Watch video: Clark Middle School student savagely attacked by student gang during gym class


A horrific video circulating among youth in Anchorage of a student being beaten up by a group at Clark Middle School is the latest example of violence at the Anchorage campus, which has a reputation for student fights and brawls.

Clark Middle School, located in Mountain View, is in one of the most racially diverse campuses in Alaska; 93% of the student body is from a racial minority, predominantly Pacific Islander; 7% are white.

The victim in Tuesday’s assault was a white 14-year-old who was in the middle of gym class near the end of the school day.

The assailants, who appear to be mixed-Pacific Islanders, approached the girl with purpose in what looks like a planned, coordinated attack that involved punching, hair pulling, and when she was on the ground, she was kicked several times before a teacher intervened. It is unclear if this attack is a racially motivated hate crime.

The attackers were not part of the class that was in session in the gym but had been released early from their class and went to the gym, where the victim was still in class.

Must Read Alaska has learned that the girl was badly bruised on her head, face, arms, and ribs, and ended up in the hospital for x-rays and a CAT scan to be sure there were no internal injuries. The girl has spent the rest of the week on bedrest at home.

According to the parent interviewed by Must Read Alaska, the bullying of the girl has intensified since she transferred to Clark from Hanshew Middle School in January. The transfer was the result of the parent having been in a serious accident after her vehicle was t-boned and she was unable to get her child to Hanshew, whereas Clark is near where they live. As a new student, the girl entered the campus with no friends in the middle of the school year. Gangs of girls targeted her for harassment, leading her to sometimes hide in places around campus after she was told by students that attackers were looking for her to “jump” her. The harassment led to a full-on smack on the girl’s face in the weeks leading up to the group’s premeditated attack on Tuesday, videotaped by several students.

The mother of the victim said she reached out to the teachers on several occasions, and also asked to speak to the principal and guidance counselor, and finally was able to meet with them to express the danger that the escalating situation. But the response from teachers and the principal were inadequate to protect the girl. The mother said she was the one who called the police.

Watch the video here; be warned of the brutal nature of the attack and screaming:

The mother of the victim was actually outside the school during the attack, waiting to pick up her daughter at the end of the school day. She witnessed the attackers running from campus but was not aware at the time that they had just beat up her daughter.

The video is the type of activity often posted on social media, particularly on school fight channels on TikTok, Twitter and in groups on SnapChat.

Increasingly, students in schools across the country are recording these assaults for social media fame. There’s even a Clark Middle School fight channel on TikTok; others in Anchorage also have TikTok fight channels — Romig, Mears, and Wendler, for example.

This video has not yet emerged on social media. But others from Clark Middle School have in the past.

On Friday, Must Read Alaska asked the Anchorage School District for a statement on the assault and whether the assailants will be held accountable. The response from district headquarters was a request for the video, and an hour later the district wrote that there is an active police investigation and two students have been charged with assault. Several hours later on Friday — three days after the assault — the principal of Clark Middle School sent a note to parents with the same message.

Clark Middle School has a history of student violence. On April 18, 2023, the school was placed in lockdown after a group of teenagers got into a brawl. Ten Anchorage police officers responded to break up the fight that was now between both the student groups, and students and campus security officers. Some of the fighters were high school teenagers who were called in by friends for reinforcement.


  1. That’s why schools have so much violence.
    These gang bangers need to be kicked out of school and their parents need to be held accountable as nothing will happen to the kids.
    Remember taxpayers this is what we are getting for hundreds of millions of dollars.
    Top notch adult supervision.

    • Welcome to the radical’s desired results of a DEI education. Whites must be taught that brainwashing actually does purify society to a sense of feel-good normalcy. Welcome to the new order of America under Joe Biden.

    • Appears to me, without “real” consequences, events like this will only lead-to and result-in Revenge Justice!!! Not only the perpetrators in the crosshairs but also: Parents, School Teachers – Superintendents, School Board, and Assembly Members?!?!
      Git Ready Sports Fans … Grab an ice cold adult beverage, a tasty cigar, and a bag of popcorn. Place your bets wisely. Let the show begin!!!

      • And I’d like to say that the best thing you can hope for in your life is that hopefully you’ll enjoy group showers and look good in prison orange.

        • Absolutely they’re minors now but if they are going to continue this kind of behavior, they will be always showering with others and sharing bunks wearing orange that’s where they belong. This disgusting has nothing to do with them being a different race. As far as I’m concerned, they are bleeding the same blood that that little girl was and their parents should be extremely ashamed of their children’s actions I would be I hope they get help and I pray that they apologize at the least . I do hope that the mother brings this to court and Sue the crap out of the school board and the parents involved. Something Has to be stopped with this happening. I have a lot of Polynesian friends. I worked with a bunch of them and never thought that they raised their children this way, but this is disgusting and unacceptable.

      • Unfortunately, it starts at the house if mom and dad are Aunt and Uncle or gangbangers. They’ve obviously shared that behavior with these girls that beat up that little girl, so yes I would say they learned the act and that’s not OK and it should be stopped at home before they do it, responsibility is on those parents

  2. Animals. This is what comes of progressive/liberal “values”.

    Those thugs should be in jail, charged as adults. But Anchorage being Anchorage, there’s a 50-50 nothing happens.

    “They’re all good kids who didn’t do nothing wrong”, victims of (fill in the blank), and reasons why we need more government programs.

    Remember her, Anchorage, every time you vote, or don’t get off your lazy butts to bother. The community of Anchorage voted in the “leadership” that allowed this to happen. School board, Politburo, mayor, dog catcher, all of them.

    This is a community failure. It’s in your hands via ballots to reverse this decent into hell. If you can be bothered to do so.

    And remind me again how “diversity is our strength”?

    • And in Oklahoma, the white girls beat up the trans kid. And in Michigan, Florida, and Colorado, white boys shoot up their schools and have killed dozens. But I suppose TMA thinks those are also diversity problems–they shouldn’t let the gay kids and nonwhite kids go to school with the straight white kids, because then there wouldn’t be any problems? Diversity is our strength when a portion of the population isn’t screaming about how minorities should know their place and shut up.

      • “…….Diversity is our strength when a portion of the population isn’t screaming about how minorities should know their place and shut up.”
        Actually, everybody ought to know their place and STFU. All this “First Amendment Rights” and loud mouthed activism is leading us into civil war on a fast track. You folks might want to consider teaching kids the academic basics and leave the socialist propaganda and gang warfare training for university level instruction.

    • Ah yes, Anchorage public school.
      I have fond memories of the late 70s-early 80s PACT ‘gifted’ program bussing us regularly to the worst schools in the Anchorage School District (Fairview, Mountain View, Gov’t Hill) to ‘culturally enrich’ us.

      Biggest education they provided was a weekly lesson on how white kids get mobbed by blacks when they are heavily outnumbered on the playground. Years later, I think the faculty at Bartlett High was quite confused why some of us we were rejecting the racial programming. Trolling my AP English class with Rush Limbaugh’s “The Way Things Ought to Be”, and causing several students to walk out was a fond memory.

  3. I’m not giving the girls parents a full pass on this. They KNEW their kid was at risk. And they left her in that school.

    They should have gotten her out by any means necessary. Or at the very least taught her how to fight.

    Public schools are child abuse.

    • I should have mentioned she is a single mom, MA, and injured by the car accident, which necessitated changing from Henshew. – sd

      • Why is my first comment in moderation? It’s harsh and direct, but I don’t see where it crosses any lines.

