Fear mongering: From Anchorage leftists to Hillary Clinton and Vlad Putin, a trend of calling your opponent a ‘Nazi’


In Alaska and across America, calling someone who is conservative a “Nazi” is now par for the course for the Left. It’s the main toxic dish they serve when trying to discredit or destroy people who have an opposing point of view. Must Read Alaska, which defends civil discourse, has even been the target of attempted intimidation by those who use the “Nazi” name-calling politics of destruction. Exhibit A:

The communication director for the Alaska Democratic Party throws around the Nazi term freely in this social media post from 2021.

This week, former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton compared President Donald Trump supporters to Nazis, as she spoke to a liberal crowd in Austin, Texas.

At the Texas Tribune Festival, funded in part by the same Arnold Ventures funds that brought Alaska ranked choice voting, Hillary Clinton referenced speeches by Adolph Hitler, and said Trump supporters raising their arms at a Trump rally reminded her of Hitler. The Trump supporters were raising one finger in support of Trump, but that’s not what Hillary saw or took away from photos of the Ohio rally. She said she saw a Nazi salute.

The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has also gotten in on the “Nazi” fear-mongering. He called Ukrainians “Nazis” no less than 9 times in his Wednesday speech, in which he hinted he may use nuclear weapons against Ukraine. He has described Ukraininan soldiers as Nazis repeatedly this year.

Even conservatives have been tempted to pile on, calling people “mask nazis” or “vaccine nazis” in reference to the imposition of draconian Covid measures on the general public or children, in specific.

A generation ago, calling someone a Nazi was enough to bring a libel or defamation lawsuit in America. It was considered de facto libel, just like calling someone a murderer if they had not been convicted of murder. After all, Nazis killed millions of people — Jews, gypsies, gays, and disabled and for generations, one did not use that word to simply describe someone with opposing views.

Now, the word is strewn about so widely in political discourse that the public has become desensitized to it. With so few alive today who remember the Nazis, the term has morphed into simply a way to try to cost someone their livelihood or to intimidate people into silence. It’s a manifestation of cancel culture that the Left has wrought upon America in 2022.

There’s no telling what might happen should someone actually file a lawsuit for being called a Nazi. The ACLU says that no one has the right to not be called a Nazi. And a case in 2019 was thrown out by the court. It appears in 2022, the term Nazi can be applied to anything, even people defending their country from invasion, such as Ukrainians.

President Putin is attempting to win over the sympathies of the liberals in America, and to make Europeans fear taking sides. In numerous remarks in 2022, Putin has referred to Ukrainians as Nazis.

Putin’s remarks in full, released by the Kremlin on Wednesday, Sept. 21, the same day that President Joe Biden spoke to the United Nations General Assembly:

The subject of this address is the situation in Donbass and the course of the special military operation to liberate it from the neo-Nazi regime, which seized power in Ukraine in 2014 as the result of an armed state coup.

Today I am addressing you – all citizens of our country, people of different generations, ages and ethnicities, the people of our great Motherland, all who are united by the great historical Russia, soldiers, officers and volunteers who are fighting on the frontline and doing their combat duty, our brothers and sisters in the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions and other areas that have been liberated from the neo-Nazi regime.

The issue concerns the necessary, imperative measures to protect the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of Russia and support the desire and will of our compatriots to choose their future independently, and the aggressive policy of some Western elites, who are doing their utmost to preserve their domination and with this aim in view are trying to block and suppress any sovereign and independent development centres in order to continue to aggressively force their will and pseudo-values on other countries and nations.

The goal of that part of the West is to weaken, divide and ultimately destroy our country. They are saying openly now that in 1991 they managed to split up the Soviet Union and now is the time to do the same to Russia, which must be divided into numerous regions that would be at deadly feud with each other. 

They devised these plans long ago. They encouraged groups of international terrorists in the Caucasus and moved NATO’s offensive infrastructure close to our borders. They used indiscriminate Russophobia as a weapon, including by nurturing the hatred of Russia for decades, primarily in Ukraine, which was designed to become an anti-Russia bridgehead. They turned the Ukrainian people into cannon fodder and pushed them into a war with Russia, which they unleashed back in 2014. They used the army against civilians and organised a genocide, blockade and terror against those who refused to recognise the government that was created in Ukraine as the result of a state coup.

After the Kiev regime publicly refused to settle the issue of Donbass peacefully and went as far as to announce its ambition to possess nuclear weapons, it became clear that a new offensive in Donbass – there were two of them before – was inevitable, and that it would be inevitably followed by an attack on Russia’s Crimea, that is, on Russia.

In this connection, the decision to start a pre-emptive military operation was necessary and the only option. The main goal of this operation, which is to liberate the whole of Donbass, remains unaltered.

