Social engineering: Facebook puts ‘extremist content’ warning on Anchorage Mayor Bronson’s inaugural invitation


At least one Facebook user was shocked to see that on an official invitation from Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson to the inaugural block party on Thursday, Facebook had inserted a caution: “Are you concerned that someone you know is becoming an extremist? We care about preventing extremism on Facebook. Others in your situation have received confidential support.”

Facebook admits it is rolling out an initiative to combat extremism on its platform. Other users are being notified that they may have been exposed to “extremist content,” and are redirected to a page to help them.

Evidently something about the mayor’s inaugural block party was deemed extremist by Facebook. Was it the Polynesian dancers? The Native drummers? The Anchorage Police Department booth or the children’s bouncy house? Perhaps it was the live country band Sixwire, or the fact that Democrat Forrest Dunbar didn’t win, or the protest transvestites parading the perimeter of the event in women’s lingerie.

Who knows what is triggering the social media giant these days to flag the users of its platform?

One man brought an American flag to the Bronson Block Party to celebrate the inauguration of the new mayor.

According to Fox, CNN, and other mainstream media sources, such notifications just started showing up Thursday as part of a Facebook test to identify people on the platform who have engaged with or were exposed to what Facebook considers extremist content. The company is partnering with unknown nonprofits and academics to further what it calls the “Redirect Initiative.”

Have you seen the warning on your Facebook feed? Leave a description in the comments below.


  1. Wow…blatant censorship. FascistBook is going too far. It’s time to do something about them.

  2. I wonder if they are doing this to posts from the left wing. I’d be willing to bet not.

  3. He is somewhat to the right of psychopathic Che, therefore to them he is extremist. The best thing people can do is cancel Facebook.

    • I am wondering whether canceling best course or just constant steady conservative posting. Then also when they label something so harmless then post it again. And maybe again a few times. Having access to their Marxist platform does give us opportunity to share truth in the darkness too. Alas though most people don’t pay attention and are more focused on posting things like what they had for dinner or their favorite family photos. Passing up a good opportunity to use for spreading truth.

  4. Facebook is done as a vehicle to exchange information about various topics amongst friends. It is now a political weapon against anything conservative. I have not posted anything on my FB page since January. Facebook has become anti-American and should be taken down. There are other sources to communicate.

  5. You know it was the fact that MAYOR Bronson is a Republican Politician is what triggered them

    • I continue using it because it’s the only place where I have managed to make contact with long lost relatives and friends. It’s also the place where I had to restart my car club after MSN Groups folded. It’s not easy to find a platform where everyone goes.

      Facebook knows all this and uses it to their advantage. I just keep reporting BS to them as I come across it.

  6. That’s an accusing spirit coming through Facebook. This New Administration hasn’t even started, yet, except move boxes into the offices. I highly doubt Anchorage’s new mayor will be an extremist. That is a lie and deception.

  7. “Are you concerned that someone you know is becoming an extremist?”
    Yes, but people are allowed to be Democrats, if that is the path they choose…..

  8. Facebook is not the only public forum doing this. The neighborhood site “Nextdoor” is starting the same thing. I was blocked from the site and got a pop up. I was scolded for extremist views and had to check a box saying I would change my thoughts or I would not be allowed on the site. I checked the box and continued on. We’ll see what happens.

  9. If I read it right, Google has 15000 volunteers officially censoring content. Add to this the tens of thousands of people “reporting” content they personally don’t like.
    I’ve noticed that lots of European and Asian family content is disappearing at a regular pace, plus Music videos, Russian car crashes, Instant Karma videos, traditional herbal medical treatment for owies and booboos, and etc. So many things which were there for years, suddenly have that red banner violation of community standards, or can’t be found at all.
    Google is becoming an echo chamber, and I suspect Fakebook, Twatter, and the rest are following close behind.

  10. Facebook is attacking all Conservatives as extremists, when in reality ,there are many who are extremists on the other side.. We need Anti Trust Laws that prevent Zuckerberg and his cronies from taking over the entire United States of America. Time for Conservatives to stop using Facebook and all Social Media. Wouldn’t that be a kick.?

  11. The new definition of an Extremist is someone with an opinion who is not a Leftist. For any other questions see Orwell.

  12. There’s only one way to handle this kind of censorship and propaganda…delete your Facebook account and move to MeWe or some other less restrictive and controlling SM platform. Bronson needs to order all Municipality of Anchorage Facebook accounts deleted right now. If you can’t even do something as simple and easy as that then you’re part of the problem.

      • It’s absolutely simple to shift SM platforms…just set up your second account and urge your contacts to do the same. When enough people have their non-Facebook account up and running delete your Facebook account. Or just keep using Facebook and enriching the very people who are oppressing you.

  13. I got one attached to a post from a friend. My brother got one. We tend to lean far right. Wanted to open “Get Support “ but afraid of where that might lead.

