Peltola brings in California leftist Rep. Eric Swalwell for Juneau fundraiser


Rep. Eric Swalwell, a strong opponent of the Alaska energy economic sector, will be a featured guest at a fundraiser for Rep. Mary Peltola in Juneau this week.

Swalwell will be joined by other Democrats — Rep. Mike Thompson of California, and Rep. Dan Kildee of Michigan.

Swalwell supported the senatorial bid of Alan Gross in 2020, and wrote that the Democrats could flip the Senate if Alaskans only voted for Gross, who ran against Sen. Dan Sullivan with the endorsement of the Alaska Democratic Party. He wrote a book about his role in the Trump impeachments. And he proudly sponsored H.R. 815, an attempt to repeal the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge oil and gas program and to designate approximately 1,559,538 acres of land within Alaska in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as a component of the National Wilderness Preservation System, which would violate the “no more” clause of the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act, Section 1326.

The fundraiser is at a home in North Douglas Island, with a host of Juneau Democrats, including Sen. Jesse Kiehl, Rep. Sara Hannan, former Sen. Beth Kerttula, and various climate change activists and politicos.

Peltola won the special general election last August to replace the late Congressman Don Young, and then went on to win the November general election in 2022. She will come up for reelection in 2024 and will face Nick Begich, a Republican and the only candidate to challenge her so far.


        • The 1 year old mental capacity of the poster above doesn’t have the intellect to understand the irony of said fishing trip projection. “I love the poorly educated” DJT

          • Seen this B4,
            How original. Did your brain-washing mentor tell you how to respond, or did you did it all on your own after 36 hours of mental frustration?

  1. We do not welcome California mentality in the state of Alaska! Peltola should move to California and stay there! What we do need is somebody to represent ALASKA residence! We should be allowed to prosper and to build bridges and businesses as a state.

    • California values. Peltola should have done her fundraiser at Burning Man. She might have found her husband #7 at the event. Or is it husband number 8?

        • You and Chrissy have the same disconnect. Mary is on her 3rd marriage, same as Trump. Although, Mary has never been caught on audio tape bragging about what she can do to anyone of the opposite sex and get away with it. Trump does love the misinformed. It’s his base.

    • “We should be allowed to prosper and to build bridges and businesses as a state.”

      Sorry to break the news to you, at the state level, Alaskans tax themselves the least of all 50 states. Most of the state’s infrastructure $ comes from D.C through the taxes of those who live in California, Texas, New York, Florida, etc. So I’m sure these states would much rather have the greatest welfare state in country, Alaska, put their big boy pants on and pull their own weight.

          • For all of SeenB4’s attempts to infiltrate MRAK with nonsensical Democrat rhetoric, he’s still the cheapest poster ……. and the dumbest. He thinks he’s found a home at MRAK to needle conservatives, but all he demonstrates is his inability to think clearly and project any semblance of alternative logic. Suzanne should have a special holding area for the deranged and befuddled.

      • Gladly. Been doing it my whole life. Get the useless eaters off the dole and encourage everyone to take responsibility for their lot in life.

  2. Of course, Juneau or Anchorage are the only cities that MIGHT allow them both in the same place. What a crock!

  3. I wonder why Swalwell? Fang Fang in town?

    Overall it makes perfect sense for Mary. We have some of the richest leftists in Alaska living in CBJ.

    If they could, they would turn us into Wrangell tomorrow. But they know they can’t, so they’ll make themselves feel better by throwing money at Mary.

      • Wrangell used to have a robust logging economy. Then Clinton killed it.

        It’s a shadow of its former self. Nice place if all you want is peace, quiet, and fishing. If you want much of a future for yourself or your kids…

  4. Hopefully someone will have an infrared camera set up so they will know who it was that lit them up crop duster style. Perhaps he will be innocent, and it will be Mary with the excess communist gases escaping her digestive system?

      • Mary’s fund raising is legal. What is not legal is a guy who runs for president claiming he is raising money for a presidential campaign, but uses said funds to pay legal fees to defend himself against numerous felony criminal indictments from previous years.

        If people have a problem with the way congressional members can raise $$$ they ought to change the laws instead of insinuating there is something legally or even morally wrong with a candidates’ right to raise funds from entities within the country that will go towards a political campaign. Republicans’ very own Samuel Alito got the elephants, and the donkeys, by their tails again.

        The bottom line, U.S. law PROHIBITS candidates from using campaign money on personal expenses.

  5. So, I hope Eric Baby brings Fang Fang and takes her out fishing with Beth Kertula, the great planet saver.
    You remember Fang Fang the Chinese Communist Spy that Eric was sharing the sheets with on an evening or two or so. I am certain he shared no top secrets with his love. Eric’s wife of the time was accepting of his extracurricular activities, I am sure.
    Glad Mary P, the Sweetheart of the Bush, is rubbing elbows with Eric and that other flame thrower… Great political role models and really neat for the ill-informed of Juneau. Where is Brucie Botello in this deal? Out dancing the fox trot perhaps.

  6. First of all the election was rigged with the Rank Choice voting.
    Second if all she doesn’t represent our State very well.
    Thirdly she is never in DC
    FOURTH! She is ruining Alaska.

    VOTE HER OUT!!!!