The Lugansk People’s Republic has been liberated from the neo-Nazis almost completely. Fighting in the Donetsk People’s Republic continues. Over the previous eight years, the Kiev occupation regime created a deeply echeloned line of permanent defences. A head-on attack against them would have led to heavy losses, which is why our units, as well as the forces of the Donbass republics, are acting competently and systematically, using military equipment and saving lives, moving step by step to liberate Donbass, purge cities and towns of the neo-Nazis, and help the people whom the Kiev regime turned into hostages and human shields.

As you know, professional military personnel serving under contract are taking part in the special military operation. Fighting side by side with them are volunteer units – people of different ethnicities, professions and ages who are real patriots. They answered the call of their hearts to rise up in defence of Russia and Donbass. 

In this connection, I have already issued instructions for the Government and the Defence Ministry to determine the legal status of volunteers and personnel of the military units of the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics. It must be the same as the status of military professionals of the Russian army, including material, medical and social benefits. Special attention must be given to organising the supply of military and other equipment for volunteer units and Donbass people’s militia. 

While acting to attain the main goals of defending Donbass in accordance with the plans and decisions of the Defence Ministry and the General Staff, our troops have liberated considerable areas in the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions and a number of other areas. This has created a protracted line of contact that is over 1,000 kilometres long.

This is what I would like to make public for the first time today. After the start of the special military operation, in particular after the Istanbul talks, Kiev representatives voiced quite a positive response to our proposals. These proposals concerned above all ensuring Russia’s security and interests. But a peaceful settlement obviously did not suit the West, which is why, after certain compromises were coordinated, Kiev was actually ordered to wreck all these agreements.

More weapons were pumped into Ukraine. The Kiev regime brought into play new groups of foreign mercenaries and nationalists, military units trained according to NATO standards and receiving orders from Western advisers. 

At the same time, the regime of reprisals throughout Ukraine against their own citizens, established immediately after the armed coup in 2014, was harshly intensified. The policy of intimidation, terror and violence is taking on increasingly mass-scale, horrific and barbaric forms. 

I want to stress the following. We know that the majority of people living in the territories liberated from the neo-Nazis, and these are primarily the historical lands of Novorossiya, do not want to live under the yoke of the neo-Nazi regime. People in the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions, in Lugansk and Donetsk saw and are seeing now the atrocities perpetrated by the neo-Nazis in the [Ukrainian-] occupied areas of the Kharkov region. The descendants of Banderites and members of Nazi punitive expeditions are killing, torturing and imprisoning people; they are settling scores, beating up, and committing outrages on peaceful civilians. 

There were over 7.5 million people living in the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics and in the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions before the outbreak of hostilities. Many of them were forced to become refugees and leave their homes. Those who have stayed – they number about five million – are now exposed to artillery and missile attacks launched by the neo-Nazi militants, who fire at hospitals and schools and stage terrorist attacks against peaceful civilians. 

We cannot, we have no moral right to let our kin and kith be torn to pieces by butchers; we cannot but respond to their sincere striving to decide their destiny on their own.

The parliaments of the Donbass people’s republics and the military-civilian administrations of the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions have adopted decisions to hold referendums on the future of their territories and have appealed to Russia to support this.

I would like to emphasise that we will do everything necessary to create safe conditions for these referendums so that people can express their will. And we will support the choice of future made by the majority of people in the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics and the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions. 

Friends, today our armed forces, as I have mentioned, are fighting on the line of contact that is over 1,000 kilometres long, fighting not only against neo-Nazi units but actually the entire military machine of the collective West.

In this situation, I consider it necessary to take the following decision, which is fully adequate to the threats we are facing. More precisely, I find it necessary to support the proposal of the Defence Ministry and the General Staff on partial mobilisation in the Russian Federation to defend our Motherland and its sovereignty and territorial integrity, and to ensure the safety of our people and people in the liberated territories. 

As I have said, we are talking about partial mobilisation. In other words, only military reservists, primarily those who served in the armed forces and have specific military occupational specialties and corresponding experience, will be called up.

Before being sent to their units, those called up for active duty will undergo mandatory additional military training based on the experience of the special military operation.

I have already signed Executive Order on partial mobilisation.

In accordance with legislation, the houses of the Federal Assembly – the Federation Council and the State Duma – will be officially notified about this in writing today.

The mobilisation will begin today, September 21. I am instructing the heads of the regions to provide the necessary assistance to the work of military recruitment offices. 

I would like to point out that the citizens of Russia called up in accordance with the mobilisation order will have the status, payments and all social benefits of military personnel serving under contract. 

Additionally, the Executive Order on partial mobilisation also stipulates additional measures for the fulfilment of the state defence order. The heads of defence industry enterprises will be directly responsible for attaining the goals of increasing the production of weapons and military equipment and using additional production facilities for this purpose. At the same time, the Government must address without any delay all aspects of material, resource and financial support for our defence enterprises. 