  14. My bet? I say it was the name: Rick Rydell. Don’t forget, he used to be “The Most Heavily Armed Radio Host in America”. I’m debating changing my name for WasteBook’s business from Anti-Social Media to Socialist Media. 🧐

  15. Funny how there are never ever warnings from, or bannings by, the corporate censorship-happy oligarchs about LEFT-wing extremists, who apparently according to them do not exist. Whereas the reality is that most of those currently identifying as leftists are in fact radical extremists in the truest sense of those words.

    And anyway, why are there ANY idiots out there still using FascistBook? And more to the point, why were there any idiots ever using it in the first place? I could clearly see FaceBook for the privacy-destroying, personal data-mining operation that it fundamentally is from the very beginning, and refused to have anything to do with it, despite some familial and social pressure to participate.

  16. Facebook users participate at their own peril. Facebook allowed Cambridge Analytica to access the private social media activity of 50 million people, Elizabeth Warren, a politician of questionable integrity, has accused Facebook of being corrupt. Accusations abound! Nowhere in the dialogue surrounding the social media phenomena do you see anyone praising its integrity.

  17. Seems like this is good news, no?
    Imagine what Mr. Bronson’s supporters would think if Big Tech enthusiastically endorsed him.
    Wonder if it’d be “extremist” for Anchorage’s new mayor to order removal of all things Facebook from computer equipment owned, operated, or managed by executive-branch employees and contractors.
    Might be fun to find out…

  18. I had noticed people aren’t telling others to find them on Facebook, as they did between 2008-2015.

    They actually more inclined giving phone numbers or text message.

    I think there are increasing numbers of people no longer using any kind of social media tool for social and communications reasons. I come across more people today than when social media tools were new who no longer uses Facebook.

    Facebook is killing itself. Its newly developed marketplace for businesses will have to find another way to advertise.

    Facebook reduced so much reach the business owners could have if Facebook was not pushing users or customers away.

  19. You know what I had noticed is people aren’t telling people to find them on Facebook as they did between 2008-2015. They actually more inclined giving phone numbers to text message and call once agian. I think there are increasing numbers of peoples no longer using any kind of social media tool for social and communications reasons. I come across more people today than when social media tools were new who no longer uses Facebook and the like.
    Facebook don’t know what they are doing but they are killing itself. Its newly developed market place for businesses will have to find another way to advertise. Facebook reduced so much reach the business owners could have if Facebook werent being such a numbskull pushing users or customers away.

    While my front door is recieving more business tracks without a social media contact but only left their business email and an invitation to call or text. There is no social media networking sticker anywhere marketing the tools for further communication.

    • I don’t use FB for any social connecting and have an account under my maiden and middle name just so I can access certain sites that are only Facebook. I prefer face to face, phone or text for social connection. Years ago I tried Facebook and found it so distracting and disruptive and the negatives so far outweighed the benefits I deleted my account. I can see thar for some people it can be a great vehicle for connecting with family far away but it does take a bit of energy, effort and time snd just did not work for me.

  20. Just more proof that Facebook, YouTube etc. are being run by a bunch of 20 something SJW’s with gender studies majors. I could care less what any of these platforms thinks or does. Bronson should wear this warning as a badge of honor.

  21. Shouldn’t surprise you Suzanne, fascists will be fascists. They are doing the Federal Government’s bidding now to point out anyone that loves America and the Constitution as EXTREMISTS! That is why the FBI stole a copy of the Constitution from the Homer couples home. That was a statement being made against American citizens. Social media and the MSM belong to the Deep State and will be used against us! We are in the fight of our lives and must win for America to survive.

  22. Really, any adult using FarceBook today doesn’t have a real life. Pure child’s play.

  23. I don’t know why any conservative is still on Fakebook. What’s wrong with you people? Get off! Fakebook hates you, and steals and sells your information to other evil doers. Please people, vote with your feet. Stop using these hateful media platforms.

    I really miss the days of polite society. I could never have imagined what’s going on today 20 years ago. Even 10 years ago. Leftist control of our schools has sprouted the most vile, hateful, angry (and stupid!) brats I ever seen.

  24. It was very hard because my family from back East, brothers sisters and cousins are all on Fakebook and it was a comfort being closer. But I had enough last summer and I no longer go there along with Instagram. It’s really the only thing to do. I loved the Babylon 🐝 parody where they substituted “free thinker” for extremist. 😅

  25. I have been off FB for 2 years! It’s been a breath of fresh air!!!
    TRUMP 2024

  26. And yet surely many of the folks that complain still find a reason to use FB to this day. Unbelievable. Such is the reason for the death of our culture. Double mindedness on parade.

  27. Twitter is a cesspool.
    Facebook is a sewer.
    Best thing you can do is remove these from your lives along with cable tv.

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