Dark-money group linked to George Soros just reserved $4 million in TV ad buys to support Peltola


In a move that shows how worried the Democratic Party is over the ability of Alaska Rep. Mary Peltola to hang on to her seat in November, a shady group called “Vote Alaska Before Party” has just reserved nearly $4 million in television ads for the fall in Alaska. All of it is in support of Peltola.

The Vote Alaska Before Party group is really a subset of the congressional Democrats through their House Majority PAC, which was far-and-away the largest donor to Vote Alaska Before Party in 2022.

When the House Majority PAC announced its $186 million in ad buys last week to major media, it proudly mentioned major cities like Phoenix and Portland.

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“We need four seats to win back the majority. That’s it,” Mike Smith, president of House Majority PAC, told CNN. “It’s a very tough four seats. Every single one of those is going to be trench warfare. We’re going have to invest a lot of money, hence the $186 million, but there’s a clear path to doing it.”

CNN continued: “Nothing has been reserved in Alaska to help Mary Peltola, but Smith said each media market has a different set of circumstances dictating when to place an ad buy, suggesting that Alaska would be on the group’s list for later in the cycle.”

The PAC left out Alaska because Alaskans famously don’t like Outside money — especially from the likes of George Soros and Nancy Pelosi — to muck around in Alaska races. House Majority PAC was trying to fly under the radar; the Vote Alaska Before Party group reserved the media buy, and while the cash transfer is not yet showing on federal reports, that kind of big money comes from one place — the House Majority PAC.

It’s a repeat play from 2022, but times three. While it got her elected in 2022, this time the Democrat cavalry is coming to save Peltola, after recent polling shows she is slipping in popularity. In January of 2023 she had a positive of 57% and negative of 28% among Alaskans in an Ivan Moore Alaska Survey Research poll. In March of 2024 she is now at 51% positive and 41% negative.

The reservations for ad time in Alaska media markets break down to the Anchorage television market with $2.669 million, Fairbanks with $956,520, and Juneau with $345,084. It is a record-setting amount for a congressional race in Alaska, which is considered a cheap media market.

The money that fuels Vote Alaska Before Party is coming from the usual suspects: George Soros, Tom Steyer, Michael Bloomberg, Nancy Pelosi, and other big donor names — all anti-Second Amendment, radical environmentalist types from New York, San Francisco, Boston, and Washington, D.C. Labor unions and tribes such as the Puyallup Tribe of Washington state, also factor as big donors to the mother ship that floats Vote Alaska Before Party.

In 2022, the House Majority PAC was the largest contributor to Vote Alaska Before Party, with over $1.7 million. Sealaska Corporation came in second as a donor to VABP with $90,000, and Chugach Alaska Corporation chipped in $50,000, according to Open Secrets.

The House Majority PAC received $5 million from George Soros in 2022, which is why it had some spare money to give to the Vote Alaska Before Party fund to help Peltola, who seemed like a long shot at the time. Soros gives to campaigns and PACs through another fund, Democracy PAC, which he seeded with $125 million, and which is run by his son.

View the donor list for the House Majority PAC, where the money is housed before it goes to Vote Alaska Before Party at this link.

Vote Alaska Before Party spent $1.8 million for Peltola in the 2022 cycle, and none for Republicans. Of that $1.8 million, the group spent $1.66 million for media buys, a third of what it intends to spend on TV alone this fall, telling Alaskans to vote for Peltola.

The top expenditure for Vote Alaska Before Party is Waterfront Strategies, which is the No. 1 vendor for Democratic PACs, labor unions, and left-of-center nonprofits, spending $206 million in the 2018 election cycle, according to Influence Watch. Among its clients are the Democrats Senate Majority PAC, House Majority PAC, Women Vote, League of Conservation Voters, Climate Action and the government labor union, AFSCME.

Waterfront Strategies was paid $1.23 million by Vote Alaska Before Party in 2022. The left-leaning Lottsfeldt Strategies was paid $100,000.

Waterfront Strategies, a for-profit company based in Washington, D.C., has a parent company — GMMB, which was founded by Jim Margolis, a campaign consultant for President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, and John Kerry, and who represents other high-profile Democratic campaigns.

The entire Vote Alaska Before Party operation is a pop-up similar to Bristol Bay Action, which is an Outside group popped up and paid for by dark-money Sixteen Thirty Fund, a subset of Arabella Advisors, which supports leftist candidates and causes in Alaska.


  1. Once again…outside money. When are Alaskans going to say that this is enough – no more outside money?

    • Oh contra the Democrats will accuse the Republicans of violating the RCV. Which is a joke anyway did anyone think that farce was going to do anything. It was all fleecing the voters who are to stupid to realize they are being played. Maybe Kendall will step up and denounce this dark money buy? I’ll be long gone from this earth before that happens.

  2. Why bother with 4 million? Based on Alaskas voting record she’ll be in for life. We are not good as a collective at getting rid of bad politicians.

  3. Nancy Dahlstrom will get eaten alive by Peltola. Without Begich we have no chance. Does anyone think the Democrats are afraid of Nancy? They just put 4 million dollars into Alaska and it’s not because Nancy Dahlstrom is polling at 7% or whatever. It is because Begich’s already tied with Peltola.

  4. Give whatever you can afford to Nick Begich. Don’t let outside money control our elections.

    • It isn’t the outside money. It is the globalists who have already decided how the elections will go. I think Begich has been told to be a “Republican” to make Conservatives think that they have a choice and they concentrate on fighting to get him in office. He would get in, THEN we would find out that he really has been a democrat all along and now it is too late because he will be in. WHO can remove senators? Not the people who voted him in. Murkowski would have been GONE years ago if we could have removed her from that positiion. I think that this seat has been rigged and no matter who gets that seat it will not be a win for the Conservatives.

