Democrats melt down over bill that protects girl athletes, House minority leader threatens speaker


The Alaska House minority caucus melted down on Saturday, causing chaos in the House Chambers. House Minority leader Calvin Schrage threatened the House Speaker on the floor of the House and some Democrats refused to vote.

After Rep. Zack Fields talked over House Speaker Cathy Tilton repeatedly and some Democrats refused to vote at all on an amendment to House Bill 183, which is a bill to protect girls and women, Rep. Schrage stood up and told Speaker Tilton that if she proceeded with her ruling on a procedural vote, there would be consequences for her for years to come.

That is a threat of implied action that could be seen as personal, political, or both; it clearly contained an “if, then” clause in the statement of threat.

The Democrats in the House don’t want HB 183 to pass, because they seek to protect boys and men who want to compete against women and girls in public schools and universities in Alaska.

The threat came up during the “Chess Amendment,” a delay-tactic amendment that would be one of over 100 to be offered by Democrats. The amendment says that chess tournaments are exempted from HB 183.

Do a deeper dive into this bill with this earlier story:

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  1. The entire subject is twisted. Who comprise the demographic that supports males pretending to be females to compete in sports and invade their privacy in public restrooms. Who votes for representatives who support destroying sports for our youth? This is confirmation our society is sick.

  2. It is a fundamental right of parliamentary law, enshrined in our state’s official rules of debate, that a legislative body must allow both sides to speak to any question.

    Rep. Craig Johnson argued that we should not talk about school chess competitions and should table Rep. Andy Josephson’s amendment and then sought to block anyone else from responding to his argument for why the amendment should be tabled.

    The other side must be afforded an opportunity to put forward their argument(s) for why the topic of school chess competitions should not be tabled.

    Silencing the opposition because we don’t like what we think they are going to say, even before they say it, is not acceptable, and would set a terrible precedent in the legislature.

    By the way, we shouldn’t be afraid to talk about school chess tournaments. The arguments from the left about school chess tournaments are very weak and should be exposed to public inspection so that it can be shown to everyone just how weak those arguments actually are.

  3. I wonder why chess tournaments would be exempted……..
    Many other states have passed laws similar to HB183. To a large extent, this bill will act as a litmus test for conservatives. Any of our representatives who call themselves Republicans who do not support this bill should be called out as the leftists that they are, and should be referred to as leftists or democrats from here on out.

  4. Well if it’s ok to throw threats around maybe Calvin pencil neck ought to get himself eyes in the back of his head

  5. I offer this incident in the House today as further evidence that one can not live with leftists. (Not to be confused with your average democrat- though average democrats never stand up against leftists.)

    Leftists must be driven off or removed.

    We have to come to this unfortunate understanding, as there is no negotiating with them. It is their way all the time- or violence or threats of violence.

  6. I’ve seen toddlers throwing tantrums in Freddy’s which had more dignity than the Democrats.

    Schrage in particular was very classy. Threatening a woman. How typically progressive of him.

  7. Rep David Eastman is absolutely right. Every voice has value and should be heard. The atmosphere is probably at an all time high to get bills passed since there is only a limited few days of session left. Hang in there House Reps. Fight to the very end and then you will know without a shadow of a doubt who the skunks are. Just don’t forget come fall!

  8. Oh Republican snowflakes. The comment suggested that consequences would follow. How scary. Lock Him Up!

    • What kind of a lunatic thinks this is normal, Sir Blaine of Camelot? I’m sure you would be overmatched by a girl athlete anyway.

      • Go easy him Eric, Statements like his indicate a low level of tranny fluid…Lets all pitch in and buy them all a few cases of Bud Lite.

  9. I think most of us recognize we are getting to the point where the only solution left is national divorce, otherwise a civil war is coming. There no middle ground anymore in any of this, and our Republic has been totally destroyed. I just can’t see how else this can be fixed

    • Like a marriage gone bad it is time for us to divide up the album collection and go our separate ways.

      I have zero interests living among leftists anymore. They have been a plague on our country my whole life.

  10. I watched the proceedings last night. The Ds looked absolutely ridiculous in their attempts to sideline this bill. Their arguments became more egregious as the evening wore on. For the life of me I don’t understand why the D women are for allowing men compete in women’s sports! Calling men “trans women” doesn’t make them female. They are still men!

  11. It’s all well and good until it is their daughters being denied a fair competition. I guess leftists don’t do sports.

  12. What I fear the most is there are people out in public on a daily basis who voted for this nut case.
    Could even be the whacko on the hiway suffering a severe case of road rage behind the wheel of an. overweight EV.

  13. The legislature is starting to look like Anchorage. And it will all be out of control unless WE start electing people that stand with our principles.


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