Chugach Electric having a big electric vehicle show, but only some people get to comment


Chugach Electric Association is having an electric vehicle show during its annual membership appreciation day, where attendees can see a Ford F150-Lightning, a Tesla, an Audi E-Tron and more.

But Chugach Electric Association doesn’t want you to say anything snarky about the car show. The co-op closed the comment section on Facebook. It “limited” who can comment on the announcement.

The event, along with the final results of the Chugach Electric Board Association elections, take place Friday, May 17, from 3-6 p.m. at Changeling Alaska, 6689 Changepoint Drive, in Anchorage.

More information about the annual meeting is at this Chugach Electric link.


  1. There are zero times in history when the good guys are the ones who censor.

    And once one begins censoring they can not stop. It is like a drug.

    • Your premise is completely false. Good guys self censor all the time, despicable pieces of trash lack the ability to self censor. History is defined by those who write it, which is an act of censorship…thus history is by definition censorship. Of course it’s always possible that the bad guy won all the time throughout history, but I don’t think we’d be discussing the matter if that were the case.

    • Good point Bob!! Just what would that imply if a member from within would reply negatively to the script written???? Another Clinton involvement? Oops. Didn’t mean to say that. My bad.

  2. Meanwhile, pretty much every manufacturer of EVs is losing their shirts. Ford is cutting back production after losing something like $1.3B, Rivain is on the ropes. Even Tesla is getting a smack down.
    EVs have their place, but not as a replacement for internal combustion vehicles. It just does not pencil out.

  3. You know there is a problem with the products if you cannot make any sort of bad or offending comments!

  4. Just to recap, I have heard that we do not have enough gas in Cook Inlet to support our energy needs moving forward AND we do not have any viable alternatives even close to being ready to use on a commercial scale, yet the biggest power utility in the state is hawking electric vehicles. Did I miss something here?

  5. I wonder why they didn’t have this show outside during the winter? That’s when electric cars really perform!

  6. EVs cause cancer. Primarily, kidney and anal. The studies are still ongoing, but this is going to be a game changer. Electromagnetic fields from 1000 lb batteries located underneath the EVs are putting occupants at extreme risk. They are sitting directly on those fields. EVs should be soon outlawed when the first few thousand owners start hurting and dying This is not funny.

    • I get the anal part. Cheeks flattened on top of high energy electromagnetic waves caused by high concentrations of rare earth metals compacted into massive batteries. But Kidneys too? Democrats should stop and think seriously about this. Besides having a huge pain in the *ss, the next generation of EV owners could impact the dialysis industry too.

  7. I think that if representatives can get sued for blocking or controlling comments, then monopoly companies should be open to get sued for blocking or controlling comments also.

  8. Chugach Electric is pleased to be hosting an EV showcase during our Member Appreciation Event on Friday May 17. Members are invited to see the range of EVs available in Alaska at this time. Many of our members are interested in EVs and continue to look for more information. We are also having a variety of other highlights at the member event including bucket truck rides, educational booths, you can meet our board candidates, and we are serving lunch. So, come see what interests you! Member Appreciation runs from 3 to 6 pm and the Chugach Annual Meeting is from 6 to 7:30 pm. The meeting will include election results from our board election.


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