Community rallies around girl who was brutally beaten by gang at Clark Middle School; radio hosts will walk her back to school Thursday

Peyton and Natasha Guthrie

The mother of a girl who was beaten by a mob at Clark Middle School went before the Anchorage School Board on Tuesday to testify on behalf of all children and youth in Anchorage schools who have been bullied and beaten.

Now, a local KWHL radio host is organizing concerned community members to walk her back to school on Thursday morning as a show of community support, and to provide the family with emotional support as the girl returns to the violent campus.

Natasha Guthrie told the school board that on March 26 her daughter was beaten and kicked over 41 times in the Clark Middle School gymnasium, while other students videotaped the beating and offered no assistance.

“Four teachers were present in the gym at the time of this assault, which took 42 seconds from start to finish for anyone to intervene,” Guthrie told the board.

She also described three incidences that took place at Clark Middle School in 2023, two of which happened within 24 hours of each other resulting in the arrest of four juveniles on April 18, and four more on April 19, when the school was placed into lockdown mode due to uncontrolled violence.

After her daughter transferred to Clark in January of 2024, “I attempted 13 times to schedule a meeting with school officials between January 25 and February 16 regarding bullying and harassment along with racial slurs that had been targeted toward my daughter. On Jan. 24, my daughter contacted me after she had been threatened that 10 Polynesian girls were going to jump her,” Guthrie said.

“On Jan. 32, I spoke to Mr. Kelkis. I advised him that these girls were harassing my daughter and taking photos of her in class. On Feb 2, I got a call from my sister that my daughter had been slapped in the head,” Guthrie said. Another time, the girl was slapped in the face. The school official told the mother it was accidental.

The harassment accelerated until the incident on March 26, when a group of girls entered the gym with the apparent purpose of targeting her daughter for a beating that has been preceded by racist name-calling.

Guthrie had reported the harassment, bullying, and threats to Anchorage Police on Feb 3, and again in March. The school did not report the beating to the police.

Earlier in March, Guthrie’s daughter was suspended for protecting herself after she was shoved into the fight by another student; that incident was caught on videotape and it’s clear she was shoved into a fight.

Guthrie also appeared on the Bob and Brock radio show on KWHL FM to describe the beatings and harassment. Lester has invited the community to join him in helping to walk Peyton to the school door on Thursday, which will be her first day back at school since the March 26 beating; she has been recovering at home. Community members who wish to support the Guthries can meet at 7:55 am in front of the school, at 150 Bragaw Street.


  1. Very similar incidents are happening all over the country. It’s not coincidence. Teach kids that all white people are racist. Teach them that only white people can be racist. Teach students of color that “white privilege” is the root cause of all their problems. What could possibly go wrong?

  2. Feral.
    They are throwing parents of white kids that commit violence into jail.
    Call the police and file charges.
    Bet you could find an attorney that would file civil suits against the parents.
    Sue the principal as well.
    In the end none of this will end well – we will eventually rise up against the feral classes and restore order.
    Deep down, they can’t believe we haven’t already.

    • Yes, that case should set a whole new precedent but we all know that there is a double standard for certain groups.

  3. So this is the product of critical race theory and DEI? The persons who are supposed to gain benefit by forced assimilation from these wacko political/social theories, end up becoming the perpetrators of racial hatred.
    Another liberal experiment goes bust.

      The outcome has been known, planned, and expected from the beginning. What is unfolding are the fruits of an Americanized version of Maoist cultural Marxism specifically evolved and crafted for a specific purpose. And we are just starting to see the beginning of it.

    • Julia. No dear it is not. It’s an easy way out to blame or credit all your grievances on the Left. You are not a critical thinker

      • Yes it is. We put up with denigration of certain races, and this is the result. And it is all by democrats. They stoke racial grievances. And hope stupid people fall for it. Like you.

      • Paola,
        You are another brainwashed Democrat, ignoring all reality and trained to call others stupid if they speak the truth. Real critical thinking requires independent analysis based on factual information. You, however, don’t have a scintilla of this in your mental toolbox because it has been flooded with the Marxist sewage from your controllers.
        Hope you recover soon.

  4. This is the first time I ever wish I lived closer to Anchorage. We’re with you there in spirit Peyton. Keep your head up and don’t let racism or bullies win, stay strong ❤️

  5. I wonder if there are opportunities for lawsuits against the principal and the school district for allowing this type of behavior to continue in the school district?

    • Anybody can sue anybody in this country. Will the parent win? With a good attorney, it’s likely. If schools do not have legitimate policies in place to prevent bullying and student-on-student violence, they can absolutely be sued. If reports were made and appropriate corrective actions were not taken, they can absolutely be sued. If violence occurred, and they did not respond according to state law and Board policy, they can absolutely be sued. ‘

  6. Were the attackers expelled from the school district? I don’t remember reading that in the previous articles.

  7. The Anchorage School District and the administration/teachers/instructors at CLARK Middle School lack of any substantive action is appalling in this girl’s case of continuing abuse by other students at that school. A slap across the girl’s face was “accidental”?? Yeah, right!

