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Assemblyman Constant creates public flap about a testifier’s floppy hand gesture

Erik Lambertsen was criticizing Assemblyman Chris Constant for having “hissy fits,” when he made a floppy hand gesture that upset Constant all over again. Constant interrupted the testimony and said that the gesture was “homophobic.”

Lambertsen denied that it was, and continued his criticism of Constant, recalling the time that Constant, on a hot mic, said he wanted to pre-empt the chance for Assemblywoman Jamie Allard to move to end the mask mandate.

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Can’t see the video below? Try this link.

As a result of the incident involving a hand gesture, a leftwing group that flies under the name of East Anchorage Book Club called for a boycott of Lambertsen’s businesses.

This is what is known as “doxxing,” a practice usually perpetuated on conservatives by leftists.

Assemblyman Constant is the king of hand gestures. In October, he was caught making the “Loser” sign at someone in the audience who he disagreed with at the Anchorage Assembly meeting, as captured in a video:

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Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. I am more concerned that these people think they are going to get participating federal funds for 37 bond projects that nobody wants in their neighborhood and they are so screwed up they didn’t even look for or receive maps of affected areas, legally notice this special meeting or legally notice properies that will have portions taken owned by minorities thus continuing the intergenerational harm game so very popular in our Alaskan charm culture. If only we gave a darn about doing things right. It’s so horrible that tender feelings get hurt.

  2. Downing: slow news day? Your stories are usually more important than this. How about a story about the Trump administration causing forged alternate electors documents in some of our states?

      • What else do they have, nothing. Sure can’t look into Hunter Biden’s well documented abuse of minor children.

    • It really is important when the citizens of our community are denied the right to speak out in a forum designed to do just that. On review, I was unable to see any offensive gestures. Proper public speaking often incorporates the use of hand gestures. Get over your hatred and realize that at least a major number of Americans did vote for Trump, and accepted the results of the election. Why can’t you get over it? Unless you think that maybe you have your own doubts and must continue to defend these results. You got your President, so just enjoy the results. We are not fighting you. After all, we are all in this together, as fellow Americans. And we shall overcome.

        • Yep, I bet you found it on yahoo news, in the same place that had a story about grandpa having to be put in a home because he has Alzheimers symptoms. Luckily he was saved by his doctor cleaning his earwax out and now GP is back to normal. Talk about stupid misinformation….
          BTW SCOTUS ruled that constitutionally states have the right to replace/punish electors, if they do not vote for the winner of the state election for Pres/Vice Pres.. 2 Hillary electors from CO and Minnesota respectively were replaced because they changed their vote in 2016.

    • Slow enough that you had nothing better to do than click on it. Then on top of that, let yourself get triggered to relapse into another episode of they man living rent free in your alleged mind

      • Maybe you voted for trump. Maybe you regret doing so and would rather move on to avoid your embarrassment.

  3. Treat people how you want to be treated. What is sowed will be harvested later. Wrath could come in the form of country collaspe then everyones businesses and government jobs are gone. Probably be best we learn how to support one another. After all, we are all Americans.

    • Sometimes we need a little Jericho action to straighten us up. With Armageddon looming, it really doesn’t matter does it? Just take care of yourn and keep turning the other cheek.

  4. I am sick sick sick of living under dark side mentality. Please get these societal misfits off our assembly!!!!

  5. We’ve officially entered the age of cuck, where those upon high are threatened by overt displays of masculinity and hand gestures. I know links aren’t liked here, hopefully Suzanne will allow this one, its too funny:

  6. No on bonds! Period! Have you taxpayers noticed your 2022 property valuations? Factor in the $111 Million school bonds and the ridiculous fluff bonds proposed on the 2022 ballot. Get a grip and vote NO on all of them when you see the antics of the characters who are running this show! I recently refinanced so I can stay in my house of 40 years with this BS.

    • Reminder to all:
      The State of Alaska chose not to provide the promised $37.7M in bond debt servicing funds. Leaving the Municipality no other choice but to raise taxes on homeowners and businesses.
      And, the Assembly also chose to spend a ton of money on luxury items.

      • CBMTTEK, the state’s school debt reimbursement was never a given. Every bond we voted on had a statement that made it clear that while debt reimbursement was expected, it was ALWAYS contingent upon state approval.
        Instead of raising taxes, the better way would be to
        A) not bond for anything else and budget instead
        B) conduct a financial audit into the school district, to find all the little pots of funds squirreled away and return those funds to the city to balance the burden on the tax payer…..yes there are rainbows and unicorns in my future I am sure!!

  7. Who knew a floppy hand gesture was all it took to live rent free in the boy’s head?
    Wonder what’d happen if the whole Assembly audience did the Constant Floppy Hand every time the boy opened his mouth.
    Can’t wait to see what happens when some entrepreneur marries up Let’s Go Brandon with the Constant Floppy Hand… videos, music, sweatshirts, custom ring tones, bumper stickers, posters, caps, coffee mugs, decals, break-dance routines, you know, a little tune, a thing like the Village People, that’ll never quite go away.
    Forget the China flu fist bump, why not do the Constant Floppy Hand instead?
    So the boy throws an epic hissy fit, passes a law and a tax against the Constant Floppy Hand… can’t imagine anyone outside the boy’s circle of sycophants giving more than a microscopic damn.

