Alaska Airlines adds new line of Black Lives Matter apparel to its company store



Tucked in between hoodies and bomber jackets, the Alaska Airlines online company store now is selling t-shirts with Black Lives Matter printed boldly on the front.

Many in America believe that the Black Lives Matter organization is responsible for looting and rioting in American cities, and is a domestic terrorist organization. Some have called for the Trump Administration to label it a terrorist group, similar to Antifa.

The mission statement of the organization shows it is Marxist-leaning, with references to “collective” and “comrades” sprinkled throughout. A significant portion of the mission statement is dedicate to support for homosexuality or transgender individuals. It is also anti-family:

“We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and ‘villages’ that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable.”


The Alaska Black Caucus, a different group from Black Lives Matter, will have a march against racism on Monday at 1 pm starting at Town Square in downtown Anchorage. The event will start with voter registration and speeches, with the march beginning at 2 pm.

Marches like this one have turned violent around the country, but the organizers of the Anchorage march are calling for peace. Still, it might be wise for people to avoid the downtown area on Monday afternoon.

The organizers say that security for the event will be provided by the Municipality and charged to taxpayers. The Municipality has hung a Black Lives Matter banner from the Anchorage Performing Arts Center to show solidarity with the radicalized group.

And radical it is. The president of Greater New York Black Lives Matter is on record saying that that if Black Lives Matter fails to achieve meaningful change during nationwide protests over George Floyd’s killing by Minneapolis police officers, the organization will “burn down this system.”

“If this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it. All right? And I could be speaking figuratively. I could be speaking literally. It’s a matter of interpretation,” Hawk Newsome said in a June interview.


  1. Alaska Airlines, I don’t appreciate you selling racist bigoted shirts. Have 900,000 miles with you. Considering closing my account.

    • In the last several decades, Alaska Airlines has systematically driven other airlines out of the Alaska market. They are “Alaska” in name only, being based in Seattle. In-State costs are the highest in the Country: it costs more to fly from Anchorage to Bethel than from Seattle to Boston.

  2. Suzanne I know factually that the Black Caucus volunteer person is an absolute crook and owes thousands to local businesses. He is a former Army officer as well.

  3. Just reporting the facts again, I see, Suzanne.
    But you’ll be called racist within ten comments, I predict. That’s how it works.
    Sad that Alaska Airlines felt the need to make such a polarizing statement in their clothing line. Why even the need when it would seem higher priorities would rule such decisions?
    Fear can be an awkward bedfellow.

    • I agree with Suzanne! I would prefer ‘All Lives Matter’ to include everyone, including Blacks. Unfortunately, headquarters of AK Air is in Seattle.

    • The Black Lives Matter movement has 60% support in this country, so it’s really not divisive to say that Black lives matter. Are you saying that Black peoples’ lives don’t matter?

      • M, I don’t recall when morality or truth was voted in by the majority (“BLM has 60% support”). Apparently, that’s good enough for you. Peer pressure must have been tough growing up, eh?

        There was a leader in Germany in the 30s that had greater than 50% support.

        By your revealed logic, he must have been right too.

        And as predicted, although it took more than 10 replies to get here – “Disagree and you’re a racist.”
        You do realize, M, you walked right into it.

  4. Alaska Airlines does somethings extremely well. They operate an excellent passenger service operation within Alaska, ( freight operation not so much). Given the demise of Ravn folks really have little choice beyond ordering a charter flight. Until a P.N.A. or Western Airlines come back to existence we consumers of air travel must tolerate their silly political points of view .

  5. We conservatives should create a counter Group. ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER. not just the few the left likes to exploit for political gain. Liberal progressive policies destroy cities like Chicago where more blacks die in a weekend than all the black deaths BLM cites in a year.

    • I’m so very disappointed AK Airlines chooses to support a terrorist group destroying our cities!!! Also, do you understand it’s racist to choose one racist group to support and not others?

    • So sad to watch Alaska Airlines sink into the abyss of ill thought out political correctness for a group that promotes defunding police forces, cares nothing about black on black crime that is rampant in intercity large cities, and does nothing to separate itself from rioters, looters and criminals creating havoc in many cities throughout the nation. Yes this is a racist move by the airline that has Fairbanks by the short hairs. At least Anchorage has a choice to get out of town.

  6. In the last several decades, Alaska Airlines has systematically driven other airlines out of the Alaska market. They are “Alaska” in name only, being based in Seattle. In-State costs are the highest in the country: it costs more to fly from Anchorage to Bethel than from Seattle to Boston.

