Forrest Dunbar knows best: Anchorage Assembly decides public will not have right to vote on Clerk’s position


Anchorage Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar told his fellow Assembly members last week that not only should the public not be allowed to vote on an ordinance that would ask voters if they want the Municipal Clerk to be elected, he didn’t even want to hear the public testimony on it.

The public, Dunbar said, spews misinformation about elections, and he was opposed to allowing the citizens to speak.

The ordinance, AO 2022-13, was offered by Mayor Dave Bronson in response to the discontent among many Anchorage voters about how elections are managed in Anchorage. The Clerk, who oversees Anchorage’s controversial elections, is beholden to a highly partisan Assembly. If elected, she would be responsible to the people.

“It has been the case in the last year or so that when we start to testify on items regarding elections, we tend to give a platform for people spewing misinformation on our elections…” Dunbar said.

The audience groaned and Chairwoman Suzanne LaFrance banged her gavel loudly so Dunbar could continue to describe his constituents.

The Assembly then voted 9-3 to table the ordinance indefinitely, effectively killing it, as requested by Dunbar.


  1. Forrest Dunbar is nothing but a coward.

    A pathetic coward.

    A pathetic, self-hating coward that cannot attribute his own self-worth beyond his own perceived power that is nonexistent within the real world, but only within the world of his own self nihilism.

    One may wonder what Dunbar might have existed as within the real world, outside of his pathetic existence as an assembly member?

    That is, no power, no public persona whatsoever.

    What would Dunbar truly be?

    A whining reprobate of no consequence whatsoever that his employer simply allowed to be employed because there is not yet a replacement available, but the very second one is, he is relieved of his duties, and shall NOT receive a positive endorsement.

    THAT is what Dunbar is.

    Something that is just waiting to be replaced with anything more qualified, which is almost any other choice.

  2. Exodus 20:7 Leviticus 19:12 Matthew 5:33 return to your oath duties immediately oath takers. OATH BREAKERS the assembly nine. Your deeds on earth are you bank account when we die, OATH BREAKERS BEWARE. The book of life has all our deeds. ENOUGH TIME ASSEMBLY NINE

      • First of all, please do not call them liberals, they are leftists. There is nothing liberal about them.
        And to answer your question, a gay leftist idiot is much, much worse. The average idiot does not spend all their time telling you about how gay they are.

    • I’m pretty sure a citizens petition can place an issue like this on the ballot without the assembly’s approval. Funny part is, your petition must first be approved by the….. wait for it….. City Clerk!!

      • And Unfortunately we can’t hold her accountable as she is protected by the liberals on the assembly!

  3. “It has been the case in the last year or so that when we start to testify on items regarding elections, we tend to give a platform for people spewing misinformation on our elections…” Dunbar said.

    When The People disagree with The Assembly, they must be silenced.

    Am I picking up what you’re putting down, Comrade Dunbar?

    Either cut their mic or don’t entertain their thoughts at all.

    How long can this go on?

    • This will go on until the opposition is silenced. Or until Anchorage actually pushes back.

      Based on voting history, this is just the beginning. When less than 20% bother to vote, this is what you get.

      It’s a self inflicted wound. And Anchorage keeps on re-inflicting it.

      • Yes you are right on. The only way to get their attention is in their pocketbook. That will get them to get involved. They will wake up some day and go what happened.

  4. Undoubtedly over a 1/3 of the voting population has good reasons to have doubts about the integrity of the elections and the work of Barb that is supposed to be nonpartisan and impartial. Dunbar, how do you restore faith in the elections, even if what they believe is completely false (which it isn’t)?
    Dunbar: “Ignore them and silence them.”
    Ok, noted. If Trump wins in 2024 and liberals and Democrats in congress scream foul play (again), Trump should work with big tech to take down all “misinformation” and make an executive order that his administration determines how election officials are chosen. That should restore faith that he won legitimately, right?

  5. Your rulers really, really hate you.

    It’s an interesting experiment. They discovered during Covid the citizens of Anchorage will tolerate having their basic rights violated. They now are engaged in seeing just how far they can go.

    This is truly what the left thinks democracy looks like. One man, one vote – until we win. Then sit down and shut up serfs. Or else.

  6. This is the same Dunbar who spreads misinformation that the constitution is racist after he swore an oath to defend it. Another reason not to support him in his latest attempt at a promotion. Arrogant JAG-Off-icer

  7. Get rid of them the same way , you’d get rid of corrupt judge. The assembly’s misconduct in office, persistent failure to perform their duties, habitual intemperance or conduct that is clearly prejudicial to the mayor’s office and voters.
    Also a Constitutional Convention , so voters can change old and obviously bias laws protecting citizens against assembly’s like the one in Anchorage.

  8. I have found the difference between misinformation/disinformation and established fact is about six weeks these days.
    Besides, who gives these politicians the authority to decide what is information and what is disinformation? Seriously, Orwell was a warning, not a how to manual.

  9. And what platform got him elected…one without misinformation for sure???
    Maybe he could be more specific about what misinformation about elections the public spewed. It must be awful for him to be so misunderstood…..

  10. Maybe we will see Dunbar be working for Jesus and Jesus’ causes. I am praying for this one guy’s conversion. The christians can at least join. That’s more likely why paul of tarsus eyes saw our Lord jesus christ christian — jews were praying for the hunter.

  11. ” I think we need all conservatives to sign an agreement that says ” Joe Biden with 80 million votes won fair and square ! ” ………..GROAN !. Guess who said that? and guess who said ” I will put my team of legal experts up against anyone in this nation, and then after the election, we will see how it goes and then we will proceed as planned “.

  12. They love the power and are scared at the same time. God help us, this is not going to get better if you don’t get rid of most of these people. Look around you … Alaska’s crime has gone up, homeless problem and having trouble finding food.

  13. Spoken like a true authoritarian, Dunbar does not like the public, or the Republic. He is sustaining election corruption.

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