    I guess Will Smith’s slap across the face of Chris Rock at the March 2022 Academy Awards was accidental too.

    Save your children, save society, save our country.

  9. I am appalled that the teachers, administration and the entire school district allow this to happen, over & over. Isn’t it their JOB to protect the children?

  10. The reality is that kids have always bent to social peer pressure. It used to come solely from a physical group of peers, now that net is broad with the advent of social media. The most aggressive in a group gets their way. Throw in a little mob mentality, and this girl could get seriously injured or killed just for being the minority. File a lawsuit today against the Principal of Clark Middle School and the ASD. Raise funds through GoFund Me or Give Send Go. If it were my child, I would have filed already. Nothing will change otherwise, and this girl, or another young student will get seriously hurt or killed. If these kids aren’t learning self-respect, self-control, kindness and humility at home, they need to be learning it at school. I would guess some are learning it at home, but between social media and local peer pressure, the mob mentality takes over. Schools must reinforce the basic traits of human dignity. If our educational institutions are not holding students and teachers responsible for poor behavior, then we all lose. This is an opportunity to force change.

  11. This is why kids bring guns to school. Tolerate and celebrate evil only ends up with more evil until the perps are bluntly educated on the error of their ways. The less they are educated on their poor lifestyle choice by parents and the school when young, the more Hobbsian (solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short) their lives will end up being. Just sayin’… Cheers –

  12. Vouchers will allow for whatever theme your chosen school wishes to emphasize. If it takes extra security for a neighborhood school then so be it. Choice and efficiency is what will happen.

  13. Have those bullies been punished? I bet not much has happened to them. The school officials are cowards and are fomenting these events.

    • I doubt it. My HS son was bullied for being Jewish. Were there any consequences? No, because apparently we are the oppressors 😂 yes, my 14-year-old nerdy ROTC kid is an oppressor. The ASD DEI office refused to speak with me and had the grievance office call me instead.

  14. There is enough proof that this mother could get a restraining order for all these attackers. I did this when my son was bullied. I had to provide proof of TWO instances to the judge. I couldn’t get one for all the thugs, but managed to get a restraining order for 2 of them. They couldn’t go to school for the duration of the restraining order. Everything seemed to calm down after we got that order.

  15. I don’t know that I’d be brave enough to let my kid back in that school……..I hope she will be ok and those bullies get some kind of punishment.

  16. Forced integration of schools was at federal gun point. At the time the USA was over 90% White.
    Now multiculturalism is a state religion most of you practice and White America is barely maintaining 50% of the population.
    Whites have been taught by the state for decades now that any collective ethnic interests we may have are inherently evil, that’s called deracination, and accepting abuse is its legacy.
    Diversity means less white people.
    Europeans created primary and secondary education and shared it with the world. Now we are vilified and essentially being replaced in every nation WE built.
    It’s okay to be White.

  17. This is so horrifying and should NOT be happening! People PLEASE stop voting for these incumbent liberal school board members! Once again they have been voted in. WE NEED CHANGE in our school system and curriculum. This type of thing is happening due to liberal ideology, including DEI and anti-white teachings. We are all equal in God’s eyes and we are all in the human race. That’s the only “race” we should be looking at. Stop this racial profiling and racism! May God protect this brave girl and others like her. And may those that hurt her ALL be held accountable!

    • What if race does matter? What if European social norms are only maintained by Europeans? What if those social norms are eclipsed by other cultural norms and demographic representations?
      It’s okay to question the new state religion of “diversity, multiculturalism and acceptance”.
      We are not all the same, all cultures are not equal, most non European cultures are in truth horrific to the European sense of human and animal rights.

  18. It’s all the Governors fault for vetoing the $680 BSA which would have funded the necessary security detail to keep the kids safe???
    LOL….I am still waiting for that response from James Kaufman!

  19. They should shut down that school! It is obviously dysfunctional and needs a new bottom-up plan in order to re-open. When a school gains the reputation as a “fight school”, it has the tacit approval of the person at the top… you know, the award winner.

  20. It’s a nice gesture, but it’s local host grandstanding. All this stunt does it get him a bit of press and put a bigger target on the girls back.

    Really wanna help? Locate a conservative version of Scott Kendall and sue the school system into oblivion. Sue the muni for allowing the school system to become Thunderdome. Go after every single girl with hate crimes charges. Then go after the principal, the administration, every member of the school board, even the cross walk guard.

    Burn this school and the Anchorage public Ed system to the ground.

