On a wilding: Clark Middle School locked down after fight spreads


A fight between two students at Clark Middle School on April 18 escalated into a violent incident that resulted in the school being placed on lock-down.

Clark Middle School is in the Mountainview neighborhood of North Anchorage.

According to initial reports, one of the students involved in the altercation called three high-school-aged juveniles for assistance. The situation quickly spiraled out of control as the four juveniles attempted to forcefully gain entry into the administrative office where staff and students were located.

School staff intervened and separated the students, but the four juveniles, who were not students at Clark, began to aggressively try to break windows and doors to gain access to the office. A school resource officer who happened to be at the school following up on an unrelated case responded to the situation and attempted to diffuse it while calling for backup.

However, the juveniles refused to cooperate and ignored the officers’ commands. One of the juveniles struck the SRO in the face, while another juvenile started throwing items at the glass window.

In response, the SRO deployed a taser to prevent the forced entry into the office. Another SRO arrived at the scene, but the juveniles continued to resist and ignore commands, police said.

Pepper spray was deployed by the SRO to gain control of the situation until additional officers arrived. The juveniles were then removed from the school and treated by medics at the scene for exposure to pepper spray, and one juvenile received treatment related to the taser deployment. The four juveniles were subsequently arrested, and charges were forwarded to the Division of Juvenile Justice.

No staff or other students reported any injuries, though the officer sustained minor injuries and received treatment at the scene. Clark Middle School remained on lock-down for a brief period during the incident, and parents were notified of the situation. The school district and law enforcement are continuing to investigate the incident, and additional security measures may be implemented to prevent similar incidents in the future.

The incident reflects other recent youth wildings in cities like Chicago, where more than 100 young people rampaged through downtown Saturday night, torching and smashing vehicles, and brawling in the street.

According to U.S. News and World Report, Clark Middle School has about 800 students grade 6-8. Just 12% of students scored at or above the proficient level for math, and 22% scored at or above proficient level for reading. The school’s minority student enrollment is 94% and the student-teacher ratio is 18.


  1. Welcome to the results of wokeism in our public schools. Good job, Democrats. You sure know how to eff up our kids.

  2. Why were these scumbags taken to juvy? They trespassed onto school property, assaulted multiple people, including law enforcement, destroyed school property while attempting to assault (or kill) other people, and resisted arrest with violence. Seems they earned a ride to the adult side of the law and some very nasty educational benefits therein.

  3. So, who was the Anchorage politician trying to get rid of CSO’s not too long ago? I can’t recall but if memory serves me right, it was one who thought that CSO’s weren’t needed in the schools because they appeared “intimidating”. Good thing that politician lost that argument.

  4. “Minorities”? Diversity is the majority in about half the states at this point.. continuing this “minority” jargon is nonsense and fueling more anti white government policies. How many laws excluding strait white men from equal opportunity do we need?

  5. This is the result of years of politicians insisting kids shouldn’t be held responsible for their actions. This is only just beginning. The more they get away with, the more aggressive they will become. In the 70s, if 4 kids had showed up at school like this, the coaches would have got the wrestling and track teams together and the dispatch would have been memorable for these 4 idiots. We didn’t need SROs in schools because the teachers had latitude to deal with kids. Teachers now want someone else to take care of it because of all the candy assed policies that have been put in place that allows kids carte blanche to do whatever they want.

    • When I was in school and somebody acted out (it was generally a boy rather than a girl), the boy’s PE teacher, Mr. Duncan, would take him into the boys’s locker room for an eye-to-eye conversation. There was no violence, just a stern conversation, an dat was all it took. Following that, everything was restored to normal good, safe order.

  6. Now I wonder what ASD Board President Margo Bellamy thinks about her effort to bring “Restorative Justice” to the Anchorage schools. She believes minority students are treated much harsher than other students when it comes to discipline. Keep an eye on the board and President Bellamy in their attempts to put this into policy.

  7. Home-School, Charter School, and/or Private School are looking to be exceptional alternatives that would most assuredly produce better academic results and a safer environment.

  8. I learned years ago and Anchorage neighborhood with “view” in the name was a neighborhood to avoid. Seems the tradition continues.

