Video: Did Assemblyman Chris Constant flash the ‘Loser’ sign at a citizen?


During Wednesday’s Anchorage Assembly meeting, a woman in the audience shouted to the front that Assemblyman Chris Constant had made the L-shaped “Loser” sign on his forehead at her. He denied it.

The official video from the Anchorage Assembly YouTube channel does not show the incident.

But a video taken by a citizen journalist shows it. Was it an itch that Constant needed scratch? Or was he being rude?

Here’s the video of the assemblyman from downtown Anchorage flashing the Loser sign:

And, take two, here’s the video of Chris Constant being called out for his actions by a member of the audience:


  1. Oh yes, that is the Loser sign. In my opinion, Constant has the maturity of a five year old. Wake up
    Anchorage and get out to vote these immature dictators off the Assembly. My bet is that a group of Anchorage Senior High School Students could run the Assembly better than these jokers.

  2. All these liberals are being coached by the same commie group in the Democratic Party. We had the same thing here in Edmonds WA done by the farthest left council member, Adrienne Farley-Monillas who is always trying to pass herself off as a minority. She just got caught on a city council Zoom meeting drinking wine from a wine glass……. After she flashed the “loser” sign at a resident taxpayer comment!!!! I tell you these idiots are being versed in obnoxious leftist behavior. All they want is control: mask mandates, everybody must be jabbed, and they also want “ closed” to the public city council meetings!!!!!!! It is a nationwide tyrannical movement for the liberal fascists!

  3. Could be any number of other hand motions, most of which are innocent, but it does look like “loser” sign in that video.
    I will, unlike the tolerant left, give him the benefit of the doubt, and assume it is poor hand placement.

  4. “He was lookin’ kind of dumb with his finger and his thumb in the shape of an “L” on his forehead” -Smash Mouth. Like the song, Constant, not so much. Why do so many of these people remind me of Lord Farquaad?

    • Farquaad was symbolic of the those who lack true power and instead deify themselves above others to promote the illusion of self worth. They lack power to change the flaws in themselves, so they fill up their existence with trying to fix the world and those around them to meet their fantasy.
      The distract themselves so they do not have thoughts that they might just be mistakes.

  5. C’mon, let’s everyone start acting like responsible adults around here. Everyone, not just the ones you don’t like.

  6. And this is the problem with watching assembly meetings on YouTube. The focus is on the speaker and the viewers at home do not see what else goes on in the room.
    I appreciate the option to view the meeting later when I have time. However it should not become the default way the assembly expects residents to attend assembly meetings. From watching last nights meeting one wonders…… The assembly needs the interaction with the public. That’s what we are paying them for.

  7. What gross misconduct from a supposed adult assembly member… They all need to be removed.. Every one of them.

    • Had several chances and each one fell flat.

      Face it. This is what Anchorage wants. The numbers don’t lie.

  8. Ok, I am not sure that is what I saw and the woman speaking out of turn is behaving like a child. Sorry, that is the truth. I find Mr. Constant a bit reprehensible but good grief lowering yourself to middle school behavior will accomplish nothing. It sounded like my sister and I fighting in the back seat of the station wagon …’she made a face at me”……”I did not! ?”. To hear adults do that is cringeworthy. I don’t care if they are ‘right’, on the right, or not. Dignity, please, and do not lower yourself to the behavior of certain assembly members. Please rise above it.

    • So just let him abuse and intimidate members of the public? Calling out abusive behavior isn’t “middle school behavior”. These people thrive in the shadows. The only way to combat them is to call them out repeatedly so that others know their experience isn’t an isolated incident. Or you can just put your head in the sand and let these people transform your community into something vile and unrecognizable.

  9. Look up Anne Barnhardt’s description of Diabolical Narcissists. That’s exactly what going on with the Communists on the ass-embly.

  10. So he does the “L” sign, gets called out, then denies knowing what she is talking about. Classic gaslighting.

    We have abusers in our assembly. I feel sorry for his husband.

  11. Chris Constant reminds me of that Bonobo we see at the zoo. The one who’s constantly stroking his magnificent male “ego” and one who’s not shy at lobbing an occasion turd at his keepers either.
    Everyone who testifies should take a banana and leave it at the lectern for his highness, Chris Constant.

  12. There are two solutions to the problem with the assembly.
    One is Anchorage will continue to spiral downward until enough voters have had their fill.

  13. And here I thought he was searching for his non-existent brain.
    “If a man is in his 20’s and is not a liberal, he has not a heart. – When he is in his 40’s and still a liberal, he has not a brain”. – Winston Churchill

  14. His MO is to attack and then gaslight you to pretend like you are over reacting, being unprofessional, or imagining things. This is classic toxic narcissistic behavior.

    When I emailed him about the mask mandate he googled my name then replied with a vaguely intimidating message threatening my career. He treated me like a child saying “Are you sure you want to make these statements? They are public record.” I told him I was noting his attempt to intimidate me and he denied that his email was threatening and condescending.

    I do not think it is “snowflake” behavior to expect professional, respectful, and decent behavior from public officials.

    I called him on it to his face at the meeting and he was like “Aw shucks! You misinterpreted my email.” No I didn’t! When I spoke to other women about this they shared similar stories. This is a pattern of behavior.

    • Personality disordered always leave a trail of chaos in their wake. Personality disorders in local governments interfere with securing unalienable rights for the residents.

  15. Regarding Constant’s C##* comment, It’s unfortunate when someone has a trash mouth in private; it’s another thing entirely when he is so brazen/immature that he will put it out there for the entire world to see where it will live forever. Christopher Constant is the new face of the left. They sure must be proud! I for one, am happy that they are revealing their true character. I will work hard to see him removed!

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