Friends, the West has gone too far in its aggressive anti-Russia policy, making endless threats to our country and people. Some irresponsible Western politicians are doing more than just speak about their plans to organise the delivery of long-range offensive weapons to Ukraine, which could be used to deliver strikes at Crimea and other Russian regions. 

Such terrorist attacks, including with the use of Western weapons, are being delivered at border areas in the Belgorod and Kursk regions. NATO is conducting reconnaissance through Russia’s southern regions in real time and with the use of modern systems, aircraft, vessels, satellites and strategic drones.

Washington, London and Brussels are openly encouraging Kiev to move the hostilities to our territory. They openly say that Russia must be defeated on the battlefield by any means, and subsequently deprived of political, economic, cultural and any other sovereignty and ransacked. 

They have even resorted to the nuclear blackmail. I am referring not only to the Western-encouraged shelling of the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant, which poses a threat of a nuclear disaster, but also to the statements made by some high-ranking representatives of the leading NATO countries on the possibility and admissibility of using weapons of mass destruction – nuclear weapons – against Russia.

I would like to remind those who make such statements regarding Russia that our country has different types of weapons as well, and some of them are more modern than the weapons NATO countries have. In the event of a threat to the territorial integrity of our country and to defend Russia and our people, we will certainly make use of all weapon systems available to us. This is not a bluff.

The citizens of Russia can rest assured that the territorial integrity of our Motherland, our independence and freedom will be defended – I repeat – by all the systems available to us. Those who are using nuclear blackmail against us should know that the wind rose can turn around.

It is our historical tradition and the destiny of our nation to stop those who are keen on global domination and threaten to split up and enslave our Motherland. Rest assured that we will do it this time as well.

I believe in your support.


  1. Instead of actually debating issues, it’s far easier to smear. Denigrate your opponent enough and you can justify the most violent and disgusting behaviors.

    If, in their eyes, we are what they say we are, they almost must respond with justifiable violence against us.

    It’s actually been going on for some time. The right has chosen to close its eyes to it. What did in the Jews of Europe in the 30s can easily get us. Refusal to taken them seriously. After all, they are fellow citizens and decent people underneath.

    But are they? Really? The other part of what made the 30s possible in Europe was the willingness of “decent” people to do or approve of grossly indecent things.

    The real irony? In calling us Nazis they are engaging in the most basic Nazi behavior. Dehumanizing and scapegoating perceived opponents.

    History repeats. This time the pogrom isn’t aimed at Jews. It’s aimed at conservatives. Only this time the targets of the pogrom are armed and willing to fight back. Why do you think Biden wants your guns so badly?

    Unless we are very lucky, something really ugly is coming.

  2. Yeah, well first the called folks racist like that was supposed to scare people. It did some. It’s just a tactic of stupid people trying to take control without truely believing what they sprew. People call me names and I just laugh at them like a crazy person. They flip me off and I gesture like I’m busting a cap in their ass. Show no fear or intimidation. It makes them crazy.

    • It is technically called “psychological projection”, and it is indeed the modus operandi of the radical leftist extremists, as well as of all others who are insecure sociopaths

  3. This is how Hitler got people to despise the Jewish people. Lies are powerful weapons. You repeat the lie loudly and enough times until it is embraced by the populace. It’s VERY divisive. There is a dark intelligence and intention in using this tactic against an opponent. There’s a desired outcome behind it. It can be confusing to discern who is the “real” nazi as America is being ripped apart to be replaced by the great re-set.

    • The European Jews didn’t assimilate very well into European society. therefore they were “Them” as not one of “Us”. Same problem with Alaska Natives. We don’t fit into the dominate Alaskan society, so that makes us “Them”.
      This is evidenced by the early to mid 20th century property covenants which forbid homes to be resold to Natives. Also the “No Dogs or Natives” signs on businesses, as late as the 60’s.
      This is also currently evidenced by the almost automatic finding of guilt of any Native charged with heinous crimes. The Fairbanks-4″ as an example.
      Now with the wealth generated by ANCSA’s almost a billion dollar jump-start, and 44 million acres with sub-surface rights. we have become the “Jews” of Alaska.
      If Alaska’s economy should totally collapse, while we’re still doing comparatively well, we will certainly become the “Greedy Natives” (Greedy bank owning Jews).
      All that will be needed is for some rabble rousing leftists to stir up the useful idiots against us. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself hating Natives, even more than you do now, enough so that you won’t object to physical and/or financial attacks against us.
      The Few Natives who were co-opted by the EnviroNazis, to oppose ANWR and the Pebble mine has already set the stage. We have become an enemy of Alaska’s financial future, in many Alaskan’s heartsand minds.

      • You really need to read a history book written before the Clinton Administration. I don’t have enough years left in life to point out all the things wrong in your statement.

