Will they arrest the unmasked citizens at tonight’s Anchorage Assembly meeting?


After the Anchorage Assembly hastily ended its meeting on Wednesday without taking up any business on the agenda except its new mask rule, it rescheduled the meeting to Thursday at 5 pm in the Loussac Library, 3600 Denali Street, on the main floor Chambers.

But after Chairwoman Suzanne LaFrance gaveled out on Wednesday, a woman in the audience shouted the question, “Are you going to arrest us?”

It was the question of the hour. The public attending was not amused by the antics of the Assembly, as it tried to enact a rule that everyone in the chamber be masked, and then tried to bully the Mayor’s Office into enforcing that rule, which is not compatible with the emergency ordinance the Assembly passed one week ago, requiring people to mask when in public. The rule for the Assembly Chambers says there are no exemptions to the mask ordinance, and City Manager Amy Demboski said she would work to enforce the law the Assembly passed, which does have exemptions.

The problem for the Assembly is that it wants the Mayor to use police to enforce its “room rules,” which do not have the force of law. The police are under the control of the Mayor’s office and city Manager Amy Demboski said she will enforce the law.

On tonight’s agenda, should the Assembly be able to get out of its own way and conduct business, is the big-ticket item of the year: The annual budget. This, and numerous other items that typically interest the public, await the Assembly and whether it can actually conduct a meeting.


  1. Has the time come to arrive at these meetings with pitchforks? When the gov fears it’s citizens you have…

    • Davemaxwell, I believe the correct answer is Liberty. But then some prefer servitude under a tyrannical system, that is as long as it’s their guy in power and the freebies keep rolling in.

  2. Go for it. If they start, everyone should do two things.

    1-Resist as a whole.
    2-Give them the nazi salute and shout Sieg Heil.

    It’s time Anchorage. Stand and fight or roll over and accept it

  3. Article 1 Section 22 Alaska State Constitution – The right of the people to privacy shall not
    Be infringed. (This makes it illegal to ask you about your health status, medical history, disability, religion, political party). You the individual have a right to privacy free from government interference.

    Only a licensed doctor can prescribe medical care or medical devices. It is a felony in all 50 states to prescribe a medical device, a mask, a face diaper without being a board certified doctor.

    Conspiracy Against Rights – Title 18 U.S.C. Section 241

    Nuremberg Code.

    EO 2021-3 was not validly passed as legislative emergencies are no longer valid after mayoral veto. Charter does not provide for the language of a veto override. Hence the fact there is much kerruffle over Chair LaFrance claiming authority she never had . Separation of powers and co equal branches of government.

  4. Maybe the Assembly should be required to participate in an introductory Civics course until they learn the difference between laws and rules, when and how law is made, and how it is enforced?
    They seem to be confused. First they say all power to enforce mask mandates resides with the Mayor, then they say it resides with the Assembly. Then they complain about overreach by other branches of government, then they make a rule, and try to dictate to the executive branch how to perform its duties and enforce it?
    Are we sure they’re not just making this up as they go along? Maybe someone lost at the official Assembly Beer Pong tournament and this is his/her punishment, to make a fiasco out of the next several meetings?

  5. The lives of these assembly members must be rather pathetic I surmise. Why don’t you just do the job you were hired to do, which is to help EVERY citizen of Anchorage to have a better life? All of your pettiness over this ridiculous masking mandate is only tearing this city apart. If you, or whomever, wants to wear a mask, then by all means wear one if it helps you sleep at night. Just leave the rest of us alone and get back to business of passing a budget and get over it!

  6. Ironic when an allegedly democratic governing body illegally passes an ordinance, mandate, law or regulation and demands using police to “arrest” individuals for illegal behavior.

  7. It is a felony to seize innocent American’s liberty. It is a usurpation of Constitutional RIGHTS. It is a felony for whomever orders it and whomever touches that freeman. Get some orders drawn up for the magistrate to sign. The public crime (a citizen sitting in an emolument) is being committed against the people. We have a right to attend physically our meetings and speak regardless of our physical intonation. Those are the people’s meetings not the public servants shushing sessions and shoving edicts against our will.

    • Time for citizen arrests for violating constitutional rights, open meeting laws, oath of office, etc. Leaders lead. Tyrants dictate! Rogue Assembly Members have gone over the thin line of civility and should bear the full measure of accountability for their unconstitutional actions, overreach and wonton waste of tax payer funds!

  8. A maxim of law (something that came before a real law (not bylaw for citizens to obey, ordinance, code, or rule) is: A belligerent man has his rights. That is an American maxim of law. America. Love it or leave it. Those are OUR PUBLIC MEETINGS – not public servants. This sign up a day before is an infringement another felony.