    • That’s right to Masked Avenger. Parents in the moment we don’t always do what is clearly obvious until after we lived through the consequence, and we realized what was obvious. I doubt the protest, the emails, the outspoken public can make leadership motivated by money can change them. Enough parents just have to remove their kids out of ASD all together which includes ASD Charter Schools. Hit them what is most important to them: MONEY. ASD loves money and they still hadn’t suffered enough by more families exiting the district all together which I’d like to see then the public can speak.

    • MA, being a single parent is a tough job, especially when you are in the middle of a crisis (mom’s accident). According to the article this mother did not sit back. She contacted the school, advised the teachers, principals etc. with the expectation that they would do their job and keep law and order. School attendance is compulsory. She also contacted the police, when school official did nothing. This is solely a failure on the part of Clark middle school personnel. I hope she sues them and the school district for dereliction of duty and all those girls and their parents for assault.

    • So it’s the victim’s parents’ fault???!!! You have your head on backwards. No school should harbor that type of danger for any students.

    • What does a single mother do refuse her daughter to go to school because kids are bullying her and beating her up and then get arrested because of her not going to school because you know that is a problem as well. She deserves an education just like the other girls Hold the school responsible and the parents of the kids that did this because they didn’t protect her

    • Stupidest comment all day goes to you. Lol. Let’s see how you do when it’s 3 on 1 and your hairs being used at a rope.
      I’m sure your fighting skills is better than everyone’s huh? Lol. Gtfoh

    • Majority of Pacific Island homes I meet are two-parent. . This being Mountain View or Fairview its likely the dads aren’t present or involved with these Pacific Islander attackers. A single mother has no excuse to continue dysfunctional behavior in herself and child challenging her even more so because dad presence isn’t there blaming him and everyone else not helping her. We are the only country surrounded all around us with the knowledge of God, we could freely pick up a bible, go to a church family, follow a ministry that teaches the treasure and freedom in Christ we can possess, Alaskans will rather stay stuck in their dysfunction suffer under the consequences of delayed action, wrong choices and responses. Until a people are completely emptied of the tangible safety nets they used fire their security that they can’t see the providing and protecting character of God until until something like this happens to show the mother needs to make some changes in her life too as the attacking girls with their families do too and she develop a bit more independence. For those who already left ASD we don’t put up with the kind of people hired by Alaska schools very long. People who still live under dependence of others will put up with what’s not right paralyzed they have no other better alternative.

    • My daughter did everything to protect my granddaughter, the school board the school district. The principal failed my granddaughter. This is not acceptable.

      • You’re right, it is unacceptable. Follow up with the police, the prosecutor assigned the case, and if you can afford a lawyer, retain one. You will need to run this to the ground or it will get buried.

      • Hire an attorney, today. The School District must be held responsible. Anchorage has schools with security staff, this one clearly needs that. There are District policies in place that require students be held accountable for bad behavior. This school relied on the Anchorage police to do their job holding kids accountable when it was too late. I am very sorry this happened to your family.

        • shut up my sister and cousin jumped her for a reason. And that reason is because the girl that got jumped was talking about my dead family members

          • Young lady hush…and stop making up stories to try and make it seem legitimate…the bottom line is there is a huge difference between words and fists and kicks.. 1st of you and I both know she didn’t say anything about a dead family member… 2nd off had the kicks to the head cause brain damage or death there would be alot more issues to face then walking away from words…. grow up period… fighting and jumping 1 against 4 or 5 is not the way to go… that will hold you down your whole have a long road ahead of you all of you do…to have it ruined by one well planted hit or kick to the head….

  4. By the movie it was obviously s premeditated attack as the filming started beforehand. Which school board member is responsible for this school? Expulsion immediately for the attackers after they all publicly apologize to the entire school student body and staff. Where is superintendent Bryantt? Does board president Margo Bellamy believe restorative justice should rule here?

    • Margo Bellamy would only care if the person attacked was black. I’ll be shocked if she has anything to say about this. If the victim was black, Margo would push this to international news and create a task force and shove more double-think Kendi-style CRT down everyone’s throats.

    • I agree 100%. She is white. She is blonde and she was attacked. I do believe this was racially motivated and something is going to happen. Those parents need to be held accountable for what they did to my granddaughter.

  5. Virtually nothing will be done that changes anything. Culture is too woke to fix it. Parents of the assailants are likely not much better. They brought racism with them. First step, 30 days in detention, no pfd for life for girls or thier families, Give it to the victim. Next offense of this nature. Jail, nothing else, with elimination of all public assistance for parents. Third, back to whatever PI you came from, the entire family This behavior is without excuse. The hammer needs to come down hard. Make the family responsible, they will get it under control.

    • O, that any of what you suggest were to be enacted. Never to be, unfortunately society has sunk to such a low that the tripe of life such as these animals, are allowed to roam free. Soon, very soon, when children of responsible parents under such assault, will retaliate, much as the cavemen of yore, with basic instinct of survival.
      Vigilante justice, undesired, will become honorably justice as law and order disintegrates.

  6. A color blind society is the only positive way for a multi ethnic, multi cultural society. The race hatred that government schools preach is poison, and certainly will do nothing but hold native kids back and twist their minds. We all pray for the full recovery of the student that was beaten.

    Please, please do everything you can to remove your children form government schools.

      • Your comment is immaterial to the discussion, as there are no districts to “gerrymander” with the ASD school board election. Each board member is elected “at large” by all the voters in the municipality. It is not unheard of to have all school board members come from just a few neighborhoods.

    • Some members of my Native family were forcibly sent to residential boarding schools that were operated by the Anglican and Catholic Churches in the Yukon.

      I’ve heard first hand, the stories of multiple levels of abuse from near starvation to physical beatings for speaking Tlingit at the hands of those Priests.

      Some of those kids never returned home and are still to this day unaccounted for. That’s why they’re now deploying ground penetrating radar to locate the unmarked graves of those children.

      “She said, ‘I don’t want to teach you kids the language because you’re gonna get strapped at school,’” Benoit says. “So some of us lost language. Our main goal now is to try and learn it and get it back.”

      You don’t know what you’re talking about Micah. I pray that you will seek wisdom and open your eyes to the reality that Christianity did great harm to some of the Native populations of Alaska , BC and the Yukon. These are lost generations whose culture, whose language, whose songs and artwork was stolen from them, and then are looked down upon and called vagrants and bums by those who see themselves as morally superior.

      You wear your cloak of righteousness well, Micah


      • Thank you for that School. Christians have left a terrible wake of damage. Current defense of the religion ensures another future disasterous event in the name of Jesus.

      • YOU don’t know what you’re talking about, Residential School.
        There have been NO hidden graves or mass burials at residential schools in Canada after a 2 two year investigation. Period.
        YOU are purposely lying to manipulate a story about 14 year old White girl being savagely beaten into a hospital stay by melanesians and natives because you can’t stand the fact that a 14 year old White girl is shown ANY sympathy.
        I find you to be repulsive and disgusting, full of false pride and a practiced and professional victim.

        • Sadly, you are the one who is lying here. I pray that you will open your eyes and your heart to the grave injustices that were perpetrated on generations of Indigenous peoples in Canada and Alaska.

          …..” Dad said that with things left where we last played, it was as if we’d all died. Mom’s heart was ruined forever. Our grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles lost a connection where children were once the centre of life. No more hugs and kisses. Little did we know, it would be the beginning of the end of many things in our Cree way of life. And the worst was yet to come….”

          Nobody is condoning the violence in this video, my comment is directed towards the person suggesting that parents pull their children from government schools. Today you have that choice, not everyone did, some kids were forcibly taken from their families. Some never returned, and that is a documented fact.