        But I will do two:

        -Jews, where allowed, were a vital part of European society. Especially Poland, Germany, and Hungary.
        -where Jews didn’t assimilate is because they were not allowed. When you get chased out of community after community you tend to keep to yourselves.

        We’re all dumber for your post.

        • Masked: You are clueless about Jews and Natives. I have read the history books (not just the American ones) like “The Arms of Krupp” and lived the “Deplorables” life.
          “-Jews, where allowed,” underscores my viewpoint. Alaska Natives, where allowed, is how it is in Alaska even in the good times.
          Just about any Native who finds themself in an Alaskan court will plead to the charges, hoping for a lighter sentence, because they’re a red man facing an all white jury. They know that they will most likely be found guilty “just in case”.

          • It’s a classic sign of a weak argument made by a weaker person to assert “you don’t know anything”.

            Paranoia is an ugly thing. Yours is worse since it’s so heavily tinged in racism.

            But please feel free to make yourself look even more foolish. Like anyone could stop you.

  4. Someone calls me a nazi I’ll rip their throat out. FYI the Russians hate the Germans. After the battle of Stalingrad the Russians rode around on horse back and decapitated everyone with a German accent.

    • If you act like a nazi you risk being called one whether you rip the throat out of the person that called you that or not. You will still be one though you probably killed someone, too.

    • And what did the Germans do? Plenty of atrocities on both sides. Why did Russia import its royalty from Germany? Russia, Ukraine, Germany are the American political parties….the same but with different names.
      Nice history lesson, but desperate losers always resort to name calling….neener neener schoolyard bullies.
      If you honestly report the crowds at Trump rallies, how can you miss all the phones recording the event?

  5. Before complaining about name-calling of conservatives as Nazis, why not also stop referring to liberal-leaning people as Evil Communists or other derogatory terms when sharing opposing views on MustReadAlaska?

    • “……stop referring to liberal-leaning people as Evil Communists……”
      Communism is an economic ideology, not a person whose acts one can use to attack another. If one advocates the tenets of communist economic theory, one can be a communist. Trump can never be Adolph Hitler, even if he wanted to be. Even if one advocates a limited form of communist economic theory, one could be described as communist, since Marx clearly wrote that socialism was a necessary step toward communism……..an economic graduation skipped by most communist revolutions, but is being conducted successfully in most western nations (including the U.S.) primarily because we could afford it and the less developed economies couldn’t.

    • Liberal leaning people are fine.
      Leftists are not. Leftists are communists/socialists/all-powerful State people. A liberal would not be pushing for vaccine mandates, a leftist will. A liberal will not push for gun control. A liberal will allow people to use whatever bag they want at a supermarket. A liberal will not punish someone for mistakenly using the wrong pronoun. A liberal is not a control freak. A leftist is. As soon as someone says “the Government should…” or “Everyone should…” and then adds some collectivist crap. Remember all the masking crap? It was to “protect others.” Leftists seem to think I should hold some responsibility for their wellbeing. A liberal does not.
      There is a mistaken belief that a leftist is a liberal. They are not, even though they use the term.
      I will not give a liberal a hard time on MRAK. I will, however, give a leftist a hard time, and call them out for what they are. Collectivists, socialists, statists.

      • Good points.

        Even better-stick to persuading folks to your views, as opposed to losing them because you don’t like , really under it all, another group’s view.

        It is good for neighbors to talk.

        And perhaps a lot of folks from a military and/or war background could tone down the competition vibes. It’s not about who wins, but rather how we solve this together.

        • “…..perhaps a lot of folks from a military and/or war background could tone down the competition vibes. It’s not about who wins, but rather how we solve this together.”
          Probably not. Competition, including martial struggle, is part of the dna of every creature on Earth, including humans. You will not make it go away, and pining for it to disappear outs you as a weak competitor. Even if ‘it’s not about who wins’ in your opinion, the universal fact of history proves repeatedly that he who wins sets the table for the future. Example: Chamberlain didn’t solve the problem of Hitler through negotiation. Churchill/Roosevelt did (even if it was done ‘together’ with Stalin) through the most hellish war in world history.

          • Tone it down doesn’t mean take it away.

            Also, we have a brain that is more than the survival instinct. Let’s use all of us, not just the survival fight to the death to win you say we have.

            As an aside-Please realize most of medical research is based on guys, not women. If you are quoting medical research, Iwonder if it wasdone on those with an innate surplus of testosterone, not necessarily with those with a high innate surplus of progesterone. Just a thought.

            Appreciate the conversation.

        • I like other’s views. In fact, I am always receptive to them. I will disagree when I actually disagree, but I will not shut them down, or ignore them.
          When Catherine pointed out that liberals were being labeled as communists/socialists, I had to let her know it was not a tactic I employed. But, i will call a leftist a socialist/statist because that is exactly what they are. No different than calling someone in Congress a politician, or someone with a medical degree a doctor/nurse. it is an accurate term.

