Ballot roulette: What will your special election ballot look like for the congressional race?


For the special primary election to choose a new congressional representative for Alaska, 48 names will be on the June 11 ballot. How will you find your favorite candidate among the 48?

Alaska voters will be tasked with choosing just one name among the sea of choices.

Where that candidate is on the ballot depends on what district you live in.

The Division of Elections will print a different ballot for each state House district. The candidates will be rotated because that is what statute requires.

Candidates for the vacant U.S. House seat are listed alphabetically in House District 1, which, using the old district maps, is Fairbanks. Then the candidate at the top of the list drops to the bottom of the list in House District 2. The process repeats through House District 40.

See all the ballots at this link.

Ballots will be mailed to registered Alaska voters on April 27. This is a mail-in election with few options for in-person voting. Not planning to be home? To change the address where your ballot is mailed, visit this page.


  1. The ONLY SURE way to make our ballot count is to early vote at the Division of Elections (open 10 days) prior to election day.

    • Jim – Because of the confusion with ranked choice voting, many people will likely get this wrong. Primaries in Alaska are “vote for one.” – sd

    • I believe the top (4) vote getters move on to the final election, where the wonderful ranked choice fiasco will begin.

  2. Thank the idiot lawyer who pushed this initiative, he had done work for Lisa and Walker in previous years, so you know it’s dirty and confusing on purpose.

  3. Congratulations to Obama he destroyed our country without a bullet from the inside out corrupt oath breakers planted and blossomed. imagine him in a hoody he looks like the anti christ on earth. It may take Divine intervention to bring oath integrity back us citizens. How can they sleep at night counting there evil deeds.

  4. Once again the citizens of Alaska, who did not take the time to understand what they were voting on, were BOUGHT by out of state money (ad money) and lost more of their freedom! Please know what you are voting on in the future for the sake of our freedom.

    • I do not believe that proposition 2 was voted for by the majority. We need a nationwide forensic audit of 2020. Get informed about all of the fraud being uncovered in Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, etc. and stop believing that any of our elections are safe or secure.

      • There was a state audit of BM2, interestingly there were 103 fewer yes votes and 68 fewer no votes. ‘’

  5. Who made the decision to do mail in? I don’t remember voting on that. I’m still going to try for in person.

  6. I’m assuming that once you receive your ballot you can turn it in at a division of elections office?

  7. This jungle primary then rank choice special election is going to come down to name recognition, having her name plastered all over every media source in the state and most across the country is a huge bonus for Sarah. She has a strong base of support, whether earned or not. The top four out of the 48 candidates will most likely be Palin, Santa Claus, Begich, and the bear doctor Gross because those four have the most statewide name recognition. Then the general election will further refine the choice between a guy who lied about killing a bear and couldn’t get elected to his local hospital board even though he’s doctor, a guy who lives in the North Pole and changed his name to Santa Claus, the grandson of the guy who held the seat before the last congressman and has the last name of an Alaskan political dynasty, and Sarah Palin. How do you think the majority of Alaskans would rank those candidates? My guess is it will be a toss up between Santa and Sarah with Begich and the bear doctor’s votes being reapportioned during the general rank counting process and Sarah ultimately crossing the 50% threshold first. I won’t be voting for Sarah in the primary, but I will rank her in the general above Santa and the lying bear doctor.

  8. Santa is running. And Santa’s serious.

    I think he has a big chance with the Rank Choice voting system we have.
    I just might vote for him he might be better than the other Wana be Clowns in the race…… It’s only to fill the seat till the regular election so we can give him a chance to see if he can fill everyone’s stockings.

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