Happy Independence Day!” message to be found from the airline that is normally quite on top of various cultural events.

In June, the airline’s blog featured soft stories about female pilot and a female flight attendant getting engaged onboard. The airline festooned its social media accounts and blog with the rainbow and produced documentary videos on the topic. Planes were painted with themes of the rainbow. On June 30, the company took a look back on all its events it had taken part in during Pride month, with this colorful social media post:

One of the jets is a flying a Juneteenth theme, now that it has been made into a federal holiday by President Joe Biden in 2020, giving federal workers 11 days a year of holiday time. A blog post about the company’s decimation to historically black colleges can be read here.

An Alaska Airlines livery in honor of Juneteenth.

For Pride Month, one lucky jet full of Alaska Airlines passengers en route from San Francisco received a free flight anywhere the company flies in a promotion that featured a video of a prancing and chanting promoters: “You say Gay!”

In 2020, the airline issued Black Lives Matter t-shirts and pins for its employees. BLM has become synonymous with corruption after its founders were accused of misusing millions of dollars in donations.

For nearly two-and-a-half centuries, America has been the beacon to the world for freedom and democracy. While not a perfect nation, the experiment in self-governance continues. This isn’t a holiday one simply forgets.

This year, several prominent celebrities have chosen to publicly boycott the Fourth of July in rebuke to the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade.

Following that court decision, Alaska Airlines publicly promised to provide transportation to any employee who wants an abortion but who is living in a state where such practices are disallowed.

Now, the company appears to have joined with celebrities in dismissing the nation’s birthday, and carrying on as if Monday was not, indeed, the nation’s oldest celebration that unites the people beyond religion, culture and geography.


  1. If they said what they wanted to, their stock would drop and passengers would bail.

    • Masked, sadly, Ak Airlines’ postures, promotions and actions (in this case, inactions) reflect the cultural views of most Americans. Even worse, I’m sorry to inform you, the largest demographic segment in this category is…. you guessed it, white women. I will leave to you to tell us why that is.

      • Wayne, I dispute your specious claim that Woke Seattle Airlines’ “postures, promotion and actions … reflect the culture views of MOST Americans”.
        In reality, those rigidly dogmatic, intolerant and insane, so-called “woke” attitudes and opinions are reflective of only a small minority of Americans. Unfortunately, a very influential and powerful minority — the same minority that is doing everything possible to undermine, subvert and destroy our society, our nation and our civilization.

  2. The airline will not notice that I am deleting my membership account and tearing up my membership card, and vowing to never fly Alaska Airlines again, ever! I was disappointed, dismayed, and then disgruntled with the airlines obscene adherence to the nonsensical mask mandate, after the seemingly sensible “two weeks” request to soften the curve of hospital admissions. The airline’s draconian compliance demand for adherence to a useless health inspection (that may be waived by the useless jab) fried one of my last nerves. Foregoing the 4th is just another corporate decision that can’t be forgiven. Goodbye Alaska Airlines!

    • On the rare occasions that I have to fly Outside, a friend will go online for me and find a ticket, because I am not very good at that.
      I’ve always said “Find me a ticket on any airline but Alaska Air…..”

  3. It’s in our face when we arrive to work. This CEO and his band of merry prancers are frankly, disgusting. This is a count down to the finish line for me. Everytime I sit in the “pit” I imagine what it must be like to work in the White House under Brandon. Totally insane. They do it because it’s a Seattle gay airline now. The only thing left is when we have an entire trannycrew swishing around in coach showing passengers how to blow into their drink straws. And that’s coming soon. The only time most of us PICs are actually satisfied is when we have wheels down on final.
    We get excited to run from these people.

    • Without question, our airline is the butt of all jokes, especially within the industry. AK literally recruits LGBTQ for hire. These people have fried brains.

      • Our flight deck standard joke is:
        If one of our engines shuts down in mid-flight, we just call for one of the flamers in coach to help us restart it.

    • Rainbow Airways may pay well, but quit being such a whore for money. I spent over 40 years flying commercial and turned down many jobs that paid alot more than flying for local airlines. Or flying trash. Cargo does not talk. And you don’t have to wear a pretty uniform. And surprisingly, if you are good at your job, politics don’t matter. Piss on the ramp, with whatever tools God gave you, and keep your private life private. And mind the skeeters. Cockpit talk should be limited to what’s to eat, when are we going to be done, and how do we nurse this plane into a maintenance station. But mostly what we have to eat. And I have never met a pilot who was happy with their pay, or management. But “ Rainbow Airlines “ ? Gotta have some pride,man. Money ain’t everything.

