Election results: Thursday update as Sulte solidifies support in South Anchorage Assembly race


Thursday results from the Anchorage Election Office, as of 5:30 pm. A total of 54,787 ballots have been counted of the 235,882 sent to voters. This is 23.23 percent turnout, but more ballots will be counted tomorrow as they arrive by mail.

Anchorage Assembly race for District 6 is seeing Randy Sulte upsetting incumbent John Weddleton. There are 3,000 to 4,000 more votes still outstanding in the race between Kathy Henslee and Meg Zaletel. It appears that Stephanie Taylor in East Anchorage has lost to incumbent Forrest Dunbar. Kevin Cross has won handily in Eagle River. The school board incumbents appear to have won reelection.

No more results are expected for 24 hours:

Anchorage Assembly

Eagle River: District 2 Seat A

  • Kevin Cross – 4,825
  • Gretchen Wehmhof – 2,778
  • Vanessa Stephens – 402

West Anchorage: District 3 Seat D

  • Liz Vazquez – 4,034
  • Kameron Perez-Verdia – 5,216
  • Nial Sherwood Williams – 486

Midtown Anchorage: District 4 Seat F

  • Kathy Henslee – 4,214
  • Meg Zaletel – 4,727

East Anchorage: District 5 Seat H

  • Stephanie Taylor – 3,944
  • Forrest Dunbar – 5,268
  • Christopher Hall -252

South Anchorage: District 6 Seat J

  • Randy Sulte – 7,405
  • John Weddleton – 6,828
  • Darin Colbry -238

School Board Open Seats

Seat A:

  • Mark Anthony Cox – 20,224
  • Margo Bellamy – 25,066
  • Dan Loring – 1,630
  • Cliff Murray – 3,831

Seat B:

  • Rachel Ries – 21,096
  • Kelly Lessens – 25,699
  • Benjamin R. Baldwin – 1,736
  • Dustin Darden – 2,411

Prop. 1 – ASD capital improvements bonds

Yes – 26,668

No – 27,499

Prop. 2 – Facilities capital improvement project bonds

Yes – 26,628

No – 27,488

Prop. 3 – Public safety and transit bonds

Yes – 29,731

No – 24,077

Prop. 4 – Road and storm drainage bonds

Yes – 32,896

No – 21,269

Proposition 5 – Parks and Recreation bonds

Yes – 29,590

No – 24,257

Prop. 6 – Fire protection bonds

Yes – 33,452

No – 20,487


  1. Regarding school board seat A: I’m not sure who Dan Loring or Cliff Murray are, but if they are also conservative candidates they have succeeded in throwing the race to the leftist incumbent (assuming the relative tallies hold). Thanks a lot!

    Fringe candidates who aren’t serious about campaigning need to stay out of these races. There are no runoff elections and they only serve to divide the conservative vote. Regardless of how good their ideas may be they are actively hurting our efforts to take back Anchorage.

    • I think that’s their purpose. They run to purposefully split the vote. They’re throwaway candidates.

  2. Time for conservative parents to pull their kids from public schools en masse and let those failing institutions struggle with low student numbers.
    Also time for Anchorage conservatives to get militant in regard to Assembly dictums.. We are in a war for our country and our very lives.

    • Ah yes, home schooling. However, that would require resuming a traditional family model whereby a mother stays home and raises children (actually the most important job in the history of mankind) while the father goes out and brings home earnings for said family. This traditional model would also require the mother and father to be married and provide a stable home for the children.

      Its easy to see why the communists and satanists are winning.

  3. Disappointing that Stephanie Taylor could not unseat Dunbar, but most gratifying to see the school bonds defeated. ASD has been fleecing taxpayers for years for the poorest results in the nation. Stop filling the pockets of Union fat cats at the expense of the homeowners.

  4. As happy as I am to see one of the infamous Marxist Nine going down to defeat, it is sad that he was (if only slightly) the least objectionable and sociopathic of them.
    WHO are all these profoundly clueless and/or evil idiots who keep electing the likes of Meg Zalatel and Forrest Dunbar?

    • Do your research. Google “Frankfurt School.” They began seeding our culture with communist philosopy in the early 20th century. They infiltrated the schools to program our children (see NEA). They are now seeing there decades-long efforts bearing fruit. Its all part of the agenda of the father of all lies.

    • I was actually surprised that she is only clinging to a 400+ vote lead.

      Maybe there’s still a chance…but it looks like she won.

