Protection of girls in sports scrimmaged in House, as Democrats fight for boys’ right to beat girl athletes

Rep. Jamie Allard presents House Bill 183, which provides protections for girls athletics from transgender athletes.

House Bill 183, which clarifies protections for girls sports in Alaska schools ran into trouble with House Democrats and even some Republicans on Thursday. Evidently, supporting Title IX in its intended form, which is protection for girl athletes, is such a touchy subject that House members didn’t want to vote on it. It was tabled.

Rep. Alyse Galvin argued that her own child had changed his or her gender and even had his/her birth certificate changed, and so she felt her child was attacked by the provision that girls shouldn’t be forced to compete against boys in sports.

Rep. Zack Fields said it was just too much work to try to figure out who is a boy and who is a girl, and the schools are already too underfunded already.

Rep. Rebecca Himschoot asserted that students would have to undress for a formal inspection of their genitals.

Rep. Sara Hannan said there’s no real way to know what some baby’s sex is without a complicated hormone test, which isn’t done.

Rep. Andrew Gray went on at length about transgenders and argued that intersex people would not be protected (they are said to comprise 0.018% of all people, according to the National Institutes of Health.)

Rep. Gray offered an amendment that stated that transgender people have constitutional rights and all protections of other citizens, but he all-but admitted that his amendment was a way to invalidate the underlying legislation. His amendment was a poison pill to give the Alaska Supreme Court permission to decide that boys competing as girls is a constitutional right.

It failed to pass, as Republican representatives recognized it as a poison pill.

Rep. Andy Josephson then put in the “chess” amendment, which makes it clear that the bill would not apply to transgenders playing in girls’ chess tournaments. Apparently there were going to be such nonsensical amendments as his from then on. Perhaps a checkers amendment, and then a dominos one.

It was at that point when, as expected, Rep. Bryce Edgmon moved that the bill be tabled until May 11. The House went into an extended at-ease and the majority Republicans left the chambers to caucus.


The bill, House Bill 183, sponsored by Rep. Jamie Allard of Eagle River, had over 100 amendments in the queue for it. So strong was the urge of the Democrats to give transgenders more rights than girls in Alaska in athletic competitions, they filibustered the bill.


  1. Why are our elected Republican representatives such spineless worms. You are a conservative? What are you conserving? A bottomless pit of dissapointment.

  2. well…perhaps the house members could have a boxing match, everyone participates…let’s see how the women fare against the men…no holds barred!

  3. These so called representative’s should be sat down and scolded for acting like uneducated children and suspended from the legislature. Alaska, we can do better, even if you’re a Democrat, just try harder. Girls are born girls and boys are born boys. You can’t change who you are. Keep fighting Jamie Allard.

  4. Cue David Eastman to get on here and say that moving to table, to a time certain, is a vote against girls in girls sports. I can hardly wait to see the twisted reasoning.

  5. A lot of time wasted over the occasional person in a high school sport that wants to be in the group they identify with. Surprised MRAK would publish that 18 out of every 1,000 people are transgender

    • the multiplier for 0.018% is 0.00018, therefore 0.18 person per thousand

      so less than 150 across all ages in a population the size of alaska

  6. If you listen closely, Democrat legislators are arguing that this issue is irrelevant and a waste of time. At the same time, they are arguing that passage of the bill undermines the very fabric of society and does away with the Constitution and what is left of free society. Which is it?

    At the same time, they cannot tolerate any safe spaces reserved exclusively for women. “That was so last century.” The new political correctness: “there is no such thing as women. Oh, and transwomen are women too.”

    • The same would-be child exploiters who can’t define what a woman is
      …say there is no such thing as women and mutilated males are women too.
      Makes perfect sense, no?

  7. If these representatives suddenly forget they don’t know the difference between a boy and girl they are capitulating to their pocket books, follow the money. Pull your kids out while you can, don’t let them fester in the damage these spineless and woke have politicians created.