          You are nothing but a part of a vicious disinformation campaign designed to discredit the Indigeneous rights movement in Canada. Canada, where they do acknowledge mistakes of the past, and have made an effort to reconcile their errors.

          When will that happen here in Alaska ?

          • Yes our government agencies do these same things to all races including; child trafficking, organ donation , right now! Completely Satanic! I was in school in 70’s and didn’t hear anything about any of this! We drove on Alaska highway a lot; we would have smuggled u out of that satanic place but we didn’t know! Kids from remote villages in Alaska stayed with local families and went to community schools. Many good friends of mine to this date!
            What a story!
            Would like to help the little girl somehow before something like that happens to her! All the voting rigged, teachers and helpers running gangs and drugs like in prison!
            What a situation!

          • Residental School go get your “indigenous rights” in Siberia, where you came from. You are not native to Canada. You’re a Siberian.

            • My FIL, a proud Tlingit man, served both in the Canadian armed forces and the US Army. When he moved to Anchorage in the 50’s to look for work, we wasn’t allowed to own or rent a home in certain parts of town because of his race.

              When he went to marry a white woman, they had to go to 3 different churches before St Mary’s agreed to do a ceremony.

              His stories of being raised in the Coothla Residential School in Yukon were very powerful and resonate with me to this day.

              I am not a liar and I’m not mailing this up. One inconclusive story out of Kamloops does not erase this story for thousands of people across Canada who’ve lost loved ones.

              You simply do not know what you’re talking about.

              • You certainly present a dark story, but it sounds to me like a lot of fantasy and delusions. Bad things happened in some residential schools everywhere (watch The Rabbit Proof Fence), but some people find drama and demons in every corner and every dust bunny. I’m not calling you a liar, you likely believe these things with all your soul, which makes you delusional. I lived among the Tlingits, and the only racism I witnessed was from their own when they married outside their own. And we won’t even discuss how they treated Blacks or Asians.

              • Residential school, you are so right. I grew up here in Alaska and live here still. I remember when children from the villages had to go to boarding schools (Mt Edgecome being one) and I remember the atrocities that happened to these poor children. I remember when the Molly Hatchet law was passed requiring every village to have a school so parents didn’t have to send their children away. As a child I couldn’t imagine how hard it was to leave your family and as a parent I can’t imagine having to send my child away. It hurts my heart to think that these families had to go through this. We learned from this and hopefully we’re doing better. God bless you, Residential School.

          • “…….You are nothing but a part of a vicious disinformation campaign designed to discredit the Indigeneous rights movement in Canada……..”
            The “movement” is discrediting itself faster than it can “move”.

      • How sad! Your listed grievance has nothing to do with this young girls horrific treatment at the hand of this gang.
        Since you lament past events, you of all people should understand how destructive racial hatred is. You seem to excuse brutal and vicious behavior, because you think that past events somehow give certain individuals the right to dole out brutal beatings with impunity on random others.
        Sadly it only demonstrates that you learned absolutely nothing from this history and are unwilling to put yourself in this young girl’s shoes, simply because she is of a certain race. How despicable!
        Those, who claim to be victims and then victimize others are so much worse, as they commit their atrocities with the full knowledge of the impact of their act on the victim and they do not care!
        Shame on you!

        • this is not a gang. these are simply pacific islanders and it is highly offensive to accuse such children of gang banging. she had it coming of the fact she was talking horrid upon these females. a lesson needed to be taught.

          • Because she called one of them “pretty” with TONS of statements regarding this fact. So because someone states a comment. It is OK to SAVAGLY beat this child? Because of he said she said bull?? You RAGE ARE the exact problem!!!!!

          • Interesting Rage, let’s examine some of the definitions of the word “gang”:
            “A group of adolescents who band together, especially a group of delinquents.”
            “A group of people who associate regularly on a social basis.”

            Seems to me that this group of girls easily meets the definition for the word.

            Furthermore I would like to point out that ANY group, who beats up a single individual “because she/he had it coming” due to a VERBAL altercation can easily be considered a group of delinquents for meting out violence. Instead they should have had the the good graces to ignored idiotic statements and walk away. Beating someone is unacceptable.
            Tolerance and respect are a hallmarks of a civil society. Sadly your statement leaves much to be desired on that count.

          • Rage
            I would like to revise my previous statement by saying that the best you can hope for in life is that you have an excellent emergency room surgeon when one day you find yourself leaking like a sieve.
            If you don’t know the definitions to any of these big words, don’t bother asking your parents. They won’t know either.

          • Noooo they’re all ghetto children.
            Them and their parents need to be arrested for assault & animalistic behaviors lol

      • You are perpetuating a hoax.


        • You are falling for the hoax, pull the wool over your own eyes. It’s not disputed, kids were sent away to these schools and they never came home. That is a documented fact.


          Residential school denialism, like climate change denialism or science denialism, cherry-picks evidence to fit a conspiratorial counter-narrative. This distorts basic facts and the overall legacy of the Indian Residential School System (IRSS) to alleviate settler guilt and block important truth and reconciliation efforts.

          • So RS what exactly do you want here?

            This particular story has nothing to do with native residential schools other than that it happened in a school gym and the parties have a race component.

            So I ask again what do you want?

        • Well, let the dust settle on everything. Prince Andrew was Epstein’s bestie. Jimmy Saville was a close friend to the crown, Maxwell and Kevin Spacy were hanging out at the Queens cabin together, and Little Harry has just been implicated in the PDiddy human trafficking investigation. I’m sure it’s all just a coincidence. But let’s not get distracted. This was brutal. I hope that mother is contacting good lawyers right now.

      • “…….That’s why they’re now deploying ground penetrating radar to locate the unmarked graves of those children……..”
        Familiar story. I wonder how long this will live?

  7. This story as written appears to be factually correct. But one must question whether the decision to publish it at all is indicative of white Alaskan resentment towards the presence of Pacific Islanders in the State. Now don’t get me wrong – I’m just asking questions.

    The story could quite easily obviate any such suspicion by eliminating reference to the participants’ racial makeup. Why does race matter, MRAK, if the point of the article is solely to denounce violence?

    • Because it was a racial hate crime Hans, stop pretending it wasn’t. Racists people exist in all races and ASD needs to pull their heads out of their butts. Please sue the school district, you asked for help and they ignored it, now your daughter will be changed for life. They have a 127 million stashed in their kitty and are asking for more.

    • No, you are not just asking questions, you are implying white guilt. Racial identity and racial clanism is a factor WHICH NEEDS TO BE IDENTIFIED and addressed. We all carry the baggage of our ancestry, both good and bad, much with long ingrained intolerance and violence. And if we are to live in a civilized society, we must all learn to act and treat others with civility no matter what their ancestry or skin color. Sadly, some who come to America do not leave their prejudices and anger behind and it percolates for generation after generation. Now is the time for intervention at both the child and parent level. “Let the punishment fit the crime.” Maybe they all need to be dropped on an island with supervision to assure there is no “Lord Of The Flies”, and stay there until they all recognize the value of each other. One day perhaps we will all have light brown skin as intermarriage mixes our genes. Or, just maybe we will learn to appreciate the value in our differences in the mean time.

        • A little racist there? We are all of the same gene pool. Light skin is a recent mutation in relative terms. And with mixing, skin color and superficial attributes will all be diluted. Or are you a racist purist? My family is multiracial/multicultural and we celebrate all.