  9. To my knowledge, a legislative body does have the authority to control the room in which it conducts business. This would include decorum, behavior and access. Often, the legislative body appoints a sergeant at arms for this purpose. As we are seeing here, things become much more complicated when the legislative body asks for assistance from the executive branch to ensure compliance. I guess it is time for the Assembly to spend more public money for their favorite lawyers to litigate the matter and to let the Leftists of the judicial branch decide the issue.

    What mystifies me is why the Assembly has chosen to elevate the wearing of masks to the most important issue on the public agenda. The Assembly chambers are large. Bring in a bunch of large HEPA filters, increase the air flow into the room and set a reasonable limit on the number of people in the room. The focus on requiring marginally-effective masks seems terribly misplaced. Get on with the public business, like handing out as much public money as possible to their friends and increasing my taxes for services I never receive.

    • The mere fact that the corporate Anchorage practice of elevating “decorum and control” over the the US Constitution does not make it less an abheration.

  10. A public crime is committed by someone acting in his public capacity. Is a private person attending a publicly noticed meeting i.e. a meeting where private, free countrymen are invited to attend to discuss WITH other free country men what is “good” and desired by the free, private country men and instructed to emolument holders. The sovereignty of the private free Americans is not delegated to public STIPEND HOLDERS. WE SET IT UP THAT THE MAYOR EXECUTES THE PEOPLE’S KNOWN WILL. Our Mayor wants to do that. The rogue, self-aggrandized self-appointed ruling class of assembly persons are acting outside of their authority. This group particularly has grown accustomed to this extra doe of authority during the international bio weaponry deployed against trusting American souls.

  11. I don’t know if the new masking rule imposed by the assembly has the force of law behind it or not, but if it does, and people are ignoring it, and if Amy is not enforcing it, they are all probably subject to removal or arrest.
    There’s a simple solution. Like Bethel, block public attendance at assembly meetings. People won’t have to wear those horrible masks, and, without crowds in the assembly hall, it will prevent the spread of Covid. Sounds win-win to me. Of course, the rabble rousers won’t like this, they’ll lose their platform, but there is a price to pay when pandemics and bad behavior are afoot.

  12. A practicing lawyer should know without looking it up in Bouvier’s law dictionary, the dictionary used by the international lawyers who wrote this nations founding documents what the elements of a public crime are; cite examples, identify from whence authorities are defined and by what due process are they Constitutionally remedied. If he can’t or won’t or is diminutive, autistic, not robust about this item I believe better counsel must be found. AT ONCE.

  13. Treason by Public Officials – Public functionaries exceed limits which the Constitution prescribes to their powers, every such act is an act of usurpation in the government, and as such, treason against the sovereignty of the people.

    Bouviers Law Dictionary 1856 – TREASON, crim. law.

    • Treason, as defined in the Constitution, is very specific. Bouviers (sic) Law Dictionary 1856 doesn’t seem to understand that. Nor does G ALEUTION.
      Something like storming the Capitol Building of the USA, or encouraging others to do so, looks like treason to me. ‘Course, I’m not a Constitutional scholar, but vague terms like “act of usurpation,” not so much, unless, of course, someone is attempting to overturn the duly certified results of a national election and seize power under false pretenses.
      Of course, that could never happen here in the United States. We’re too good for that.

      • Fortunately the US Constitution is clear language as is Bouviers Dictionary of 1856. That is the language we have.

  14. Hopefully the authorities arrest anyone without a mask. It won’t cost as much as the recall did and it might knock some sense into these whackos.

    • Always with the insulting word at the end huh?

      It is a natural right to all living beings who breathe, to breathe freely without obstruction and without arrest.

      The “wackos” might just be the ones who think we are all going to die if we don’t wear a mask. Get real pal.

  15. They won’t arrest for non mask wearing. They can ask you to mask up or leave. If you don’t leave you could be considered trespassing. This is the crime and what happens after that is up to the police. You may be labeled a domestic terrorist or anti-vaxxer. Juneau actually has a fine of I believe $25.

    • Trespassing? On Public Property, is that even possible? A place where you have a legal right to go and be heard?

      • You can’t trespass on public property.You can be removed for not following policy and if you’re disruptive you can be removed and fined for disturbing the peace, possibly even arrested for that. If a group fails to follow mandates, then the meeting can be canceled and possibly held in an empty room.

        • The US Constitution identifies arrestable offenses. Everything else is handled civilly and negotiated. We are unaccustomed to our US Constitutional rights. A large problem is the conflicting loyalty oaths of lawyers; another problem is the growth of admiralty law practice over the land and resulting suppression of common law. Looking forward to the days when we return to highly valuing our liberties.

