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Anchorage election update: Wednesday numbers

Wednesday results from the Anchorage Election Office, as of 4:30 pm. No more results are expected for 24 hours:

Anchorage Assembly

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Eagle River: District 2 Seat A

  • Kevin Cross – 3,908
  • Gretchen Wehmhof – 2,338
  • Vanessa Stephens – 328

West Anchorage: District 3 Seat D

  • Liz Vazquez – 3,447
  • Kameron Perez-Verdia – 4,521
  • Nial Sherwood Williams – 417

Midtown Anchorage: District 4 Seat F

  • Kathy Henslee – 3,502
  • Meg Zaletel – 3,987

East Anchorage: District 5 Seat H

  • Stephanie Taylor – 3,365
  • Forrest Dunbar – 4,595
  • Christopher Hall -219

South Anchorage: District 6 Seat J

  • Randy Sulte – 6,083
  • John Weddleton – 5,736
  • Darin Colbry -192

School Board Open Seats

Seat A:

  • Mark Anthony Cox – 16,541
  • Margo Bellamy – 21,463
  • Dan Loring – 1,375
  • Cliff Murray – 3,459

Seat B:

  • Rachel Ries – 17,563
  • Kelly Lessens – 21,816
  • Benjamin R. Baldwin – 1,518
  • Dustin Darden – 2,052

Prop. 1 – ASD capital improvements bonds

Yes – 22,681

No – 22,989

Prop. 2 – Facilities capital improvement project bonds

Yes – 22,697

No – 22,931

Prop. 3 – Public safety and transit bonds

Yes – 25,244

No – 20,350

Prop. 4 – Road and storm drainage bonds

Yes – 27,931

No – 17,742

Proposition 5 – Parks and Recreation bonds

Yes – 25,121

No – 20,286

Prop. 6 – Fire protection bonds

Yes – 28,396

No – 17,086

Prop. 7 – Mountain Park/Robin Hill amendment

Yes – 108

No – 140

Prop. 8 – Rabbit Creek de-annexation

Yes – 69

No – 12

Prop. 9 – Rabbit Creek annexation

Yes – 51

No – 8

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. If my arithmetic is correct, Barbara Jones and her staff counted only 683 votes between the report last night at around 8:30 p.m. and the update posted at 5:09 a.m. today. At this rate, we all will completely forget about this election before the final results are posted.


    Is that what Ms. Jones and the assembly majority are hoping for??

    • According to the Municipal Website, 41,316 votes were counted yesterday (Election Day). As of 5 pm, a total of 46,181 were counted through today. So today they counted nearly 5,000 ballots, not 683. It could be that those were the only additional ballots received in todays mail?

  2. Good God, sooooooo East Anchorage is good to go, I guess. I mean when I drive through here I feel like Forrest has been busy doing everything BUT working hard to take care of this part of town. Someone who voted for him please tell me why……..I get the feeling the people on here are not in the East part of town cuz there’s no fing way the commenters I see on here would vote for done-bar

    • I voted for him, probably for the same reason many others did: the alternative is unacceptable. Stephanie contributes 0 ideas but has plenty of critique of others. We need plans and ideas, not hollow rhetoric.

      • Bert, I am sorry to hear you shallow excuses and apologies for taking the WRONG position, and for having voted for a known sociopath and authoritarian. How pathetic, how radically leftist, how typically Los Anchorage.

  3. Suzanne your updates are a cut above the rest ma’am your on it. Oath integrity needs all the citizens to seek out an oath breaker and and vote that oath breaker out, only a citizen with a vote can kill an oath breaker. Oath integrity says it needs 250 thousand anchorage voters to vote away all our oath breakers anchorage. Oath integrity may have to move to Florida citizens SAVE OATH INTEGRITY. Oust our oath breakers.

  4. Based on the results so far, the most beautiful sight I could see in Alaska after 40 years is Anchorage in my rear view mirror!

  5. We knew the dirty libs were going to cheat again! Why didn’t somebody do something? Without our rights to vote we have no rights or liberty at all! This has to stop one way or the other!

  6. The School bond is now failing! Hallelujah!
    Notice to conservatives about 45,000 total people are making the decisions for ANC.
    About 7 thousand muni and school employees, That is 7000 vote head start for the Democrats.
    We must do better.

  7. The School bond is NOW failing! Hallelujah!
    Notice to conservatives about 45,000 total people are making the decisions for ANC.
    About 7 thousand muni and school employees, That is 7000 vote head start for the Democrats.

  8. Also, what is the street address and name of the printer who wouldn’t enter the ballots into The mail on time per his democrat contract. Until these and other questions are truthfully answered and proved no way can this selection be “certified” by Alaska at all.

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