      • The US is fundamentally an individualistic society. Americans are brought up sincerely believing they are solely and personally responsible for their wealth or poverty. Many Americans bristle at the mere suggestion that other historic, societal or economic criteria should be taken into account as genuine obstacles to one’s success.
        Americans, as individuals, DO accept to help others viewed as less fortunate but any COLLECTIVE actions are severely criticized or are under attack (universal health care, universal preschool, Medicare, Medicaid, etc).
        Americans have been taught that these programs are un-American and are Communistic or Socialist.

        Have you ever actually lived for a period of time as an expatriate? Experiencing these systems firsthand are much more formative rather than judging them from afar, based on what other people or social networks have told you.

        Calling people names, regardless of what political party you adhere to, means you have run out of veritable arguments.

      • Curious: can you prove you are who you say you are?

        It’s a gauntlet you threw down. Lead by example. Prove you are who you claim to be.

    • There is a difference between truth and falsehood. The trick is discerning the difference in a hurried world looking for fast information and influencers trying to manipulate. Try reading Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and perhaps you will understand – as the left becomes more and more radicalized, the label “communist” is the truth. The Nazis were socialists – leftists, not right-wing conservatives. The old-line liberals were not socialist, but there hasn’t been any of them in prominent political position since JFK. No one likes being called names. Polarity does not serve our nation well. But when calls for unity, civility, and respect become weapons of tyranny, we have a problem. Calls of “my way or you’re a Nazi” are not American. Stop lying.

  6. What is exceptionally stupid about this trend is that too often those using the “Nazi” smear know little about Germany, the Nazis or the 1930s. I have been to the Odeonsplatz and Luitpoldhain in Germany and read a fair amount of the history. It is worthwhile to spend some time in Berlin to appreciate how it all turned out. I conclude: Those using the smear here in the US may have more in common with the actual Nazis that those they are trying to smear. I doubt if that will slow anyone on the Left down but it may be a useful perspective.

    • I’ve been those places as well. And am also fairly well read. And old now. Those using the smear have logical reasoning to use the smear.

      Reconsider your sources.

      • Sorry Maureen, I grew up there and you are wrong! Calling anyone in this country this smear, shows your incredible ignorance of real history. There is no “logical reason” to use it, other than to remove any doubt as to the evil within yourself.

        • Sorry Been there. You might have had a point if you had a real name.

          When folks act in the way the nazis did they will be called nazis. Not a fan of name calling, but am a fan of logic.

          • Since you claim to be a fan of logic, me not “having a real name” should not enter into the equation regarding the veracity of my point. Logic is factual, not based on the personality making the statement.
            So please demonstrate how you think “folks” are behaving like leadership of the former National Socialist Party and therefore deserve to be called this smear….and please think about that and make it relevant to actual behavior not innuendo.

          • “not “having a real name” should not enter into the equation regarding the veracity of my point. Logic is factual, not based on the personality making the statement.”
            A good statement in defense of logic.

  7. Only in the case of Ukraine, the Azov Battalion actually are Nazis. And we are sending American weapons and tax dollars to support them. Pretty sure conservatives wouldn’t be doing that, given a choice.

    • What is the appropriate response when one encounters a “Nazi?” They are evil murderous people, right? That’s what history has taught us. So when liberals locate and identify Nazis, isn’t it our patriotic duty to do something about it? What do liberals want us to do when we find these people they identify as Nazis? What are they really saying?

  8. Hitler was a socialist and a liberal. He never had a real job, he didn’t like to work. He demonized groups he didn’t like. He weaponized government agencies to attack his opponents. He had street thugs (brown shirts) commit acts of violence, destruction, and vandalism to intimidate and eliminate political foes. This is all being repeated today by you know who.

    • Yes, and Hitler’s main thrust was his hatred of communist, who were doing the Exact thing in Germany in the 1930’s as these home-grown Marxist communist are doing here NOW.
      It’s like watching an old re-run.
      As Mencken said : ‘Socialism is the hatred of the other guy having a better time in the world”

        • Masked, we have millions addicted to drugs, millions dead or dying from Fentanyl and opioid overdoses. Most of this coming from drugs flowing from our open southern border. Thousands dying from violence in our inner cities. Devil’s got a new disguise.

        • “Explain six million murdered Jews.
          Plus Gypsies, mentally ill, disabled, and on……..”
          One word: Hatred. At least, that’s how it started. Afterwards; Fear. Say something, and you’re next. Sorta’ like our silly Cancel Culture on steroids.

        • You explain 100 million murdered by Stalin, Mao and others (of their OWN citizens). You won’t as you only know what the left tells you to know!