    Still wanna help? Raise money for this child to homeschool or go to private school. The Holy Rosary board should offer her a scholarship.

    • MA. I agree the attackers should be punished. Most definitely. Sometimes you make sense.

      But not this time when you say, “Then go after the principal, the administration, every member of the school board, even the cross walk guard. Burn this school and the Anchorage public Ed system to the ground.” This is the statement of a non-critical thinker. You’re being emotional and extreme in an attempt, I guess, to signal your outrage.

      I’m outraged too but I don’t blame anyone but the attackers. The principal and administration have nothing to do with this horrible event. Seems like a good conservative like you would focus on ensuring the acceptance of responsibility for the crime by the attackers and leave the government out of it.

  21. This young lady has her college paid for in full. Sue the principal for not doing his job and her injuries; sue ASD for not protecting students. I hope the perps are in juvenile detention where they belong. Unfortunately they have most likely been released to their parents. I liked the idea presented above of a restraining order. But those kids probably don’t want to be in school anyway. So glad I don’t have any kids i ASD and that my grandkids are home schooled.

  22. This article is based primarily upon heresay and a video snippet. I would assume nothing. Regardless, it seems commenters on here have made their judgement in support of the alleged victim whom they characterize having a character as pure as wind-driven snow at the north pole. Having a daughter, I can attest that most teenage girls are capable of lying like a Persian rug. Somehow, commenters on here seem to know the alleged victim was not, in fact, a bully getting her come-uppance.

    • Seeking controversy today I see. While it’s certainly possible the girl was a snotty rotten teenage girl, since 99% of them have that potential at times, the girl just got to that school in January. She has no crowd, she has no group. Teenage girls that are bullies are almost always surrounded by like-minded supporters. It’s highly unlikely this girl got her come-uppance in this instance. It’s always important to play the Devil’s Advocate, but you might want to read you comment again and rethink this one.

      • Re-reading my comment is not the course for revelation. The article certainly does not reveal the detail you give. Accordingly, I do not see how others can reach such conclusions. Remember how quickly millions pre-judged Richard Jewell, Nicholas Sandmann, Kyle Rittenhouse, George Zimmerman and many others on hear-say and snippets of video… until the actual facts exonerated them. The support comments of a loving mother, although commendable, cannot be categorized as unbiased. Withholding judgement until the facts are fully vetted is the foundational principal of our justice system.

        • Well the FACTS are you do not put your hands on another person. Let the adults handle the communication going forward. it is never ok to kick someone when down, she could have seriously been hurt or even killed if that kick had landed just right. And last but certainlynot least….it is NEVER ok for 4 to 5 girls to jump one person… those are the facts no matter which way you try to twist it…

    • Don’t be coy. The standard Leftist political race playbook would be set in motion. The rafters would shake with rage of how the attack is simply more evidence of systemic racism and white supremacy. The aggressors and their families would be doxxed, with calls for immediate expulsion. There would be threats of violent retribution against the aggressors and their families, probably including vandalism of their homes and vehicles. Likely there would be demands made to their employers that the doxxed parents be fired. You seem to consider yourself a critical thinker, perhaps use basic reasoning, look at similar situations nationwide, and apply the parallels, it is not a difficult thought exercise.

  23. There must be a lawyer that would take this pro bono. Sue the hell out of ASD from the top down. Start with that Superintendent with all the “t’s” in his name that is in way over his head.
    This young lady returning to school is stronger than me. Not sure I’d do it and as a parent I’m not sure I’d send her back. ASD and public education is a disaster. I wish I were in town to show them the support.

  24. The attackers are cowards, because they had to be in a GROUP to beat up one girl. The other students in the area and FILMING while doing nothing to help the victim are cowards and have no good character or redeeming qualities, the adults in the gym who failed to stop this aggression are the vilest of all cowards for not protecting the child. Everyone of you are DISGUSTING!

  25. Every ASD school is like this. Has been for decades. Both of my kids were suspended for defending themselves from bullies even though they followed APD guidelines for escalation of force. Their teachers taught their students on Day-One that they “might be gay, so the only way to know for sure was to try it.” That was in 7th grade. And it only got worse in high school where more time was spent on DEI and ‘feelings’ than physical fitness and the Three Rs. We pulled them, homeschooled for a while so they could catch up with their Lower-48 peers, then shipped them Outside to private schools until they graduated. What really irks me is that, in spite of their continuous failures, ASD asks for more money every year and our idiotic Assembly puts it on the ballot instead of firing all of them. The only non-violent answer is to replace the Assembly, then defund ASD and start over with vouchers or homeschooling.

    • I 100%agree the Assembly needs to be replaced with conservative voices who actually care about our state and our children! The ASD also needs to be dismantled and rebuilt. It is appalling how much money they spend and worse, what they are teaching our children.

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