    • It does make a difference in this story. The “regular” media feeds us the tripe that practically ALL violence is perpetuated by white straight boys and men. How? By pointing it out each time it is a white male. However, if it is any color but white, it is not mentioned, photos are not published, and the story winds around the other parts for days or weeks before the big reveal. That reveal is commonly the racial group that makes up 6 percent of America that is doing 56 percent of the violent crime (American male black).
      And the WAY fights are conducted is cultural, too. White on white? Typically one-on-one. Really. Sure there are cheerleaders, but ask any student who has been a fight or two. They would pick the one with the white person before EVER choosing a black or Pacific Islander. You choose wrongly, and it will only be you against however many want to jump in, take a swipe, and injure you.
      Yes, there is an honor code among some brawlers. But you rarely find that outside of white and Asian culture, despite what the movies might portray. Advice: Look around before you try and win an argument or fight with a person whose culture will go as far as kill you as a group, and not “mind their own business. You will not win. You will be hurt. Don’t believe me? Ask around.
      End of rant and sermon. 😉

    • Since CHINA owns and operates TIC TOK, they need to BAN Tik Toc and get rid of it. The CHINESE government is using Tik Tok to spread hatred among everyone and anyone willing to disrupt the peace among Americans and anywhere else to Take Over..It’s bad enough that there is such hatred among our many cultures, but that is how China is working into our life to create chaos to disrupt the ANY culture so they can move in and take over. I AM NOT against the Chinese people, ONLY the Communist Government.. They need to shut down these groups that uses discord among the youth. America Needs to BAN these Snapchat, Tik Tok youth groups and other similar video groups.

      • Write to the US Senators, all of them and not just from Alaska. Sen. Blackburn from Tennessee has a bill in the Senate to BAN TikTok and rid the USA of the Chinese program. Do it today and without regret. The State of Alaska Law Department, should have a handle on this. And, parents that can’t control their children need to go to court to determine what to do with the children and the parents held accountable even if it means jail time. Time to quit arguing and face the realities of life in society. Its either take care of your bad mouth, bad talking and bad acting or sit in a jail cell which should be no different than what a DUI is to the public in terms of reasons for incarceration

    • This question should be directed to the Municipal Assembly, ASD School Board, Superintendent and Principal of Clark Middle School. They are the ones pushing the race agenda.

      Why would you want to obscure race from what is clearly a racially motivated crime? It appears you’ve fallen for the notion that any race other than white people should be exaulted.

    • Now you’re color blind? A bill in the MatSu just fell dead from diarrhea.

      You are nowhere near as clever as you think yourself.

      Me, myself, I’m quite prejudiced against Any group of people who act in mass in an attempt to kill an innocent person. Regardless of race.

      However, the facts (sticky things, those) are the animals who tried to kill that girl were overwhelmingly “PI”. If not entirely.

      Another sticky fact is Clark is a very violent school with alleged gang issues. And since the demographics are over 90% “PI”, odds are overwhelming the violence and possible gang activity come from – ready now- “PI” people.

      In Juneau, we have a very large Filipino population. They are, for the most part, welcome and valued members of the community. Why?
      Among other things, they are hard workers and not terrorizing our middle schools.

      • And somehow unironically, you state “the animals” about Pacific Islanders, but you’re not racist. Not a bone of racism in your body. Clearly, to you, Pacific Islanders just aren’t people. I wonder where this notion came from, or why it’s okay to suddenly call other races “animals”–who on earth could have made that acceptable language…

    • Race seems to matter with every thing else Hans. I’m a white man and I’m discriminated against every day of the week. Getting sick of it actually. Bid priority, comments on media all against white people. What if a bunch of white guys started the white only college fund, or the national association of white people. ?? There is no equal treatment of any ethnic group and the government loves to stir the pot. My grandparents came to America poor as dirt so I don’t want to hear about that either. And we never nor did my grandparents ever have slaves so don’t comment on that either. As I’ve said before the only thing going to straighten this insane mess out is a miracle from god or a bloody world war. Our country has had it to easy for to long. We have become fat , dumb & lazy and might I add lawless.

    • You know very well that if it had been a gang of white girls on a single non-white person, it would IMMEDIATELY have sparked outrage as a hate crime! That is why the race matters. You see, had the theoretical situation I mentioned been the case, the punishment would have been swift and severe. Suzanne pointed this out so we can see if equal justice will be meted out to the attackers, or if they will be given a pass because of their ethnicity, (non-white). I would love to see each and every one who was standing around recording this instead of helping to break up the fight get punished. What is wrong with these kids…the older and bigger ones anyway, not srepping in to break it up? Charge the miscreants with attempted murder. Make the punishment hurt to discourage these actions. Suspend and take away the pfd of any child who participated or took video so they could post it.

    • Oh… for F’s SAKE!
      Can’t you leftists just let it go? Seriously, it is ALWAYS the whites that are the problem in your tiny minds.
      If a gang of “racially diverse” individuals beat the living tar out of a white woman, it is because of whites… somehow.
      NEWS FLASH! There are bad people of all skin colors.
      2ND NEWS FLASH! Just because you feel marginalized is not a justification for violence against someone who was not actively participating in the bias.

      • If the non whites are unhappy there are many country’s that they could move to.
        Get out of America if you don’t like it.

          • No it’s the truth.
            You’re not happy move or learn to get along.
            A violet person is not needed in a polite society.

            • “…….A violet person is not needed in a polite society………”
              So if I have purple skin, I’m not welcome? Racist!!!

              • You surely don’t understand it.
                If you like the violence then go find it in our city’s or war.
                There is nothing wrong with a polite society, so if you don’t wanna live in one, then move.

                • Why move? This is statistically among the most violent states in the union. If you don’t like that, fix it. I’ll watch.

        • I got out of Amerika half a century ago and came to Alaska. Sure enough, after half a million others came for their “rightful” PFD, this isn’t the same place.

          • Yep, came in here like you own the place, taking the children by force and beating Jesus into them with your Bible Belt. You sexual and physically abused those kids, some came home broken and scarred, some didn’t come home at all.

            You put up your “No Dogs, No Natives Allowed” signs.

            You told them where they could live and where they couldn’t live with your redlining of the land.

            And then you look down upon them as broken, dirty people – using derogatory and demeaning terms to describe them.

            Bums and vagrants, drunks and druggies, send ‘em all back to the villages, you say.

            I say send you and your ilk back to your village, that is if they’ll have you. You come to this land and show zero respect for the people who have lived here for centuries.

            You poor, tortured soul, you, may God take pity upon you.

            • The only place I own is the one I’m sitting at right now, because I bought it with the money I earned. I’ve sexually abused nobody. If you disagree, prove it in court. You can’t even get rid of the abusers in your villages, let alone an innocent man. Not only did I not erect signs abusing indigenous people, my daughter married one with my blessing, and he’s a fine young man and father to my beautiful grandchildren.
              But, yeah, I don’t have any dogs anymore. Maybe I’ll get another if my wife passes away.
              I think you are a racist, and your words are what proves me correct.

            • Oh, yeah, I went to a Catholic school for seven years as a kid. I got my ear twisted out of shape a few times, but not beaten. Nor did I die there, but I might get buried in a Catholic cemetery in Wasilla……..that or the National Cemetary on Ft. Rich. Would you like to recommend which one?
              Been to a few burials at Eklutna, too. I even helped dig the hole once……….

            • Excusing personal choices by a long lost past does nobody any favors, as it traps those in need of betterment and randomly vilifies others, who most likely were not even born and had no hand in the past.

