House Bill 183, protecting girls in sports, passes out of Education Committee, 4-3


A bill that aims to protect Alaska’s girl athletes from being disenfranchised by transgender (boys who want to be accepted to compete in sports as girls) passed out of House Education Committee today.

Democrats Rebecca Himschoot, Andi Story, and CJ Mccormick voted against the bill, while Republicans Mike Prax, Tom McKay, Jamie Allard, and Justin Ruffridge voted in favor of it. However, when he signed the committee report, Ruffridge wrote “amend.”

The bill is sponsored by Rep. Allard of Eagle River and cosponsored by Rep. McKay of South Anchorage.

Before passing from committee, the room heard testimony from Alaskans representing both sides of the issue.

Josh Smith of Anchorage said, “House Bill 183, banning trans kids from sports, is a solution looking for a problem. There’s very real problems in the state of Alaska, this not being one of them. There’s no evidence that trans girls pose any sort of threat to girls sports or take anything from cis-gender kids. These faulty changes are discriminatory and undermine the validity of these kids. Can we take into consideration that indigenous people whose land we live on now that gender is not defined as many do now. The recognition of roles in society of communities and families is not binary and it was common to recognize beings outside of the binary.” Smith, who appears to be white, went on to talk about indigenous people not being binary.

Lynn Hallford, who called from Palmer, said, “I am a strong supporter of HB 183. It supports the fairness for girls in sports. There are biological differences between boys and girls. Everyone has heard about basketball and volleyball players that were hurt when males competed against girls. Everyone has seen girls lose medals and probably scholarship opportunities when boys are allowed to compete with them.”

The bill, which simply reiterates that federal Title 9, championed by the late Sen. Ted Stevens, is law in Alaska pertaining to fairness for girls in athletics. The trans community is attempting to expand Title 9’s protection to boys who wish to compete as girls. The bill will now go to the House Judiciary Committee.

Watch the committee hearing at this link:


  1. > However, when he signed the committee report, Ruffridge wrote “non-rec” which means he had no recommendation.

    LOL, would expect nothing less from the gutless wonder from Soldotna. He’s a classic Alaskan RINO from the Murkowski school of political grift.


  2. When commenting, its unecessary to point out the differences between males and females. Stooping to the level of explaining such blindingly obvious facts is akin to jumping into a mud to wrestling match with an idiot.

      • Not until the State of Alaska voters are voting majority conservative and Republican not this 50/50 split statewide elections. Don’t stop working but also don’t hold your breath. It depends on whether or not GenX and millennial change directions and if GenZ and GenAlpha will follow their 1920s Great great grandparents instead of their liberal or leftist boomer grandparents, and GenX and Millennial parents .
        To have a candidate such as Allard as governor is long ways away. If the state ever reaches that well Allard will be 25 years older. She probably be not as interested running for office.

      • I’m interested knowing more about Micchiche for next Governor when he served as Senator before exiting. Just like Dunleavy, he may keep the capital governor office under the R’s control next eight years.

  3. Men have their own dam sports. Keep women’s sports for women only. The push back has begun.
    Watch the LGBT turds freak out and call foul… No what is foul, is any man trying to be woman!

  4. Title nine insurers that both boys and girls have equal opportunities In sports, that means, if the boys have 5 different sports, then the girls will have 5 different sports. And if there aren’t enough girls for there to be a team, they are allowed to compete with the boys. And vice versa that makes participation fair for everyone. Now there are certain rules. Don’t quote me on this. Let’s say you can only start one boy. On a girl’s team and such. I’m not sure the particulars, but it’s an attempt to make things fair. That’s what title 9 is all about. It never was intended for mentally ill boys to be able. To compete against girls.

  5. Sports aid students in many ways. For one, it motivates students to stay eligible and the benefit is a better education. It’s all about everyone doing their part. The students, the parents and the school all play important roles.


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