  9. Actions speak louder than words. Ex-President Trump courts support from far right white supremecists and numerous Conservative congressional candidates endorsed by Trump have courted far right racist groups

    • “……numerous Conservative congressional candidates endorsed by Trump have courted far right racist groups…….”
      Not nearly as much as many already elected Democrat congressional politicians have supported far left terror or racist organizations with money, open verbal support, and resistance to criminal prosecutions. So I guess you can just chalk the Trump phenomenon to an unsurprising backlash. You didn’t think that hundreds of riots, political oppression, or millions of aborted babies would go over for free, did you?

      • To you the word NEW ENGLAND or NEW YORK are racist….Racist is a made up word from the Frankford school of Social research who were kicked out of Germany and came here to NY and are today called the New School.

        • “To you the word NEW ENGLAND or NEW YORK are racist…….”
          Words (or math) aren’t racist to me at all. Even the “n-word” is simply a poor pronunciation of the spanish word for the color black.
          New England and New York are geographic regions filled with too many people. What does race have to do with them?

  10. You are witnessing the only tactic the desperate leftists have left. They are still spreading propaganda to try and divide us. Part of that is name calling to try and shut you up from telling the truth. They can’t have an honest debate because the facts are not on their side, so let the name calling and media smears resume. They see their world crumbling because the American people are on to their lies and the way they are using the FBI and DOJ in covering up crimes the Biden, Obama and Clinton crime families have committed under our noses. Notice how they frame people and continue to drum up hoaxes to try and get Trump? But Hillary can have classified information on an unsecure server in her home and Biden can launder money through Ukraine and threaten Ukrainian prosecutors that are looking into his crimes using his son Hunter as a front man. The MSM is an accomplice in their crimes as they refuse to investigate and call out their hypocrisy and crimes against the American people. The only way this gets fixed folks, is to rise up and place people in our government that will govern for us and respect their oath to the Constitution. We need a massive turnout on November 8th, vote in mass on election day if you can and reject mailing in your ballot just to have it manipulated. Overwhelm their system and only rank America First Candidates. Know how RCV works so your vote doesn’t get thrown out! You do not have to rank every candidate and you can’t rank one candidate as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice or your vote gets tossed. Do not cross through a candidates name or mark the ballot in ways that will error the vote steal machines that will discount your vote.

  11. I am rubber, your glue, whatever you say bounce off me and sticks back on you. Repeat. and i know you are but what am i. Repeat.

  12. It is nothing more than “closing the argument”
    A technique where someone who does not have a platform to stand on tries to change the topic. Instead of talking about the subject at hand, say the economy, the border, or Ukraine, they call their opponent a name. It could be racist, it could be Nazi, it could be homophobe. Does not matter.
    What it does is cause a reaction in the person being called a Nazi. They will defend themselves against the slur. Human nature and all that. Suddenly, instead of debating the issue, they end up debating their racism/nazism/whatever.
    It is what children do when they are not getting what they want. Which means it is also what leftists do.

  13. “……the Azov Battalion actually are Nazis……”
    So some say. How about a but more about the Azov Battalion?:
    “……The regiment’s size was estimated 900 to 2,500 combatants in 2017–2022.[24][3] Most of the unit members are Russian speakers and come from the Russian-speaking regions of Ukraine. It also includes members from other countries.[11][25]……”
    I think it’s fair to say that any and all individuals or groups that oppose communist or socialist economic theory (even though the German Nazi Party were, indeed, socialists) or act socially aggressively toward political opponents will be eventually called Nazis or Fascists. It’s simply a fact of semantic warfare.

  14. Suzanne, I do not think you have a full grasp of what is happening in Ukraine. The Azov Battalion is who Putin is addressing in Ukraine as Nazi’s. He is not calling all Ukrainians Nazis and is doing what he can to minimize Ukrainian citizen casualties. It is the Ukrainian militias that have shelled citizens where Russian forces are located and have used citizens as human shields. Why has the story of the U.S. operated and funded Bio-weapons Labs gone silent in our media? Why is Biden willing to start WW3 to protect Ukraine? I’m sick and tired of people bashing Putin without asking the hard questions and asking themselves what they would do in his shoes as a leader of Russia, who is sworn to protect his people. Is he an angel that should be trusted without question? Absolutely not, but he is a pragmatic leader that doesn’t make rash decisions. The USA and NATO signed treaties that they would not encroach eastward threatening the Russian border and their sovereignty as a nation. Yet, we have militarized Ukraine and researched deadly pathogens on Putin’s doorstep. Bad decision! These politicians jumping on the bandwagon of war will not be on the front lines when war breaks out and neither will their sons and daughters. It will be ours and God help us if someone is stupid enough to use a Nuke! I can tell you right now that Biden and his handlers are unstable psychopaths’ and would have no problem hitting the button to distract us from their criminal activities. That is true evil! Ukraine is not our fight but the Industrial War Machine wants it to be and it is up to Americans to see through their lies and deceptive tactics to drag us into another conflict that should never happen. I guarantee this would have never happened under Trump!