  7. Thank you Suzanne. They’ve been selling these for at least a few weeks, maybe longer. I’ve been a Gold 75K flier with AK Airlines for a long while now. When their CEO came out in early June in support of BLM I assumed he was just naive. It’s one thing to say black or more appropriately that all lives matter but to support the actual organization BLM is to support a terrorist organization. Here is what I have say to them……1. There is no reason for them to make any statement at all. They should focus on flying. Corporations should stay out of public politics; although focusing on public safety in their communities is a worthwhile endeavor for the safety of their employees and clients, this is the exact opposite of that. 2. Now greater than 3 months down the road from publicly supporting BLM, there can be no doubt the organization is a criminal enterprise, violently tormenting and tearing down our cities, two of which AK Airlines has a large presence in, destroying countless family owned businesses, beating people to within inches of life and killing others. They openly cheer the deaths of patriots and others who disagree with their real mission of bringing anarchy and communism to our shores. They burn our flag and places of worship. They burn businesses, cars, people. Frankly by supporting them in this way, rather than staying silent or better yet denouncing their criminal activity, Alaska Airlines is also supporting everything BLM adds to its mission including defunding the police. How could an airline be so stupid? 3. As a corporation charged with the safety of so many passengers each year, do all lives matter to them or only black ones killed while resisting arrest? What about the those who have been killed during the riots these last few months? When I fly from now on, does my life matter, I am not black? I live in Anchorage. Does my business matter or will Alaska Airlines cheer it’s destruction when it flies these criminal anarchists here? 4. Are they supporting Seattle and Portland based employees who are participating in these riots each night? 5. I know of a lot of people in my circle who have been talking about this for weeks. If they don’t run this back and this CEO isn’t admonished for aligning an airline with a terrorist movement destroying the very cities we call home, we will all be looking for any other option for our future travel needs.

    • Team players need to “get on board” here.
      First, red-eye flights must be changed to Black-Eye flights.
      Second, the Company must offer quarantined seating, two rows of seats in the rear, for non-BLM militants whose presence may upset the vast majority of passengers who sympathize with and support BLM.
      Third the Company must require BLM masks to be worn at all times to show solidarity with the Company and with BLM.
      Fourth, the Company must demonstrate its socially awakened role by discontinuing Alaska Airlines credit cards and replacing them with Black Lives Matter credit cards, and sharing a percentage of each payment with BLM.
      Fifth, the Company must demonstrate its socially awakened role by including the Alaska Airlines logo on the Black Lives Matter shirts, with BLM’s permission of course.
      Sixth, the Company must demonstrate its socially awakened role by collaborating with Black Lives Matter representatives to replace the Alaska Native image on its aircraft with a picture more appropriate to the BLM Movement.
      …for starters.

      • Alaska Airlines has bent over for Peta, Antifa and now BLM.
        Why? Well , maybe because they don’t want to have their hangers catch fire in a riot? Maybe it is less a moral statement than a business decision? I see their support for BLM as CYA. Problem is, these radical brownshirts will not be satisfied with the idiot virtue signal Brad Timid, er, Tilden sent there way. Look for more ridiculous demands .

      • Do the Black Lives Matter credit cards have a minimum payment, or do all purchases made with them counted toward reparations?

    • I fully agree with this statement : “Corporations should stay out of public politic.” Lobbies supported by corporation should be declared as illegal, as corporation should stay out of public politic.

  8. First, Alaska Airlines buckled under pressure from PETA and withdrew their support of the Iditarod. Now they join other wimpy corporations by endorsing the violent terrorist BLM group. Sadly, this is one company I can’t boycott if I want to fly inside of Alaska. I have lost all respect for Alaska Airlines.

  9. And this is how Alaska Airlines plans to bring people back to flying? Complete marketing idiots. I have carrier options from Anchorage to Seattle and beyond. I will exercise them.

  10. ALASKA AIRLINES buckles under liberal political agenda and bails on Iditarod ( PETA ) yet gives no support to stopping PEBBLE or ANWAR. Perhaps it’s time for the airline (formerly known as TEXAS AIR GROUP) to focus more on safety and better cargo service and less on politics.

  11. Suzanne states that it “might wise for people to avoid the downtown area this afternoon” because of the BLM gathering. I disagree. It’s easy to express outrage against minorities and call them violent or unpatriotic in an anonymous blog comment. But the BLM people don’t read conservative comments. The only way to expose these groups is to attend the rally today and engage them face to face. White men who avoid these events are unpatriotic. You won’t win the war to preserve your essential heritage sitting in front of a computer complaining about Antifa Airlines. The will be no medical deferments as taxpayers battle for our town, our state, and our nation, unless granted by the Commander in Chief. I will be right in the middle of today’s rally or riot with my gear and my right to bear arms. A proud Vet.

    • White men who avoid these events are unpatriotic? What is patriotic about bringing your weapon to a lawful gathering of Americans to show that you don’t support their message? At best, you are trying to intimidate and coerce, and at worst you are inciting violence against Americans. You are doing what terrorists and sycophants do.

      • That’s laughable, what is more patriotic than standing up to fascists, racists and terrorists (BLM, ANTIFA) while carrying in the open?