  16. This is natural selection at its finest, IMO. Good old survival of the fittest! Things I’ve heard from this board, lets see if it passes the survival test. 1. “They” just created a more dangerous variant in a lab. 2. Don’t let them force you to ware a mask! 3. The vaccines don’t work, tell everyone not to take it. Well, HMM. You guys keep telling it like it is.

  17. Meeting is now on the Muni.org site – had to refresh the browser. The agenda doesn’t mention the word “mask”, though. Might still be fun to watch.

  18. The Constitution calls for arrest for murder, murderous eminent physical threats putting one in physical danger, rape. Imagine that. The Constitution spells out what are arrestable offenses. Disturbing the peace is not one of them.

  19. Before this scamdemic, did you see anyone in America wearing a face diaper? Was there any right minded person fearing communism being worn on the publics sleeve? The mask BS/covidiousy face mask is nothing more then showing how many people are communists to their core. If they are so paranoid they should stay home and leave society to those willing to socialize freely. The mask is nothing more then conformity to communism. It has nothing to do with health.

    • I think that more people need a “face diaper.” so much of the stuff shared on this board is much better fitted for a sewage. It sounds like madness around here, it makes me definitely want to no who my neighbor is these days, that way I can live very far from some, very sad when the call is to love our neighbor, however, that is the opposite of what I find on this board. It’s rather a venomous and insidious place to visit, so many sharp tongues, loaded guns and Dirty Harry attitudes .

      • You speak of loving your neighbor, yet all you do is snipe and snark, make fun and spew venom at those, who disagree or have other opinions. Tell us why you disagree. Have a factual discussion. Lead by example instead of hateful rhetoric.

  20. It has EVERYTHING to do with health!! Sane people are afraid to attend Assembly meetings because of crazy, ignorant, undereducated antivaxxers without masks!! Arrest them all!!!

    • More irrational and authoritarian hysteria from Esthera.
      Admit it, you post the nonsense you do just for sh!ts and giggles, and to get a rise out of everyone else here, don’t you?
      If that is not the case, God help you — and God help your neighbors and relatives.

    • We are glad you are here. We would like to hear a cogent argument, why you say the things you do…….
      It is easy to call people names and so diminish and dismiss them. That way you really do not have to challenge your world, acknowledging that there are other opinions than your own. It further avoids your need to actually address your fears and existential world view.
      If this were about health, then all potential medical avenues would be explored and early intervention would be the plan. Instead we are faced with mandates that have not proven to make any significant impact (otherwise we would not be dealing with this 19 mos later) being doled out with the full force of government. Numbers are being manipulated by giving total numbers since March 2020. The general rule for all other reporting of infections/diseases is by calendar year.
      Have you actually ever been to an assembly meeting ? It takes courage to stand up and make your opinion known. Mrs. Zaletel pointed out there are other avenues for you to participate. Are they not good enough for you? If not why not?
      Diversity of thought and ideas provides the best results. Conformity on the other hand leads to circular thinking and the inability to develop and innovate.

      • Very well said, AFH, and you had a lot more patience in dealing with the florid and intolerant nonsense that routinely spews from that particular poster than I could ever have had.

      • Your statements would potentially be worth replying to with “cogent” arguments, however, if every time ones “facts” are opposed, and you cry “conspiracy,” or the famous, “how do you know it’s true?” “It was all rigged!” “they twisted all of the facts!” Why would anyone attempt to go down that rabbit hole of pure denial? For better or worse, voters are speaking, but I know that for many, that process is rigged if your guy doesn’t win the vote and thus, no need to waist my time pulling up scientific sources if they are all dismissed as, “fake news.”

  21. Now is the time for all good men to come the aid of their country, Alaska. POWERS OF THE JUDICIARY WITH REFERENCE TO LEGISLATIVE PROCEDURE – Sec. 71. The Judiciary Cannot Interfere with Rule-Making Powers Of Legislative Bodies

    1. The judiciary will not disturb a decision on parliamentary procedure made by a legislative body having authority to make rules for ITS governance AND ACTING WITHIN THE SCOPE OF ITS POWERS. Malone V. Meekins (Alaska, 1982).
    .3…To the extent of power conferred upon it BY THE CONSTITUTION…

  22. Does the Constitution deliver authority to demand the wearing of cloth muzzles or the conference of broad agency powers to the agency delegatable authority to agency help over rights? Please point to the express delegation within the US Constitution, etc. I’ll wait. Oh, it’s not there? In away I’m not surprised.

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