        • Dave, I only know that his entire family is democrat. What democrat family would quietly stand back and let one of their own run as a republican – especially this very “influential” family. They all have business dealings together, so I don’t see how they could let Nick run as a republican and mess everything up…UNLESS, Nick is a RINO and will vote as a republican only long enough to make people think that they got a good candidate. Look at all the RINOs who have done this already. Unbelievable that people only take him a face value and don’t his entire environment. Don’t tell me about how he was raised by his grandparents in Florida. So what? How many summers did he come home to live and work with his democratic dad and uncles. Nope. I don’t trust Nick Begich III. Problem is that the controllers did not give us any other choices, did they?

          • Agree with Ginny. I don’t trust Begich. He hasn’t done anything. He just seems to have little chit chats with a couple of folks here and there and he’s not even a good speaker. He doesn’t seem convinced of his own words. I think he just wants in on the political money train, no matter which side.

    • Won’t matter; he’s already ginned up his next of kin to continue the madness. Son Alex “I’m More Political” Sorios has already taken the reigns of the Soros’ “philanthropic” endeavors.

    • Maybe Jared Kushner could do something similar to help the GOP? He’s got lots of friends in the Mideast that have been bankrolling him and his ventures the last few years. What if he rallied that support for the GOP?

      • Jared Kushner should put his money where his mouth is, like every other American Zionist, and go fight on the front lines for the country to which his TRUE allegiance lies, Israel. Until then, he is (and was) nothing but a blight on this country.

  5. “IF” … For any reason, you’re looking for an indicator as to whom “NOT” to vote for as AK907 Representative, Soros’s dark money support for any candidate in any State should be a HUGE warning signal … Bells, Whistles, Flashing Lights, Sirens!!!

  6. Rank voting is stupid and dumb, it’s also the system we have to work with currently. Instead of playing who’s the better Republican, let’s instead play how to count. Rank your first choice in the number 1 position, rank your second choice in the number 2 position, if you have a third choice that is acceptable then rank them in your number 3 position. If you are a Republican, or lean to the right then you need to rank all right leaning candidates because if you don’t then your lack of ranking candidates can and will be used against you, that being said you do not need to rank candidates that you do not want to rank but if you want a leftwing candidate elected then rank only your top choice and it will be you who elected a leftwing candidate, just like you did with Representative Peltola last election.

    • Stevie-O, that all sounds complicated. It might come as a surprise, but backwoodsmen find it easier to bitch than think. You need to tell them exactly how to vote–leaving nothing to chance–just as they had to be shown how to use a fork and hold their pinky!

  7. If Mary Peltola were working for the benefit of ALL of Alaska (and for the benefit of the United States in general), she wouldn’t need any campaign money.

  8. Try watching KTUU news ,,,, the Peltola ad loop has made me NOT tune in to local news. Flooding the evening news with that Peltola ad gotta backfire you would think.

  9. RCV is easily manipulated, by design, so Peltola will stay and continue to take her orders. Her husband’s wealth will continue to grow.

    • RCV isn’t manipulated. Voters who are adamantly opposed to it are being manipulated and not using the system! Rank your preference–it’s actually as simple as numbering them 1 through XX. Quit whining about it and get your friends to actually use it!

      • Bill, my choice is for the one person that I want to vote for. RCV is forcing my vote to be disposed of after one count, while other people get to have their votes counted two or three times. There is nothing honest or easy about the rigged RCV system.

  10. It is interesting, and somewhat disturbing, how certain comments are being posted to MRAK articles lately, only to then later be deleted.

    There were several comments visible under this article earlier today that a few hours later have apparently been deleted. And I’ve been seeing the same thing happening with other current articles as well. I will mention that the comments in question were NOT hostile or uncivil, either.

    Suzanne, can you enlighten us on what might be happening here?

    • Jefferson, I have no idea. I am already spending hours approving comments each day. I don’t have time to re-review them – sd

      • Thanks you, Suzanne. And for all your hard work here, too!

        But there have been some serious glitches with this website in the last few weeks if not months. Displayed comment numbers under articles will increase, then decrease, then increase again, and some (not all) comments seem to be playing “peek-a-boo”, appearing, then disappearing, then reappearing, or disappearing for good AFTER being posted.

        Am I am along in seeing these things, other MRAK readers?

        • I’m having to do a lot o cache clearing to get comments to appear. It might be part of the problem. I’ll elevate it to someone smarter than me. – sd

      • The advent of the consistent site problems and glitches that I’ve been seeing on MRAK did seem to more or less coincide with the change in the site’s ownership, although I can’t say now if there was a direct correspondence there. But glitches with the site are a daily occurrence for me now.

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        • Makes you wonder if there are new processes in place for the internet, as a whole, to ensure that all internet activity is being tracked and it is slowing down the local websites? I have no idea. The controllers would not track us would they? Lol

  11. Wasn’t Ranked Choice Voting supposed to stop outside money, like the millions from Soros, from influencing Alaska campaigns? That’s what Alaskans for Better Elections said in the ad. That’s what Scott Kendall said when he gave a briefing to employees where I work. Did they pull a switch-a-roonie? Oh, everything is okay. It’s (D)ifferent when “they” do it.

  12. Her ads are plastered on Tubi.
    Dark Money was just the catch-phrase in the Rank-Choice Voting Scam!

  13. Funny, a group funded by an actual former NAZI funds a Democrat and The so called progressive Left is okay with it. All you dim Witts that voted for rank choice voting to get the dark money out of politics tell us how is that working out for you?

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