    • “……he is a pragmatic leader that doesn’t make rash decisions…….”
      I’m pretty sure that his ‘special military operation’, especially considering how it has been going for him, proves you incorrect.

      • According to independent military analysts outside the Beltway & Pentagon, the Russian ” special operation” has accomplished almost all of their objectives to date. Ukraine miltary casualties are horrendous and unsustainable. With the recent call up of more troops Russia is signaling that it will take more territory from the Ukrainians because of their failure to negotiate. Look for Odessa to fall eventually, effectively landlocking the nation. Of course, CNN, MSNBC & NPR have a completely different fairy tale to tell.

        • “……the Russian ” special operation” has accomplished almost all of their objectives to date…….”
          Well, then, we can all look forward to peace soon. Vlad the Great has done it again!

          • Reggie – no, there probably will not be peace. The situation has only gotten worse for NATO & the OBAMA/BIDEN foreign policy blunder in Ukraine. Russia now miltarily controls the breakaway provinces in the Donbass and the Russian speaking people there appear to have voted to join the Russian Federation. What that means is that the Russian border has now been moved hundreds of kilometers to the West. Putin a few days ago stated that any attack on the on these new territories will now be considered an attack on Russia itself, in which case Russia will respond accordingly with the full force of the Russian military, including nuclear weapons. Because of the ineptitude of the Biden White House to negotiate diplomatically, before the Russian “special operation” in the Ukraine, the world now finds itself closer to a nuclear winter than it has ever been before in history.

  15. What is the “Final Solution” for getting rid of this “Nazi” problem, liberals? Ghettos? Concentration camps … then what? Gather us into shower rooms? Doesn’t everyone have a right to live? Doesn’t everyone have a right to express his/her opinion? How did we arrive at a point in our history where one side gets to decide the other side does not have the same rights and value as they?

  16. MRAK – it is actually true that the Ukrainian Azov Battalion and other units are actually comprised of a large contingent of neo-Nazi’s. During World War 2 the Ukraine had a fairly high number of Nazi sympathizers and the philosophy resurfaced after the Soviet Union’s collapse. For those who will inevitably post that Zelensky is a Jew and as such would never tolerate Nazi’s, unfortunately that is not true. Zelensky is a product of the USA (Obama/Biden) backed 2014 Ukrainian coup and as such he takes his marching orders from Washington, DC. Our military intel knows that some of the best military units in Ukraine have fascist leanings, a fact that they are willing to live with if it prolongs the geo-political proxy war against Russia.

    • “……For those who will inevitably post that Zelensky is a Jew and as such would never tolerate Nazi’s, unfortunately that is not true……..”
      Just out of curiosity, can you cite a single German Jew who collaborated with the Nazi Party, 1936-1945?

      • George Soros is alleged to have been a Nazi collaborator. There have been others, look it up, but try to find a legitimate source. Wikipedia doesn’t cut it

          • Reggie – that depends on the source. Most independent journalists do not consider Wikipedia itself as a reliable source anymore.

      • The Kapos who preyed upon their fellow Concentration camp inmates. Vital Hasson comes to mind.

        Judenrates ran the ghettos for the nazis. Moshe Merin comes to mind.

        Several hundred to several 1000 hid in plain sight serving in the military.

        Gertrude Stein was rumored to have collaborated with the Vichy government.

        The list of Jews who committed atrocities on other Jews in the Nazi era is actually quite long.

  17. Why do those who are not on the radical left not in turn refer to radical leftist extremists as “Stalin” or “Mao” or “Pol Pot”, as they should be labeled?

    • Because Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot were mass murderers like Hitler. The majority of leftists today are squeamish rabbits squealing in displeasure about various realities. The only people they can hurt are themselves, and usually on accident when trying to accomplish something they think is important.

    • PBS? Meh.
      Try reading “Ordinary Men; Reserve Police Battalion 101 and The Final Solution in Poland” by Ken Browning. There’s a real eye opener.

        • “……How many times and in how many ways will you identify yourself as anti-intellectual?”
          How about openly.:
          I am not an intellectual.
          In fact, I find most intellectuals quite stuffy and full of themselves, but I do enjoy reading many of their work and thoughts. But me? I’m Joe Sixpack, and I’m enjoying every moment of it, thanks.

        • Lucinda – If PBS & NPR are your go to news sources maybe you need to broaden your horizons so you can contribute something of substance when you comment rather than parrot mainstream propaganda.

  18. Watch a documentary called Cannibal Island. It’s about Stalin and how he used the industrial revolution (Green New Deal) to single out enemies and dissidents. He rounded them up and “relocated” them to a remote island without food or supplies.