  8. We are boycotting the east anchorage book club and there leftist policy’s. Constant just continues to show his real colors. We can’t wait for him to be put in his place when he doesn’t have is job as leverage to get what the minion wants.

    • Can we get names of people in this
      “ book” club? I would like to know Any business interests held by them or their Families so we can get a boycott on their businesses and see if we can bankrupt them. Are their Officers listed anywhere?

  9. CONSTANTly whining, CONSTANTly abusing power, CONSTANTly playing the victim, CONSTANTly authoritarian, CONSTANTly violating the municipal charter, CONSTANTly insulting, CONSTANTly childish, CONSTANTly contemptible.
    Yep, that’s our Chris.

  10. Another thing: I’m going to apply for as much housing assistance as I can get. Because of covid our assembly have become more coveteous of the native people’s equity, more aggressive, hateful of their native constituents and sloppy in bond packaging preparation. They turn in their non-work product and expect kudos and graciousness from the public while maliciously impoverishing constituents in neighboring council areas. Mr. Lambertson “gets it”. Downtown? Please, get someone else to re-present you. This “member” from downtown needs to be replaced.

  11. Pot calling kettle black here. Constant has been infamous for his studied disregard for citizens testifying, up to and including the “L” finger sign indicating he is calling the citizen a loser.

    The only person in the room who cares Constant is gay is Constant, meaning HE is the one with the problem. Most of us ignore the persuasion, which has allowed Constant and others to be elected. If he now wants to make it an issue, I encourage him to go for it. He and his majority are really not gonna enjoy playing under his new rules. Cheers –

  12. That just makes me want to give him MORE business. Chris needs to shut his hole and stop embarrassing the municipality.

  13. Oh, Lord, but Constant is an incredibly perpetually offended individual…sigh…one may wonder if he indeed identifies himself as every possible caricature imagined from every outside source possible, and therefore sees offense not from said outside source but within the source that he is himself…

    Might I suggest, within the parlance of my generation and mindset, that you simply ‘grow a pair’, and stand by your convictions, rather than whine about your self-perceived and self-realized weaknesses…

  14. Poor Chris. I can’t imagine living life looking for all the ways people I’ve never met are trying to offend me. It seems a bit paranoid. Has he been evaluated lately for anxiety? Depression? Substance overuse? In any event, I hope he can find peace in his life and should probably step away from public service. It doesn’t seem to suit him well at all.

  15. What a sad existence. Constantly searching for a reason to be offended. (Pun intended.)
    And, let me be blunt. I do not care that Constant is offended. Bummer, dude. It’s called life. No one holds responsibility to ensure you do not get offended. Stop being a thin skinned crybaby. Grow up, be an adult.

    • Actually the venue is intended to be professional. And those conducting business have no obligation to deal with children like you interrupting it. The adults are needing to get things done, regardless if you have the capacity or not

      • Please attempt to explain to us how the perpetually pearl-clutching Chris Constant is acting like an adult, here or at any other time.
        “Oh my Lord, you moved your hand in a possibly suspicious manner! I think I am about to suffer a case of the vapors!”

  16. Hear hear! I worked for 45 years in Alaska, the best years of my life, and I supported this city, state (yes I paid a state income tax before the oil boom), and federal government with my taxes. The residential and senior citizen exemptions from the Municipality are a godsend now. However, last year, with the $53 million in school bonds and other frivolous spending, my house payment rose significantly. I live a frugal life and manage my expenses responsibly. When my spouse passed away in 2005, I was left with a substantial debt that had to be paid. When I saw the writing on the wall with this current assembly and school board, I decided to refinance once more with a low interest rate to reduce the house payment. Fortunately, my excellent credit rating allowed that. Now, with the $111M school bonds and other frivolous spending proposed for the next ballot, I will see another nasty increase before I even get to enjoy the benefit of refinancing if these bonds pass!

    Responsible people, wake up! It seems this current band of misfits is coming for everything you have to fund their utopian pipe dreams. Snort!

  17. If a pack of feral children had stormed the assembly and took charge of the seats, I would have some sympathy. They’re children, incompetent based on their immaturity. When the same behavior is exhibited by grown adults, it’s vulgar, obscene – and with (demonstrable) regard to the danger they have posed to this city’s people, degenerate. Constant’s blatantly obvious political pandering is as counterproductive as their entire infestation on this assembly has been.

  18. The “let’s go brandon” crowd has a spineless problem it seems. Why do these cowards always overplay their cards, then try to backpedal as though they’re toddlers caught stealing candy? Did none of these grown men experience the whomps they needed to act like adults? Their parents should not have had kids.

  19. Every assemblyman acting on every impulse is not public service I want to pay for. Constant had an impulse to conduct an umpromptu investigation of the people’s elected executive action. Because, Constant feels impulsively he desires to shadow the elected executive doesn’t give Constant carte blanche to induce city employees to answer his imperious inquisitioning. And, those of you assemblymen who reflexively follow his unlimited impulses are so noted. This is not public service from public servants that we would like. I am content that the Mayor was familiarizing himself with contemporary operations. That is public service the people appreciate. Merely, impulsive malicious presumptuous insertion of individual inquisitor/conquistador behavior does not add value. It is not not “hard work”. Perhaps it is merely display of personal lack of impulse control again.

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