    • The eight lost a “useful idiot” in the comic store guy, but that’s ok they’re gaining a more ideologically aligned member downtown. As far as Zaletel, Hensley’s message was weak; she was all but praising Zaletel, saying stuff like ‘Zaletel’s done a good job we just disagree on the issues.’ This talk doesn’t inspire change they needed to go hard in the paint and figuratively throw some bombs at these progs. After the authoritarian assembly and mayoral rule of 2020 that killed many people destroyed businesses and scrambled many children’s brains, they should have swept handily. Seems like if they would have attacked the useless and deadly mandates and lockdowns they would have inspired people but maybe the cons who were running just aren’t very passionate about holding the rulers accountable for their actions which IMO is the most important issue of our time.

      • AK4, I agree with you completely!
        Had it been I running against Meg Zalatel, I would have absolutely savaged her, both her authoritarian record and her personally, bitter and arrogant sociopath that she is. People need to understand that this is not just a matter of good-faith differences of opinion anymore, this is a WAR, of good against evil, and need to frame it in those terms!

  5. Disappointing results. For all the bluster and harrumphing we see on these pages, it sure looks like conservative voters in Anchorage are either outnumbered or just can’t be bothered to even mail in their ballots.

    • The communists get their votes at wholesale; most of their voters are in organized groups, mostly in the unions but also many leftist special interest groups. They have very accurate and up to date contact lists for their members/voters, in the case of the public sector unions prepared and updated regularly at taxpayer expense. The y operate “boiler rooms” and phone banks, many of them also at public expense. They get their vote out! Some of them aren’t above sending a couple of knuckledraggers to your house to make shure you understand your obligation to vote and vote right.

      Republicans/conservatives have to get their votes at retail. They have to get their votes with shoe leather and expensive scattershot print and electronic media advertising. I dont believe that Republicans/conservatives will ever elect a majority of the MOA Assembly or the School Board so long as the mail ballot system remains in place.

  6. Thank God. Amen. This direction encourages me and i hope the forward motion encourages you. I happy for
    south anchorage! My prayer is south, midtown, and east it takes up our faith and committment in God to higher level of service than how we been serving both church and civically. Downtown-government hill and spenard-turnagian? You just need to read your bibles and pray more, and pass out literature , for church and conservatism, in your westside neighborhoods. Three years from today its my hope south and eagleriver are redder than today in God, faith, family, and politics. Cause there is life in the Word of God and the districts will have more life in them.

    • Yahweh conveyed His Word in a manner to fit any context necessary. Perhaps the following admonition is now appropriate. “Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness?”—2Cor6:14

  7. Machine counted…
    With exception to Dave D., are we really supposed to believe ALL the socialist, sociopath School Board members were ok’d by voters ? After what they just did to our kids ???

    Rally groups, friends and trusted radio talk shows to demand a “MANUAL” RE-COUNT…. The future of Anchorage and our kids are worth it. If this stands, I’m yanking my kids from public school and so should all logical parents who are capable of critical thinking.
    These sociopath followers of the CDC will continue worshipping the biggest fraud Fauci and do the exact same thing to our kids this Fall when the “Putin variant ” or “whatever variant” they dream up to exert continue control of the masses !

    • 7000 municipal and school employees, vote 100 percent and as a bloc. You KNOW who they voted for. So conservatives are spotting the left 7000 votes every election.
      We need to do much better to get out our vote.

  8. Low voter turn out, apathy, and little to no campaigning.
    Of course the incumbents win most of the time. The average person does not bother voting in local elections, especially if they are not held the first Tuesday of November. (And, no… mail in voting does not appear to increase turnout.) Add to that, most people are not interested in local politics, they likely could not name their representative if asked. Net result, either they do not vote, or they vote for the incumbent because… “I guess they are doing a good job.”
    I actively worked against Weddleton. My efforts may have swung a vote or two, or maybe they were wasted effort, I do not know, but if you are complaining about the results, but did nothing to support your preferred candidate, this is your fault.
    Who the President is, and what happens in DC effects your day to day life a LOT less than what your local Assembly and Mayor does. Pay attention to your representatives locally, and the national stuff will hurt a LOT less.

  9. Voters overwhelmingly REJECT Bronson’s conservative crackpot coalition of grifters and couch surfers. Bwhahahahahaha!

  10. I wonder if anyone else has noticed: Every day since the election, the spread between Meg Zaletel and Kathy Hensley has been almost exactly 500 votes. How could the spread remain so close? It’s almost like someone is counting like this: One for Meg, One for Kathy…One for Meg, One for Kathy… and at the end, if Kathy has a whole pile of votes left at the end, they’ll just throw them away.

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