Temp flight restriction, as Vice President Kamala Harris’ jet stopping in Anchorage for fuel on way to Japan


Vice President Kamala Harris is leading a delegation from the United States to the state funeral of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Her plane will stop in Anchorage for fuel on Sunday. A temporary flight restriction has been declared for the area around Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson for a couple of hours, which will impact private and commercial flights in the area.

Harris will also visit South Korea during the trip, planned for Sept. 25-29; this is her first official visit to either Japan and South Korea.

Abe, who stepped down in 2020, was assassinated on July 8 by a gunman who shot the former prime minister while he was giving a campaign speech near Yamato-Saidaiji Station in Nara City, Nara Prefecture, Japan.


  1. These are the climate change people. Shouldn’t she be taking a sailboat? Don’t stop at Japan either, a nice two year circumnavigation of the globe would be great. Then Kamala could say something like…a sailboat is a boat with a sail, without a sail it wouldn’t be a sailboat, so all sailboats need to have sails.

  2. Last week it was traitor Joe to England for a funeral this week, it’s cackling Harris to Japan for a funeral. And the little people couldn’t go to funerals because of the WuFlu.. These scum lecture US about CO2 emissions?? How many tons and tons for them to flit around the globe???

  3. Make sure to charge her double on that fuel since her and the Xiden regime have purposely driven up the cost of everything. Better yet, Governor Dunleavy should bar her from landing here at all.

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