  7. Did she ever disclose her income? I’d bet they would show she was not living paycheck to paycheck like she stated.

    • She can earn a lot and still be living paycheck to paycheck. She more likely overspends , not a good budgeter, and lives right at her means what she can afford instead of under her and husbands income so there plenty. Being Alaska family with money she probably also enabling her adult children thinking they still like minors thinking she helping them like paying for their college education instead of making them pay for it or work hard for applying to have scholarships pay for it all. A father was proudly telling me of his daughter how well he and his wife raised her she could and knew how to apply for scholarships and to win them to have scholarships pay for all four years at a college where it’s tuition was 50,000 per year. So it can be done. I think unfortunately too many Alaskans of Peltola’s status I believe would just pay for their adult’s child college tuition when they should be thinking of their old age and having money as an old person whose over 60 not be paying for their adult child.

  8. When the voting machines are no longer rigged by computers, Mary and many others will no longer squat in these positions. They do not represent the people they are supposed to serve.

  9. That’s a tiny cohost list with only three Alaska Native cohosts. Her campaign manager couldn’t find anymore Southeast leaders who could back her, or maybe they all broke living paycheck to paycheck? That’s telling of her popularity among Southeast. I seen flyers of Anchorage Democrats whose Cohosts listed barely not enough room for the poster telling of the event, and font size was tiny to fit all information. Hahaha

    • ACTUALLY there are at least six people on that list who claim to be Alaska Native. Several others claim federally recognized but non-Native minority status. At least one cohost is a former husband. This is a small state, and those numbers are not all that unusual for Alaska’s capital city.

      I was surprised to see an almost total absence of union leaders. Mary was the swing vote allowing the public employee retirement systems (PERS and TRS) to convert to defined contribution. That is now a big issue, especially with teachers and with law enforcement so I wonder if that explains the absence of union presence.

      One other cohost claims to have enjoyed a romp with that deservedly popular lady on her desk in the Alaska Capitol. Whether or not that fellow is being truthful the current user of that desk knows enough Legislative history to be wary of eating lunch on the desk. Capitol buildings are horny places, or so I have been told.

  10. Peltola is ridiculous. An intellectual lightweight. A good fit with the demented Biden, and the mild mentally retarded Fetterman. Peltola is part of the party intent on destroying our country. Traitors- all of ’em.

  11. Avenger and I were on the same track on this one. Who on earth would invite Eric Swalwell, that darling of Feng Fang, to a public event in Alaska, with his record? I hope Alaskans of a more independent persuasion add two and two and get rid of her. If they want Native representation, there has to be better representation than Mary. I have a difficult time thinking how far down the slope the democrats have slid by inviting someone who was so much a risk as Swalwell. Birds of a feather anyone?

  12. So now Mary is openly consorting with someone who has been caught literally in bed with the CCP, and who is also famous for ripping giant farts on national TeeVee.
    This is what our state has fallen for.
    C’mon Alaska, we can do better. I will continue to support Nick Begich, a very serious and hardworking person, who shares Alaska’s traditional values…..

  13. Eric Swalwell love you long time if you’re a Chinese spy.

    He’s a real POS too, so it makes sense he’s hanging with Mary P. Birds of a a feather.

  14. Fang Fang slept with a LOT of Democrat Politicians in California so I certainly wouldn’t say that Swalwell was the only Democrat who passed information to this Chinese Communist UNDERCOVER (pun intended) agent. And these Democrats didn’t know her as Fang-Fang or Christine Fang. They knew her as YUM YUM. That way when asked if they had relations with a Fang-Fang, the Democrats could say, “No, I’ve never even heard of a Fang-Fang. It’s what the Democrats call “Plausible Deniability”.

  15. Native corporations need to wake up. Oil has brought in substantial revenues to these companies. And now their newly elected Congresswoman is aligning with an oil hater/ climate zealot. Never forget that Lisa endorsed Peltola while feigning to be pro native Alaskan causes.

  16. Yeah, that’s the political look you want to cultivate, Mary. Hang around with a wacko Dem who was caught banging a Chinese spy while he was on the House Intelligence Committee!

    • Fishing for Food, stop it, banging a Chi-Com Hottie ain’t even Ground Squirrel Poop in the era of Biden and his obvious bribes and servitude. Just about everybody in Congress is getting naked with a Chi- Com, including Mitch, “Daddy in Law gave me 26 million” McConnel. The Chi-Com’s have bought the Universities, ( think Penn-Biden, think tank), Wall Street and apparently the majority of the RINO/Democrat/ Uni-party.

      Mary is nothing but a useful idiot, as are the majority of the folks attending this fund raising Gala out North Douglas. But the real idiots are amongst us, those in Alaska who voted for this Mary idea, or the other MAGA bleating Strumpet named SARAH.

      Deal with it.

  17. It’s getting scary here, a full on invasion by Liberal Democrats. I imagine they’ll all be flying in on jets and bussed to some Liberal’s expensive waterfront home. What are they up to? Shutting down our oil production and contracting out our mining to native and Chinese corporations.

    • I heard that Sen. Dan Sullivan and someone else are going to make Pebble a federal thing now and get it passed that way.

  18. How pitiful… your self respect, your self-image is so low that you need a dose of Swalwell to prop you up, make you look Important?

  19. This guy is a greaseball, he shouldn’t even be representing for having sexual relations with a Chinese spy! But, go ahead, go to Juneau, I hear its now claimed the title of “bunghole of AK”

  20. Note the poster indicates one imposter will try to sneak in the door: Ben Brown, the silly sycophant for the Capital City Republicans, is listed as an attendee.

  21. Tells you all you need to know about Mary Peltola. She brings in a guy that slept with a Chinese spy. Hey Mary, your communist sympathizing is showing.

  22. Expect AOC & Omar soon. Didn’t think our congresswoman’s stripes would show so soon. Thought maybe after one or two election cycles.

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