Jim and Faye Palin: Who is Nick Begich III and why should we all support him for Congress?



Nick Begich III is a 44-year-old conservative Republican running for Alaska’s only seat in the US House of Representatives.   He and his wife Dharna have a 10-year-old son, Nicholas. Nick was born in Alaska and currently lives in Chugiak.  

Yes, he is a part of the well-known, primarily democratic, Begich family. However, he comes from a different branch of that family tree. At a very young age, following the divorce of his parents, he was sent to Florida where he was raised by his mother’s parents. They instilled the strong conservative Christian values he holds today. 

His involvement with the Republican party started when he was still in high school. He organized a group of like-minded students who, though too young at that time, were referred to as part of the official organization of “Young Republicans.”  Following high school, he earned a BBA at Baylor University then an MBA at Indiana University. His wife finished her education at Purdue University and is a pharmacist at Providence Hospital in Anchorage. 

Of note is the fact that they paid for their own education.

Nick worked for Ford Motor company for a few years and then started his own business. He is the founder and executive chairman of FarShore Partners, a full-service custom software and product development design agency that provides technical expertise locally and internationally.

Nick returned to Alaska 18 years ago, when he was in his 20s. During the last 18 years he has demonstrated his natural leadership ability in multiple public service arenas. He became the co-chair of the Alaska Republican Party Finance Committee (2017-19) and co-chair of Alaskans for Don Young (2020).  

He served on the Alaska Policy Forum, whose vision is “an Alaska that continuously grows prosperity by maximizing individual opportunities and freedom.”  He was board president from 2018 – 2021.    

He was elected to the Board of Directors of Matanuska Telephone Association (MTA) in 2016 – 2022. While on the MTA Board, he served on and was elected president of the MTA Foundation Board (2017-2021).  The goals of the Foundation Board are to promote technology awareness, economic development and enhance entrepreneurship through education and community involvement.  In addition, he has invested in a variety of businesses statewide helping to create jobs and strengthen Alaska’s economy.

Nick stands for the following:

  • Prosperity through resource independence
  • American energy security
  • Alaska’s role in national security                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Veterans
  • Development of Alaska’s critical minerals
  • Lowering Alaska’s energy costs
  • Restoring Alaska’s timber industry
  • Ensuring sustainable fisheries
  • Securing our Second Amendment freedoms
  • Focusing education on the student
  • Enhancing Alaska’s tourism
  • Lowering health care costs for Alaskans
  • Protecting American freedom from judicial activism

He is running a high-energy campaign, traveling statewide to meet other Alaskans, to discuss their views and concerns, and to answer any questions they may have.  

We hope the future involves a political forum where all the candidates are in attendance and where the questions are NOT provided to the candidates in advance. This will give us, the voters, the opportunity to judge each candidate based on their knowledge of and potential solutions for various state issues.

Take the opportunity to meet Nick. His entrepreneurial experience, his demonstrated leadership ability, and, his dedication to understanding Alaska’s diverse issues makes him unquestionably the most qualified person to represent all of Alaska in the U.S. House of Representatives.                                                         

Jim and Faye Palin live in Wasilla.                                                                                                                   


  1. Interesting. Jim Palin used to sing Sarah’s praises. But no matter, blood is thicker than water and “ mess with my boy” and family generally wins out. I like it! Keep the faith while they are still married but once Sarah started making life pretty miserable for Todd, well, adios Sarah and hello Nick.
    Many of us have had enough of the “reload” and “hockey stick mom ” cliches.
    Maybe when she quit on Alaskans that was maybe forgivable , with Jim and Faye. But when she quit on Todd, that was not.

  2. OK, so he supports policies that most sane Alaskans support. I want to hear where he stands on the hard positions like reigning in and prosecuting fascist criminal groups such as BLM & Antifa, restoring election integrity in the USA, investigating the corruption at the FBI and Dept. of Justice, ending the two tier justice system that we now have in our country, investigating the Biden money laundering operations in the Ukraine and Hunter Biden’s Laptop from Hell which contains incriminating evidence of then Vice president Biden’s receiving kickbacks from his son’s business dealings in China and I want someone with the guts to stand up to the tyrannical foreign members of the World Economic Forum that is shoving climate change lies down our collective throats. I don’t want a nice guy or gal in Washington, DC – not the place, not the time. I want a fighter that can stand up to the corruption & insider grift that is occurring on a daily basis in our nation’s capital. I want someone that will put America first!

