Did a plane crash into Lazy Mountain? A meteor? Troopers say no, it’s a contrail


According to the Department of Public Safety, the spectacle in the sky on Thursday morning over Lazy Mountain was a unique combination of contrails from a passing jet, atmospheric conditions, and the rising sun. Photos circulated on social media, as people in the Mat-Su Valley wondered about what appeared to be a strange trail of smoke with dark portions that appeared to be debris from something.

“The Alaska State Troopers and our partners at the Alaska Rescue Coordination Center investigated the Lazy Mountain photos and video that were reported to the Alaska State Troopers and have also been circulating across social media this morning. There have been no reports of overdue aircraft or ELT activations indicating an aircraft crash. A rescue team on a helicopter flew a mission around the Lazy Mountain area this morning and located nothing suspicious and there were no signs of crashed aircraft.”

There have been no reports of any audible impact, either, but plenty of speculation on social media, along with some political jokes on the Must Read Alaska Facebook page, including one that said “It’s Biden’s winter of death coming for us.”

“Further investigation revealed that a large commercial jet was flying in that area around the time that the photos and video were taken. The aircraft was contacted and reported normal flight operations on its way to JFK airport in New York. Troopers believe that the photos and videos showed a contrail from the commercial jet combined with the rising sun which together caused the unique atmospheric sight,” Troopers wrote. “We greatly appreciate the numerous Alaskans that reported the suspicious sight this morning to law enforcement.”

A contrail is a trail of condensed water from an aircraft or rocket at high altitude, usually seen as a white streak across the sky.

Photo credit: Sarah Langguth


  1. Not a meteor or an airplane, that is just John Weddleton’s political career crashing to earth.
    Good riddance, John “Pull My Finger” Weddleton.

  2. It is the COVID plandemic and the Big Pharma’s lies going down in flames. Now we just need to ask Biden if shutting off Russia’s oil industry is going to destroy Russia economically, why did Biden shut off the U.S’s oil industry?

  3. That does not appear to be a contrail at all, unless the jet involved was spiraling through the sky – there is clearly a rotation to the “contrail” that is not from normal wind or wake turbulence – visible in this photo. Photo makes it difficult to ascertain change in altitude, but the “contrail” doers appear to be descending. My guess is a North Korean rocket??? – but the trajectory would contraindicate the Norks…

    • There’s gotta be rotation in a contrail. It is due the wake vortices shed by each wingtip, so you end up with two, both rolling up from the outside. Basic aerodynamics. Do a search on videos of wake vortex or wake turbulence to see how large these things are. Cheers –

      • The vortices from the TWO wing tips in a contrail are symmetrical. This is a single helical vortex. That means it is from an object spinning…

        …as it falls to the Earth. Notice the setting sun lighting the smoke it on the far side. That means this is a vertical plume pointing downwards, not a horizontal track.

  4. Contrails quickly evaporate, and typically are not seen for any great length behind the jet engines that are emitting an equivalent of water vapor.

        • That may be true at colder temperatures, but contrails don’t disperse – they just disappear. Chemtrails seem to turn completely blue skies grey within a couple of hours and a few passes overhead.

        • Almost believable. What about when the “contrail” stops for some period of time, then restarts, or just all of a sudden stops completely? How do you explain those circumstances? I saw one quick video just the other day with 7 jets flying together, in the same direction, all leaving “contrails”. Toward the end of it one of them has a “contrail” stop for a brief period, then resume. A significant gap in its “contrail”. It is a stark image, that I don’t believe is easily explained away… What say you?

  5. What were the ingredients of the chemtrail? Whose nozzel was it? Local, state, or federal? Years ago I read that organic materials including blood was being dumped in some locations. What clumps like that? Graphene? Blood? Other agents? Why would anyone dooooo that? It’s an industry around the world. Weather modification to make it appear there is imminent danger from climate change weather weponization. The climate has been changing for thousands of years. Antarctica has ice sheets miles thick in places for eons. Still there. Still miles thick.

  6. Were the libs blowing more propaganda smoke? Giant pot shop on the mountain? More Covid Cases?
    My lord!

  7. This picture is deceptive, there are more pictures showing clearly that this is not simply a contrail. What this was, I don’t know. But the contrail explanation is obviously ridiculous. Only the covinated among us would swallow that load of poopy.

  8. All day long, that is NOT a chemtrail or Comtrail… More likely a small meteor.. Come on. How stupid do they really think people are?? Glad I’m not and can tell what things are and are not!

  9. I think it is the left burning more Republican mail-in election ballots. These people have no shame or morals.

  10. That has to be the best picture of an alien craft, I’ve seen. Ever! Large tentacles at the back-end of the vehicle. Believe what you see not what the government says you saw.

  11. That is definitely an airliner with a contrail behind it. When in doubt, always trust the authorities.

    • How can you say that after the fake pandemic and the aftermath? When in doubt, NEVER trust the current authorities – I don’t blindly trust ANYTHING they say; I research everything of interest myself. And I certainly don’t believe my government doesn’t regularly lie to me.

  12. The sun is on the horizon in this picture. Yet it is lighting the “top” of the smoke trail? How is that?
    That means that this trail is vertical – from something falling out of the sky, not something flying horizontally.

  13. I had heard brief mention of this a few days ago, but saw no photographs. Seeing them today, all I could say was “What the HELL?” Folks, the very fact that numerous people, all accustomed to seeing contrails from aircraft, stopped and said “LOOK! UP IN THE SKY! IT’S A BIRD! IT’S A PLANE!…” tells us that this was NOT a contrail, at least not a “normal” one. Something definitely “burned in.” Once again though, the MSM, like Biden’s Psaki, is telling us not to believe our eyes, but to believe its lies. …Don’t do that…

    Believe the senses God gave you, people,… including your COMMON sense…

    • I’m with you – I saw that 911 was a controlled explosion, and i’m seeing this as something that has likely been shot down. There is information out there about what this really was and who shot it down. And, in terms of your comment about common sense – I think that phrase may be a misnomer, because it appears to be as rare as rocking horse s(**t.

  14. Yes, a contrail of an ALIEN craft malfunctioning and plummeting to earth. Hope the little green men survived and sent out an ALIEN sos to the mothership luking beyond our galaxy and sending billions of probes armed with laser cannons and reactive shields.

  15. Contrail? Right….give me a break. The truth is being propagandized just like the covid deception. Stop feeding bs narratives and just tell us the truth. No wonder so many people can see through the garbage they expect you to believe and swallow.

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