              There are no excuses for the practice of sending native children to residential schools. It was a misguided and arrogant practice.
              However in my reading it was also NOT the kind of hell, you seem to perpetuate.
              Were there abuses? In any environment you have miscreants who abuse their status by mistreating those they have in their power, but to claim that abuse was universally so is inappropriate and false.
              Are there some children, who did not come home? It is likely, but to only ascribe nefarious reasons to that fact is unacceptable. Considering the time frame and the state of medicine at the time, it is much more likely that childhood illnesses and accidents contributed to this very sad statistic.
              To take children from their parents is cruel and should never have happened.

              RS, my heart goes out to you. You are wholly consumed by a past that can not be changed. It seems to absorb your every waking moment and your obsession blinds you to the suffering of others.
              May you find peace not only to enjoy the blessings in your personal life, but also to see the changes that have been made since.

              • “……..There are no excuses for the practice of sending native children to residential schools………”
                There are several huge reasons (not “excuses”) for the use of residential schools, especially in Bush Alaska, and MOST especially in the Bush Alaska of yesteryear, when the population was a tiny fraction of the ridiculously small population of today. The mere recognition of the incredibly astronomical cost per student in the Bush on the state education funding nightmare should be a clear clue for anybody able to count higher than the number of fingers on their hands. At a time when the state funding allowance for Mat-Su students was as low as $500 per head (despite the huge cost of busing), the cost per head in at leadt one region of the Bush was $20K. Moreover, many of the most prestigious primary schools in the nation, used by the elite, are residential schools.
                But, thankfully, we now have the salvation of at-home learning. The right wingers can spare their children from left wing propaganda, the natives can spare their children from certain death and never-found mass graves, and maybe the sexual perverts can figure out that it’s better to stay home, and then maybe the kids who want to learn can get a freaking break.

        • After terrorizing and stealing from many nations, and creating hell for these people, they should go away.

          Be quiet ignorant.

    • @ Hans Litten…
      “whether the decision to publish it at all is indicative of white Alaskan resentment towards the presence of Pacific Islanders in the State.”

      I have too much faith in Suzanne’s morality and ethics to take that assertion at face value.
      Why can’t it simply be that she wrote this story because a “CHILD” was savagely beaten by a gang of ferals who bravely attacked her en mass, instead of one-on-one?

      This gang of ferals should immediately be removed from public school(s) and their parents told, “you raised them to be this, now you’re on your own now to educate them.”

  8. No excuse for this type of action. All involved should be put made to do community service and pictures published as adults.

    • The perps need to be charged and if convicted jailed as adults.

      If they’re mature enough to ambush a kid, they’re mature enough to do hard time in jail.

      The ones who need to be doing the most disgusting kind of community service are the ones who recorded it instead of trying to break it up.

    • Exactly Terrance. The police need to be involved actually. The poor girl was hurt pretty bad. All day long that is assault. Treat them like adults they think they are so tough!

  9. B-b-but “diversity is our… strength,” as we are so frequently reminded by our betters. This felonious gang assault on a single Caucasian female was almost certainly a racial hate crime. The assailants should be prosecuted by the State of Alaska (and then sentenced to confinement, somewhere) with all due ardency.

    As for the ASD, shame and then more shame must be heaped on the Clark principal and the superintendent. Mom, bring on the civil suit for damages. Fellow taxpayers, the ASD will need more of our money.

    Lastly, what happened to those high schoolers who were part of the planned brawl in April 2023? Anyone??

  10. I applied to work there as security several years ago. I should up 25 minutes early for my interview and the principal waltzed in kept me waiting whilst she watered her plants etc. she made me wait 30 minutes past my appointment. Meanwhile as I’m waiting, adults were coming into the office. They were dressed in sweat pants and T-shirts. I thought they were parents. It turns out they were the teachers. The whole experience was disheartening. I called ASD and told them to trashmy application.

    • Kirk. The state operates a compensation fund to make whole good people like you who were brutalized by the school industrial complex. I forget what it’s called. Ask Dunleavey.

  11. Hanshew is a better school choice than Clark only because of the parents in the area have more education and discipline even more Faith based families than Mountain View.I ain’t going to stop doing my mission work in Mountain View and praying for the neighbors, maybe through this suffering is exactly what Mountain View families need before they take God seriously they need to have a relationship with him. You know just across the other street of Red Apple grocer is a . . . . . pacific island congregation church and down the street toward Pike is another pacific island congregation church.

    I bet the little girl is a more ideal candidate for Online homeschool than being at a school like Clark below her emotional, mental, and academic development. She probably unintentionally carries herself in a way she is better than the attacking a group only because she is smarter. If her single mother works, she could try to afford 200 dollars a month for ten months at Liberty University Online Academy for K-12 grades. The school does everything and make it as simple for use by parents and students as they can. the Junior and High school student can complete the lessons on her own while the parent works. I can plus I earn 23,000 a year. I wish I had this growing up, I would had learned what I was supposed to learn in school like the civil war history. Any child who goes through LUOA is blessed.

  12. “Clark Middle School, located in Mountain View, is in one of the most racially diverse campuses in Alaska; 93% of the student body is from a racial minority, predominantly Pacific Islander; 7% are white.”
    But…. diversity is our strength!
    Isn’t it???
    Seriously, in relatively homogenous societies this type of crap does not happen. In societies where people moving to that area are expected (and choose to) adopt the social mores of the society, these things do not happen. (Well, not too much).
    This crap happens everywhere that leftists insist that EVERY culture’s standards are equal to the one in the area, and in order to appear more “open minded” they elevate the outside culture above their own. And, history is abundantly clear on this front, it ALWAYS results in violence. And that violence continues until one of the cultures loses.
    You can bet every dollar in your 401(k) that the pacific islanders who committed this attack will walk away scott free because the authorities do not want the be accused of some “phobia”

  13. As the attacking students parents are becoming informed about their child’s behavior, those offending students are likely to get just what they did to the girl this Easter weekend. A lot of yelling, belittling, criticizing, slapping even hitting, and raging from their parents. Where do we think these attackers got their confronting, isolating, bullying skills from… unrepentant sinning parents who suffer because of a lack of knowledge.

  14. My Daughter was supposed to go to Clark. Knowing the violence and gang activity there, I enrolled Her in a safer school. Bureaucracy was overwhelming and uncertain to accomplish this through the system, so I used a Friend’s address to get Her accepted into the safer school.

  15. Hans… let’s just reverse the races involved and then think about what the media response would have been. It would have been all-over the liberal driven news that afternoon and there would have been hours of statements and coverage from the ASD, school board, Assembly… etc. etc. In this case the assailants and victim didn’t fit the montra,, so no coverage. Nothing to see here… move along… move along. In this case it was an important part of the story to include for context as to why it didn’t get any coverage. It is sad that the only place this will get any airtime at all IS from MRA.

  16. Absolutely no excuse for this, and my daughter is filing a lawsuit with the school district and all that were involved even the ones that videoed this and there was lots of videos. This completely breaks my heart that is my granddaughter.😭🙏😩🩷

  17. See! This is another reason I think teachers don’t really care about the children sent to them. If I was the girl’s last Hanshew teacher and heard her mother’s little transportation issue, I’d volunteer myself to be her daughter’s transportation to and from school. Alaska doesn’t have teachers like this example.

  18. You know what the Democrat Leftists solution to this probably be use more tax-payer money to pay for Taxi-vouchers for families sending kids out of school district.
    That’s not much of a solution because what happens when the money runs-out when People were used to supplemental government assistance.

    • The problem is the leftists will send the gang members and violent jackholes to schools that do not see this kind of behavior. Because, everyone needs the cultural enrichment.

  19. 25 years ago the gym teacher would have been permitted to jump in the middle of that frey physically stop it.

