Even Assemblyman Chris Constant says Must Read Alaska provides news you won’t find anywhere else


A Must Read Alaska story about the Anchorage Assembly majority tabling an ordinance so it would not have to listen to public testimony has irritated Assemblyman Chris Constant greatly. If Must Read Alaska had not done the story, he would not have gotten a certain email that he feels is anti-semitic.

In a message on Twitter, Constant says that the email sent to the Assembly about the Assembly’s refusal to listen to public testimony is anti-semitic.

In polite terms and without name-calling, the writer warned the Assembly to not to prohibit public testimony just because the Assembly thinks it knows better than the public. “Why are you so afraid to hear public testimony,” the Anchorage constituent asked the Assembly.

The writer made a special mention of Forrest Dunbar, who is the assemblyman who said that the public’s testimony is always filled with misinformation, reminding him of what happens when people are oppressed, as had been done in Germany under the Third Reich. “Do you not know your own history?” the constituent wrote.

Constant has described the letter to the Assembly as anti-semitic. He also published the author’s email address to his followers on Twitter, a practice known as doxxing (inviting harassment of someone). And he attributed the letter to someone he associated in the Save Anchorage Facebook group.

When Constant learned he had just shared misinformation, he walked back his statement about Save Anchorage.

Constant, who was a top lieutenant for Forrest Dunbar’s mayoral campaign, could not drop the anti-semitic theme, however. In a case of political blame-shifting, he said that the person was motivated by a story in Must Read Alaska:

The story at Must Read Alaska, linked here, relays what happened during the Aug. 23 Assembly meeting, when the Assembly tabled an ordinance that would have asked voters whether they want to elect the Municipal Clerk should be placed on the ballot.

The ordinance, AO 2022-13, was offered by Mayor Dave Bronson in response to the discontent among many Anchorage voters about how elections are managed in Anchorage. The Clerk, who oversees Anchorage’s controversial elections, is beholden to a highly partisan Assembly. If elected, she would be responsible to the people.

The Assembly voted to table the ordinance indefinitely, 9-3, because to allow it to be considered by the Assembly would mean the Assembly would have to hear public testimony on their views of Anchorage elections. Dunbar said that would invite misinformation to be spewed.

Assemblyman Constant has a reputation of calling for members of the public to be silenced during their testimony, for having people thrown out of Assembly meetings, and for even flashing the “Loser” sign at people who attend the meetings.


  1. Suzanne you nailed it here ma’am, must read is the only news in Alaska. All the others are fake and blocked. Suzanne Suzanne Suzanne thank you for the fun and laughs team must read.

  2. Think about why the assembly wants to do this all the time. Follow the money and power. It’s not for the betterment of the city but all about their agenda and getting rich.

    • Totally. Like all 2000 of them that elected him unopposed so he can rule like a tyrant over all 350,000 of us here in Anchorage.

      He ran unopposed but it’s interesting to see how close many of the assembly seats were in 2020. Many of these jerks that have decided to work together in lock step to maximize their rule didn’t get in with many votes or margin.

      Professing that everything is futile might be self defeating. Although, with Barbara Jones in the way, things might always be close but never enough.

  3. ADN will no longer be allowing comments to opinion pieces starting this week. The reason claimed was that the same small number of people commented and that the comments were quite often mean spirited (my term) and often diverged into something unrelated in the article.
    Will be interesting if these people, who often attack the opinion author or each other, will start using MRA for their future unpleasantness.

    • “ADN will no longer be allowing comments to opinion pieces starting this week………”
      When ADN edited a Letter to the Editor I sent them many years ago, and changing the meaning of my statement, I stopped writing. One way communication is not conducive to the “democracy” the left is supposedly so in love with, but it’s the way tyrants need to have it in order to maintain power……or fool themselves into believing that they’re maintaining power.

      • Peltola and ADN believe in democracy which is mob rule. The guaranteed form of government in the US is a republic with rule of Law. The US Constitution IS the law which rules.

        • Your opinion –NOT that what is defined in the US Constitution … and, to be more truthful, ours is a ‘federal constitutional representative democracy’ both a republic AND a democracy. And, as some will say, a “flawed democracy/republic” wherein elections are not truly representative of the majority of actual individual persons.

  4. Under the guise of “misinformation” the Anchorage City Council ignores the voices of the public. We’ve seen this tactic increasingly from democrats at the federal level where everyone who disagrees with their policies is guilty of spreading “misinformation”. At this point leftist are making clear “this is our government, no representation for the right”.

  5. What insincere rhetoric used just to trigger and distract and then copout. We should give them other examples of governments that silenced the public and opposition. Like England in the 1700’s. Or Putin.

  6. Constant for yourself, but yet in subjugation unto Dunbar…

    Oh, I shall send Dunbar a ‘contribution’, but not one he appreciates, to be sure.

    I myself would consider it a raspberry, but that is something he may enjoy, as would you.

    YOU are the antisemite here, Constant, as you discount the suffering of said people throughout their history within comparison of something you know nothing about, apparently, and nor does Dunbar.

    You and he simply use it as a talking point, knowing nothing of its history.

    You, Constant, and you, Dunbar, adhere more unto the National Socialist German Workers’ Party belief system than any of those that disagree with you ever shall.

    The both of you are pathetic wishful despots, both looking over your shoulders in fear whilst at the same time attempting to force your pathetic perceived power over the citizenry, knowing that the citizenry is more powerful than you.

    • Dunbar will appreciate
      recieving 1 copper abraham lincoln penny for a donation to his campaign. Just
      be sure attached to penny at least a one page essay highlighting all the good abe did for america.
      Be much better than a raspberry, and more memorable.hahaha.

  7. Agreed. Must Read Alaska is the place alaskans will ‘hear the rest of the story…’ the part democrats don’t want known and sometimes taking the democrats’ dirty laundry exposing the stains to the cleaners since the media don’t hold democrats accountable for soiled underwear, and What a leader does in private not wanting anyone knowing.

    • How I introduce Must Read Alaska to Anchorage and Alaska visitors I meet: must read alaska is the only place to get the rest of the story and it takes out the politicos’ dirty laundry for them.

  8. Nothing antisemitic about the email. I agree with the writer 100% and I’m qualified to speak on this bc I’m an observant Jew with lots of holocaust study and family experience in my background. I am sick to death of these fascist leftist Jews deflecting legitimate criticism by calling everything antisemitic. There IS lots of antisemitism out there and hypocrites like Dunbar and Constant make it worse. They are a disgrace to the Jewish people and frankly a disgrace to the human race (doxxing people to get campaign contributions?) Hateful and sick!

  9. WE NEED the exact number of lawsuits going on so far and what has happened. You would think a city of 300 000 would actually show up at assembly…it will be too late when the illegals all get here with free everything given to them in the name of Berkie’s climate including free legal help.

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