        • Realizing that freely articulating an idea that makes you uncomfortable isn’t grounds for being labeled fascist, racist, or terrorist. Unlike armed intimidation. Weak sauce. I can’t believe more of you aren’t speaking up.

  12. Alaska Airlines is supporting an openly Marxist organization with the stated goal of overthrowing our Constitutional Republic in a violent manner.
    If the supporters of this don’t understand what the organization is actually doing, then they truly are useful idiots for the communist agenda.
    Black Lives Matter Global Foundation Network is the actual name, funded in large part by George Soros who has given them over $33,000,000 since 2015. The money is funneled through Paul Strasburg’s organization Thousand Currents out of Oakland California for tax reasons.
    They are a terrorist organization who should be dealt with by our government officials.
    Shame on Alaska Airlines.

  13. Well I have moved away from using Alaska Airlines for my travel.
    It is at this time I will severe all ties using them.

  14. Why not apparel that says ALL LIVES MATTER? Isn’t that the way it is suppose to be? ALL shades of people SHOULD abide by the rules set up by the Constitution. I grew up in the 50-60s and experienced the separate restrooms, movies, no access to restaurants except for a few that would feed colored (the term from my youth) if they entered through the back door and were willing to eat in the kitchen, the back of the bus, white town, colored town, etc. I witnessed Martin Luther King. You see, I grew up in a southern state with a mother who told me and my sister that we better not speak ill of the colored people, that if we did and she found out about it, she would blister our butts. She said skin color is not something we picked out, it was what God gave us, and to remember that we were not better because we were born white. I pray this ends soon. Too many lives have been taken already.

  15. Alaska Air is now a 3rd world airlines; with the new BLM costumes they will look good to themselves in the mirror.

  16. Martin Luther King Jr. must be rolling over in his grave.

    When Martin Luther King Jr. lead thousands of people across the Edmund Pettus Bridge two days after actual peaceful protesters were brutally attacked by true systemic racist forces of the government, he stopped short of engaging the violent and true systemic racists, he knelt and prayed then stood up turned around and walked away from violence. That is a demonstration,that is a peaceful demonstration, that is an effective demonstration. It was also a demonstration against a systemically racist system, run by Democrats, that denied black Americans their constitutionally guaranteed right to vote.

    The BLM organization does not stand for any of the righteous beliefs Martin Luther King Jr. stood for. Certainly Martin Luther King Jr. would not support judging people by the color of their skin the way BLM does, he said as much when he said “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” His whole speech is worth reviewing from time to time, or for the first time for BLM supporters

    Martin Luther King Jr. must be rolling over in his grave.

    • Yes. And so is Washington’s Farewell Address. Both, and much more, at least every year or two.
      Appreciate your comment.

  17. Black Lives Matters is a domestic terrorist organization as is ANTIFA. Alaska Airlines should recall that Terrorists took down the Towers in NYC, Crashed into the Pentagon. United Airlines Flight 93 37 America’s fought back to regain control of flight 93. Alaska Airlines was the first to increase the security of the pilot’s cabin.
    Alaska Airlines has forgotten

  18. Alaska Airlines grounding themselves….. The Corporate world is showing its Guilt complex in order to try and sway public opinion towards these Fascist terrorist movements . They know a President Trump re election will bring the De-Clas and revelation of all the roles these players of the corporate world have been engaged exposing their dirty shenanigans against we the people , Hence the breaking of the Cardinal rule of business of selective preference as they have chosen a group who would burn down Alaskas Corporate headquarters in their heinous glee if given a match and a clue.
    Soon we may hear Flight announcements that will come over the intercom saying in the event of an emergency white folk stay seated because only Black Lives Matter. Alaska Airlines turns its back on the folks of every race that have had their business torched and destroyed by these wicked children of the night . Turning their back on those lives destroyed. Middle America made you you foolish foolish corporations and we kept you afloat in your time of need also….. you spit on us and now we will turn our backs on you.

  19. If race based political agenda and propaganda is permitted for one group of biased enthusiasts, it is presumably permitted for other groups as well. Would not want to be found to be discriminatory against some other Reich.

  20. Wow!!! I have a few flights booked on Alaska within the next four weeks. After reading all of the above I guess I will have an easier time getting my upgrade! I for one appreciate the efforts of Alaska Airlines and enjoy flying with the team!

  21. If my family’s lives don’t matter to the people I’m entrusting them, to I think I will stop.


    Thanks for the warning Alaska Airlines.

  22. Just cowardly virtue signaling. How sad that a company that used to have such a good reputation would stoop so low in desperation to try and protect themselves against the equally stupid ‘cancel culture’ .
    Truly the whole stupid movement needs to be inundated and overrun with ‘All Lives Matter’ . No one has less or more value than anyone else.

  23. Guess everybody forgot, or maybe don’t care, but Alaska Airlines stopped handing out prayer cards years ago. Some left wing atheist complained and they caved, ring a bell?

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