    Today, this teacher gets to spend Easter weekend contemplating a career change because no matter how badly he wants to protect his kids the only thing he can do is yell “get out, get out.”


    • Actually, the gym teacher still CAN stop it. He or she chose not to, being afraid of the consequences. Hiding behind policy is cowardly, when the right thing to do is clear.

    • There were 4 gym teachers in that gym. One “tried to stop them” when they came in. The children were ALREADY video taping and screaming. They went ALL the way across the gym to where she was at. The beating took almost a minute. These teachers deal with this behavior on a day to day!!!! You ALREADY tried to stop them why did NOONE radio for help!!!!!! Took you 47 seconds to say get out!!!! They could have killed her!!!!

  20. The single mother has a very good case to bring legal charges and a law suit against the families of the attackers and possibly the school district. If the dysfunctional families won’t address the aggression then family members they can pay the price and if the school district acts dysfunctionally and neglects the sources of these problems they can pay.

  21. Community service is for petty crimes.
    This is at the very least, premeditated assault and possibly attempted murder. I would expect no less then expulsion and jail time. And how about some accountability from ASD?

    • That video needs to be played at least a dozen times during the next school board meeting.
      Thanks for the veto Governor. Any more money spent on these Helter Skelter institutions is a waste of public money.

        • The next ASD school board meeting per the website is April 9, 2024 at the Education Center 5530 Northern Light Blvd, on the corner of Boniface and Norther Lights. The regular session starts at 6pm.


  22. At the very least, the school should pay to allow the girl to be transported back and forth to the school she previously attended. Another good reason for accountability with requested school funding.

  23. I don’t know if it’s still a thing, but years ago when I left Anchorage a stated rule of thumb was any community with “View” in its name was dicey at best.

    • MA. This is what pisses me off about your and other’s failure at critical thinking. Would you really ever make a decision based on what you claim?

  24. What happened to zero tolerance for fighting and suspension? ASD “Policy” on fighting-Fighting: Participation in a fight CAN result in an out-of-school suspension for the first infraction. Not the first nor the last of this type of behavior (April 2023):

    Anchorage’s Clark Middle School went into a brief lockdown Tuesday as four teenagers tried to break into an administrative office after a fight at the school and then refused to follow orders, police said. That call was prompted by the aftermath of a physical flight between two Clark students that led one to call three high-school-aged teens to come help, according to the police update.

    • That rule is only applied to white kids.
      The POC kids are allowed to get away with it because no one wants to be accused of racism.

  25. There are 3 stages of woke radicalism, the 3rd is put non conformist in the hospital!
    The 8th of September is the end of the year on the Hebrew calendar and an eclipse event; watch out for more super crazy stuff!
    Ai goes into turbo mode at end of year and it is not a good thing!
    Happy Easter everyone 🐰

  26. Oh my, the “Kiddo’s” doing what “kiddo’s” do. The same “Kiddo’s” who are being paraded around Juneau in the legislature to lobby for extreme education expenditures as advocated by the NEA and some legislators. The message being if you don’t pass certain legislation you are harming & hate the “Kiddo’s”.

    We don’t know exactly what is behind this but this attack, right out in the open, is an assault & battery. The perpetrators, if found guilty of a crime, should be sentenced to jail time (juvenile incarceration) AND community service.

    It’s been a long time, but I recall in my middle school & high school days children can be brutal in their natural state. An excuse is not needed to attack another student. Sometimes it’s just about social power or simply just because they detect weakness in another.

  27. Talking about extreme violence!
    I was trying to find articles on web about the thousands of ai powered guillotines Obama ordered while president and did he want to use in schools as well as the no conformist camps?
    Articles are all wiped no trace where they are now!

  28. I remember going to Clark as a new student in the middle of the year. It wasn’t a pleasant experience in 1978, either, for similar reasons, although it seems things have just gotten worse. At least back in the 70s, people still generally followed the unspoken rule of one-on-one when fighting. What we’re seeing here was a planned ambush by a mob.

    • “I remember going to Clark as a new student in the middle of the year. It wasn’t a pleasant experience in 1978, either, for similar reasons………”
      The bullying and fighting, both individually and gang style, was absolutely horrendous when I was in elementary and high school in Southern California era 1961-1974. It was bad enough to instill lifetime psychological trauma to the point where I feel it necessary to carry a concealed firearm at all times, even in my home during an era when home invasion and carjacking are common events. I just don’t want to fight anymore.
      I’ll shoot instead……….
      These are dangerous times. Hopefully it becomes much more dangerous for bullies than it does for the average person.

  29. This is horrendous and should not be tolerated.
    I don’t know the 14 year olds circumstances or personality but I might offer that our own girls homeschooled themselves from about that age with the right direction and support(from a program teacher and minimally from myself). I’m not one for conflict avoidance, but fearing for one’s life while attending school does not make for an environment conducive to learning anything.

  30. She needs a body guard desperately, so do the other non conforming little girls! Where are all the guys to bodyguard her! Maybe those were the guys attacking who knows no days! The teachers are behind the curtain!

    Even Dancers at the Bush Company have bodyguards and escorts for after hours functions! They probably X teachers!

  31. Small wonder.
    It happens everywhere liberals allow racist 1619 project-ish view of how America was built.
    Our tax dollars at work.
    This is pushed by the Democratic Party.
    Wake up when you vote

  32. Pacific Islanders are 2% of Alaska’s population, yet 6% of Alaska’s prison population. That is a multiplier of 300% of population. Before someone accuses me of racism remember that facts are our friends. In this regard it would seem that Pacific Islanders have some work to do with their children because those Pacific Islanders in Alaska’s prisons were once children. It is data like this that people remember when choosing a place to live or hiring a new employee. Fundamentally, people do not discriminate against other people simply because they are different. There is usually baggage (reasons right or wrong) that goes along with creating that discrimination. It would appear that the Pacific Islander students involved in this melee at Clark Middle School are feeding their own discriminatory stereotype. Where were the parents? How are the parents held accountable?

  33. And this is the area of the district that ASD Superintendent Jharrett Bryantt denied Dr. Ben Carson to speak at. Keep voting for school board members who support him and this will happen again, and again, and again…

  34. A teachable moment. A couple of civics mandatory meetings for whole school in the lunch room. Re-establish formal civil standards. Have City Prosecutor there to develop the laws in place. invite family Services to Comment, and Juvenile Corrections and Legal Comment from Lawyers in age appropriate language. Re-establish civil expectation for all. Punish the perpetrators including requirements to complete year grade requirements, re-establish environment of friendship and solidarity toward successful completion of public education rights for everyone. The kids throwing down need emotional counseling to help their families and them to understand, exactly why they did what they did. Report back please on this.

      • Forget that. How about a week of free lodging at the maximum security prison at Goose Bay? Nothing like the *clang* of those steel doors closing behind you to instill special emotions. Obviously, they’ve earned at least a week in the cage.

  35. The gym is an active place. It needs more hall monitors and gym monitors when the place is full of active kids. Everyday. Fail for Principal.

        • Then they needed five or six monitors. Analyze the tapes, not just showcase them. Write down exactly what was happening. It was mob behavior. There was an instigator, a target. Each kid alone may not have become aggressive except for the instigator who is jealous of the persona of the target. No group running except in emergency should exist. Look analytically at the problem. The principal needed to control. When I was a kid there could be lane sprinting in the perimeter lanes only and it was physically controlled. Each one of these kids are valuable to the community. The control over youngsters need to be removed gradually. No chaotic mob runnin Sprints are done out of doors in track events. Those are not held indoors typically. in service training on gym controls.