  4. As has been pointed out before, Alaska Airlines is not really Alaskan. They are Washington. They have strayed far, far from the the airline that actually reflected Alaskan values and conservative values. I would never fly with that airline again

    • Whatever, Steve. Very little we use in Alaska is truly Alaskan. Its not as if the natives are living the authentic neolithic lifestyle of 250-yrs ago. Even the few things manufactured, harvested, or mined here are done so with imported technology and talent. Any training or educating of those born in Alaska is with academics imported from outside of Alaska. Your point, which “has been pointed out before,” is weak and unworthy of reciting.

  5. It’s our tickets that pay for all that paint, swag, and lefty political promotion. Given a choice, I will not fly Alaska Airlines – no amount of “extra” leg room or fruit and cheese plates will convince me otherwise. The question is, what do the competitors do? Kinda looks like I need to buy my own airplane…

  6. Don’t forget:

    Alaska Airlines=Seattle Airlines.

    You can’t get any farther to the left than that.

    • For the most part, everything you eat, drive, live in, wear, etc… comes from or through Seattle. Seattle is your lifeblood. That’s right, you lifeblood is a communist, sodomite wasteland. Get over it.

      • And you seem perfectly fine with that state of affairs, Wayne.
        It is noteworthy that you choose to blast those who object to Seattle Woke Airlines and their in-your-face, pro-homosexual political agenda, rather than object to Seattle Woke Airlines and their pushing of an overt and polarizing political agenda. For that choice you have my complete contempt.

  7. Perhaps if they put as much effort into reducing flight delays as they do into promoting “Pride Month,” they could start gaining back their lost reputation. Probably too much to ask.

  8. Are abortion flights free? Say I identify as a pregnant female, I feel I should get a free airfare to wherever I choose. Think I’ll give it a try.

  9. I wonder what would happen if I chose to excercise my first amendment right and burned a pride rainbow flag.

  10. What has happened to an airline that was proud to fly the body of Alaska’s late congressman home in a specially marked plane? Who has taken over the management of that airline? Is it because it is based in Seattle, in the Empire of Woke? The airline should get a ton of letters protesting their decision to cancel July 4th. Maybe that would wake them up.

  11. So quickly it changed. For years Alaska Airlines put a card with it’s meals quoting a bible verse. It’s a sad day.

  12. I flew the predecessor to pride airlines back in the 50’s. Rainbow were weather phenomenons, gay was happy and lgbtq was found in Campbell soup. What the hell happened? Please give us back our airline and start your own Seattle Pride Airline. Come see me in 5 yrs and we’ll see who is successful.

  13. Guess I’ll be flying with Delta!!! I NEVER thought I would be forced to choose an alternative airlines as a lifelong Alaskan!!!

  14. Alaska Airlines Twitter page posted a 4th of July post on July 4 at 6:10 am. In the post they said, “We’ve added a new cause to LIFT Miles to honor those who have gone FOURTH and served our country. You can now donate your miles to the Honor Flight Network’s Lone Eagle program to support veterans who do not live close to an existing Honor Flight Hub.” The post actually has pictures of old white men holding American flags on an airplane. I didn’t think companies took pictures of white people any more so I was almost as surprised by the picture as I was of how wrong this article about Alaska Airlines is. I won’t defend the company, but this is poor journalism.

    • Catlan, show us the part where the company wished everyone a Happy Independence Day. We’ll wait… – sd

    • So a pun-ish, slightly rando, one tweet is equivalent to gussying up airplanes and rolling the red carpet for June political advocacy? Trees for the forest much? But then again, you are not really a fair dealer are you Catlan? Lord I hope we soon pass proper laws to defend the unborn here for one of many side benefits such as leveraging people like you out of AK.

  15. If you want the best chance at a landing you can walk away from, you might grab a seat on the port side, near the “left wing”, since this is where the company focuses all their attention.

    • Not maga, not a snowflake, but now there are so many of us excommunicated from the narrative that there is mostly just useful idiots left within it- such as yourself.

      btw-The reaction is against the new religion that so many puritan like leftists bend their knee to. All the rest of us ‘aint bending the knee.

  16. I’m old school: businesses like Alaska Airlines operate to make money! There is no need to waste a moment on patriotism when it’s eroticism that pays? Sex sells! Money, money, money!

    Don’t forget, Christmas-in-July has begun, so keep your eyes open for the good deals as businesses start ticklin’ consumers into buying more and more of whatever it is that China sells! And in December, watch Santa Claus’s poll numbers soar into the heavens!

    Money, money, money–that’s the business of business! And in the world of high commerce, silky lingerie is hot! So, don’t get your hearts beating unnecessarily out of rhythm: just remember money, money, money, and the world will go ’round! But, if it gets your flags waving, Happy 4th, 5th, and 6th to you too!

  17. Frankly I could care less what Alaska airlines does or doesn’t do…. Our business relationship ended some years back and I can see no reason to revisit that decision

  18. I worked for Alaska Airlines from about 1982 until 1993 and saw the change from conservative leadership to the left. It was sad then and this is where it has led to!

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