  8. Can’t they just form an “It’s” team? Or a freak’s league of their own. Just leave normal alone. I bet people would still pay to come watch the games of the mentally confused.

      • Don’t think so. The goal is to force the normal to accept all facets of abnormality as normal. IE……we are all the same. There is no distinction. Yet, the irony is that the goal is also to divide us into so many groups and classes of people that mass chaos results from the multitude of distinctions. The ensuing chaos will eventually be dealt with by forcing totalitarianism on the people. The end game.

  9. With “quality” representation with Tobin, Grey, Giessel, and Fields,

    Governor Dunbar can’t be far behind.

  10. Good grief, not a sound logical argument to be had. Misplaced compassion, self justification, guilt, and of course power and control.

  11. Again women need to stand up for what they fought for their rights.
    You don’t need government to tell you the rules of a game.
    Start your own private league’s and invite who you want.
    Tell these politicians to shove it.
    You don’t need their interference and draconian rules to play games.

  12. Lovely title: “fighting for the rights of boys to beat girl athletes”! Factually, this is not false. One day, feminists will realize while they remained silent, their Left allies walked all their efforts back to the era when it was accepted that if you are looking for a woman’s job done best, get a man.

  13. Thanks to Suzanne for using proper, truthful, terminology in this article. Not “biological boys” but rather just “boys.” We all must be bold in using truthful, uncompromising language as we oppose the tyranny of leftist ideology destroying our culture.

  14. Girls are girls and boys are boys. Chromosomes can’t ever be changed from the time the sperm fertilizes the eggs.
    Protect women’s sports for biological
    girls and women!

  15. On a related note, the reason for female basketball, swimming, tennis and soccer leagues is blindingly obvious to everyone; even the nutty leftist tyrants. However, we must ask ourselves, why is there a female chess league? There is an answer. The truth is often disturbing to many people.

  16. ““Trans-girls are not biological males. In their biological brains, they are females. We want trans-girls to play girls sports because they are female.”

    Will someone show us the differences in brains for all these categories? If it is biological, there should be distinct findings they can point to. Where is “The Science (TM)”

  17. “Rep. Alyse Galvin argued that her own child had changed his or her gender…”
    What a surprise. you could knock me over with a sledgehammer I am so stunned.

  18. Los Anchorage is extremely ripe for far left freaks who wannabe a politician to spread their warped social disfunction and hate for the US constitution who continually repeat the same ignorant rant that Forrest Dunbar consistently swears by..”the constitution is shot full of racism”.

    They can fly here from freakville and camp out in muldoon with a PO box to prove residency to get elected in the next upcoming election and woolah…they get to fly to Juneau (on our dime) and start dictating.

    San Fransicko used to be the hub for the freaks in California but now it has spread out to nearly all of southern california and migrated northward to western Oregon and Washington.

    • Tiffany, I’ll give you 100-1 odds that he’s way smarter than you are. You put up $100 and you pay me $1 if you lose.

  19. If we cannot figure out how to have males competing against males & females against females in appropriate school sports teams then we are so far gone that all school sports should be eliminated. Just be done with it. It is clear, in general terms, males have advantages as Riley Gaines is demonstrating. This is 100% not fair for female sports. If you want to play various sports join a private club. We’d also save money on school funding and litigation. Just shut it all down.

  20. What are the chances that Alyse Galvin “encouraged” said child to partake of the gender du jour insanity in order to then use the narrative for political purposes?

    Children are pulled into political manipulations by adults who want to stifle debate and shame their opponents into acquiescence. Manipulating children into being pawns of these tactics by convincing them they are independently championing the preferred cause is insidious and abusive.

  21. Democrats are the most confused, mixed-up creatures on God’s green earth. Snails, toads and chickadees have more common sense.

  22. So. Here is an idea.

    Every single female, in every single sporting event that includes a male within the event should simply do thus. Approach the beginning point within every single event, prepare to begin the event, then either take a knee or turn their back when the event takes place, focusing the event fully upon the male that chooses to take place of a female based upon either their mental disability or their cheating behavior, and expose them for what they are, within the spotlight they so rightfully deserve.