    • Yep, totally agree.
      The COVID vaccine mandate issue was ‘big tell’ for me.

      Begich allowed himself to be injected like a sheep, while saying the right ‘moderate’ things – “Government shouldn’t force people….” However, he’d have zero problems standing aside and allowing Corporate USA to force their employees to show vaccine cards or risk losing their jobs.

      Palin was unvaccinated, shared the risk of government punishment with the rest of us – and would fight tooth and nail to prevent private businesses from successfully enforcing a vaxx mandate that government couldn’t pull off – because of a handful of Trump nominated federal judges.

      My guess is Palin, being quite religious, would be in support of a nationwide abortion ban and take the fight to the leftists in California. Begich likely prefers not to have to weigh in and ‘leave it to the states’. But he’s not stupid – he knows that federalism is effectively dead – and would probably vote in favor of a proposed ‘deal’ that once again forces deeply conservative states to allow abortions.

  3. From Businessinsider,
    “in 2008, Faye Palin told the New York Daily News that she was still undecided between then-candidate Barack Obama and Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona.”

    Tells you all you need to know about these Obama loving jokers.

    • Apu, I disagree, I think it tells me that this couple knew their daughter in law very well. I mean to say that the Palin’s had long experience with Sarah. Perhaps McCains choice of their daughter in law for his VP raised serious doubts about McCain judgement? Could be? Seems plausible.

      • I don’t care if Palin double dips in the salsa bowl, or if she hadn’t sent her in-laws birthday cards. I don’t care if she snubbed them at the Iron Dog.

        What I care about is whether or not she’ll vote correctly and reliably in Congress, and I have no doubt she’d be a more reliable vote than N. Begich – who has been proven to draw significant voter support from Democratic constituencies and would be beholden to them.

        If the Todd Palin’s parents were seriously scratching their heads over voting for Obama in 2008, I really don’t care what their input on the election is. We knew Obama was a snake in 2008, just as we know he’s a snake today.

        Some people really should just stick to snowmachines.

        • Apu – Couldn’t agree more! Now is not the time or place for Nick Begich! The country is hanging on by a thread. Just look at the political weaponization of the FBI & Dept. of Justice that is going on before our very eyes. It is no time to elect a Democrat or possible RINO to Congress. What we have to have in Congress is a definite YES vote for the MAGA agenda that hopefully will lead to a cleansing of the corruption, treason & grift in Washington,DC come next January.

  4. Couldn’t have said it better myself. NB3 is humble, straight forward, steady-handed, and conservative. He’s got all of the attributes that Sarah wishes she could honestly brag on. We are all voting for Nick as our #1.

  5. Who is Nick Begich III? Wow, you don’t hear papa Begich the II advocating for his son, yet you see him accompanying his son the III on election night all smiles! WTF? And old man Palin and the Dillingham crowd stalking for Nicky the III? Come on! Something nefarious must be happening! Who is paying who and how much? Who really is the III? He lurks in the shadows as everybody else does his bidding! How nice!

    I’m voting for Sarah, and I’m not ranking Begich! And I suggest every Sarah backer to open their eyes: this is an ugly election, and I’m sure as hell not ranking a Begich!

    • Dear long boring title:
      You are obviously too lazy (or dumb) to do your own research. Most Palin backers are. Nick Begich 3 entered this race in October 2021. Sarah Palin entered on April 1, 2022, just after Don Young died. There is plenty on NB3. So you are either another person who subscribes to the National Enquirer to read stories about your favorite opportunist mama cougar, OR, you are just another nasty Democrat who wants the Republicans to continue their fight over the candidates because you know that without the fight…….Mary Peltola, doesn’t stand a chance in hell.

    • Who really is Ill? Sir, I suggest that you are ” illinformed”.
      What if the really nefarious actor was Sarah Palin! Unwittingly of course. What if he old pal, Billy Walker advised her to jump into this race on April Fools Day? Hmm. She sure was tight with Billy when she stabbed Parnell in the back and allowed Billy to rob you of your PFD.

