With 64 days to special primary to replace Don Young, congressional candidates are on the move around Alaska


In Fairbanks, a crowd of 200 people gathered at Bobby’s in Downtown, shown in the photo above, to welcome candidate for Congress Nick Begich to their fundraiser for him in the Golden Heart City. He picked up endorsements from well-known Fairbanksians Dick Randolph and Ralph Seekins, and another from incoming Anchorage Assemblyman Randy Sulte. On Friday, he was speaking to a crowd of 100 at the Fairbanks Alaska Outdoor Council.

Josh Revak was also campaigning all week. In a meeting with Eagle River Republican leaders, the state senator on Wednesday explained that he voted against the Permanent Fund dividend because he’s in a purple district in South Anchorage. He spent most of his time talking about his military record before being ushered away by his legislative aide as the questions got spicy. District 22 has already endorsed Nick Begich. Revak heads to Ketchikan on Saturday to campaign at the Friends of the NRA banquet.

Republican Tara Sweeney, who has support from several business leaders, prepared for a Saturday fundraiser in midtown Anchorage, with hosts such as Mead Treadwell, Kara Moriarty, and Jeanine St. John. Sweeney and Revak were co-chairs of Congressman Don Young’s campaign before he died on March 18.

Democrat candidate Chris Constant has gone dead quiet since 47 other candidates jumped in the race. The downtown Anchorage Assemblyman, usually a Twitter warrior, has barely been seen on the platform and has been silent on Facebook since April 1, the deadline for filing, when the field of candidates exploded.

Constant has been overshadowed on his Left by Al Gross, who has endorsements from major Democrats. Gross hasn’t been seen locally much. Instead, he’s raising money from Democrats nationally on Twitter with an ad that says he is neck-and-neck with Sarah Palin in Alaska.

Gross, who lost hid bid for the hospital board in Petersburg after losing for U.S. Senate, says his poll shows that it’s between just the two of them with 18 percent undecided.

These kinds of fundraising pitches may or may not be legitimate in terms of the polling information. To ground-truth these claims, Must Read Alaska has a poll in the field with a reputable national firm and will be reporting on the results.

As for Palin, she is raising money nationally by using her massive social media reach. Palin was to meet with a group of Republicans who support the party with major donations, but the event was canceled because not enough of them said they could show up.

And she’s giving the mainstream media a much-needed lift; since Donald Trump left office, the media has tanked in readership.

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  1. So Josh Revaks excuse for not following his written pledge is that he lives in a purple district? So are most people in his district against the statutory PFD. Shall I go knock on all the doors in his district? Do south Anchoragian’s hate the PFD so much they won’t re-elect him if he supports it? What a stupid excuse.

  2. Well I guess if the News Media hates Her and the Great Bear Hunter thinks He can beat Her I guess I’ll go ahead and vote for Her. At least people in America will know where Alaska is and how we are basically a Colony.

  3. I’ve looked into my crystal ball, my tea leaves, the entrails, followed the smoke trails and asked the moon. I’ve realized the circular firing squad of 48 candidates, charlatans, carpet baggers and nut jobs are going to give us either Sarah or Santa Claus as our US Representative in Washington DC.

    Ya gotta admit, politics in Alaska may irritate, but it’s interesting.

  4. I asked our kids, “do you want a life in the National Enquirer again, with all of our dirty linen and underwear out on public display?”
    Their reply was a resounding, “No. We’re with you, Dad. Nick Begich III in 2022.”

  5. At this point I am voting for Begich, but it’s not written in stone yet because I am waiting to hear more details about him.
    I am sure when Suzanne, who is very busy, and whose efforts we hugely appreciate, has the time, she will give us more detailed info about him.
    Palin and Gross are both an absolute NO from me…….
    (I am also looking forward to the results of Suzanne’s in-state polling. I could not give two sh*ts about national polls about our state)

  6. the only alaskan i’d want to see sitting at don young chair is nicholas begich iii. I need two more, palin can be a placeholder to try to hold back gross. I had thought about tara and another candidate running as a ‘conservative independent’ But i think they both have too long history with native groups and unions. The house squad don’t need anymore members they may can influence.
    Leaders who spent most their life in native issues is unsettling for me because of their chance being biased and showing tribalism and favortism and neopotism.

  7. I’m sick of Repubs who vote with Dems, don’t trust them. When I see a Repub with a pump shotgun in their election flyer, I realize they think the 2nd amendment is about duck hunting and not the defense of family, country, and constitution. I still believe Palin was a good Governor and she’ll be even better in DC. Two sides to all the stories I read.

    • Ron, have you asked Nick B III about his take on2-A? Just because Nick may not own a Glock or an A-R platform rifle doesn’t mean he isn’t on board with protecting 2-A rights.

      I agree that Palin WAS a good Governor, good at making us long for the days of Frank the Bank Murkowski! Beyond that Ron, she was a disaster. Sarah spent too much time kicking at every Chihuahua that barked at her and not enough time working with others to move us forward. She was terribly provincial in her outlook. In Sarah’s view Alaska didn’t exist beyond Wasilla. If, by some twist of fate Sarah is elected Congresswoman she will only continue her self-aggrandizing ways and cause untold injury to our Great State. Her candidacy will likely insure that Allen Gross is a viable candidate since the Lefties and Commies can field a 35% block of well disciplined voters. So go on and vote for Sarah and watch the leftist minority represent Alaska.
      It’s almost like she is working for the other side Ron, think about it. Oh, didn’t she endorse Bill Walker? Hmm…

  8. I hope this is the very very rare mistake or typo in MustRead! Surely Revak isn’t on the campaign trail for Congressional office accompanied by his legislative aide. That would have to be an illegal use of state funds.

  9. Revak doesn’t know the difference between “the Truth” and a girl named”Ruth.” He signed a pledge to support the statutory PFD snd as soon as he got to Junesu did the opposite. He is worst kind of politician : he is opportunistic, will say anything to get a vote and has questionable ethics. This south central voter is got anyone but the clown named Revak.

  10. I don’t think I said anything…?

    But I wlll now. Who knows and likes the US Constitution and will not yield regarding our rights pursuant to 1776?

  11. Being Alaska’s lone Congressman is one of the most difficult political jobs in the country. For its own self-interest, Alaska needs an intelligent, hard-working conservative, not a showboat. That person in Nick Begich, by a mile.

  12. Educated Alaskans should be able to see through the smoke and mirrors and realize that the only decent candidate is Nick. Or maybe Santa. Nick did not jump on board for the special, he has been campaigning since the start. Is it true that whoever gets the temporary job that they will get benefits for life? Might have something to do with so many entering the lottery. Sara was never good at full term commitments. But a few months and a full retirement? Giddy up. My vote will be with Nick, who will clean up the bad name that his cousin and uncle have made.

  13. Who can do something about Josh Revak campaigning in DC and other places with an aide and both being paid by the state

  14. Nick is my first choice by far.

    If things went so far down the toilet that is was sweet sister Sarah vs Gross Al, I would pick Sarah for sure.

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