    Females, true females, hold the power here, should they choose to enforce it.

    Should they choose not to enforce such power, they deserve the fantasy that men are better women than actual women that is encompassing the social structure.

  23. Are the people who voted for these people, who are obviously so confused they can’t tell the differences between males and females paying any attention? Hello?

  24. “Rep. Sara Hannan said there’s no real way to know what some baby’s sex is without a complicated hormone test, which isn’t done.”

    That is, perhaps, the dumbest thing I’ve heard in a long while. I wonder if she really believes it?

    Generally speaking, pound for pound, men are stronger, faster and have more endurance than women. Men cannot be allowed to compete against women in contests involving strength, speed or stamina.

    This is so obviously, hilariously true that I wonder if people like Hannen or Galvan or Fields are after something else entirely?

    Solzhenitsyn and Orwell both warned us this, the lying. By compelling people to lie about obvious facts, the state can undermine the moral and ethical sensibilities of a large percentage of the people. Once that is accomplished, whatever the state says is true, is true, no matter how untrue it might be.

    There are two appalling psychological experiments from the 60’s that demonstrated the majority of people are cowards and subservient to “authority”: Milgram and Stanford prison.

    Critics of those experiments pointed out they were performed on a limited sample base, college students, and that college students generally haven’t developed the ability to think critically or enough experience to act decisively.

    Those are fair criticisms except another experiment was conducted, this one on virtually a global scale. If Milgram and Stanford were flawed by the nature of the subjects, then a global experiment would demonstrate the flaw.

    Instead, the covid ‘pandemic’ demonstrated that the majority of people are cowards and subservient to ‘authority’. As in Milgram and Stanford, about 25% were able to withstand pressure from the situation and from authority, the rest became apparatchiks, red-guards and brownshirts.

    Even to this day there are still random people wandering around with surgical masks on. I try to be charitable and assume perhaps they’re ill or immunocompromised in some way but I don’t really believe it.

    The only way to fight this, as far as I can see, is to speak the truth at all times. It’s the only way.

    An infants ‘gender’ is not assumed at birth, it is observed.
    Except in extremely rare instances, it’s not difficult to see the difference between male and female even at birth.
    A woman is an adult human female.
    A man is an adult human male.
    The differences between the two are small but extremely significant.
    Pound for pound, men are generally stronger, faster and have more endurance than women thus men cannot be allowed to compete against women in contests of strength, speed, agility or stamina.

    Speak the truth, always.

    • Okay Kenneth, let’s speak the truth. You falsely say, “The differences between the two are small but extremely significant.” The weight of the average American is 200lbs male vs 171lbs female (note, 70% of Americans are overweight or obese). The height of the average American is 69″ male vs 63.5″ female. Men and women obviously have entirely different physiologies. Men do not bear children. The “differences between the two” are definitely not small. Rather the differences are dramatic. Right down to the structure of their chromosomes. Speak truth, always.

  25. “Rep. Sara Hannan said there’s no real way to know what some baby’s sex is without a complicated hormone test, which isn’t done. ” Is Ms. Hannan really that big of a moron that she can’t see if the baby has a penis or labia? How did ANY of those stupid idiots even get elected? Oh, that’s right…by other stupid morons.

    • But you forget about the .0002% of children born with ambiguous genitalia. Shouldn’t America sacrifice all of the sexual norms to accommodate this minority? Rep. Hannan is just pandering to her base of the mentally ill identifying as ambiguous, the Rachael Dolezals and Buffy Ste Maries of the world, and their Munchausen syndrome by proxy parents like Alyse.

  26. I quote the illustrious Mr. Fred Rogers: “Boys are boys from the beginning. Girls are girls right from the start”.

  27. The goal is to psychologically weaken youth. That useful idiots have bought into it is proof that they have been psychologically weakened. Who else would screw up their own kids?


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