      As for NB3’s father, perhaps you didn’t notice that Nick was raised by his Maternal Grandparents. Just maybe that might brighten a few things up for ya.

      Go ahead and waste your vote. Thankfully most Alaskans won’t and we will elect Nick.

      • “Android,” update your operating system: you’ve been hacked! You need to be more discerning than the bloke below who writes as “Tired and Ill-informed!”

        You can’t deny that young Begich has been scurrying from dark corner to dark corner and letting others do his hatch work! To top it off he’s been trying pass himself off as Granny’s little one! That can’t be your version of conservatism: “Granny’s boy!”

        Nickie slithers out of the family camp claiming to be some sort of “conservative”—playing to the hopes and wishes of the lost and wary—and lo and behold, the “skit“ is a smart one: it’s working!

        Android, don’t let the clowns tamper any more with your “operating system.” I think that “Tired and Ill-informed” is too preoccupied drinking milk and eating Granny’s cookies to think of anything but kitchen treats: what’s the point in trying to talk with him? He’s already “dining” at Granny’s table!

        Young Begich has to step forth and be himself. He just can’t waltz through the election playing as if he’s every Republican’s conservative—a “Begich conservative” at that who is willing to act any role to get on the big stage!

        • Wow, you are so full of it it is coming out of your ears. I personally met Nick at the Alaska State Fair. He was not hiding in a dark corner and was willing to discuss everything I brought up. Dude has my vote and I will rank Palin 2nd to hopefully keep a Democrat out of *our* public office.

          • AK, I’m sure you got the full scoop as you were gnawing at your barbecued turkey leg or nibbling away at your powdered sugar elephant’s ear! I don’t doubt that you got a full five minutes worth of the barker’s grease before you hurried off to see the giant pumpkin!

            At least you’re not one of them waffly Begich voters who ranked Peltola as number 2! Thumbs up to you, AK!

          • And Democrats absolutely loved Begich as well – 2nd ranking him in droves, 43,000 to 3700.

            I think I’m going to trust thousands of Democratic voters and stick with the Republican they don’t like – proudly unvaxxed Sarah P.

            Last thing we need is yet another Murkowski, stabbing conservatives in the back and running to the Democrats for enough votes to keep him in office.

        • You can always tell when the Democrats barge in at MRAK. Long-winded titles and comments, but short on substance and meaning. Sprinkled with 6th grader’s critique and lots of name-calling. In otherwords, not too bright, and always identifiable.

      • Hombre, you and your candidate need to put in more sweat, hit the streets, and get out the vote—that’s where a lot of elections are won or lost! If you you want a “Begich conservative” badly enough, vote for him several times: remember, one of the proven ways of winning elections is to cheat. And if you really have the smarts, you’d hack into the voting machines and skew the results to your liking.

        Don’t start pointing fingers before you lose. Get to work: all eyes are on you!

    • You need to rank the Red. This reasoning of NOT voting Begich as second choice is WHY ALL of us Got Petola. Yes, there’s some reds we can’t afford to vote for like ALL the RINO’s…Lisa comes to mind..Plz listen..Rank choice is HERE for right now and IT IS determing the outcome..

  6. “They paid for their own education”, means what? With out seeing a college acceptance and an award letter that shows federal grants, college scholarships, college loans and work-study programs that a school is willing to offer it’s all just a ditty to shame those that received some type of Aid. College financial aid helps students and their families by covering higher education expenses if they qualify.. simply too many do not have enough resources like others do.

  7. Do they know what made Sarah shake like a leaf giving her quitty speech?

    Who is she afraid of? And why?

    Who did she take from is the grifter question.

    “It’s not who you know, it’s what you know” Sarah once chirped.

    Well someone knew enough about something, enough to make her resign in hast.

    I guess a phone call was out of the question.

  8. Still know very little about the guy. He has waffled on the abortion issue and did not take a strong stand. When pressured, he eventually stated that he was pro-life unless the health of the mother etc. It’s easy to claim to be Christian, doesn’t matter who raised you. He may be, but a devout believer isn’t afraid and would not compromise. Some candidates want to be on the right, w/o standing too far on the right. Not saying Palin is perfect, but she does have passion, drive, and is un-ashamed saying where she stands.