      • “There were 4 teachers in the gym at the time of this incident.”
        Then there should be plenty of witness testimony to back up and augment the video evidence for convictions.

  36. Nothing less than expulsion and jail time.

    “But the response from teachers and the principal were inadequate to protect the girl…” is all you need to know. The school and the district will do f* all to correct any of this. I personally know this as it happened to a family member. Even when security tapes showed a bully situation, the school VP denied anything else happened; ” Well, we don’t have any actual proof…”.The district assured “this will be addressed”. Not only at Hanshew but at Ace/Act. Still waiting for a response more than 10 years later. The school and district are not on your side, which is why I will never vote to approve a school bond or liberal school district member.

      • Much depends on how the police (supervised by the Mayor) and the district attorney (supervised by the Governor) view and respond to this. It is possible – and even likely – that the ASD will try to deflect and bury the matter. If the police and prosecutors let the ASD “handle” this, no one will be held accountable. From my perspective, it is clear that the ASD lacks the capability to ensure the safety of students. And things will only get worse. Will the police and prosecutors find or grow a backbone?

      • “Assault with intent to harm is a class A felony. Those girls lives are ruined more than likely.”
        Perfect. “Ruin” those lives early before they do it again repeatedly. It’s not like we don’t have millions of innocent lives to safeguard. No need to repeatedly fail in trying to safeguard the lives that refuse to live with everybody else in harmony.

  37. They seethe with a festering envy and malignant hatred for the intelligent and empathetic White race that gives them the world they live in because they know they themselves would never be capable of such creation.

  38. She needs to be trained on how to use an Italian OTF and carry in pocket all the time and under pillow too!
    All my daughters are experts with them!

    • Excuse me??
      You want a 14 year old to bring a stiletto to school?
      Great way to get herself expelled and potentially charged, to say nothing of further assaulted by this mob.
      I am making the assumption that your daughters are adults.

      • I would not recommend wearing stiletto shoes it would put anyone in a disadvantage!
        But they do make a stiletto hammer.
        Unfortunately OTF is not a stiletto!
        Check your facts

        • Well when you Google “Italian OTF” (out the front) you get a bunch of switchblades in the stiletto style. Using the “stiletto” descriptor seemed the most accurate way for all to easily understand what DHV was advocating.

          You are missing the point. To suggest that a 14 year old girl bring such a knife to school, seems irresponsible.

          • She would not be able to purchase a switchblade gravity knife anywhere in Alaska unless her mom gives her permission! State law
            She could take knife to school if she has mother and head administration permission! State law
            She would not be able to carry a switch blade ( gravity knife) under 18 without permission from mother!
            Mother can buy carry gravity knives concealed in Alaska! State law

            • DHV, and?
              You have clearly indicated that you support supplying this child with a knife. That is your opinion and position and you are free to teach your kids as you see fit.
              In my opinion throwing a deadly weapon into an already volatile and tense situation, is irresponsible. More likely than not this young girl if attacked by a multiple assailants, will be disarmed and the chance this knife will be used against her is very high.
              Also this is a school, not fight club. The point of socializing kids in an educational environment, is to give them tools to avoid physical altercations and behave in manner conducive to productive interactions with their peers and adults.

  39. This article is irresponsible. Perpetuating without offering a solution. A chopping block for the ed system, kids and parents.

    • The solution you dip stick is to raise your kids to have respect and enough brains not to get themselves in this situation. Apparently your not intelligent enough to figure this out on your own.

    • So you think silence is the answer? So you think talking about violence on any demographic – except white people – is helpful and somehow THIS article is continuing racial prejudice by whites. Solutions do not happen in a void mamma joe. This is a very serious situation – racial hatred exists. It is wrong – we are all human beings made in the image of God. It does not matter who is doing the hating. All lives matter. Suzanne did us all a great favor by courageously publishing so that discussion about solutions can be facilitated – not buried.

    • Joe:
      That is no different than any article from any news outlet.
      If you do not post that same comment on every article, in every news outlet, you are just demonstrating your level if intellect.

    • Joe, no this article is there to inform, what is going on in our schools.
      If we do not know, we can not do anything about it. That the ADN or KTUU could not be bothered to report this assault, probably has more to do with the current ongoing election for school board…
      Each parent is responsible for their child. If they deem it fit to remove their child from the public school system because of incidences like this, then it is up to the ASD to remedy the situation and take action. As it stands they would rather ignore these issues. The price they will reap is the continued loss of students, whose parents simply had enough and are seeking other avenues of most likely a better and safer education for their children.

    • Seriously?
      You think that it’s Suzanne’s responsibility to come up with an answer for every one of our society’s ills??
      No. She is doing her job better than any other journalist in our state, which is to factually write and report on the stories taking place in our state, so that we citizens become better informed, then it’s up to all of us to work towards solutions.

      • Moms mouth is as big as hers. Getting you guys in trouble. No need to make this big of a splash. This is a dog and pony show. No doubt there is an actual problem to be addressed here and a grave injustice…But this has turned into a joke due to the misinformation and excess attention.

        • Who’s Mom has a big mouth? The child who got jumped by 5 girls? I would hope that every single MOM out there would absolutely have a BIG MOUTH over something like this happening to their kid…I can PROMISE YOU if it was my kid there would be way more “excessive attention ” as you called it!!! WAY MORE!!!! This shi# needs to stop!!! There is ABSOLUTELY nothing that 12-15 yr Olds in freakin middle school should be jumping ANYONE OVER. And the fact that you think it’s ok definitely let’s me know who the problem is…

  40. The white victim will probably be arrested and charged with inciting a hate crime. When you think about it, we are not that far away from that. Just noting: There is an election underway for three positions on the Anchorage School Board and a fat bond issue. Time to “send a message?”

  41. My daughter is a single mother my granddaughter did not deserve any of this I appreciate and am very thankful for everyone that has been supportive. This totally broke my heart watching this video of my granddaughter, getting beaten up. None of this is OK, and it is racial motivated I would, pray that these other girls families reach out and apologize publicly for what their kids have done because of my child did this to anyone I could not even imagine I would’ve made them publicly. This is not fair it is not OK and it’s not gonna be OK

  42. I’m going to post this again this girl in the video is my granddaughter. I think everybody that has been supportive and I want the school district to know I want everyone to know that this is not going to end today. All of this needs to stop no child deserves this no parent should be, putting up with this every buddy that was involved in this needs to pay and that means not just financially but those children need to know that this is not OK. You cannot beat up somebody you can’t attack somebody because you don’t like them. This is not how you should be raised if any parent is behind that I am so confused by you because I would not be OK with my child ever attacking somebody else those girls need to apologize publicly their parents need to apologize publicly for their children’s actions and make it right don’t let your kids be like that don’t let your children hurt other kids I would not Ever have allowed that I have 10 children not one of my children ever gotten into a fight and hurt anybody it would never have been allowed

  43. Nothing to worry about, the Democrats will save us. They have all of the solutions, all you have to do is keep voting for them. If you suffer a beating like this, you may be a racist, repent for the deeds of your forefathers and with luck you could be forgiven.

  44. Well citizens, election day is April 2nd and you have a chance to vote for school board members that won’t tolerate this violence. Right now the school board is filled with liberals with awful policies and dogma that will never solve this.

  45. There are certain segments of our society that feel entitled to special treatment. They feel that they have the right to beat up, threaten, and otherwise harass people who are not of their ethnic group. Prosecutors should quit persecuting those who have committed minor offenses (or no offense at all), and start putting their efforts into just punishment for the obviously guilty. If you think I am unfairly characterizing the actions of at least some prosecutors, let me assure you that I have knowledge of specific cases that lead me to to my position.