    This is an ongoing result of the liberal goal of taking discipline and consequence out of society.

  9. Wow 12% proficient at math and 22% for reading??? I guess the school board is more hellbent on sex ed and ethnic diversity than the basics. Isnt that Forrest Dunbars district? If so illiteracy explains lack of voter participation if they are not able to read a ballot. Isnt that a form of voter suppression? Carefully crafted by the school district? Can we hold them accountable? Lots of questions to ponder here…..The more I read the more questions needing answers. Maybe I need to consult the “college professors” for these complicated questions.

  10. Spare the Rod ……….
    Oh,and threaten legal action if the parents don’t also spare the rod.
    Who woulda thunked
    Also gone by the wayside is the phase
    “Wait till your father gets home.

  11. If this was Chicago it would be labeled a “political protest” and we would be told not to blame the kids. These are thugs plain and simple. That right I used the “T” word. Don’t treat them as adults even when they act like adults.

  12. If I had to go to school in that depressing, soulless metal box of a building, I’d probably be ready to fight somebody at the drop of a hat as well.

      • Have you seen Clark Middle school? Or been inside it? Do you have an observation of the school that pertains to the conversation?

        • True. my comment probably didn’t add much, but then I can say the same about yours, which was equally pointless.

          Jefferson, do you ever have a single positive, optimistic thought or comment? If so, it never makes it to this website. How can you go through life being so angry, hostile, critical, and embittered? I hope no one ever pulls into your driveway or comes to your front door by mistake. Chill a little.

    • Not to mention what they go home to. So many adults are checked out. We don’t even look at each other anymore. I smile and say hello to people, even in the grocery and not all, but most look at me like I’m nuts. How many of us know or even notice our neighbors?* Young people are very aware of who cares about them. This is the fruit we are all responsible for bearing. I’m sorry, but it is.

    • Only 12% of students proficient in math? 22% of students are proficient in reading????? This my friends,,,,says much more about the adults than it does the young people. Maybe we could consider alot less screen time in exchange for more one on one with our young people.

  13. Progressives love violence and social unrest. Right up until it no longer serves its purpose.

    The Bolsheviks loved the riots and crime in Russia to help them overthrow the Czar. Once in power they happily started killing anyone who stepped out of line.

    Same here.

  14. Back in the day, my gym teacher would put the 16 oz gloves on two that didn’t get along and has them duke it our in front of the class. It didn’t take long for their arms to tire out

  15. Today’s kids nationwide have been raised on video games and unfiltered access to the internet since a young age. Schools claim more rights over our children than parents have. Having the social media and the school system raise our children for us is not working out well at all. The young children/young adults have never been held accountable for their actions. Will the kids involved at Clark getting participation trophies?

  16. So when can a state take-over a school for students failing basic skills. Clark junior high is below 25% proficiency while the employees can’t even maintain
    control, it should have a state take-over.

    • Dear Jen, I thought you didn’t trust the State in any way, yet you imply that they could fix this? Get your story straight, please.

    • Why not start a Prayer Vigil to solve the problem? Surely the Lord, in His omnipotence, could easily correct the situation given an adequate level of intercession and supplication. Go for it.

    • It is under state, defined as Government, control. Close it. Perhaps we should start clamoring to “Defund the Schools!”

  17. Great work democrats, and lazy ass whining do nothing republicans. Now glue your fat faces back to that tv screen and cheer on your favorite sports team. Or take out another loan for snow mobiles, boats, motor homes, trips to Hawaii, or whatever else is more important than insuring your kids get a proper education. What a bunch of jerks. You all deserve what’s coming. Do enjoy, Fools.

  18. Hey! Let’s pass more school bonds and give ASD more money! And let’s pay more property taxes so union teachers, administrators and school board members can get big COL raises! More money to ASD fixes everything!

  19. This will become a national trend in all democrat-controlled cities. When you are focused on all the woke nonsense, godlessness and Marxism, there can be no stability in society, only dysfunction and chaos.

  20. We all b**** and moan but the only answer is to vote with your feet and leave that place. 99% won’t, so enjoy the decline. By the time you actually wake up and decide to leave it will be too late. Enjoy.

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