  9. I read MRA daily. I appreciate your work. However, I must say I am very disappointed in your heavily slanted and biased reporting on the race for congress against Sarah and for Nick. Do you have any realistic idea that the voters showed up in support for Palin, a lot of them your readers? And yet it seems you are grasping at straws trying to convince us that Nick has a chance. It’s obvious your bias of love of Nick and hate of Sarah as evidenced by your hit pieces. You would serve us better to honestly report that Nick doesn’t stand a chance in this three way race. If Sarah is our only defense against democrat Mary, well, you’d better get behind her and your readers. If this biased reporting keeps up I will not continue supporting this site, as it would make me no better than any other propaganda follower.

    • Suzanne didn’t write this article. This article is interesting precisely because it shows the Palins’ opinion. I agree with the most important point in the article: You should meet him. I’m a die-hard Sarah fan, but meeting Nick made a difference.

    • Sure, MRA is conservative, & Sarah is pretty liberal on economic issues, while NB3 is pretty conservative on all issues. Who should SD support?

      The funny thing is that RCV is perfect for conservatives in a race like this if they would JUST VOTE BOTH NB & SP (in whatever order they prefer). We would get one or the other. But no, only libs can play nice and win. It’s simply sad. We cons deserve to lose with attitudes like this.

      Look, I dislike Palin (dishonest and showboat). But I will still vote her #2. Can cons just swallow their pride and vote NB & SP in whatever order? No matter how bad you think NB or SP is, either is better than a Democrat. Please!

      • If Sarah Palin is ‘pretty liberal on economic issues’ while NB3 is ‘pretty conservative on all issues’….no.

        Democrats preferred Begich 42,000 to 3700. If Palin was ‘just like them’ on at least economic issues, they’d support her more enthusiastically. But she isn’t, and they didn’t. Willingness to use government power to punish ‘woke’ corporate/private interests doesn’t make you ‘a liberal’. It makes you a threat to the them.

        Ron Desantis hammered Disney earlier this year – does that make him a ‘liberal’? We need to break away from this false idea that conservatism is nothing more than being treat dispensers for Goldman Sachs.

    • Molly,
      if you can’t get enough of Sarah Palin, please go to the grocery store and buy the gossip mags at the checkout counter. There, you can read about her latest cougar moments with old old sports jocks, her son’s latest bail release from jail, her daughter’s latest out of wedlock child (or trip to the abortion clinic) or, her latest public breakdown with the media and against those who don’t like her. And make sure you visit mom and pop Palin in Wasilla and tell them how much you enjoy their ex daughter-in-law’s rants and rages.

    • Molly, I disagree with your premise that Suzanne hates on Sarah and loves Nick. I believe that Suzanne has done yeoman ‘s service in reporting just the facts.

      I wish Sarah well, but Nick is the better candidate. Simple as that. This is a dangerous time in our History, we need thoughtful informed and hard working leadership representing Alaska. I hope you will take time to consider what is at stake here.
      Thanks Molly!

      • I appreciate MRAK as good right-leaning, local, opinion journalism.
        Nothing wrong with having an opinion and presenting stories that guide others to your way of thinking. Especially in Alaska, beggars can’t be choosers. After losing the Anchorage Times in 1993, all there really was left for decades was local talk radio.

        But don’t fool yourself – MRAK’s story selection is political outcome driven. It makes sense that someone that had worked for Jeb Bush would oppose MAGA/Trump type candidates – if given a more moderate choice. IIRC – MRAK hadn’t even attended the newsworthy July 9 Anchorage Trump event.

        That said, most Palin supporters were willing to rank Begich #2. The question is: are you, Begich supporter, willing to do the right thing and rank Palin #2 to keep Peltola out?

  10. Without seeing college FASFA, application and acceptance letter offer take the “they paid for their own education” as just a little jab to those that needed some type of assistance. Not everyone has the same resources, but good for them.

  11. Maximizing individual opportunities and freedom should include not invading a woman’s privacy, or getting between a woman and her doctor. Not respecting privacy and trying to limit a woman’s reproduction freedom is directly contrary to the Alaska Constitution and disqualifies Begich from getting my vote.

    • Frankie, Begich is running for US House not State House. Seems that SCOTUS rightly ruled that abortion is a STATE and not a FEDERAL issue.
      Sorry Frank, but hey you can still vote for ” kill baby kill” Lisa!

