Enter the woman-hater



An Anchorage speedo-flaunting vaudevillian blogger, who last time we checked still worked for GBR Oilfield Services (Billy Reynolds, President), has gotten involved in a lot of political races since arriving in Alaska a few years back from New Mexico, and seems to particularly have the long knives out for Alaska’s female political figures.

In his latest attack, the spudding salesman piles on Assembly Candidate Nikki Rose for being “xenophobic” because she is on record saying that criminals moving to Alaska are part of our problem, and that we need to focus on safety, not open borders.

Then, calling her a liar, he bullies her by saying she went to a Christian school (Grace Christian School), not public school, as she states in her literature.

The truth is that Nikki Rose is Native American and went to ASD public schools through the fifth grade. She is far from xenophobic but is definitely pro-safety, and she’s born and raised in West Anchorage. She has a family. She helped found the Sand Lake Community Patrol.

Nikki Rose

She also has the endorsement of many who have solid credentials, including former Gov. Sean Parnell and former Mayors Mystrom, Fink, and Wuerch, state senators and representatives, local assembly members, and a host of small business owners.

She is not the first minority woman candidate that this attention seeker has savaged, the other being Rep. Charisse Millett, against whom he is running a $30,000 independent expenditure campaign. She, too, is Alaska Native.

A couple years back, this New Mexican transplant threw his own hat in the ring against Sen. Natasha Von Imhof, who beat him handily. Earlier, he attacked Sen. Lesil McGuire while running against her, also unsuccessfully. He is especially outspoken at evening events where alcohol is available, and this writer speaks from personal experience.

Nikki Rose is right about the importance of safety. The man attacks women in politics. That’s his track record. One must hope that he is content with landing his blows on digital media.

Revak campaign support group headed by provocateur, entertainer



  1. Ah yes, Jeff Landfield AKA ‘the Gulping Gadfly…’ Facts and this bikini brief clad tub-of-lard, never the twain shall meet.

    This pseudo politico and his Landmine blog, rife with bad grammar, wretched spelling, and blatant untruths, remind one of some no-talent Walter Lippmann wannabe,, but this one a hack possessed of a complete dearth of character and, we can only hope, durability as well.

    Landfield is the definition of the phrase ‘fake news ‘ and the epitome of hollow and journalistically bankrupt liberal drivel. Go back to New Mexico Jeff. It’s the land of Blue Corn Bourbon and Speedo swimware…..

  2. The obvious plan of attack in Dem campaigns this year is to attack and make outlandish claims against Republican women. Look at Forrest MacDonald v Connie Daughtry, same sleazy tactics as Landfield v Millett. Dems can’t win outside of their core districts without distorting the truth. These two campaigns and attacks against Nikki Rose’s run for assembly prove it.

  3. As far as I can tell, Jeff has criticized these two women based on policy and has said nothing about their gender and race. And yet because they are both minorities and women, he must be attacking them for that reason? Are these two candidates off-limits for criticism because of their gender and race? I’d expect this kind of identity politics and PC shaming from someone like Shannyn Moore, but am disappointed to see it show up here. You can do better

  4. You come across as vindictive. I don’t see how his coverage relates at all to gender. You’re attacking a straw man.

  5. Who wants to chip in to buy a “blue ticket” to send Landfield, a mega undesirable, out of town? They used to do this to people like him in the early days. I think it’s time to start up this practice for him now.

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