  19. Oliver Stone’s documentary film “Ukraine on Fire” pretty much lays out the brutal truth of the failed American geo-political regime change wars. Unfortunately, it has been pretty much censored off the internet since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

  20. NAZIs and as they’ve come to be known, neo-Nazis, and the different eras of Nazism are not all the same thing.

    The term NAZI is an acronym from the German for National Socialist Party. Which party in the USA comes closest to that definition? Calling someone a “Nazi” in our modern vernacular has become synonymous with the idea of the highest level of evil. In that sense, would it be inaccurate to label someone like Kim Jong-Un a Nazi? His level of evil is limited only in extent rather than degree. On this front, the only possible parallel in the USA are those who promote the ongoing slaughter of unborn children. The Germans did not think Jewish and Gypsy people reached the level of full personhood. Many on the left feel the same about unborn children.

    I understand the term “neo-nazi” to refer to a person who identifies with the view of Hitler’s Germany when it comes to national and racial superiority. This is what Putin means when he refers to “neo-nazis” in Ukraine. He feels, whether rightly or wrongly I cannot quite discern”, that Ukranian nationalists have mis-treated ethnic Russians under their domain. This was the pretext Hitler used to invade Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Poland. Some view Trump in this way because the majority of his supporters are white (as are the majority of Americans by the way). However, many non-whites also vote for and support Trump. His “Make America Great Again” slogan is indeed nationalist. One big difference is it does not single out and target any group, within or without the country, for attack based on ethnicity. Trump is a nationalist, but he is not a socialist.

    One other important distinction to make when tossing around the term Nazi. The rise of the Nazis (and also Communist revolutions elsewhere) in the early and mid 1930s have many parallels in today’s society–censorship, inflamed rhetoric, consolidation of power and destruction of checks and balances, increasing division of society based on class determined by those with power, and jailing of political opponents. While none of these activities speak well of the future in any nation where they are present, they do not automatically imply a Nazi-like terror that took place starting roughly in 1939. For instance, jailing of political opponents in Thailand has not led to conditions like those in Hitler’s Germany. Nor has censorship in Canada (yet). And while many of these activities are present in today’s America, many are still in their infancy or childhood. We can only hope to retard their growth and protect our nation from what could indeed be very dark days ahead. Part of the problem is that most “conversation” being had today comes in the form of using terms not clearly defined by those using them.

  21. The Right is all hurt at the name calling? What hypocrisy. Have any readers made the mistake of reading the repetitive, exaggerated, poisonous insults from commenter Jefferson?

    • You say “insults”, I say “factual descriptions of radical leftist extremists”.
      And you ARE a radical leftist extremist, Lucinda. And a particularly bitter, hateful and intolerant one. Those are not insults, they are merely observations of fact. And if you find that difficult to accept, then please objectively review your posting history in this forum.

      • Not so CB. Exposing hypocrisy weakens the claims of dangerous ideologies, and brings us a tiny bit closer to truth.

        • Lucinda finally discovered a real thought. Sadly exposing the hypocrisy of our dangerous ideologues, our communist inspired brethren, only appears to make them feel justified, as they all act for the “greater good”, aka solidifying their personal power. C. S. Lewis had it right, it is better to live under robber barons, than self-declared intellectuals and superior moral busybodies torturing you “for you own good”.

    • What is curious is the Democrats act like communists. And, they have plenty in common with the Nazis as well.
      Which political party is asking the social media companies to censor free speech? Like the Nazis squashed free speech as well.
      Which political party is demonizing large swaths of the population as deplorables, threats to the republic, etc..? Just like Hitler did in a lot of his speeches.
      But… it is OK to label the conservatives as Nazis because… well, it helps to demonize them, and then you can ignore them.

  22. One time an old room mate called me a fascist for asking her to pay her portion of the electric bill.

  23. Susan look at the number of people commenting on here. Amazing. The division is too wide to patch without massive blood shed. I’m not certain you should not cancel the comment section of your online news. You don’t want to play into what’s coming. And it’s coming soon.

    • And almost ALL of division in this country is the direct product of radical leftist extremists pushing their subversive, intolerant and authoritarian social, cultural and political agenda. If they could only practice the tolerance that they so hypocritically preach, they would not be suffering the righteous pushback that they are increasingly receiving from ordinary, sane Americans.
      My political philosophy, as a libertarian, is to allow others to live their lives as they choose to, as long as they do not violate my inherent rights to do the same. But the radical leftist extremist philosophy is ALL about coercion, authoritarian mandates, and brutal governmental force. There can be no compromise with such people, because they NEVER seem to have enough power over others — always they want more, and more, and more.
      I suspect that this country is in fact heading for civil war —- and I DO mean literal civil war. And witnessing the ever-growing insults and outrages of the radical left, I say it cannot come soon enough. The radical leftist extremists have crossed the Rubicon, and the die is cast.

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