    • Frank, Frank, Frank…. The recent Supreme Court decision regarding abortion has absolutely nothing to do with Alaska’s Constitution, in fact, it strengthens it as it leaves abortion rights decisions to the States. But, you probably already know that, don’t you Frank!

    • I only hope you rank Begich second. It will be hard for me but I will. Abortion goes back to states but 2nd amendment is a big issue here. Sarah will never change on that.

      • You are implying that Palin supporters weren’t already reliably ‘ranking the red’ and marking Begich #2. They did. This isn’t speculation – we know this from the voter data released by the Div of Elections.

        Begich supporters have been proven to be far more likely to defect and vote Democrat in larger numbers. So, really, you should be working on them if the goal is to stop Peltola.

        And then….hope that Palin supporters remain as generous ranking Begich as they were in the Special Election. Truth be told, after we witnessed so many so-called ‘conservative’ Begich supporters jump ship and actually support Peltola – it really makes him a tough sell.

  12. Rank choice voting is meant to divide the party of diversity – the Republican Party.
    Can we not unify?
    … I guarantee you.
    The other party is unified.
    It’s time to put our petty squabbles aside.

  13. How can anyone call themself a Democrat, knowing that the party platform is anti-God, anti-Life, anti-American, anti-Constitutional? Unless they support those beliefs, they need to disassociate themselves from the very name, “Democrat”.

  14. ………because they are God-hating, country hating, conservative hating, family hating, Republican hating, gun hating, freedom hating, 1st Amendment hating atheists. That’s how.

  15. Begich can’t be “Trump Conservative” if he honestly believes 2020 was an “honest”election! It was not an honest election! Election officials used Covid to allow massive cheating to take place and Alaska’s adoption of the mail in election process is highly suspect.

  16. Yes the Begich name is in our mind for the past but ‘step out’ to meet him and talk to him. What could that hurt? I voted Palin way back when but she now seems to be a bumbler like Biden. Maybe her head is still in the clouds.
    I would like to hear a debate with Begich and Palin. There’s where we will see the BIG difference.

  17. Whoever we vote for needs to be outspoken and a defender of our state and our liberties. We can’t afford to put someone in office that is just going to keep a chair warm and let the federal government control our land.

  18. I had a very good conversation with Nick Begich several months ago during which he explained to me his business and exactly what it is. It became apparent that computer programming and writing computer software is one of his areas of expertise. At this point I breached the subject of Dominion voting machines and how they could be used to throw an election. Suffice it to say that Nick Begich has absolutely no doubt that this is entirely possible and is quite well versed on exactly how it could and did happen in regards to the 2020 election. I have certainly seen no evidence of Nick Begich “lurking in the shadows” he is quite frequently appearing at well promoted high profile meet and greet events. I have attended numerous of them.

  19. Of course they support Begich, just like their son does. Instead of spouting the Begich talking points, how about telling us what conservative issues he has championed and what he plans to do if he gets in office. Sorry but he proves nothing to me that he is a conservative or what he even stands for

  20. Conservative Matt Drudge secretly sold out and disappeared long before Drudge Report readers realized he was gone. I’m starting to wonder if the same has occurred with Suzanne Downing of MRAK? This probably will never be published, everything I contribute seems to disappear?

  21. Doesn’t matter he won’t win regardless he and palin split the vote fracturing republicans voting power. His “career” will go out in a whimper and we will be stuck with a democrat for the next decade.

  22. Mom told all of us to keep quite and stay out of trouble. But how can we do that when we are either in jail, at the abortion clinic, or in another public brawl?

    • ……or producing more out of wedlock babies so Grandma Sarah will have a larger future audience at family gatherings.

  23. A vote for Palin is a vote for Peltola which is a vote and support for Biden and Pelosi.

    Palin’s A.C.E.S. program quite effectively drove major oil & gas out of state.

    She invokes the “Drill Baby Drill” mantra. They damn sure did drill…..in North Dakota.

    Nick Begich clearly the better candidate, a stable family and an educated articulate man with computer software savvy that in this day & age is a huge plus. He understands Dominion voting machines and the devastating potential to our electoral process.

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