  46. Too bad that a person of accomplishments and stature wouldn’t come to speak to these students. Talk about perseverance, hard work and making something of your life……………
    Oh wait………never mind. OK

  47. We have lost control of our schools. Why did the attack go on for so long? Who let kids out early with no supervision? As a retired principal I assure you all students would have been expelled. Then parents of those would have been called in to have a stern discussion on their students’ behavior.
    Instead we have allowed thugs attending our schools to take over. It is extremely depr swing to see what is being allowed by weak administrators and district leadership!

  48. When I was young young I had a friend who was very tall and elegant fun and from a socially sparkling conservative family. At some private party he was mob attacked. He was injured significantly. when I next saw him he was banged up quite bad, brushed blacked eyes, jaw wired broken from tooth. He was pretty mad about it but he was still great person and stayed as charming as ever. He went off to military school, then some time in the military. He continued to defend the under dogs of society (his choice) and had other difficult life situations that he handled respectfully and admirably. When schools bring kids in the schools should be more on the ball. Every year a whole new batch of young people need to be directed through civil behavior requirements. it is not a once and done thing.

  49. Taught at Clark in the eighties and nineties. We didn’t have that kind of violence. So here’s the bottom line; kids were held responsible for their behavior and there were consequences. Stiff consequences. We need to reinforce the idea that kids WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE. School leadership used to do that (Dr. Sears, Sherry Stears, etc). Leadership is always the direction Clark went. It still is. But the real perps should be held responsible and convicted as criminals. A lot of folks say kids shouldn’t be treated like adults. Well, if they are old enough to be in a gang and call in friends to organize an attack on a target, they are old enough to understand what they are doing and suffer the consequences. Stop the “hate crime” crap and treat it as it was – a crime.

  50. Yall can say whatever you want to make your “point” and it will never get across. The girl talked crazy and was given crazy. As a student here at this school im mildly offended with the white guilt and choosing whos to blame in the situation. ALL ARE TO BLAME. the girls shouldve went for a faithful one on one, and Peyton shouldve kept her mouth down. sure they can be convicted or whatever, but last time i checked ive seen adults just detained for this. she was given the minimal of bruises. but adults discipline with bruises. she was hit for talking irrationally. adults discipline the same. it doesnt mean a damn thing!! ive seen worse and for you guys to think racism in a diversified school is possible has me laugh! i was there when it happened. i was there before. i watched it cook up. and i would like to speak to the author of this poem and i think alot of other students would aswell.

    • You stated should’ve. Your right! But they were threatened with her last fight where she ACUTALLY did damage, and protected herself. On a ONE ON ONE FIGHT prior to this incident. Those girl were scared to take her on ALONE, so they decided to set a group on her. BECAUSE OF HE SAID SHE SAID BULL!!! A CHILD was hurt. So because someone says something you may not like, it’s OK to act as an adult and punish her INSTEAD of contacting the school or her MOTHER to stop the supposed “talk” that led up to this ” attack???” Talk is talk, words are said. You want to treat these kids as adults, regardless of race. They will be treated like adults!!!!

    • What exactly was this girl saying? Do you know what she was saying? No. It’s all just he said she said that girl was never running her mouth about anyone of those girls or their cousin.

    • Rage whatever you claim as “having been said” or that she did not go to a “faithful one” (whatever that means) is immaterial. The only established and indisputable fact remains that a group of students attacked another student and beat her with fist and feet, while she was on the ground, leaving her bruised and in need of medical care.
      You can blame the victim all you want, but in the end the choice to use a physical altercation rest solely with her attackers.
      Last time I was in a school we taught to “use your words” and that was taught in kindergarten.
      You demand respect, yet you are unwilling to respect others not in your circle or who have a different opinion.

    • There is zero reasons for jumping a girl, that’s an excuse. Y’all don’t get any sympathy for jumping someone, all of them need to be charged with assault. Them and their parents for not putting them all on leashes.
      – A Polynesian 😌

  51. When I was young I had a friend who was very tall and elegant, fun, and from a socially sparkling conservative family. At some private party he was mob attacked. He was injured significantly. When I next saw him he was banged up quite badly, blacked eyes, jaw wired, with a broken front tooth. He was pretty mad about it but he was still great person and stayed as charming as ever. He went off to military school, then some time in the military. He continued to defend the under dogs of society (his choice) and had other difficult life situations that he handled respectfully and admirably. When schools bring kids in to the schools should be more on the ball. Every year a whole new batch of young people need to be directed through civil behavior requirements. it is not a once and done thing. The PTA should author a resolution directive to have principal report back on the principal analysis and proposed corrections in transition zones. These are immature people who are in the schools care and control. They need better guidance and direction. people should not be injured on mandatory public property. $$$.

  52. I go to this school and yes fights do happen a lot but the fact that you guys are commenting that this school is crazies and stuff but you guys don’t need to make it seem like this school sucks. this school is a great school. so stop saying stuff that is not true.

    • Lucian, I recommend you read “Lord of the Flies”.
      We adults are not inclined to spend the money we worked so hard for, so you can have “a lot of fights” at school. Your school sounds more like the book I mentioned above. We adults look to the future and roving bands of gangs beating people up because ” they talk crazy” are not acceptable in a civilized society.

  53. We pulled my daughter out of Clark, and ASD, for precisely this reason. The Clark staff failed to adequately protect my child from other children. Who coincidentally had a very close run in with a large group of pacific islander females. The last straw was when my child was threatened by a boy WHO HAD A KNIFE. Clark’s staff confiscated the blade, but did not suspend let alone expell the child for bringing and brandishing a weapon on school grounds.

    Clark is the biggest joke, ASD is terrible.

    Accountability. Please.

  54. The fact that this Article barely knows anything is crazy bc I was there and i knew everything but the white girl isn’t so innocent, trust me. So don’t jump to conclusions and think the Pacific Islanders are “Gang bangers” because they wouldn’t have fought the white girl without a reason.

  55. To the kids running then assaulting because of that person’s 👄: In America we have freedom of political speech. If we don’t like what someone says typically they may still speak it. What you wanted to do was usurp or stop that speech. That is wrong. unconstitutional. You have to have person and subject matter authority to do what you do. You are a legal child. Children do not have personal or subject matter jurisdiction over anything or anybody in the great republic. If you are an adult you do not and will not have subject matter and personal jurisdiction over any other person in this republic because we are a nation of equals not underprivileged and privileged in this guaranteed great republic of fifty states, the United States of America. No one will teach you that; not your parents, your church nor the Anchorage School District. They should. You were wrong. when you do this as an adult other adults will confiscate you and harm you legally. I want you to learn from this so you can avoid ever doing this again. perhaps we can all learn about personal and subject matter jurisdiction among equal countrymen.

  56. You all should be ashamed of yourselves for even thinking like this about kids, you don’t know what took place. This is the most racist news report I’ve ever seen who ever is behind this will be investigated immediately. And everyone commenting will be taken into account. You Adults are ridiculous and shameful.


  58. Uh dude i will personally give your daughter a ride to school man. Don’t keep her in Clark if you care about her safety. Come up with a way to offer gas money to a friend, family member, hell even a stranger. Cuz it’s sad that I’m offering to help you out on here.

  59. Every single child involved need suspended if not expelled and every child who recorded needs ISS with non bully/hate training along with showing them ALL EXACTLY WHAT KICKING IN THE HEAD CAN DO!!!!! Parents if your kids are being bullied talk to the principal straight away and let them know if it continues that you will walk in with the police, a lawyer and news crew… that is what we had to do for our youngest and it never happened again


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